Wayne LaPierre (courtesy stltoday.com)
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NRA propaganda stifles responsible gun legislation – I don’t think the word “fake” means what he thinks it means . . .

Once upon a time the NRA was a good supporter of sporting firearm owners. It now promotes giving everyone a gun and the opportunity to shoot and kill a person who might appear to threaten the individual. It also is making it possible for anarchists to create arsenals for some future armed revolt by way of their interpretation of the Second Amendment. The NRA has continually spread the propaganda that any type of responsible gun legislation would lead to weapon confiscation. That is the biggest fake news of all.

Google search "how to join the NRA (courtesy twitter.com)

Millions RUSH To Join The NRA After Anti-Gun Lectures By The Liberal Media – Correlation doesn’t equal causation but provides cause for celebration . . .

Google Trends show a massive surge in “how to join the NRA” searches this week.

On Twitter, thousands of members were excited to join the NRA thanks to the attacks they’ve received from liberals.

Ouch! Abortion-based pro-gun truth bomb from MRCTV.

Las Vegas shooter's AR-15, equipped with a large capacity magazine and bump fire stock (courtesy dailymail.co.uk)

Buffett should use his tax windfall of $29 billion to buy guns off the street Marketwatch has lost the plot.

Buffett has pledged to give most of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose overarching theme is the improvement of public health. Guns kill an estimated 36,000 Americans each year, about 13,000 through homicides and most of the rest through suicides, with accidents playing a smaller role.

Assault rifles are only responsible for a small number of these, but they play an outsized role in driving our conversation about guns, since they are the weapon of choice for mass killings like those in Orlando, Las Vegas, and most recently in Parkland, Fla.

If you want to break gun culture, you would begin with the assault rifles that symbolize the extremism that the National Rifle Association and the far right have embraced in recent years. Over time, maybe background checks, waiting periods and the like would trim the death toll more. It’ll never go to zero, because Americans want legal guns — within limits.

Warren Buffett: I don’t think Berkshire should avoid doing business with people who own guns – Right answer! Obviously . . .

Business leaders should be careful not to impose their personal views on their organizations, billionaire investor Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday as companies sought to distance themselves from the National Rifle Association after the mass shooting at a high school in Flordia.

“I don’t believe in imposing my views on 370,000 employees and a million shareholders. I’m not their nanny on that,” the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway told “Squawk Box.”

Stop sucking up to ‘gun culture.’ Americans who don’t have guns also matter. – You hurt your what?

The punditry charging that one side misunderstands and maligns the other usually flows in one direction: The gun-reform side simply doesn’t grasp, or actively disdains, what really makes the gun-rights side tick. But we hear very little condemnation in the other direction of the constant screams of “gun grabber!” directed at those who believe this problem can be mitigated with appropriate action.

We need a much more forthright acknowledgement in this debate of just how mainstream the latter position really is. It is not just widely held but also represents a set of legitimate values in its own right, and these, too, are strongly held — despite the pretension that only one side’s cultural sensitivities must be treated with great care and delicacy, which is its own form of condescension toward those sensitivities.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office logo

Boy threatens to bring Glock to school to shoot everyone – Showing Broward County how it’s done . . .

A 13-year-old boy is facing criminal charges after threatening to bring his Glock to school to shoot everyone, according to the Volusia [Florida] County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said the boy made the threat after getting angry with his teacher Monday morning at Galaxy Middle School. The sheriff’s office said the boy made hand gestures and sound effects to mimic shooting his classmates.

According to the sheriff’s office, the boy told a school resource deputy he was joking and doesn’t have access to any guns.

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  1. The price of an item is whatever is agreed upon by seller and buyer. Mr. Buffett, the asking price for my AR is $29 billion, please. I await your response.

  2. “It also is making it possible for anarchists to create arsenals for some future armed revolt by way of their interpretation of the Second Amendment.”

    If only! 😀

  3. “If you waiver on one right they will take them all” unknown
    “He that would give up liberty for security deserves neither” Benjamin Franklin

    • My third favorite Ben Franklin quote behind, ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ and ‘ In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.’

