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During RF’s recent Caribbean cruise, he raised the inflammatory question of whether or not there should be gun-free zones. To quote The Pirates of the Caribbean, do you believe in gun-free zones Miss Turner? Well I’m in one . . .

As a Canadian, I am prohibited from owning (never mind carrying) a handgun.Up here in the frozen north, citizens can’t own a gun “with a barrel length inferior to 105 millimetres (4.1 inches)” unless it’s for “International Sporting Competition.”

I do not own a handgun legal or otherwise. But I have strong opinions about gun-free zones. I’m in favor.

Courthouses are definitely an “ are you kidding me” moment. There should be no weapons in a courtroom because justice could get served at the end of a bullet in a nasty criminal or divorce case. Feelings run high and the bullets might fly.

Churches, temples and any other place of worship should also be a no-fly zone for bullets. The exception to this rule might be a religious service in a hot war zone, but one might want to pack heat for general survival reasons in wars. But mostly it just seems baffling to me when religion and guns mix in a “my- God- is- greater-than-your God” scenario. We may have lost the manual on the divine purpose of religions at the point where guns are in the building.

Guns on a plane are worse than snakes on a plane. Leave the flying to the pilots and the weapons to the air marshals on a plane-or maybe a well-armed co-pilot.

Hospitals should have well-armed security guards, but a visit to see Aunt Hazel in the nearly-dead ward does not seem like a gun-toting moment to me.

It is nice to see that most of you believe that prisoners should not have guns. I wondered whether the right to pack heat had any limitations in the US.

Robert was recently on a cruise ship, presumably in international waters with foreign ports of call. This is clearly a when-in-Rome moment where local rules apply, although some foreign ports like Mexico may be a place where personal firepower has a huge upside. Except for the possibility of arrest and Mexican jails.

Schools seemed to have replaced post offices as potential kill zones in your country. If I were a kid in school, I would have to think about that misfit in biology class as a possible teenaged Grim Reaper lethally frustrated by lack of success with the chicks.

When he finally blows a fuse, I would have to excuse any sharpshooter in the classroom that successfully returned fire on Mr.Lonely. But the general theory of why a kid should pack heat in school still evades me and I don’t think a chalkboard will help on this one.  Adolescent hormones and firepower are not a good mix.

I definitely do not believe in guns and bars. The variable is booze and massive stupidity when drunk. I worked in bars for over 20 years here in Canada and I met hundreds of misfits/reasons why you should not bring a gun into a bar. The complete lack of sanity exhibited by otherwise normal people when they are drunk is the reason.

These are a few of my favorite things when it comes to gun-free zones. As to whether an entire nation should be a gun-free zone, I admit that this is a fantasy. Canada, like the UK, has no lack of illegal guns. But I believe there are places where all guns—legal and illegal—should be prohibited by law.

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  1. But the general theory of why a kid should pack heat in school still evades me and I don’t think a chalkboard will help on this one. Adolescent hormones and firepower are not a good mix.

    Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to purchase or carry handguns anywhere in the US, for long guns the age is 18. I think you are confused about “campus carry” i.e. the abrogation rights of law-abiding CCW holders to carry on college campuses.

    • Or maybe he got confused by the idea of teachers carrying and thought that meant everyone in the school.

      • Or maybe he is just confused in general.

        Come on man – do you really miss the point of carrying in a “no-gun zone”? It is precisely because of the gun free zones that “packing a gat” might be a wise choice. As for the legalities, that should be between you, your Sheriff, and your God.

        I think bars are a foolish place to take a gun if YOU are the one drinking and the people you are hanging out with are foolish people. Beyond that, I don’t see any issues.

        After reading your “article”, I wonder if you are seriously questioning these “zones” or if it is tongue-in-cheek to get a rise. In either case, it is misguided. It really sounds like sour grapes coming from a Canadian.

  2. I believe that you are falling into the the misapprehension that killers, robbers, rapists will honor your no gun zones.
    Certain of you your zones lack merit in my eyes. The point of having the legal ability to carry is to protect yourself and others.
    I agree that courthouses and planes should be no gun zones. Churches and other places of worship? I can’t agree with you there. The idea that bad guys won’t shoot up a church or a hospital is IMNSHO, a fantasy. Just as in schools they are places where a large number of potential victims exist.
    My proposal would be anyplace which does not have armed security and metal detectors at all entrances should be a place where persons who have a CCW (or equivalent) should be able to carry. Since federal law here requires a person to be 21 or older to buy a a gun, I don’t have a problem with CCW holders carrying in schools, hospitals, bars (If they aren’t drinking or under the influence), churches, sporting events…
    I would also require any private business which does not allow carry, to have free lockboxes at the entrance with sufficient boxes for 50% of the occupancy limit.

