TTAG Exclusive: AAC to produce 12″ .300 AAC Blackout uppers

Here’s an exclusive story you’ll only see on TTAG: Advanced Armament Corp. will be producing their own .300 AAC Blackout upper receivers for the AR-15 platform with 12 inch barrels. They’ve previously announced shorter and longer barrels, but this is the first time they let slip this specific model. There’s been some demand for a 12 inch barrel, and we can safely say that the demand will shortly be met. No idea on time frame as of yet, but we do know one thing for sure: they’re pretty. We’ve got some exclusive video of it in action too, just click the video up top. Also look for our review of 300 AAC Blackout sometime this week for more information.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Oh, great. Another delicious piece of gun candy that I can’t own. Curse you, Foghorn!

    1. avatar jay says:

      i think its time for a move Ralph. How about a community for AWB state exiles?

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