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Sessions: Bump fire stocks can be banned through regulation – The U.S AG reckons he can make it so . . . “Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that he believes bump fire stocks can be effectively banned through regulation, teasing that an announcement from the Justice Department would be coming soon . . .

“We’ve had to deal with previous (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) legal opinions but our top people in the Department of Justice have believed for some time that we can, through the regulatory process, not allow the bump stock to convert a weapon from semi automatic to fully automatic,” Sessions said at a gathering of state attorneys general in Washington.

Dems introduce bill banning assault weapons – This is how Democrats lose elections . . .

Reps. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) formally introduced a bill to ban assault weapons.

The legislation, called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, was introduced less than two weeks after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school that left 17 people dead. The gunman used an AR-15 assault weapon during the shooting, one of the many firearms that would be banned under the bill.

The legislation would make it “unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.”

However, the ban wouldn’t apply to semi-automatic weapons that were “lawfully possessed” when the measure went into effect.

Wallenpaupack SD logo (courtesy

An AR-15 “Blessing” Event In Pennsylvania Is Basically Forcing A Nearby School To Close – Forcing? Basically? Journalism?  . . .

The Wallenpaupack Area School District in Pennsylvania recently announced it will be closing one of its elementary schools due to a nearby, church-led semi-automatic rifle blessing event on Wednesday. While the superintendent of the school district, Michael Silsby, told parents that there is “no direct threat” to students from the event, he cited traffic issues and the “nature of the event” as reasons for the closure.

Second Amendment badge (courtesy

Why Dozens Of Mass Shootings Didn’t Change Americans’ Minds On Guns – Not one word about the Second Amendment . . .

Habituation to terrorism can actually have something of a useful function — by defusing the sense of vulnerability that acts of terror are designed to cause, habituation can prevent terrorism from being effective — but becoming acclimated to repeated violence also creates the sense that these are uncontrollable events for which there’s no clear solution, according to Dov Waxman, a professor of political science at Northeastern University who has studied terrorism and mass violence in Israel. As a result, he said, the public may not exert much pressure in favor of any particular course of action.

Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun – ABC ain’t got time for armed self-defense and a LOT of time for any study “proving” it’s a bad idea.

[Stanford University Law Professor John] Donohue told ABC News that the research “concluded that allowing citizens to carry handguns seems to increase violent crime 13 to 15 percent by the 10th year” of the laws being enacted in the state.

Another takeaway from the NBER report is that the presence of the gun could turn a would-be good guy into an intentional or unintentional bad guy.

Donohue and his co-authors cited the infamous 2012 case of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who got into a deadly confrontation with teenager Trayvon Martin.

“Presumably, George Zimmerman would not have hassled Trayvon Martin if Zimmerman had not had a gun, so the gun encouraged a hostile confrontation, regardless of who ultimately becomes violent,” the report stated.

Donohue said the Zimmerman case was one of several that he found where “these guys are likely to be more aggressive.”

“The presence of the gun actually stimulates more provocative action and ends up getting people killed,” he said.


CNN Analyst Insults all Women with “Carrying Guns Is Not Practical” Comment – And they say NRA members are stuck in the 50’s . . .

“For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?” He continued with another question, “If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket everyday with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?”

When the likes of Delta Airlines and Hertz turn against the NRA there is finally hope for change – It may make SJWs feel all warm and fuzzy but I’d bet dollars to donuts (or Starbucks’ egg bites) that the anti-NRA corporate jihad is driving people to the gun rights group . . .

The annual meeting of the National Rifle Association this May in Dallas, Texas, will be a bit different. Gun aficionados from across the land will have to get there by foot and wagon, because no airline or bus line will give them carriage. Forget renting a car. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre will be bereft of outside food services. They’ll need tents too.

Not quite, of course. They are going to Texas, not Boston or Santa Monica. . . .

This shift in corporate calculation is about the bottom line. They are reading consumer sentiment. The downside from alienating the NRA and its supporters is now outweighed by the greater risk that being seen to support them will result in a loss of customers and public prestige. . . .

That so many companies are putting their heads over the parapet now should give us hope, however, that finally something meaningful will happen to tackle America’s gun violence scourge. They are acknowledging what the country’s political leaders – so many of whom still suckle at the NRA teat –continue willfully to ignore.

But politics is a customer-based business too, and eventually its practitioners in America, even Republicans, will have to catch up.

CNN Town Hall on guns (courtesy

Our Childish Gun Debate – Useful or useless depending on your perspective, Parkland Florida’s teenage gun control advocates are idiots.