    • Bob H said,”I would also require any private business which does not allow carry, to have free lockboxes at the entrance with sufficient boxes for 50% of the occupancy limit.”

      Could you explain the logic to me on this one? The buisness owner has the right to deny any customer service, your cirumventing that right by forcing them to provide you with a service that runs counter to their rights as well forcing them to provide a reasonable safe eviroment for your property at no cost to the owner. They have the right to deny you service, if you want to entrust your propery to them, you should have to pay. There is no mandate forcing you into a private establisment, if the owner/operator denies you service on the basis of your firearm, you have the right to deny them your buisness and move on down the road. As far as I am aware, CHL holders are not a protected class.

      • You are correct. That requirement is over the top, I threw it in without thinking about the full consequences. I will modify it to “Any government building or office which prohibits the carrying of firearms must provide…”
        and of course I don’t give my business to businesses who won’t let me carry. More than once my wife and I have changed dinner plans because upon arriving we have discovered a no guns sign. We simply call the restaurant from the lot or street and explain that we just discovered their policy and therefore they can cancel our reservation.

  3. When my brother worked at Lehigh Valley Hospital in PA, they allowed CCWers in certain areas of the building that had no open oxygen lines/etc. Basically the waiting area, cafeteria, and gift shop. They also had a code for a mad gunman on the loose… Code 1911.

  4. I’m sure that this author is just poking the monkey to get comments, but I’ll quote another random movie: “I’m your huckleberry”

    Dude, your wrong on all counts. Ok accept maybe if I’m a patient in a hospital.

    The reason responsible Americans have the right to bear arms is to protect ourselves. I don’t see why any of these locations would be someplace where I wouldn’t want to protect myself. Courtrooms are “gun free” because the Judges don’t want to get assaulted by the same maniacs they let free every day. They have the luxury of requiring armed men to search everyone before they enter the building. The rest of us have to live in the real world. I haven’t noticed any metal detectors in my church and as I sit with my back to the open door, I will always have my gun with me.

    Isn’t Norway a “gun free” zone?

  5. I think there are places that will remain to be gun free zones and I don’t have any big problems with that…
    Courthouses… Sure. There is always a contingent of Sheriff’s deputies there.

    Churches/Temples/Hospitals (privately owned)/Airplanes/Private Schools/Bars… That’s private property and as such should be up to the folks who own or are responsible for the establishments. PERIOD. There is no reason for the government to have a say.

    Let me qualify some of these things…. A bar is a building that is most likely owned by an individual. However, I believe the state can make restrictions on alcohol consumption and possession of a firearm just the same as drinking and driving.

    Airplanes and Schools are two of the most heavily regulated entities that we know. They are both crawling with rules and regs and yet have been the fertile soil for bad people to create tragedy. Why can’t airlines be in control of their own security in the same way that banks and jewelry stores are? I’m not saying that having guns on the planes is the answer but let the airline decide. And then we as consumers can decide whether or not to fly them based on their individual safety records and rules.

    Why can’t the PTA band together for a couple of private security guards? Relying on the government’s rules to keep us safe has created a situation where people/businesses don’t take individual responsibility for their own welfare.

  6. I’m definitely in favor of church carry (With permission of the church). I really don’t get your “my god is greater than your god” scenario… Generally people go to their own churches and pray to their own god with other like minded individuals.

    And I can easily imagine a scenario where a crazed gunman might want to attack a church. It is an easy target with lots of potentially unarmed victims… Why shouldn’t I be allowed to be armed? I’m certainly not going to pretend that those who would commit violence will respect the “divine purpose” of the religious building I’m in…

    • I always carry in my church; I consider it one of the more dangerous places I go. It is simply a target rich environment, and more and more nut job mass murderers are picking up on this. Church shootings are definitely on the rise.

      When I started carrying, one of the leaders who knew I was big into guns asked me if I was. I straight up let him know I was. He informed me that it was illegal in Virginia without authority of the Church. I told him that’s fine, I would be happy to find a new church that is willing to give me permission and taking the $150 we donate every week to them instead (my wife takes the 10% tithe thing seriously). Since I know we are one of the larger donors, and since religion like everything else worships money first, I am happy to report I was granted permission to CC at church.

