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We aren’t having an evidence-based debate about guns Vox dances around the fact that the Dickey Amendment only blocks federal funding for firearms-related research designed “to advocate or promote gun control” . . .

But there is more or less a federal prohibition on government dollars being spent on public health research about firearms.

It is known as the Dickey Amendment, first approved by Congress in the 1990s. Its effective ban on federal taxpayer money being spent on research that could lead to gun control has since spread from the CDC to the NIH, the federal agencies primarily tasked with protecting the public health.

Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro pistol (courtesy

How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled – When you think government is the answer (no matter what the question) the fact that gunmakers can be sued for defective products (i.e., Remington for the 700 trigger) is an inconvenient truth. Oh, and a Democrat done did it! . . .

To understand how firearms makers escaped government oversight of the safety of their pistols, revolvers, and rifles, you need to go back to 1972, when Congress created the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Four years earlier, President Lyndon B. Johnson had signed the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, which regulated several aspects of firearm sales, and advocates of gun control hoped to give this new agency oversight of defective weapons.

Representative John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan and a hunter with an A-plus rating from the ascendant NRA, blocked them. In 1975 he did it again, when a colleague introduced a bill making a second run at giving the CPSC firearms authority. “We put in there an express prohibition against them getting their nose into the business of regulating firearms and ammunition,” Dingell said in debate in Congress. The issue has never been seriously considered again.

Wilson Combat grips

Wilson Combat grips on your non-Wilson Combat 1911? Like an M-Badge on a plain BMW? Just askin’ . . .

TTAG Publisher Robert Farago aims his SIG SAUER MCX (courtesy

Thanks To ‘Trump Slump,’ Shops Have More Guns Than Buyers – Austin’s KUT included a sound bite from yours truly re: the Trump Slump. Word on the street: I spoke too soon. AR sales are back to brisk thanks to post-Parkland push for civilian disarmament.

All is not well in the firearms market. Gun companies have recently seen a sharp decline in sales something many refer to as the “Trump slump.” Robert Farago, a gun enthusiast and blogger for the website The Truth About Guns, says gun companies made a critical mistake during 2016.

“The gun manufacturers ramped up production,” he says. “They figured this is it – the motherlode we are gonna get another one just like we did the Obama surge. We are gonna get a Hillary surge. It didn’t happen.”

“So you put those two together, you have a 40 percent increase in production and a 20 percent decrease in demand and you have sliding prices and you also have people buying guns who say ‘I’ve had enough now, I’ve bought enough guns,’ so the market has gone down because of that.”

Stroop Report original caption- "The leader of the grand operation." SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Stroop (center) watches housing blocks burn. The SD-Rottenführer at right is Josef Blösche ("Frankenstein"). Photo taken at Nowolipie street looking east, near the intersection with Smocza street. On the left is the burning balcony of the townhouse at Nowolipie 66; next to it is the Ghetto wall. (courtesy

Guns could have saved Jews from the Holocaust, Alaska congressman says – That depends on when they would have had guns and what they would have done with them. In this, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is instructive . . .

“How many millions of people were shot and killed because they were unarmed? Fifty million in Russia,” says Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska on a recording made by a Democrat running for Young’s seat. “How many Jews were put in the ovens because they were unarmed?”

The Anti-Defamation League, however, has called the claim outlandish.

“It is mind-bending to suggest that personal firearms in the hands of the small number of Germany’s Jews (about 214,000 remaining in Germany in 1938) could have stopped the totalitarian onslaught of Nazi Germany when the armies of Poland, France, Belgium and numerous other countries were overwhelmed by the Third Reich,” Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League wrote in a 2015 opinion piece for the Huffington Post.