The public debate about how Congress ought to respond to this latest mass shooting is guided by two broad principles. Dubious on their own, they are even more witless when combined. The first is the idea that the most important thing is to “do something.” The second is that we ought to look to high-schoolers for the answer.

As goes CNN so goes the nation. The high-schoolers who survived Mr. Cruz’s Valentine’s Day massacre are taking to Twitter , TV and Tallahassee statehouse rallies to pressure politicians to “do something.” In response, some on the right, entirely missing the point, have accused them of being “actors” or “scripted” by the news media.

These teens do not need to be scripted. Their youth and earnestness makes it all but impossible for any adult to advance a counterargument without looking indifferent to the horror these kids have been through. If you don’t agree with what they want, they seem to suggest, you’re OK with mass shootings—as Mr. Rubio and Ms. Loesch found out the hard way.

Quick show of hands for those with children: How many of you look to your teens for political wisdom, whether it’s the daughter obsessing over her Snapchat streaks or the son who would spend his day eating Doritos and binge-gaming “Grand Theft Auto” if you let him?

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    • Though I’m not a woman nor built like one — no skinny jeans for me! — when I made the decision to start carrying, I think I learned more from watching this girl’s video(s) than from any other single source. Very much recommend for beginners, female or male.

  1. You can say otherwise but I would not be one bit surprised to see a democratic wave hit large portions of the nation. Republicans are not as energized as the Democrats and with it being an non Presidential election a lot of people will not bother to vote. But energized people do vote.
    In which case your title could become.
    Reps. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) formally introduced a bill to ban assault weapons. which is expected to pass the majority democratic house and senate.
    That could get scary real fast!

    • Nah, dems are overplaying yet another hand and yet again it’ll bite them hard. Not that the good guys will get anything done, but at least we won’t be seriously going the wrong way anytime soon.

  2. There about 30 ccw (out of about 200 members, could be more) at my church, at least 5 of them Ladies. Most if not all are going to go to the NRA convention. We don’t need to fly but if we did it wouldn’t be Delta or United.. Recently had to go to Kansa for my company and flew American. Screw all of the others that want to play games. Shooting themselves in the foot I think!

    • Six years ago I persuaded my with to go the NRA Convention in St. Louis. She was reluctantly agreed to go not knowing what to expect. After about 2 hours and a picture in front of Gatling Gun she exclaimed: Now I get it!

  3. This makes sense from Sessions’ standpoint.

    He doesn’t care about bump-fire stocks, so if the regulatory change sticks, fine. If it doesn’t stick, who really cares – that’s years in the future and can be blamed on the Courts – and while Sessions and Trump don’t care to protect bump-fire stocks, I really doubt that they care if they are effective in banning them either. It’s just politics.

    • DiFi has already accused Trump of planning to make a hokey ATF-interpreted bumpstock ban so that it will get taken to court by the NRA and struck down or tied up for years. Maybe, just maybe, if it goes through and gets sent to the Supreme court they might hack away at the NFA as well…
      Either way I can’t stand Sessions. That guy basically does everything he can to go against the stuff Trump ran on. He’s almost like the white Eric Holder. He’s got to get replaced.

  4. More than 150 of the 193 Democrats in the House have signed onto the bill. For those on Common Core, that would be more than 77 percent of all House Democrats. Reportedly, no Republicans have signed on.

    Speaker Ryan has already said that this legislation is not the answer, presumably a signal that he won’t bring it to the floor.

    Now, a Speaker Pelosi and a Majority Leader Schumer would see things differently.

    • Now, a Speaker Pelosi and a Majority Leader Schumer would see things differently.

      At some point that will be the reality the American gun owner will have to deal with. If the other side ever gets the numbers they had in 2009/2010 they will not squander that opportunity on Obama care 2.0 (or some other handout) it will be a total “hand them all in” ban on semi autos.

        • The one reason I voted for trump. The Supreme Court. Just need one more good conservative voice on it.

        • John. I’ve stated many times that I don’t care for Trump. But when it came down to Trump or the bitch, I went Trump.

          And for those that thought Cruz or another could have beat the bitch…… If they couldn’t beat Trump, they couldn’t beat her.

      • Which is why, although I think Trump is a rather challenged president in many ways, we need him to pack the judiciary as quickly as possible. Political winds may be changing against us, if we have some solidly Second Amendment types in the judiciary that might at least help to stop the bleeding

  5. Funny that the studying of terrorism and violence in Israel didn’t bring up that they began supplying guns and training teachers (not just letting some carry) after the Maalot school attack in 1974. Or that a country with fairly strict gun control changed after 2015 attacks to drop gun license age from 21, allow security guards to bring their guns home, and remove purchase restrictions for former IDF officers and special forces. They realize armed civilians are an asset and want more of them.