      • Well, I’m a pastor of a church. I carry. Several other men likely carry. I haven’t specifically encouraged it, but they know my views that SD is a basic human right and is always welcome.

        Churches are ripe targets for all sorts of unbalanced people. Also, there are some unbalanced folk that use religion as a reason to kill with impunity. I don’t see why folks who worship and hold to religious views of any kind should be expected to not protect themselves.

        That said, I think threatening a church with tithe money is crass. Even though I would encourage someone to carry – if they felt a need to threaten the church with their tithe – I think they have a serious problem. Explaining the rationality behind carrying and why your particular religion endorses self-defense is acceptable – but why would money be a motivator. In fact, if the threat of 150 bucks a week worked as a threat, I think you might need to consider a church where the pastor will lead according to virtue and solid principles not according to dollars.

  7. The idea of gun free zones is fairly ridiculous, and about the only ones I agree with are airplanes and courthouses. If the state says a person is responsible enough to own and carry a gun everywhere else why do they suddenly become not alright to carry in the post office. Is there some mystical force at work in a post office that might cause me to erupt into uncontrolled violence? Are they bombarding these buildings with gamma rays to create a bunch of hulks?

    Although the DMV does sort of make me want to brandish my weapon every time someone gets to the front of the line without the proper paperwork and stands there and argues for 15 minutes. 🙂

    • “Although the DMV does sort of make me want to brandish my weapon every time someone gets to the front of the line without the proper paperwork and stands there and argues for 15 minutes.?”

      It’s becuase people have done just this sort of thing in post offices, courthouses, planes, and other location is why there are “Gun Free Zones.”

      • I agreed with court houses and planes. But if someone is going to commit a crime with a gun they aren’t going to be stopped by a little no guns allowed sign, its not an anti gun force field its just a polite little reminder.

        And as for your response to the DMV thing that was a joke that’s why there was a smiley face at the end.

  8. Why should bars be gun free? Alcohol and firearms don’t mix. Going to the bar is an elevated risk, and if im the designated driver, or im picking up a friend who called at 2am for a ride, wouldn’t I want to protect myself from those things?

    What about the musicians that play at bars? If they aren’t drinking, shouldn’t they be allowed to defend themselves? Instead they are targets in dark back alleys when they load up thousands of dollars of equipment back into their bus at 3am.

  9. Regarding guns in bars: I know I’ve said this before, but I feel like I have to keep reminding people: Here in CO, it is 100% legal for a CCW holder to carry his weapon in a bar, nightclub, liquor store or other establishment that serves alcohol. That has been the law since we got “shall issue” CCW in 2003.

    Now, do you remember hearing the news stories about all those shootouts between CCW holders in Colorado bars since 2003?

    Yeah, me neither and I live here.

    • In Virginia it is now legal as well as long as you aren’t consuming alcohol or under the influence. Oddly I haven’t seen any reports of all the shootings the WaPo promised. Perhaps the news media are suppressing the reports so gun owners won’t look bad?

  10. If the goals of gun free zones are to reduce violence, government-mandated gun free zones need to be enforced with searches and sufficient access control to prevent a gunman from just shooting the guard to get in–not just ‘if we happen to notice, we will charge you with a crime’. We also need to take into account the safety of people to and from the gun free zone-does it help to ban guns inside if a potential attacker knows that anyone leaving the courthouse, church or school can’t fight back?

    Back in the civil rights era, certain racists liked to do drive by shootings at black churches–until the church started shooting back. Do you really think that churches should be at the mercy of their enemies? Whether or not guns are allowed should be decided by the church–especially in the US where freedom of religion is part of our constitution. What if a church believes in a sacred duty to protect the innocent?

    Is violence in hospitals often committed by people who are legally carrying? What about on the way to and from the hospital? One hospital local to me is in a fairly nasty neighborhood, and they ban guns even in the parking lot.

    Hardly anyone is advocating arming third graders, or even college freshmen. What we do want is to eliminate the guarantee that a mad gunman will have time to work before an adult shoots back. If you look at ‘kill zones’ with multiple victims, you will find that a majority of them are ‘gun free zones’–an extremely disproportionate majority.

    I agree that drunks in bars should not have guns–but it is the drunk that is the problem, not the bar. What about teetotalers in restaurants that serve alcohol? If I’m the designated sober driver and a group of experienced barroom brawlers wants to pick a fight, should I be required to just take their beating? Is it really a good idea to have a cash-heavy business where the staff is legally unable to resist a robber?

