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Oklahoma Constitutional-carry Bill Author Vows to Fight Governor’s Veto

Dahm and Roberts to Fallin: FOAD

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm (shown, R-Broken Arrow) and Oklahoma State Representative Sean Roberts (R-Hominy) are vowing to fight back against Republican Governor Mary Fallin’s veto last week of Dahm’s bill, which would have recognized constitutional carry in the Sooner State. Dahm was the principal sponsor of SB 1212, which stipulates that any person 21 and older, and military personnel who are 18 and older, can carry a firearm without a license. The bill passed the Senate near the end of the legislative session by 33-9, after having passed the House of Representatives last month, by a margin of 59-28.

But Dahm is determined not to stop there. He and Roberts are pushing for a special session which will address not only the concealed-carry law, but also other legislation vetoed by Fallin during her nearly eight years as governor. Fallin is term-limited this year.

The Gun Controversy Is Smaller Than You Think

Bloomberg has it all figured out . . .

The people currently running the country – namely, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and most importantly the National Rifle Association – quickly offered thoughts, prayers and a denunciation of “evil.” What they didn’t offer were solutions.

But there are plenty of solutions on the table. And most Americans support them, even if the people leading them don’t, note Bloomberg’s editors, citing a new American Public Health Association poll.

Here are some more numbers, from that survey:

  • 87.8 percent of Americans (including gun owners) want universal background checks;

  • 84.8 percent support making arms dealers account for missing guns;

  • 83.6 percent want states to report people who shouldn’t have guns to a background-check system;

  • 81 percent want to keep people under domestic-violence restraining orders from getting guns;

  • 78.9 percent want to let families ask courts to take guns from people deemed to be a risk of harming themselves or others.

The Best Explanation for Our Spate of Mass Shootings Is the Least Comforting

The reality is no one knows why. But this is at least plausible . . .

On another terrible day, I hate to introduce even more pessimism, but when we discuss mass shootings, one of the first questions we ask is the simplest and also the hardest to answer. Why? Why does this keep happening? Those who advocate for gun control have an immediate answer — the prevalence of guns in the United States. Yet guns have been part of the fabric of American life for the entire history of our republic. Mass shootings — especially the most deadly mass shootings — are a far more recent phenomenon.

Writing in 2015, Malcolm Gladwell wrote what I think is still the best explanation for modern American mass shootings, and it’s easily the least comforting. At the risk of oversimplifying a complex argument, essentially he argues that each mass shooting lowers the threshold for the next. He argues, we are in the midst of a slow-motion “riot” of mass shootings, with the Columbine shooting in many ways the key triggering event.

courtesy Reuters

U.S. gun lobby takes aim at ‘gun-hating’ banks Citi, BofA

It would be a real shame if Citigroup and BofA felt consequences for their anti-gun policies . . .

The U.S. gun lobby is taking aim at “gun-hating” banks after Citigroup Inc and Bank of America said they would no longer provide certain banking services to gun-makers, according to industry lobbyists.

The attack by Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association (NRA) could imperil de-regulatory gains the banks had hoped to win from Republican lawmakers and regulators, many of whom are staunch defenders of the Second-Amendment right to bear arms, according to industry sources.

In March, Citigroup put restrictions on new retail business clients which sell guns to require their customers to pass background checks, following February’s Florida high school shooting that killed 17 people. Weeks later, Bank of America said it would no longer lend to companies that make military-style firearms for civilians.


Suspect In Texas Shooting Posted Disturbing Images Of Guns, Knives, ‘Born To Kill’ Shirt Online

He was probably just misunderstood . . .

One of the suspects in a Friday shooting that left at least 9 people dead at Santa Fe High School in Texas is Dimitrios Pagourtzis, law enforcement sources told CBS News.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said earlier Friday that one suspect and another person of interest are in custody.

Social media pages with the same name as Pagourtzis show the person was obsessed with guns, knives and animal torture, and he owned a trench coat with USSR and Nazi medals on it.


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  1. *Sigh*
    I wish young Mr. Pagourtzis would have left H.P. Lovecraft out of his murder spree.

    • To be fair, he seems to have a limited understanding if he think Cthulhu is a symbol for personal empowerment. Cthulhu = Insanity would be more accurate, and perhaps more directly applicable to his actions.

  2. Can’t say the mentalist didn’t like him some Nazi but he has what looks to be a swastika-less version of the Cross on a medal ribbon. Could well mean bravery without any Nazi love. The hammer and sickle on the other hand…

    Of course he also has Cthulhu so the murdering ****tard may as well have had a My Little Pony badge and aligned politically with the Monster Raving Loony party (Pluto Branch).

