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As are you, boyo. “The [US] Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release a list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S.,” reports. And guess what? TTAG uses hundreds of them, including cops, law enforcement, first responder, shooting, shots fired, hostage, police, organized crime, SWAT, incident and DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office). Actually we’ve never used that one. Until now. Click here and go to page 22 for the full list, which includes an entire section on Southwest Border Violence. We use ALL of those words. No wonder TTAG’s ATF Death Watch is a big hit at the DHS (or so we’ve heard). And just so you know, as soon as I heard the word “Homeland” in the name of a federal agency, I knew we were in BIG trouble.

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  1. Robert-

    It is even more of a pleasure to be a reader and Proud follower of TTAG. I guess I made the list as well. God Bless America!

  2. We should have used Rodina instead of Homeland. Or perhaps Vaterland. Either really would have fit better.

    • Amusingly enough a couple of my Russian-speaking friends have both confirmed that a perfectly reasonable translation of Department of Homeland Security is: Комитет государственной безопасности (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or KGB)

      • Well, I seem to recall always hearing KGB translated as the “committee for state security” which DOES strike me as semantically being roughly equal to DHS.

  3. Wow. That’s an awesome word list.

    I think a new goal should be for TTAG to use very word on this list, in a single post.

  4. I have a two more words for the Department of Homeland Security Theater. Y’all know what they are.

    BTW, I’m flying on Monday. If one of those TSA gerbils want to play pattycake with my personals, they better buy me a drink first.

  5. If there is any common sense, among the paranoia, at DHS they will have noted TTAG in a quick summary of the site and moved on. Then again, during the 1930s the FBI did raid a Yale student house full of early science-fiction fans where Isaac Asimov lived on suspicion of potentially dangerous anti-American activities.

    • Interesting comment. IMO, the reason ‘they’ attacked us (and not Denmark, France, Italy, etc) was not because of our various freedoms here. Rather we were attacked here (by them) for intruding into their lives over there. I wonder if our government hates us for our constitutional political liberties that limit and threaten their self-righteous desire to have absolute power over the American people? Perhaps JWB comment about ‘why we were attacked’ really was a comment about how the American political elites look down upon us and believe they own the American people?

  6. How many people do they have monitoring these? There is a LOT of innocuous words on that list. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve used two already.

    Seriously though. This will cover every article ever posted on the intertubes. Is this just an excuse to dedicate manpower to monitoring anyone they want?

    • I so noticed. I mean weather and food terms and words are included. You know, evil words such as Pork. They must have an army of guys sitting around reading all sorts of dumb articles and posts ( probably like this one ). I can see them monitoring Cooking Forums at this moment. No wonder we are going bankrupt.

    • But boss, I’m only looking at pron because the search showed the words “pork” and “shot” in the same post!

  7. You gotta know that is not the complete list.
    No mention of white nationalist, nazi, anti-communist, first strike, tsa pedophile, christian, third party, birther, kenyan, mulatto, etc, etc, etc….
    Let’s not forget gun rights, ammo, bug-out, gas mask, haarp, scalar weapon, organic, raw milk, amish, separatist…. vote rigging, rothchild, economic collapse, foreign troops, posse comitatus, secession….Merry Christmas.Ron Paul… freedom, liberty…

  8. Note -Reports that pertain to DHS and sub agencies – especially those that have a negative spinon DHS/Component preparation, planning, and response activities should be reported tomanagement before being sent to the distribution list. Senior TSI personnel will decide whetherthe information should be reported through normal channels. If there are ANY questions aboutwhether an incident or other reported item is a valid IOI article check with management.

    Priceless. So we can only say wonderful things about the DHS. This goes beyond Orwell’s wildest dreams. Double Plus Ungood.

  9. I thought having MSNBC as a credible tier 1 news source was hilarious as well. I see they have an MMC ( Mickey Mouse Club) unit as well.

  10. For a few years after the formation of Homeland Security, I used to say the name “Bin Laden” randomly during phone calls with certain (like minded) friends and family members just so the folks at the NSA would be able to hear the words they were listening (eavesdropping) for, and not spend another shift in a darkened cubicle in vain.

    Ooops, I’ve just done it again, haven’t I? Praise Allah–for the 1A and the 2A!

  11. Yeah, RF, it’s all good until ATF starts publishing the “TTAG Death Watch.” Your use of “death watch” is metaphoric, there’s is for realz.


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