  11. “citizens can’t own a gun “with a barrel length inferior to 105 millimetres (4.1 inches)”

    As a non-owner, (nyc resident) how many pistols have barrel lengths over 4.1 inches? I see a lot of ads for barrels of six inches or longer. This does not seem to actually bar many handguns, or at least revolvers, from my quick research.

    • That strangely worded regulation would appear to rule out most guns used for concealed carry, such as the S&W J-Frame ~2″, or the baby Glocks ~3″

    • It is much more than the 4.1 thing, less than 4.1 means they are prohibited in Canada, so does a few other things. I am not Canadian, but i have had this discussion before, here is the Canadian way according to wiki.

      Prohibited firearms include:
      • Handguns
      • with a barrel length inferior to 105 millimetres (4.1 in), or;
      • that are designed to discharge .25 or .32 calibre ammunition;
      • exceptions are stated in the Regulations Prescribing Exclusions from Certain Definitions of the Criminal Code International Sporting Competition Handguns[34]
      • Rifles and shotguns that have been altered by sawing, cutting or any other means, so that:
      • the barrel length is inferior to 457 millimetres (18.0 in) (regardless of overall length), or;
      • the overall length is inferior to 660 millimetres (26 in)
      • Firearms which have fully automatic fire capability, or “converted automatics” (i.e.: firearms which were originally automatic, but have been modified to discharge ammunition in a semi-automatic fashion)
      • Firearms prescribed as prohibited by the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited or Restricted (SOR/98-462)[30]:
      • Firearm capable of discharging dart or other object carrying electrical current or substance, including Taser Public Defender and any variant or modified version of it
      • Firearm known as SSS-1 Stinger and any similar firearm designed or of a size to fit in the palm of the hand
      • Carbines, rifles and shotguns of designs commonly known as, including any variants or modified versions of them:
      • A.A. Arms AR9 semi-auto rifle and AR-9 carbine
      • AK-47 rifle and all variants, including AK Hunter, AKM, AKM-63, AKS-56S, AKS-56S-1/2, AKS-74, AKS84S-1, AMD-65, AR Model .223, Dragunov, Galil, KKMPi69, M60, M62, M70B1, M70AB2, M76, M77B1, M78, M80, M80A, MAK90, MPiK, MPiKM, MPiKMS-72, MPiKS, PKM, PKM-DGN-60, PMKM, RPK, RPK-74, RPK-87S, Type 56, 56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-4, Type 68, Type 79, American Arms AKY39, AKF39, AKC47 and AKF47, MAM70WS762, Mitchell AK-22, AK-47 and Heavy Barrel AK-47, Norinco 84S, 84S AK, 56, 56-1/2/3/4, Poly Technologies Inc. AK-47/S, AKS-47/S and AKS-762, Valmet M76, M76 carbine, M78/A2, M78 LMG, M82 and M82 Bullpup, except: Valmet Hunter, Hunter Auto and M78
      • American 180 auto-carbine, including AM-180 and Illinois Arms Co. Model 180 auto-carbines
      • Armalite AR-180 Sporter carbine
      • Barrett “Light 50” Model 82A1 & Model 90 rifles
      • Benelli M1 Super 90 and M3 Super 90 shotguns, except: M1 Super 90 (Field/Sporting Special), Montefeltro Super 90 (Standard Hunter/Left Hand/Turkey/Uplander/Slug/20 Gauge), Black Eagle (Limited Ed./Competition/Slug Gun), Super Black Eagle (Custom Slug)
      • Beretta AR70 assault rifle
      • Bernardelli B4 and B4/B shotguns
      • BM 59 rifle, including: Beretta BM 59, BM 59R, BM 59GL, BM 59D, BM 59 MkE, BM 59 MkI/MkII/MkIII, BM 59 Mk Ital/Ital TA/TP/Para and BM 60CB, as well as Springfield Armory BM 59 Alpine, BM 59 Alpine Paratrooper and BM 59 Nigerian MkIV
      • Bushmaster auto-rifle
      • Calico M-900 rifle, including M-951, M-100 and M-105 carbines
      • Cetme Sport auto-rifle