    • Actually, it’s specifically a pre-3rd Reich Iron Cross, awarded to over 18,000 German Jews in WWI alone… God damn historical illiterates.

      • The murderer doesn’t even really know what those symbols represent, just that they associations with power and evil.

    • He’s got a hammer snd sickle “Antifa” star pin, his trench coat had U.S.S.R on the back.

  3. Well, the results of taking God out of schools and society have produced generations of people with no moral compass. Remember the commandment ” Thou Shalt Not Kill ( murder) is unknown and all that is important is can I get a higher body count than the last idiots and be famous. No amount of laws can compensate for this type of belief or actions. Very sad. In London they have strict gun control so the demons are either stabbing or running down people with vehicles. Evil will do evil, no matter what laws or on the books. The belief in eternal damnation and torture should make a person think, ” Is this worth the price that I will have to pay for eternity ” ? Nothing is worth that. I am not a preacher.

    • East Asians in America are generally not religious. They don’t go around committing these crimes. There was one Asian who did a mass shooting at a school; no surprise he was Korean.

      Do white people need religion to stop them from committing such acts? Black people don’t go around shooting up the schools; they shoot each other in the streets over gang stuff.

      I don’t have a religion yet I probably “sin” a lot less than Christians.

      • Why “no surprise” that he was Korean? Are Koreans less Asian than other Asians or something?

        • Korea is currently a very confused country and people. They are trying to integrate American SJW concepts into their Korean culture.

          For instance, while they popularize young girl and boy idol groups they are trying to follow the #MeToo movement. An agency hires teenage girls to dance around in a sexy manner on stage wearing the tightest and/or most revealing outfits they can get them to wear. The groups are taught/told to provide “fan service” (some kind of cute or sexual gesture, pose, etc) to rile people up. They tend to be pressured into having cosmetic procedures to increase their attractiveness. They are even contractually banned from dating. Koreans want feminism and to not be objectified yet one of the most popular things in Korea is their modern idol culture.

          Koreans have this weird contradictory life. It’s like they are trying to force themselves out of the old Korea to a more “advanced” Korea yet not have individuality or liberty. You can be yourself, but you have to please the group while you do that. So you can imagine where that can lead — suicide or murder wouldn’t be a shocking outcome.

          I have been around mostly Asians my entire life. It seems Chinese stick more to their culture, Japanese people rather live in Japan and Koreans want to be more like modern America.

      • It seems as if you’re using the Japan/low homicide/high gun control argument to religious beliefs.
        How high are the violent crime rates in east Asia between monotheists, atheists, and other? In America, I would make the biased and non-fact based guess that Christian Asian immigrants commit fewer violent crimes than the atheist ones, but I’m not sure what that proves, assuming it’s correct. It may not be. It is my opinion that belief in a personal God lends itself to humility, self criticism, and hopefully discipline, but depending on culture, we can still have A without B, or B without A.
        Every person serves himself at times, so if one is conditioned to get pleasure from violence, he will probably choose to act violently, regardless of his theology.

  4. The reason for all the mass school shootings is that parents don’t spank their kids any more. Simple as that.

    • Parents don’t like to parent. Mommy and Daddy rely on the government to do the parenting. These parents think all they have to do is make money to be considered a good parent. When the messed up kids grow up they latch onto their professors and become part of a tribe. The very messed up kids end up killing people and/or themselves.

      America doesn’t punish bad parents for allowing their children to freely plan and carry out their attacks. They blame the gun for everything and hold other people responsible for the killings.

  5. Oh I gotta love this… apparently the Iron Cross is now a Nazi medal…

    God damn historical illiterates.

    Do we need to talk about the 18,000 German Jews that were awarder the Iron Cross in WWI alone?

    • Yep, the Second Reich just doesn’t get enough love. They just weren’t evil enough.

      They were pretty evil though…

      • I’d hardly say that the German Empire was any more evil than any other European power at the time.

        • Well, I’m not saying the Tsar’s empire or the King’s empire weren’t evil, but the Kaisers was pretty evil. The Lusitania, the rape of Belgium, their support of the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide, unrestricted submarine warfare, being the first to use chemical warfare, attempting to incite Mexico to declare war on us when we were neutral, fomenting the Bolshevik revolution, etc. It was essentially a milit ary dictatorship, much like the Third Reich. Just with half the crazy.

          Oh, and they totally started the war.

        • Couple corrections…

          1. The Lusitania was carrying military supplies. That made it a legitimate target of war.
          2. The “rape” of Belgium was grossly exaggerated by the Entante for propaganda purposes.
          3. Unrestricted submarine warfare is a legitimate tactic against enemies that are literally starving your civilian population to death by blockading food shipments from neutral 3rd parties.
          4. The first use of chemical weapons was actually by the French. Look it up.
          5. The Mexico thing was how the sausage of international alliances was made at the time. Hardly shocking given that we offered Italy a good chunk of Austria.