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  1. Any “prohibition on gun research” at the CDC is strictly self-imposed.
    The Dickey Amendment prevents the Centers for Disease Control from taking taxpayers dollars to fund agitprop aimed at stripping taxpayers (the people who provided those dollars) of their constitutional rights.
    The Dickey Amendment does not prohibit the Centers for Disease Control from investigating the root causes of violence and violent behavior. The fact that they do not pursue this subject matter is an indictment of their motivations and hints at the kind of “research” they really want to do.
    If they were interested in the root causes of violence they would be conducting research into that question.

    Arthur Z Przebinda, M.D.
    Project Director
    Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

    • You guys really should change your name. The anti’s have come up with so many bullshit names for what they want that “Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership” sounds EXACTLY like the name of a gun control group

      • Well, no, but he DID stay at a Holiday Inn last night. And he has a keyboard and InterWeb connection, so that does make him an expert–just as much as many of the other experts here.
        And, who knows? He just MIGHT be a REAL doctor.

      • Arthur is definitely a real doctor. And just for fun, I should mention that I started a group called Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws about 16 years ago (since defunct). It was fun when media people called us up expecting an anti-gun organization. I had to tell them that we didn’t think any of the standard gun control laws were sensible.

        Dr. Michael S. Brown
        Member: Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

    • “Gun Research” money flows to the DNC and EVIL POS (D) candidates. Ever wonder why a research grant request is for $500K but then the receiving entity donates $250K to POS (D)NC candidates???? F em all. The gun industry is going thru a self-imposed nuclear winter, and it has to survive. The (D)NC is out of cash, out of many offices, and in debt, in its own nuclear winter AND IT HAS TO GO TITS-UP. It’s subsidiary agency, THE MSM, wasn’t funded too well in the last election, despite Hillocrap’s funding of the (D)NC WITH ILLEGAL BRIBES IN THE URANIUM 1 SCAM. The MSM is in its own nuclear winter an it HAS TO GO TITS-UP.

      The President is OUTTA HIS FING MIND, and off the reservation with his comments on gun control yesterday. WAY WRONG, and if he continues on that tack, he’s gotta go thru his own nuclear winter in 2020.

      ““Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies,” said NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker.” – Breitbart News reporting

      WT everlivin F ??????????? “meaningful reforms ” WHY DIDN’T THE POS MF JUST SAY “COMMON SENSE REFORMS” that bunch of stupid POS MFs.

      A N D

      E F F I N G

      Y E S

      The Jews coulda done better if they were armed. NOT MUCH BETTER MAYBE, as Poland was the first to see what would later be called “Blitzkrieg” tactics from Germany’s army. Poles fought like dogs, and then fought a protracted guerilla war. Jews went like sheep, even when the rumors about treatment of Jews were proven true, and Poland is RIGHT TO DENY THE TERM “POLISH DEATHCAMPS” OR “POLISH CONCENTRATION CAMPS”. FU, those weren’t “Polish” those were Fing NAZI MFn camps and POLISH CATHOLICS GAVE LIFE, LIBERTY, LIMB, IN RESISTANCE, AND DIED IN GREATER NUMBERS.


      R E M E M B E R
      B Y T O M

      • Poland could have held the initial Nazi push if they had been allowed to defend/destroy their critical bridges.

        Instead politicians told the generals not to fight for them, and they were steamrolled.

        • Your talking about France.

          In Poland, the Germans encountered a modest army in small bouts, but went through Poland like a high-speed military parade (except for what they destroyed, which was substantial) The Germans wanted Poland’s resources and industrial might intact, and so, were not on a shoot everyone in sight tactic, but they were immediately brutal. The Polish citizenry did destroy food stores and water supplies, and fought house to house man to man, and did as well as any other insurgency (especially being civilized Europeans).

    • The meme about CDC is prohibited from doing gun violence research is so common that I think we ought to do something about it. It seems insufficient to simply quote the text “to advocate or promote gun control”.

