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First off, Penn & Teller’s Showtime program is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK. (Not even the name of the show is something you can run in a family newspaper.) Here they tackle the (il)logic and (lack of) reason in the “gun control” movement, in their patently-irreverent style. We’ve linked Parts II and III of the show after the jump. 

Susannah Huff, the Texas Representative who’s parents were murdered before her eyes in the Luby’s massacre in Waco? She plays a prominent part in the third section.

Okay…feeding time for the Tr0lls.

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  1. They rock! It’s nice to see some celebrities have both feet on the ground and live here in reality with us. Now, if someone could fix Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen and others…

  2. Penn and Teller are just two more reasons to stay at the Rio on your next trip to Las Vegas. I love ’em, and love the hotel.

  3. Drawing the analogy of herd immunity through vaccination to increased gun ownership and concealed carry making society safer is the most effective argument I’ve found against gun-o-phobes.

  4. I loved Penn and Teller when I saw them in Vegas a few years back. I went in expecting an average comedy show and as soon as I got a whiff of politics in their act, I groaned. Why shouldn’t I? Pretty much every other celebrity out there is a lefty nutjob.

    But when they decided to read from the Chinese Constitution and produced a translucent sheet of blank plastic, I knew it would be a fun night.

  5. The moral high ground on the firearms issues rightly belongs to JPFO, Inc. at www. Also, The John Birch Society ( These two Constitutional institutions
    have the credibility and pro-Second Amendment/pro-gun research and resources
    to be listened to and learned from. Other: I noticed Mabel has a Smith and Wesson
    (K-Frame) Model 66 “stainless” .357 Combat Magnum revolver with 4″ barrel. A
    fine handgun indeed. The S&W Model 66 and it’s blued couterpart, the Model 19,are
    historical, versatile, venerable, classic, and beautiful handguns.

  6. Why were the videos pulled? When you click, it says, “This video does not exist:. Whisky Tango Foxtrot???

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