      Yea, happy hour at the Le Petomane house.

      • Gov Faubus I know like st381183 also appreciate Jeffersons remarks about black folks in line with your racist mentality!

        “… the preference of the Oranootan for the black women over those of his own species.”

        Jeffersons point being to make an analogy to black men supposedly preferring white women, in other words black men like monkeys seek to mate with females of a superior species.

        You might also effectively quote TJ to bolster yalls delusions about crime stats being evidence that black folks are violent/dangerous/criminal…

        Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 14, “A Description of the Laws, Paragraph 24

    • “Far”? As in “to prison” for several counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault? That was painful to watch. That lady got WAY too close to that guy and gave up all the advantages that a ranged stand off weapon offers a physically weaker opponent….. suffered the consequences and is lucky to be alive after having her gun taken from her by her attacker. Its the kind of crap the antis say will happen to a woman if she tries to defend herself with a gun….. and it happened. On camera.

  4. MRC got it 99% right. But seriously, dead baby parts are worth WAY too much money to just toss into a dumpster.

    ‘Buffett should use his tax windfall of $29 billion to buy g uns off the street.’ – I can’t think of anything the firearms industry would like better. Hell, it might even pull Remi ngton out of bankruptcy.

    That robber gets my Retard of the Day Award.

    • “But seriously, dead baby parts are worth WAY too much money to just toss into a dumpster.”

      They’re good with Shake ‘n’ Bake…

    • If he’s really committed to the cause he should just buy all the full auto weapons he can. Empty the whole registry into his possession. Considering an entry level select fire is about as much as a well worn Honda Civic I imagine someone like him could really make a “difference”. Not that select fire or sporting rifles are the leading cause of death associated with a gun, but facts have no place in this bouncy house of emotions.

      • If you think even an “entry level” select fire gun is worth a used Civic, I haven to have a few dozen used Civics I would love to sell you.
        Have you actually tried pricing an entry level select fire gun???

  5. With regards to the “stop sucking up to gun culture”…

    I’m tired of this. Really tired. I’m just going to quote one of the writers of another site (sofrep).

    “…when a New York City liberal tells me he hates guns, I shrug, but for some reason… when I tell him I like them, he views it as an affront to humanity.”

    The problem with this statement is that it’s true. Your dislike of guns bothers me not but my enjoyment of firearms makes the anti’s FUCKING CRAZY. They hate us for it and I’m not just tossing out the word “hate”. They really hate us. We’re some sort of problem to be eradicated.

    That’s the real problem. Personally I say “live and let live” and a lot of other POTG do too. If you don’t want to have guns we don’t care. The other side doesn’t see it that way. They see us as pure evil incarnate, a disgusting creature from days gone by. One that needs to be put down.

    In short, our side generally views the other as misguided and obnoxious. The other side views us with pure and utter contempt. You cannot have a conversation with someone who thinks you’re a cockroach.

    • This is what I’ve noticed the past several years. The left truly treats gun owners as if we’re some kind of inferior race that needs extermination. Only reason why these fascists haven’t been able to do it yet is, unlike the Jews, we’re heavily armed. Peace through strength indeed. But make no mistake, they’d truly love to enact our worst nightmares of camps and gas chambers on us one day.

    • They see us as evil child murderers. That kid from Parkland especially just loves to throw accusations like that around.

      If you really believe that someone is that evil, then you can justify doing just about anything to them.

      • Yup, even your avatar was willing to start shooting when it came to the Wraith… which reminds me, I should re-watch that series.

        That’s part of why I don’t trust anti’s and the Left in general. Forget history for a moment and forget what some of them are willing to say when they think the camera/mike is off or no one who doesn’t agree with them is listening.

        The way they talk about people they disagree with is just disturbing. It runs the gambit from fucking creepy to flat out terrifying how… disgusted they are with the people who disagree with them. It’s like just the thought of our existence is, to them, like sticking their arm into a big pile of that Wraith goo the Wraith use to trap people for “storage”.

        So, like you, I do worry what would happen if such people ever actually got a hold of real power.