      My thought is to drag officials from CDC up to Capital Hill for an interrogation before a Congressional committee. Just why is it that they don’t do research on injuries and deaths attributable to gunshots that are: accidents; homicides; suicides? Such a line of inquiry will compel the CDC officials to do a tap-dance about how they are afraid that any research they do might be construed to be advocacy of gun control. Fine. Once they are on record as to their excuse then amend the Dicky Amendment to add that “nothing in this prohibition is to be construed to prohibit objective research on facts associated with gunshots. CDC is authorized and required to do objective research on gunshots.”

      Thereupon, CDC will have no choice but to do some research and report its findings. If it doesn’t, then its funding will be cut. And, we will be able to quote the modified Dicky Amendment to refute the allegations.

  2. If you ever said the Pledge of Allegiance, and you support trump you have betrayed a lifetime of commitment, Marion.
    I answered a Facebook survey a little while back. I was, for me, very mildly critical of Facebook being too easy of a conduit for the spread of misinformation. I even mentioned that Facebook seems to be working on it.
    This seems to have earned me a place as persona non grata in this realm.

    Respect and support the enlightened views of Locke, Jefferson, Washington’, Lincoln, Mandela, Martin Luther and Corretta Scott King, Anthony, and so many other women and men I am too numerous for me to recall. As well as those that have sacrificed living for freedom in the Trump era: Sioux, Lakota, Ricky John Best and the others of the Portland Train attack, Causians, African Americans, South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern or Arab proponents of liberty.

    For every human that sacrificed for freedom in World War II, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, And elsewhere and other times around our planet.

    For drinkable water, breathable air, clean food, helpful medicine, economic mobility, and basic gender and human rights.

    Oh and just in. America has not had a military of national secutiy secret in over a year now. No kidding.

    Stand, Resist. Our neighbor’s children and Grand children depend on Stopping this jester king and his juvenile supporters.

  3. Well, as any good dictator would, Trump is now trying to disarm the populace. Ironically, the very people who should most be concerned with the TrumpenRiech, are cheering on disarmament. He could literally be hearding them into camps, and they’d be cheering on the ongoing gun confiscation. I’m sure they’ll feel awfully safe in the camps.

  4. Inconvenient truth: It took the German Army longer to subdue a small number of armed Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto than it did to subdue Belgium.

    • Ya, because the Polish Catholics fought the Germans with their rudimentary weapons, and farm implements, and by destroying their own food and water supplies, and guerilla tactics, and sabotage, and suicide attacks, and they died in greater numbers.

      Germany took Poland first, due to it’s proximity, but mostly due to it’s resources, and it expelled the people from the thriving heavy industries there.


  5. I get sooooo pissed when I read the old crap: Jews with arms couldn’t have done anything before WWII. As RF noted: see Passover eve 1943. It took the Germans 2 months to clear out (and gas) those pesky Jews. In contrast, it took 3-4 weeks to conquer Poland.

    I will not go gently into that cattle car. Just sayin’.

    • FU, Poles, especially ROMAN CATHOLIC Poles fought the Germans harder than anyone. And they didn’t do too bad considering they were the first to see the Blitzkrieg. And then they fought a protracted guerilla war throughout WWII, only to be delivered up, by the Allied powers and the League of Nations, to their next biggest enemy, the Russians. Tell yourself whatever you want to help you sleep at night, nobody fought and died harder than the Polish Catholics. Go to Bytom, Poland and see the plaques of dedication in the synagogues there.


    • The question of Jews with guns in Germany is not simple. One thing that is clear is that Jews withOUT guns could do little-to-nothing. Confiscation took care of that. But we could imagine what MIGHT have occurred if Jews DID have guns. What then?

      The problem, as I see it, is that the German culture is one of obedience to the law; and, German Jews were acculturated to that standard. If Nazi opponents had guns, and could keep them, they would still have had to accumulate a critical mass of individuals willing to stick their necks out and engage in violent opposition. A few did; Jew and gentile alike. But, it wasn’t a critical mass.