      • Claridge HI-TEC C, LEC, ZLEC-9 carbines
      • Daewoo K1, K1A1, K2, Max1, Max2, AR-100, AR-110C, MAXI-II and KC-20 rifles
      • Demro TAC-1M and XF-7 Wasp carbines
      • Eagle Apache carbine
      • Encom MK-IV, MP-9 and MP-45 carbines
      • FAMAS rifle, including MAS223, FAMAS Export, FAMAS Civil and Mitchell MAS/22
      • Feather AT-9 semi-auto carbine and AT-22 auto-carbine
      • Federal XC-900, XC-220 rifles and XC-450 auto-rifle
      • Fabrique Nationale FN FNC, FNC-11, FNC-22, FNC-33, FNC Auto and FNC Auto Paratrooper rifles, as well as FN FAL, FN 308 Model44, FAL Competition Auto, FAL Heavy Barrel 308 Match, FAL Paratrooper 308 Match 50-64 and FN 308 Model 50-63
      • Franchi SPAS 12, LAW 12 shotguns
      • Franchi SPAS 15 shotgun
      • Galil assault rifle, including AP-84, ARM, AR, SAR, 332 and Mitchell Galil/22 auto-rifle
      • Gepard anti-materiel rifle
      • Goncz High-Tech carbine
      • Grendel R-31 auto-carbine
      • Heckler&Koch G3, G3A3, G3A3ZF, G3A4, G3SG/1, G11, HK33, 33A2, 33A3, 33KA1, HK91, 91A2, 91A3, 93, 93A2, 93A3, 94, 94A2, 94A3 and PSG-1 rifles, as well as: MP5, MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5K, MP5SD, MP5SD1, MP5SD2, MP5SD3 submachine guns
      • Iver Johnson AMAC long-range rifle and Plainfield Super Enforcer carbine
      • J&R Eng M-68, PJK M-68 and Wilkinson Terry carbines
      • Kimel Industries AR-9 rifle/carbine
      • Leader Mark Series auto-rifle
      • Maadi Griffin rifle/carbine
      • McMillan M87, M87R rifles and M88 carbine
      • Pauza Specialties P50 rifle and P50 carbine
      • PE57 rifle
      • Research Armament Industries Model 500 rifle
      • SIG AMT, SG-550 rifles and SG-551 carbine
      • Spectre auto-carbine
      • Springfield Armory SAR-48, SAR-48 Bush/Heavy Barrel/Para/22
      • Steyr AUG rifle
      • Striker, Striker 12 and Streetsweeper shotguns
      • Thompson submachine gun including: Model 1921, 1927, 1928, M1, Auto-Ordnance M27A-1, M27A-1 Deluxe, M1927A-3/A-5, Commando Arms MkI, MkII, MkIII, Mk9, Mk45
      • Universal Enforcer Model 3000 auto-carbine and Model 3010N, 3015G, 3020TRB and 3025TCO carbines
      • US Arms PMAI assault rifle
      • USAS-12 auto-shotgun
      • UZI, Mini-UZI and Model A carbines
      • Weaver Arms Nighthawk carbine
      • Pistols, revolvers and other handguns of designs commonly known as, including any variants or modified versions of them:
      • AA Arms AP-9 auto-pistol and AP-9, Target AP-9 and Mini AP-9 pistols
      • Bushmaster auto-pistol
      • Calico M-950 auto-pistol and M-110 pistol
      • Claridge Hi-Tec Models S, L, T, ZL-9 and ZT-9 pistols
      • Cobray M10, M11, and RPB M10/M11/SM10/SM11 and SWD M10/M11/SM10/SM11 pistols
      • CZ Skorpion auto-pistol
      • Encom MK-IV, MP-9 and MP-45 assault pistols, including MP-9, MP-45 mini pistols
      • Federal XP-450, XP-900 auto-pistols
      • Goncz High-Tech long pistol
      • Grendel P-30, P-30M, P-30L and P-31 pistols
      • Heckler&Koch SP89 auto-pistol
      • Ingram M10, M11 pistols
      • Interdynamics KG-99 assault pistol
      • Intratec Tec-9, Tec-9S, Tec-9M and Tec-9MS auto-pistols (as well as any semi-automatic variant including Tec-DC9, Tec-DC9M, Tec-9A, Tec-Scorpion, Tec-22T and Tec-22TN)
      • Iver Johnson Enforcer Model 3000 auto-pistol
      • Kimel Industries AP-9 pistol
      • Leader Mark5 auto-pistol
      • Maadi Griffin pistol
      • OA-93 assault pistol
      • Patriot pistol
      • Partisan Avenger auto-pistol
      • Spectre auto-pistol
      • Sterling MK6 carbine
      • Steyr SPP auto-pistol
      • Sterling Mk7, Mk7 C4 and Mk7 C8 pistols
      • US Arms PMAIP assault pistol
      • UZI, Micro-UZI pistols
      • XM231S pistol and A1, A2, A3 Flattop pistols