    • pffft!
      youse keep giving these gun-grabbing mongrels OXYGEN by accepting their BS “accounts” of these incidents hook, line and sinker….
      plus: youse are always on the defensive…..
      youse are always “apologising” for yr own existence….
      instead of jumping-down-their-throats:
      wouldn’t matter if there were TEN MASS SHOOTINGs per week….there is NO justification for gun confiscation!

      my Second Amendment right to own guns to protect me and mine TRUMPs a bunch of “dead kids”
      “Australia and the UK” …. those are the only two reasons i need to keep my guns!
      want gun confiscation? then: be prepared to fight A CIVIL WAR

      • Troll, you really need to read a newspaper; Trump’s on you anti-gunners’ side this go around. I know, it’s a dizzy ride, but you gotta keep up.

        • 😂 I know right. This is like the liberals worst nightmare. They’re caught in between either supporting Trump or the NRA.

        • OK, drongo… here’s a “heads up” …. PotUS ain’t elected…they’re SELECTED….
          if that wasn’t the case, then, any man or his dog could ‘run’ for PotUS….and….get elected

          they’re pulling the same crap on youse Yanks that they pulled off in AUssie in 1996….
          they elect a faux “conservative” Premier/Prezz and, then, lo! and behold! ….not long after they’re in office, there’s a HUGE MASS SHOOTING …. let me add… a HUGELY SUSPECT MASS SHOOTING…then…there’s all sorts of calls for gun control blah blah blah……

          “news-papers” [?]

          listen, you blonk…the only thing i believe in the NEWSPAPERs
          is the page n°s !

        • LOL, so it’s an Aussie ‘pro-gun’ poster, no less! Laugh riot, right here! Might wanna right yourself, all the blood rushes to your head standing upside down like that

      • Why oh why are you so dumb, I know, I know, you don’t believe the crap that comes from your…fingers, but seriously, just crack it a little bit to get some oxygen between your cheeks.

    • That is because they were crazy already, like Stalin or Mao or Killery. Your love of guns tweaked their real love and that is to enslave humanity. That you, and the rest of us with the guns, could possibly stop them from their real long term goal of enslavement drives them absolutely mad. But, to have that goal they would need to be barking mad already. You just let it peak out from where they hide their real selves. It is an ugly and nasty place in a universe far far way from ours. It is very real to them and should be real to us as this is what we are up against. Utter insanity.

  6. Why is a newspaper in St Louis publishing a letter to the editor from a balding hippy in New Haven CT?
    (1st piece).

  7. Once upon a time the NRA was a good supporter of sporting firearm owners.

    That St. Louis Today article is disgusting.

    I inherited my grandfather’s revolver in 2007, less than 10 years ago. I was and consider myself today, politically moderate. I was working in DC at the time for a major charity, and living in DC in an area of sporadic, but compared to the US generally, fairly high criminal violence, including a rise in home invasions and persons assaulted in their home. My wife was a military veteran (not combat but certainly did know how to handle firearms). I had myself done a lot of living overseas (peace Corps) and moving around so I had not owned a gun for 15 years since I left Connecticut. We agreed we would like to have this firearm at our home in a safe. it also had sentimental value to me and my grandfather had taught me to shoot.

    I knew DC gun laws were tough, but if you had asked me at the time I would have said: “sure I support moderate gun control.” I called the DC police department firearms office and told them my wife and I could pass a background check, that we were trained, but could do whatever training they suggested. What I learned is even fully qualified, never ever arrested, fully trained persons who would keep the firearm in a safe were totally and completely stripped of there Second Amendment rights by DC.

    That is the context, calls for total loss of Second Amendment rights, or even denial that it existed, that began in the 1970’s and that pulled the NRA to being more muscular and robust in defense of the Second Amendment. The NRA did not lead that, it REACTED to concerted efforts by all the gun control groups, and every gun control group in fact supported DC in “Heller,” along with virtually all leading Democrats to fully shred the entire Second amendment and ban, and if able confiscate all firearms from legal owners.

    for the author of the St. Louis today article to imply the NRA changed its position out of nowhere utterly mendacious. The NRA responded to ever increasing gun bans, and the use of gun control to make it impossible or near impossible for the law abiding to protect themselves and exercise an explicit right.