  6. Even assuming that a full on ban passed through Congress and the Senate, would Trump risk complete and utter revolt among his constituency by actually signing it!

  7. “This shift in corporate calculation is about the bottom line. They are reading consumer sentiment.”

    This shift in “consumer sentiment” has been manufactured by Bloomberg and/or Soros. (My guess, no source.) It happened too quickly for it to have been a groundswell of grass roots activism. Hell, most NRA members don’t even know what corporations offer members discounts; how is it that the “public” found out and flooded the e-mail accounts of these corporate giants seemingly overnight?

  8. “Presumably, George Zimmerman would not have hassled Trayvon Martin if Zimmerman had not had a gun, so the gun encouraged a hostile confrontation, regardless of who ultimately becomes violent.”

    Funny, I remember that Georgie lost track of Trayvon, and turned around to leave, when Tray came up and hassled George… False facts lead to false narratives. And this contention essentially says that if you have a gun for self-defense, you are “prone to hostility.” This, of course, does not at all correlate tot he evidence that concealed weapons carriers are statistically less likely to commit a crime than the average citizen. The only thing that can really be said, and this is a big “perhaps,” is that people who carry are likely to stand their ground and fight back, rather than giving way to criminal acts inflicted on them.

    • I remember the ‘lost’ testimony of Travon’s girlfriend states that during a call he made DURING the encounter—he thought that Zimmerman was gay and was ‘trying to ‘pick him up’….so he wanted to bash the GAY white dude!

      funny how that testimony only appeared once and you have to look all over the net to even find mention of it??

      the line from testimony

      RACHEL JEANTEL: “People need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracka going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother is there. Mind you I told you, I told Trayvon, [Zimmerman] might have been a rapist.”

      love that “CREEPY ASS CRACKA” line
      had that been flipped we would never heard the end of it!

  9. I don’t know about all that, but that Hunt Nebraska Merriam’s Turkey sure has got me, can’t you just hear them,,, erk erk erk, puurrrt puurrrt,pperk perk perk perkkThen that old Tom drags his wings , damn I love it.

  10. Peterson is the patron saint of the coward.

    Zimmerman is the patron saint of the stupid.

  11. Something something Tide Pods.

    Seriously, though, the moment those kids go “off-script”, they come out as little authoritarians who think that their viewpoint is so perfect that it’s worth forcing onto the entire nation. The fact that they don’t think the ensuing law enforcement actions will be a complete bloodbath is all you need to know about their critical reasoning skills.

  12. On proposed bump stock ban, is it possible that such a ban is found to be justified in the same way that sawed off shotguns are banned? It’s my understanding that sawed off shotguns were found to have no military purpose and therefore not useful to a militia member as supported by the 2A. While I don’t agree with the courts decision/reasoning on sawed off shotguns, the ruling does provide an angle for banning bump stocks. I don’t believe that they can be banned based on the reasoning that they convert a semiauto into a machInegun as currently legally defined.

    • Probably not. US vs Miller (the case you’re referring to) didn’t restrict sbs’. It was a challenge to the registration requirement of them as established by the NFA. The thing with bumpstocks is that they’re completely within the letter of the law. I’m curious as to the mental gymnastics Sessions’ team is gonna use to reclassify. This is gonna be one heck of a messy court case, one the government will probably lose.

      But back to Miller. It’s such a weird case. Both progun and antigun groups use it for their own sides because of the dialing precidents it set.

      • Original configuration was classified as a machine gun. Easily returnable applies, you need a butt pad and a spring. Also the energy of the rifle is actively performing part of the operation of the trigger (the reset), so it really really pushes the definition of one operation of the trigger. Even Slide-Fire admits the reset is performed by the action of the Slide-Fire stock and not the trigger finger.
        Lets say that I design a cam in the firing control group of a AR where the trigger is actively pushed forward just as the gun went into battery. You can have the timing work off the bolt like a auto sear. I would then be actively pulling the trigger for each firing of the rifle. I bet I could get it up to the 650-900 RPM of a fully automatic AR-15. I could even call it the AR (Automatic Reset) trigger. But that would not get past the ATF (or it might, look a Sig Braces) as it would not be the Rube Goldberg contraption the Slide Fire is.
        And I would not try and defend the Slide fire too much. I think that a lot of the squawking anti gunners do is stupid. However 12 second aimed 100 round dumps into a crowd is not something I would want to defend. And I really do not want to put all semi-auto guns into the same basket. It is like putting flag burning into the same basket as all political speech. I believe that it is and should be defended, but……

  13. Dana Loesch had a field day on her show ripping on the “women can’t carry because of dresses” doofus. It was beautiful.