      Restricted firearms are:[35]
      • Any handgun that is not prohibited (note: handguns are restricted, or prohibited if the barrel length is inferior to 106mm; handguns cannot be non-restricted)
      • Any firearm that is:
      • not prohibited
      • that have a barrel length inferior to 470mm, and;
      • that is designed to discharge centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner
      • Any firearm that can be fired when the overall length has been reduced by folding, telescoping or other means to less than 660 millimetres (26 in)
      • Firearms prescribed as restricted by the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited or Restricted (SOR/98-462),[30] and any variant or modified version of them:
      • High Standard Model 10 Series A & Series B
      • M-16 rifle, including Colt AR-15, AR-15 SPI/Sporter/Collapsible Stock Model/A2/A2 Carbine/A2 Government Model Rifle/A2 Government Model Target Rifle/A2 Government Model Carbine/A2 Sporter II/A2 H-BAR/A2 Delta H-BAR/A2 Delta H-Bar Match/9 mm Carbine, Armalite AR-15, AAI M15, AP74, EAC J-15, PWA Commando, SGW XM15A and CAR-AR, SWD AR-15, as well as any .22 calibre rimfire variant of it including Mitchell M16A-1/22, M-16/22, CAR-15/22, AP74 Auto Rifle
      (Note: legally, restricted firearms can only be discharged at shooting ranges; so whilst one can use them in competitions, one cannot use them for hunting)

      Non-restricted firearms are:
      • ordinary rifles and shotguns, other than those referred to above.

  12. The only thing a “gun free zone” ensures is that when a madman or other violent criminals enters one with a gun he’ll have a bunch of easy targets.

    • Sing it from the mountain top. The only people who want to prohibit legal carry are either a criminal or a politician who has an armed escort everywhere.

  13. As a Canadian living in the U.S. who is an NRA member, NRA pistol instructor, CCW holder and IPSC shooter, please outline the steps needed to actually physically remove guns from the locations you mention. I don’t mean post a sign saying they’re not allowed, I mean keeping them out after a sign has gone up.

    That’s right. There are none, because short of metal detectors and airport security checkpoints going up outside of all the places you listed, there is no effective way to “ban” guns.

  14. sure are some lofty ideas in this piece. “I do not own a handgun legal or otherwise. But I have strong opinions about gun-free zones”

    “I wondered whether the right to pack heat had any limitations in the US”
    homework before writing perhaps?

    i think mikeB has found a compatriot

  15. OOH, OOH GUN FREE ZONES ARE WONDERFUL!!! And gee, I can think of one that was recently in the NEWS! On the FRONT PAGE of many major metropolitan Democrat Propaganda Ministry “newspapers”!! Yes, that’s right: That NORWEGIAN ISLAND CAMP full of left-wing activist youths was undoubtedly a GUN FREE ZONE! And we all know how well that worked, didn’t it? Another name for “gun free zones” is “target-rich environment for lunatics”. Bet that school in Beslan, Russia was a gun free zone. Remember that ? A couple hundred school kids and their teachers IN A GUN FREE SCHOOL were taken hostage, raped, tortured and killed over a several day period by ARMED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Wonder how many of the teachers wished they were carrying a gun that day?

    Hey, I don’t care if you decide it is a good thing to die like a sheep, but don’t ask me to join in your little societal suicide pact. [Apologies for the CAPS – I tend to get excited over “gun free zone” idiocy.]

  16. “But I believe there are places where all guns—legal and illegal—should be prohibited by law.”

    I speak fluent Canadian, so allow me to translate: “All handguns should be banned all the time everywhere, except that we may allow you to have one in your home if we like you and you kiss our Royal Canadian asses.”

    The statement was more succinct in Canadian, but more accurate in its American translation.

  17. the only thing i can say about courthouses is that i wish they would provide a system to check your firearms on the way in.

    • Kind of makes you wonder how many guns a car burglar could snag if he preyed on vehicles parked outside a courthouse in a CCW state…

  18. Last time I was in Colorado, I went into a really nice steakhouse. The hostess asked me for the name of my party. I replied “Donner,” as I noticed they used a loudspeaker to call guests when their table was ready.

    Every head turned and it got eerily quiet when the bimbette at the hostess station called out “DONNER…PARTY OF FOUR…DONNER PARTY, YOUR TABLE IS READY.”


  19. I have another theory. A person without self-control shouldn’t carry anywhere and folks with control should be able to carry anywhere.
    I’ll concede courtroom but that’s about it.

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