    I don’t look like Wayne Lapeirre, I am way younger, way browner. I am sure I disagree with him on 90% of his poltical views. But he 100% speaks for me when it comes to gun control.

    If you want to know what the status with law abiding citizen and the Second Amendment would be without the *modern” and aggressive NRA — just look at say year 2007 Washington DC. All the criminals armed and dangerous — and all the fully qualified, lifelong law abiding citizens, utterly disarmed.

  8. If you want to know what the status with law abiding citizen and the Second Amendment would be without the *modern” and aggressive NRA ….. …. just look @ AUstralia….. that is what youse’d be like!
    how do i know that?
    because they have made NO BONES abt it that that is exactly what they want….
    they are STILL saying it after this bogus Florida school “shooting” …
    and…they will keep on saying it unless and until you SHUT THEM UP……

    here’s one way you can do that:
    the NRA needs to ferociously LOBBY for federal legislation that will make it a felony to use any shooting incident as a pre-text to attack any Constitutional right

    • Dude, YOU are the weak link in adovacy of the second amendment. There at 350 million Americans. A fraction are nuts and do commit them mass murders, just like a fraction are repeat criminals do commit the 99% of murder that is not mass murder. Parkland and newton do not to need to be a “Hoax” to be illegitimate attacks on the Second Amendment.

      They are illegitimate in attacking the Second Amendment because criminals will always get some means to commit mass violence. They do in Europe easily.

      • you know any-thing abt the legal process?
        maybe you need to return-to-school and do Legal Studies 101, eh?
        can you name one, single mass shooting in the last couple of decades where the entire legal process has been traversed? … and…where people gave evidence ON OATH that was tested by rigorous and competent X-examination…. [?]
        most of youse on here ain’t engaging yr brain cells….
        here ya go …. i’ll make it easy for yez, eh?!?

        • New York’s SAFE Act. Passed in response to the Sandy Hook shooting and the Webster shooting.
          Connecticut passed new restriction to “assault weapons” as a direct result of Sandy Hook.
          Maryland passed the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 for the same reason.

          Do I get a cookie?

      • you see… responses like yrs tend to make me suspect that this blog’s comments section is chockers with (dot)gov shills…
        let’s take it as a ‘given’ for now that this Florida incident will die out and there won’t be any more calls for gun-control on the basis of it…
        let’s just assume that for now…

        so…you think that they’re won’t be other, future incidents… [?!?]

        these characters have even threatened that there would be….prblby much worse than any previous such incident….

        so..what does that tell us?

        just this: that these so-and-so’s are going to keep on pushing and pushing and staging and staging these incidents….whether they are hoaxes or false flags or actual incidents hardly matters…
        the bottom line is that they are going to continue to exploit them…..
        they done that Down Under for nigh on fifteen years or more until they got what they wanted….
        de facto civilian disarmament…..
        that’s their agenda and they won’t “back down” from it….
        so…youse must needs make contingency preparations…
        you must fore-stall them…
        you must stymie them….
        you must neutralise them…

        and….. AFAIK…my suggestion is the most workable solution….
        simply make it a federal felony to use any such incident as a pre-text to attack any Consitutional right….
        its basic Sun Tzu

        • You do realize that no one is going to take any advice from a man that fronts himself as a raging looney?

          We used to get better trolls here. I miss the mikeybnumbers days.

        • lol
          if you b’lv this bogus baloney balderdash abt the FL school “shooting”, then, you’re “the raging looney”, pal!

  9. This what gun control brings
    Since 1996 the United States assault rate has dropped by 43.6 percent. Australia’s assault numbers have increased by 150 percent.

    Since 1996, the United States forcible rape rate has fallen by 36.5%, while “gun free Australia’s” sexual assault numbers are up by 22%.

    Since 1996, the United States robbery rates have consistently fallen, by a total of 46%. Oz? The official robbery rates soared immediately after the Howard regime’s gun control laws, but now the official, and heavily edited, robbery rate has fallen by an extremely unimpressive 12.2 percent.