      Yes, there were isolated examples such as the Warsaw Ghetto where it became clear enough that death was imminent; the only choice was whether to die on one’s feet or knees. Then, a few arms served as the seed-corn to acquire a few more; and so on.

      There are really 3 facets: munitions availability; culture; communications. It is essential that the munitions exist without which culture and communications will not be able to acquire enough guns from assassination to prevail. (America has really solved this aspect of the problem.) It is essential that the culture includes a critical mass of individualist thinkers who will not be suppressed. This simply wasn’t present in Germany nor in China. It clearly existed in America in the 18’th Century due to the immigration of Scots-Irish who hated the British. Better than 40% of Washington’s Regulars were Scots-Irish – and these soldiers hatred of the British was intense enough to see them prevail. Likewise, the South – also lots of Scots-Irish – would not be suppressed by Northern Congressmen. Americans still have this critical mass of independent culture. Finally, communications. Historically, this has been a really severe problem for dissidents. With the advent of the internet and cell phones, this problem has been solved. Even in the most restrictive regimes, dissidents can communicate with ease.

      The argument that: the Jews couldn’t have done it in Germany; the Russians couldn’t do it under Stalin; the Chinese couldn’t do it under Mao; etc. simply doesn’t apply to America. None of the conditions that made for failure in those cases apply in America. All the conditions that made for success in the Revolutionary war, and a costly though successful fight in the Civil War, continue to prevail in America. These conditions will continue to prevail for the foreseeable future.

      Moreover, government(s) in America lack the political will to order their military and police forces against a popular uprising. The “up-or-out” policy in the military serves to maintain an UN-orgainzed militia composed of infantrymen who are as well trained and experienced as infantrymen on active duty. Likewise, there are plenty of retired police with 10 – 20 years of active duty who are now in the private sector. If the really pissed-off segment of the population is 20% – 30% then governments’ hands are tied; they simply could not do-what-is-necessary to prevail.

      The evidence is readily available from the riots in recent years as well as in the last decades of the 20’th Century. The police and National Guard did not enter the areas of intense disruption to protect property or put-down the rioters. They largely waited until the rioters ran out of steam. Where were the Air Force bombers? Where were the Army’s artillery? Governments realized that they simply could not “save” the neighborhoods by “destroying” them; it’s not politically viable.

      We have, today, very much the Federal and State governments envisioned by the Founding generation. Tyranny by government is kept in check because government can do no more than the People will tolerate. Americans are tolerating governments at present, but we are not close to being happy. legislators know very well that the ice is thin; they must step carefully. Widespread force by government is not an option.

      • “The problem, as I see it, is that the German culture is one of obedience to the law; and, German Jews were acculturated to that standard.”

        Doesn’t explain Poland.

        “A few did; Jew and gentile alike. But, it wasn’t a critical mass. ” Funny, aholes like to repeat this ad infinitum, but Poland GOT Fv<KING CLEANED OUT OF ITS POPULATION. Nearly everyone. Jews went to camps, Catholics died like dogs where they lived.

        When Poland was "repatriated" after the war, less than 5% of the indigenous Silesian peoples came back to Bytom. Why? The rest were dead.

  6. None of this really matters… you need to cover the Trump betrayal with laser focus. Let the shame of voting for him and supporting him go, and recognize what the hell was said today. Ironically, Obama NEVER SAID anything as radical as “confiscate, and then worry about due process”.

    • He was politically savvy enough to not say that directly. Doesn’t mean he never implied it or said it with his actions. While I’m disgusted with what Trump said, I’ve seen enough from him that I like to reserve judgement until anything’s been signed. He’s done an excellent job of manipulating the media so far, but like another commenter (whose name I can’t recall) on here said recently, the advantage of his maneuvering frequently isn’t clear until a month or more after the fact

        • I suppose on some semantic level you are right. I think the exact words were “take the guns, and then due process”. I really hate to make this jump, but I can now see clearly just how Nazi Germany became a fighting force. Ladies and gentlemen, these are dark times.