  14. Uh yeah Zimmerman didn’t hassle the dead punk. Bashed in the head by a wasted wannabe gangster. Nice try progtard. While Trump is President I doubt he’d sign a gun ban. But I don’t care about a national ban…Illinois is in danger of becoming freaking California! It starts TOMORROW😩😖😡

  15. Bob Corker is out of his senate race.

    The real good news is this means Marsha Blackburn isn’t going to drop out and defend her house seat at last minute. Why is this real good news? The only declared or speculated candidate is Dr. Mark Green. You may remember him as the guy who said civilians should be able to own whatever the military does.

  16. Yanks!
    these mongrel bastards are just takin’ a DUMP all over youse!
    its time youse pushed back hard … bloody hard!
    youse’ll know when its time if any federal legislation looks like ‘going through’ …..
    don’t let these dirty bastards get away with it…
    that is: unless youse wanna end up like Australia or the UK, eh?

  17. Fargo’s articles are, mostly, just “puff pieces” … abt as ‘hard hitting’ as a chocolate eclair or a vanilla slice;
    i’m saying that I can put up better stuff…..
    not abt US issues b’cs i don’t know much abt what’s happening there on-the-ground;
    how-ever….i can tell youse what is happening in AUssie…..i can tell you what “Australian gun laws” look like up close and personal….i can get “down and dirty” and tell you what YOUR life will be like in the US if youse’r stoopid enough to ‘cave in’ to these gun-grabbers……
    how abt it, Fargo?
    are you ready to go to WAR against these gun-grabbing, control freak, statist psychopaths or will you just continue to “pull-your-punches” and shrivel up like a shrinking violet wall-flower ?
    you gunna PUT yr MONEY where yr mouth is or what?

    • Fargo! …….. i’v got a coupla RED HOT home invasion stories from AUssie ready-and-waiting-to-GO!
      believe you me: they will give you total nightmares for a month!
      in fact: they would probably make most US gun grabbers change their minds abt gun control…..
      can you handle them ? …….. or… are you just a limp biscuit?
      all talk and no action [?]

      what’s it gunna be, eh?

        • here’s a news-paper article to give you the ‘gist’ ….
          there was also an episode on ABC-TV Australia’s “Australian Story” abt it but the video has since been removed;
          i can, how-ever, give you a link to the transcript;
          i know some of the people involved personally;
          i can also give you all the “back-ground” including all the gruesome details…..
          i will hunt around to see if there is any ‘cached’ video i can grab/dwn-ld….

          what you “take home” from this is that it happened in a quiet, country town…..
          IOW: nowhere in AUssie is safe now…..NOWHERE….

          but…i got lotsa more….stuff happening all the time…muggings, home invasions, armed robberies….
          the violent crime rate in AUssie is out-of-CONTROL and the (dot)gov(dot)au is covering lots of it up….
          fudging up the crime stats in a desperate attempt to distract attention from the bogus gun laws which are an absolute effin’ disaster …. a catastrophe, a débâcle of almost un-imaginable proportions…..

          it pretty much 100% validates John R Lott’s work and proves that any country which dis-arms is signing its own death warrant

          like i said: the stuff i got would even cause US gun-grabbers to do a 180°


        • (note)
          i don’t really want any “personal” credit for this material….
          AFAIMC, you can post it up yr-self or second it to some-one else…
          i’m only interested in it “getting out there” ;
          i had a lot of stuff on FaceBook but as you may or may not know, since this Florida “school shooting”, they’re taking stuff down all over the joint including YouTube etc…..
          my motives are two-fold:
          i want to khybosh the gun-grab they are hoping to ‘pull off’ in the US and i want to shame and embarrass the gun-grabbers in Australia in both the media and the government…..i want to upset the living HELL out of ’em….and..hope-fully…bring down some governments and, maybe, even get some of the bastards who cooked up the bogus gun laws up b’fore the courts…i want to make those bastards go through some of what the victims of violent crime in Austrl are now going through and have gone through in the last 15-odd yrs or so….


  18. Gotta laugh at the corporate discounts thing. As with AAA the NRA has a million discounts for membership that nobody knows about or uses. The agreements help out the respective businesses far more than the NRA. Nobody joins the NRA to save 10% on a rental car just like nobody joins AAA to save 10% shopping at some shitty strip mall.

  19. TTAG, you shill so hard for Trump now that you won’t even mention Sessions is following his direct, press conference marching orders in going after bump stocks?