    If you waiver on one right they will take them all” unknown
    “He that would give up liberty for security deserves neither” Benjamin Franklin

    • let me clarify: AUstralia got North Korean-style gun laws because the AUssie shooters/gun-owners, in particular the biggest AUssie pro-gun org’ (the SSAA), did not attack the validity of the incident that precipitated the 1996/1997 gun grab… the totally bogus Port Arthur “massacre”;
      most of the imbecile fucking DOGs posting on here are carbon copies of those FUCK-witz…..
      just swallowing, hook, line and sinker, this totally BOGUS “narrative” of the Florida “shooting”….
      too fucking gutless or too fucking stoopid or too fucking corrupt to ‘take on’ the filthy main-stream media maggots in the US….
      that is: if they’re not actually SHILLs for the Brady Bunch or EveryTown or Bloomberg’s bum-chums!

      • Ummm, know something about Australia, or North Korea, just one, because its pretty obvious you don’t. But your a 12 year old who has stolen mommy’s computer, so I get it.

        • I know Australia very well after living there a few years. The places in the Unite States that look like Australia demographically have no higher murder rate.

          As far as the relative homicide trends, just looking at the US FBI and the Australian BCS, Australian murder fell 43%, but the US murder rate fell 56% in the last 25 years.

        • Australia ain’t “safe”;

          if you think that, then, yr nothing more than a mis-informed fool;
          check this

          that’s why there is an increasing flood of AUssies emigrating or trying to emigrate to the US or, even, Canada;
          some are even trying NZ;
          both of the latter countries have fairly reasonable gun laws, compared to Austrl, and lotsa AUssies don’t feel so lost there b’cs they are based on similar gov’ systems and have similar cultural heritages to Austrl

          many Aussies are willing to risk/endure the huge culture shock of moving to the US because the ones moving there know what the story is and know that, if you avoid large, urban, gang-banger-infested areas, then you are, generally, much safer than you would be in AUstralia…

  10. Ok. Because this quote is being spread around repetitively without let up, here’s the actual quote and who actually said it:

    Alexander Hamilton said, “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.” Please people, get your patriotic quotes from legitimate sources. There are plenty of actual quotes out there we can apply to the situation without just reposting some recent meme.

    • Hamilton’s verbiage was always too flowery – accurate, yes, but the quotes attributed to Franklin look much better on a T-shirt.

  11. Hopefully the Negotiating Rights Away org. can get shed of some of their capitulating dead weight and become a better representative of the Second amendment for it’s members.

  12. I’ve never been a fan of old Warren Buffett(especially after choosing Gates to blow his pile) but a bunch of these NRA dissing A-holes need to heed his wisdom. It’d be swell if we had someone like him with deeeeep pockets…

  13. if i lived in the US and some fucking PIG tried to dis-arm me, i’d splatter the fucking maggot’s brains over an area the size of a fucking foot-ball field….

    • But living in Mockba you don’t get the opportunity. Give mommy back the laptop, or get back to youporn so you can exorcise your anal stage.

      • “Mockba” ?
        try “Melbourne”, you maggot!
        oh…BTW…were you actually born…or…..did you just ‘drop’ outta a dog’s ARSE, eh [?!?]

  14. I’d like to see a composite done of the banners boogeyman.
    So far he’s a privileged cis white male yet a white trash bumbling fool. He’s a far right extremist and an anarchist. He’s a bully who wants everyone to fall in line yet a loner and recluse resigned to a shack in the woods. He’s racist and misogynistic of course yet spends billions of dollars trying to trick minorities and women into partaking in the right to bear arms to undermine the women and minorities.

    What am I missing?

  15. “We need a much more forthright acknowledgement in this debate of just how mainstream the latter position really is. It is not just widely held but also represents a set of legitimate values in its own right, and these, too, are strongly held — despite the pretension that only one side’s cultural sensitivities must be treated with great care and delicacy, which is its own form of condescension toward those sensitivities.”

    Nah, FU, one side isn’t Fing with the Constitution stupid. One side isn’t evil POS (D) political whoring.

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