        • The problem Mitch is that the “sky is falling” folks are always yelling about something when it comes to the 2A and most of the time they’re dead wrong.

          Sorry, I actually remember the hysteria that’s happened in the last decade or so. The runs on ammo and guns, the screaming that the 2A is done for and “X is going to be illegal soon!”, that Civil War 2.0 cometh, that a new AWB is going to be upon us within weeks, ammo bans and tons of other shit. Then there’s the straight out conspiracy theories.

          Remember how all MSR’s were gonna be banned in 2013 so you gotta get ’em now? Yeah, never happened.

          It’s one thing to keep a wary eye on Trump and his acolytes. That should be done with every politician. But to start freaking out, and yes, that’s what you’re doing serves no purpose and really only makes matters worse.

        • Brah… This is the leader of the free world. The only thing keeping things from completely falling apart is the division of powers between executive and legislative branch. Things are to the point that there is nothing that can be said that Trump voters/supporters will not excuse. What the hell is wrong with you people? I refuse to accept people saying “No big deal”. When will enough be enough? That is a real question, and I’d appreciate an answer.

        • Hey Mitch… let me know when there’s an executive order signed or a bill that looks like it has a chance in hell of making it through Congress. People overly focused on gun rights might have forgotten that Trump did EXACTLY THE SAME THING with democrats on immigration only a few months ago. How did that turn out?

        • “When will enough be enough?”

          When a proposed infringement actually has a prayer’s chance in hell of becoming a reality. Until then it’s all just words that mean basically nothing.

          I’m no more concerned about what Trump says about these things right now than I am about a drunk at a bar who threatens to kick my ass when he’s too drunk to stand up. It’s words and nothing more. There is about a 0.0% chance anything actually comes out of it.

          A side note: I’m no fan of Mr. Trump and never have been. He wasn’t my guy but here in Colorado we didn’t even get a primary vote. I’m also not excusing shit. I’m just not freaking out over things that won’t actually happen. Actions speaking louder than words and all.

        • Strych9, I appreciate the response. I’m right there with you, but a president that disregards the rule of law on a regular basis wouldn’t stand in any other parallel universe. Somehow, we’ve become Bizzaro world, it seems. Like I said, I too take some comfort in knowing Congress is 99% likely to kill any such Bill. It is unsettling none the less. Pwrsrg, I’ve seen enough of your posts to know I’m better off just not acknowledging your comments.

        • “… but a president that disregards the rule of law on a regular basis wouldn’t stand in any other parallel universe.”

          Obama did. Hell, even got reelected while doing it. I mean the previous POTUS was told by numerous courts, including the SCOTUS, that what he was doing was illegal and he simply ignored them and continued to do it. Don’t believe me? Just look at how he worked with the NLRB. Flat out illegal, told by every court that looked at it that it was illegal and he just went on doing whatever the fuck he wanted.

          I don’t think Trump would do that if he lost in court. I could be wrong about this but I just don’t see him giving the entire court system the finger the way Obama did.

        • Whatever you say chicken little. Hey, maybe you and the other libertardians are right, maybe THIS time the sky really IS falling. But, like a sane person, I’m going to reserve judgement until I have more evidence that Trump trolling the left… again.

      • In fact, I am still reserving judgement. This man has no tells. I’m still hopeful he was giving democrats rocks to cast into the stream, that they can then dash themselves upon.

        Look how DACA turned out. He gave the democrats an endless supply of rope. They proceeded to hang themselves from it. What do you hear about DACA legislation now? Crickets.

        It is a dangerous game. It’s always been a dangerous game with our Republic hanging in the balance.

        The difference between now and Obama is the cameras are rolling. Did we ever see any of this sausage making during the last presidency? Have we ever seen it? It still went on – behind closed doors. Now Trump is forcing Democrats and Republicans alike to stake out their positions in public. Then he tosses it all back into the legislative process, where hopefully we don’t get screwed. If it was all still in the dark, I think we’d be more screwed. And we’ wouldn’t see it coming.

