Guns for Beginners: “Silencer” or “Suppressor?”


A favorite topic among YouTube trolls and pedants everywhere is whether that can on the end of one’s barrel — you know, the one that quiets the report of the gunshot — is called a “silencer” or a “suppressor.” Usually this is in the form of folks “correcting” anyone who says “silencer.” Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re both completely correct. As is “firearm muffler.” And this is why. . .

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Rumor: New Legislation Coming to Widen “Sporting Purposes” Definition, Ban “Special” Ammo Import

Mossberg 500 (courtesy

There are a couple of outlets reporting that a deal is afoot to make some serious changes to federal gun laws. However, since these outlets quote no sources whatsoever besides things they’ve overheard in the NRA press room, we’ve held off on running with it. Since this seems to be getting some traction in social media, I’d like to bring y’all up to speed on what those outlets are saying and the current purported status of the deal. However, be aware that TTAG cannot independently verify this information . . .

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ATF Attorney on NFA Trusts


The surprise hit of the National Firearms Law Seminar (for me, anyway,) was the last presentation of the day by William J. Ryan, from the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). Mr. Ryan’s speech came at the end of almost nine hours of lectures (including the luncheon speaker,) and I was internally debating whether or not I should bail out early to check out the outdoor concert and see if I could find a good pair of Lucchese roper boots from some of the nearby shops….but I am really glad I didn’t . . .

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CZ-USA Announces Scorpion Folding Stock & 922r Compliance Kit


CZ’s Scorpion Evo S1 Pistol is proving to be a hot item. At an MSRP of an affordable $849 and with tons of potential, it’s easy to see why. I say “potential,” because the shootability of a large “pistol” like this — like an AR pistol, like a SIG MPX pistol, etc. — is less than ideal. They tend to be clunky and awkward but, of course, this is because they were designed to have a shoulder stock. Regardless of barrel length, they were made to be used like rifles and are only sold in pistol form to avoid NFA “short barreled rifle” regulation and/or to avoid 922(r) compliance requirements as discussed in detail earlier today. On the factory folding stock and 922(r) front, though, CZ-USA has just released the following bit of great news at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. . .

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Guns for Beginners: 922(r) Compliance and You


What you see above is my CZ Scorpion Evo SBR. It’s a paperweight. Look closely and you’ll notice the trigger pack has been removed from the rifle entirely, and there’s no Scorpion magazine in sight. Removing these parts was necessary to assemble it as a rifle while also complying with 18 U.S.C. § 922(r) of the 1968 Gun Control Act. What on earth does that mean? Glad you asked. . .

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The Moral Conflict Presented by the ATF


Five-star ratings aren’t handed out willy-nilly around here, so when I said that Lancer’s L15 lower receiver was worthy of the $200 tax stamp and the commitment to register it as an SBR, I meant it. Now, money has been placed where my mouth was and the BATFE has collected yet another two bills from me. With articles like RF’s recent “ATF’s Secret Air Force Revealed,” and the linked articles therein demonstrating just a couple of ATF’s complete and total CFs, I can’t help but feel highly conflicted about sending the agency more money. Now, I’ve heard or read that the NFA Branch has a separate budget, but. . .

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Note to Antis: Tracing “Crime Guns” is a Fool’s Errand

Crips with guns (courtesy

Over at, Dan Rodricks penned an article entitled Enablers of ‘bad guys with guns’ hard to trace. Now I know what the gun control proponents will say: “just because tracing the source of ‘crime guns’ and arresting their providers is nearly impossible, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.” If it saves just one life, and all that. The time and money-wasting-happy antis might even suggest that we go back to the firearm’s original owner and waterboard the bastard (paraphrasing). Create a safe storage law and get them for violating that! Like they have in Massachusetts where . . . it doesn’t work. Anyway, here’s the money shot from Rodricks’ investigation . . .

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ATF’s Secret Air Force Revealed

OV-10 “Bronco” Warplane (courtesy

Of all the federal agencies that shouldn’t exist, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) tops the list. Not only are they redundant, they’re redundant. There’s nothing they do that the FBI couldn’t do. Does, in fact. (Hence the two agencies’ constant turf wars.) Did I forget to mention Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious or that the ATF paid a mentally handicapped teenager to get a neck tattoo of a giant squid smoking a joint? My bad. In terms of wasted money, yeah, that too. Last year, the ATF pissed away $1.179 billion. Previously, on Who Wants to Fund Jack-Booted Thugs?, the ATF bought and then ditched six drones. Before that, 22 warplanes. No really. The NRA-ILA tells the tale . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Raids Store Featured in “American Guns” Reality TV Show


According to local news stations, the ATF this morning raided the “Gunsmoke” gun store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. That gun store, owned by Rich Wyatt, was briefly featured in the Discovery Channel reality TV show American Guns and aired along side their other hit TV show Sons of Guns. According to those sources, this isn’t the first time the store has been under scrutiny . . .

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Confirmed: NFA Transfer Times Now 90 Days…And Falling


When I bought my first silencer, it took over seven months from the day I sent the forms in to the ATF until my tax stamp came back. It took so long, in fact, that I had moved to Texas in the intervening months and flew back to Virginia to pick it up. That was at the peak of the ATF’s backlog, when waiting a year for a stamp was commonplace. Needless to say, while a $200 tax for something that is otherwise completely legal to own is enough of a hurdle. But the inordinate wait time was probably the biggest barrier to entry for most people who want to buy a can. These days, though, the excuses are dwindling: wait times for a Form 4 are officially under 90 days. And dropping . . .

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BREAKING: B. Todd Jones Resigns as ATF Director


News is coming in that B. Todd Jones is stepping down from his position as the Director of the ATF. Jones has been in the job since 2011 when he took over in the aftermath of the Fast and Furious debacle. Among his shining achievements was an attempt to give local sherriffs the ability to ban legal (if NFA regulated) firearms in their jurisdictions, as well as proposing a ban on some of the most popular ammunition in the United States. Rumor has it . . .

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White House on M855 Ban: It Wazzunt Me. ATF: We’re Reviewing, The Situation

In the video above, the White House spokesmodel Josh Earnest laid the “blame” for the ATF’s climb-down on the M855 “Green Tip” ammo ban on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (And Really Big Fires). What was that about failure being an orphan? Meanwhile, over on Capitol Hill, ATF jefe B. Todd Jones told a congressional committee that the decision to shelve the M855 ban was part of an overall review of the whole “armor piercing” ammo situation, which will continue . . .

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