    It appears Sessions is plenty loyal to the boss, and all his ‘lack of diligence’ re: the FBI, F&F, and Hillary is likely at the Don’s direction.

  20. “Quick show of hands for those with children: How many of you look to your teens for political wisdom”

    The same demographic insisting that we let them dictate gun policy are also asserting that their own demographic is too irresponsible to be allowed to buy guns.

  21. ” Why Dozens Of Mass Shootings Didn’t Change Americans’ Minds On Guns – Not one word about the Second Amendment . . . ”

    Not one word about the Second Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

    That’s a turtle that the anti-gun movement will never get their toe under.

    • I just finished an online conversation with a guy who lost his mind over my “ignorance” even though I clearly know more about history than he does. I had point that paragraph out, and his response was that it was ancient history, things are different now.

      They always have an excuse, and when you address their claims directly, they lose their cool, throw a tantrum and storm off.

      • F all of those like that. It’s our only agreement, and the basis for our Constitution (of which, if you count the amendments, we’re currently on our 3rd version).

        They don’t rate the ability to change it otherwise, and that’ll cost them the unbinding of their soul.

  22. The Declaration of Independence has no force of law
    It is the Constitution that is the basis for all law in the United States

      Further, if you count the Bill of Rights Amendments, WE ARE CURRENTLY ON OUR 3RD VERSION OF OUR CONSTITUTION.



      The Declaration of Independence CANNOT BE REPEALED. We can write a new Declaration, but that will, I swear (and demand the same promise back from you), effing cost you everything.

    • The Declaration of Independence is the reasoning, the argument both about the proper role and purpose of government, and why it was necessary for the British colonies to declare their independence, which was due to King George’s violation of those principles. It is a sound argument based on history and human rights, both of which have not changed over the proceeding centuries except for the intensity of the proof that their argument was correct.

      In other words, the logic has not changed. And if you insist on attempting to deny that logic, your attempts (multiplied by masses of people just like you) will produce the same kind of reaction that led to the Declaration in the first place. Remember, the Declaration also argues for “prudence”, the approrpriate unwillingness to react to oppression, but when pushed too far…

  23. “How many of you look to your teens for political wisdom”

    I do. Whenever I want to hear some really stupid sh!t, just for giggles, I ask a teen and I’m always rewarded.

    Teens have been so dumbed-down by the American indoctrination camp environment that you can always count on kids to spew profoundly stupid crap. It’s comedy gold.

  24. “…can, through the regulatory process, not allow the bump stock to convert a weapon from semi automatic to fully automatic,”

    It doesn’t take any regulation to not allow a bump stock to convert a weapon from semi automatic to fully automatic.
    That’s because a full-automatic firearm is already defined legally, and the bump stock equipped firearm does not fit that definition. It’s not allowed by physics. The firearm still must have the trigger pulled/actuated for each shot.
    Unfortunately, that does not deter power-mad law dogs from thinking they can do anything they want.

  25. Anyone pushing disarmament is a communist. America has already dedicated blood, sweat, tears, and treasure to eradicating that scourge from wherever we locate it around the globe. Venezuela is a perfect example of communism in our hemisphere, and S. African communists’ work is in the news today.

    ” ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’ ”

    F em all, F em now, F em to death.

  26. “allowing citizens to carry handguns seems to increase violent crime 13 to 15 percent by the 10th year” Vermont must have peaked over a couple of 100 years ago.

    “Gun aficionados from across the land will have to get there by foot and wagon, because no airline or bus line will give them carriage. Forget renting a car.” Pretty stupid comment since the offending companies only withdrew their discounts. I’m sure they’d love to take 2A supporters’ dollars at full rate. They are MISreading consumer sentiment just as much as the author misread the announcements.

  27. I hate to credit the R party, the DOJ or Jeff Sessions with ajything like a strategy, but…

    Kinda like the DACA exec program – exec order, then legislation, negotiations, various offers – this backs the anti’s into a corner. Accept the “progress”, they lose the use of the issue. Decline, and for what – it ain’t about bump stocks, or “safety”, is it?

    Bloomie’s anti-everybody hordes don’t want bump fire stocks banned any more than the screeching D’s want a resolution for the “dreamers.” The issue is leverage toward their goal which dare not be named.

    I’ve worked in business with companies you never want to kake a deal with. Whatever you just agreed is never a commitment to fulfill – it’s just the start point for the next round of “negotiations.”

    I suspect the relentless bad faith is a useful theme to personalize n dirty up the opposition, Alinsky style. “There are those who won’t take ‘yes’ for an answer…”


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