        Do I trust Trump – no. But I still do a little happy dance every day when I wake up and Hillary isn’t my president.

      • What Trump is saying is so crazy that I can’t imagine that he expects anyone to believe him. And yet, the postings on the gun boards are evidence that people are vulnerable to confirmation bias; i.e., believing what they hear and that which riles-them-up the most.

        Gun-rights advocates are buying what he is saying hook-line-and-sinker. Look at yourselves; see how convinced you are that Trump has turned his back on us? Now, then, the gun-grabbers are being seduced as well. They hate Trump because they have been told to hate him; but, he is tickling their imaginations to believe that he just might do something for their dreams of gun control.

        Ever see Lucy pull the ball away from Linus at the last minute? Does Linus fall for it? Again; and again; and again?

        The Democrats are standing in the face of the 2018 Congressional elections with DACA-PLUS within their grasp; but they can’t reach for it. In the next few months the Democrats will see that they have all the gun-control they ever dreamed of – with Trump’s enthusiastic support – within their grasp; but they won’t be able to reach for it.

        I can anticipate a couple of scenarios. First, the Democrats bite-off more than they can chew. Every Democrat Congressman will want to pile-on her own personal amendment; e.g., restricting revolvers to 4 rounds. By the time the gun-controller’s wet-dream is completed, they won’t find enough RINOs willing to vote for it. Trump will be standing there saying how sympathetic he is to so many of their proposals; too bad the Dems could’t put their proposal together in time to affect the elections. They failed.

        Second, Trump will find some populist poison-pill to inject into the Democrat’s proposal. Perhaps a Federally-subsidized School-Marshal’s Amendment. Imagine this: Like the Air-Marshal program for airline pilots, Trump will appoint Federal School Marshals who meet the respective States’ qualification standard for police officers. Now, then, you have “local” control in the sense that The State of Confusion sets the shooting qualification standards for municipal police; and, it is these standards that would apply to Federal School Marshals in that State’s schools. Mrs. Friendly, who teaches English, will have to meet the same standards as her husband, Officer Friendly. As a Federal Marshal, Mrs. Friendly has plenary Federal power to carry in her school; and there is nothing her superintendent or principle could do about it. The public will be apt to consider this a reasonable idea; they fly with Federal Air Marshals in the cockpit, why wouldn’t they want a Federal School Marshal teaching English? The Democrats would freak-out. Trump will be telling them that the People are willing but the Progressives are weak.

        I don’t claim to predict precisely what will happen. The most likely prediction is that NOTHING will happen. No legislation will pass. No Executive Order that means anything will be signed. Trump will appear to have pandered to the call for “something” to be done for school safety but the Democrats will be seen to have been unwilling to take Yes for an answer. Plenty of gun-rights advocates will be pissed; but they will recognize that Trump DIDN’T actually DO ANYTHING.

        And, every day, Kennedy is getting closer to being ready to retire. Every day, the oldest justices on SCOTUS are getting closer to and closer to being with our Redeemer. Every month or two, another judge is appointed to the Federal bench.

        It’s the Economy, Stupid. A couple more years and it will be the 2020 quadrennial election. Who will the Democrats be able to put-up to oppose Trump? If the economy keeps humming along nicely for 3 – 7 years then Pence will inherit a warm seat in the oval office. Sixteen years is a long time for elderly justices of SCOTUS to keep up their frenzied battle to withhold cert on 2A cases. And, all a Trump/Pence administration needs to do is – NOTHING!

  7. Looks like Trump is turning his slump into a surge.

    NICS numbers for February should be out tomorrow. And BOOM!! goes the dynamite.

    • It will probably take a bit longer for the numbers to show but post Florida there will be a panic surge. That’s pretty much inevitable.

  8. “Trump slump”. Not anymore. Trump has now capitulated on gun rights and has come out in support of gun bans and confiscation without due process.

  9. Another note about the “defective guns” article: Taurus is granted a semi monopoly by the government in Brazil, so it doesn’t have to improve. If it were competing against Glock, HK, FN, etc. it wouldn’t be able to get away with making crap.

  10. Could 6000000 Jews overcome the Nazi war machine? Probably not but they sure as hell would’ve put a hurt on Hans. Look how long we’ve been screwing around Afghanistan…and Russia and Britain and Alexander the Great. Oh and we sure defeated those little Vietnamese…oh wait. Israel has prevailed while being outnumbered by many millions.

    • Israel only survives due to its ally the U.S. (and its military technology). The reason the 6 day war was 6 days was because of U.S. satellite pictures alone.

      Jews did comparatively F-all in Poland compare with the Polish Catholics who were (like the rest of Europe, except Europe had more warning and the example of what happened in Poland) taken by surprise.

      Remember Bytom

      • Pardon me, I should have said, “Israel only survives due to” being the home of GOD’s chosen people. GOD has divined that the U.S. be its ally, and we have prospered from GOD’s Mercy.

  11. Trump slump,I think not,he might be trying for the second best gun selling president of all time.

  12. Trump’s turn here is profoundly disappointing. A few days ago he touted his support for the 2A, telling people over and over “I will never, ever let you down.”

    Now, he openly pooh-pooh’d the National Reciprocity/FIX NICS bill that the House has already PASSED! It’s already halfway through the legislature, and instead of cajoling the Dems to get on board, he says it’s a bad idea in the first place and that he’d rather take people’s guns first and have due process later.

    Trumphole, let’s put it in terms hopefully you can understand: “You’ve already let us down.”

  13. Thanks to Donald, gun rights are now being seriously threatened. At least the NRA is going to have lots of grist for it’s fund raising mill. However, Trump’s head will not be on the chopping block in November. There is a reason, anti-civil rights bigot politicians, in flyover country, do not like to talk about gun control close to election time. Rinos and democrat party filth are going to find this coming election painful as their core issues; gun control, DACA, immigration and others are taken from them.
    It does not appear DJT “has our backs” in a good way. I have little hope the knife in his hand is made of rubber. We are going to find out. We will react accordingly.

    • As posted above, the NRA’s response was nearly worse than what the President said.

      ““Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies,” said NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker.” – Breitbart News reporting

      WT everlivin F ??????????? “meaningful reforms ” WHY DIDN’T THE POS MF JUST SAY “COMMON SENSE REFORMS” that bunch of stupid POS MFs.

  14. “It is mind-bending to suggest that personal firearms in the hands of the small number of…”
    All countries that fought the U.S.- the most advanced military in the world- to a standstill with personal firearms

    • Only because we protect our humanity by not doing scorched-earth genocide. If the gloves come off, you won’t find ash after we’re done with you.

      “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”-Mattis

      “I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.” – Mattis

  15. Please contact President Trump directly and tell him NO ON GUN CONTROL, specifically no ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN. Remind him that gun owners and specifically the NRA got him elected. Tell him he won’t have to worry about a re-election in 2020 because with this historical betrayal, he’ll lose the house in 2018, at which time he’ll be impeached.

  16. Whether or not Jews in Nazi Germany could have prevailed would have depended on their tactics and coordination.

    If the Jews tried to go head-to-head with the German army and air force with clear battle lines, of course the Jews would have lost in short order.

    Had the Jews set up ambushes and sent out execution squads to eliminate mid-level commanders, I think they would have prevailed within 18 months or less.

    If the Jews were armed, their most significant challenges were:
    (1) Recognizing that the Nazis’ goal was to eliminate the Jewish race.
    (2) Coordinating wide-scale subversion attacks.

    Once you realize that your untimely death is certain, you might as well go down while taking out as many of your criminal attackers as possible.

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