        • 1) Sure, decades later they found that the Lusitania was indeed carrying .303 rounds, but this was a) a rather minor infraction, b) the Germans had no way of knowing there was any contraband on the ship and c) they made a hero out of Captain Schwieger for killing almost 1200 innocent civilians. (Captain Schwieger did not survive the war, btw.)

          2) First, there was no reason to att ack Belgium in the first place, and was a huge tactical and strategic blunder. Strategically because it was the only reason that Britain was drawn into the war and tactical because they hadn’t counted on such stiff resistance from the Belgian army. This resistance basically blew up the Schlieffen Plan by delaying the advance on France by a week, ultimately resulting in the French victory at the First Battle of the Marne. Needless to say, the Germans were not amused with the Belgians and treated them with extreme harshness. They were known for getting drunk and firing off their rifles, then accusing the Belgians of sniping and executing civilians for their imagined crimes.

          3) The British navy did not cut off humanitarian supplies until very late in the war. Only war material was seized and even then proper compensation was paid to the shipping company. The German navy simply didn’t have the ability to board ships and seize cargo (with or without compensation) so they resorted to sinking any ship they came across.

          4) Yes, the French was first to use tear gas. The Germans were the first to use lethal chlorine gas on Canadian troops at Ypres.

          5) Italy wasn’t exactly offered anything to reject the Triple Alliance. They had a natural adversarial relationship with Austria-Hungary since Trentino and Istria were ethnically Italian and considered occupied territories in Italy. They clearly saw Austro-Hungarian and German Empires to be the aggressors in the conflict and sought their own self interest.

        • George: The war started because of the vile Hun and his villainous empire-building.

          Edmund: George, the British Empire at present covers a quarter of the globe, while the German Empire consists of a small sausage factory in Tanganyika. I hardly think that we can be entirely absolved of blame on the imperialistic front.

          George: Oh, no, sir, absolutely not. [aside, to Baldick] Mad as a bicycle!

        • Concerned is basically right. The two world wars were the culmination of the colonial era. When Columbus discovered the new world Germany was a loose conglomerate of about 300 principalities that weren’t unified until 1871. For some reason the European elites seemed to believe that every square inch of the globe needed to be ruled by European powers and Germany was far behind Britain and France in overseas colonies. Similar situation existed with Italy.

          Germany also had legitimate concerns over their geographic vulnerability. Their ports could easily be blockaded by the British navy and there were no natural defenses from invasion from Russia or France. The answer (in WWI) was the Berlin to Baghdad railway. They, along with their ally Austria-Hungary wished to control all the territory between Germany and Persia. They allied themselves with the Ottoman Empire so the only piece left was the Balkans. Serbia had to be subjugated.

          After the second go around, the European powers were too weak to hold on to their colonies and most of the natives shed themselves of their European masters, ultimately to find out that the European elites were right all along and they actually were better off as colonies.

        • Britain was highly dependent on Canadian agriculture to feed itself and Germany was actually in much better shape to feed itself. By this stage in the war the u-boats had sunk thousands of ships, many of them carrying food to Great Britain. The British navy started out letting humanitarian supplies through and only confiscated war materials. Eventually they needed to seize food to replace their food that was sent to the bottom of the ocean along with the ships and crew. Still, if not for bad weather and a self induced shortage of labor the German people would have eaten well enough in the winter of 1916-17.

          This does really show the shortsightedness of the war on Germany’s part though. They simply could not sustain the war effort for more than a few years. The whole war really pivoted on the role Belgium played in delaying the German advance by just a week. That cost Germany the war.

        • France was far from the first to use chemical warfare.
          In 600 BC, the Athenian military tainted the water supply of the besieged city of Kirrha with poisonous hellebore plants.
          That’s one of the first recorded uses of chemicals in warfare. One of the first.
          The Peloponnesian forces used sulfur fumes against the town of Plataea.
          During the French conquest of Algeria, French troops forced more than 1,000 members of a Berber tribe into a cave and then used smoke to kill them.

          Talk about historical illiterates.

          Also, just to throw in: the idiot shooter didn’t particularly care what era his Iron Cross came from, he just knew what most people connected it with.

        • Bill… you’re fucking retarded. Clearly the conversation is about use of chemical weapons in WWI in violation of treaties outlawing it… by both sides.

        • Serge: let’s say, then, that more people need to communicate more clearly what they mean.
          That wouldn’t make me retarded, but literate. I can read what people say.

    • “God damn historical illiterates.”

      Not everyone has your level of education, Serge…

      • This is something that could be found by googling “Iron Cross” and reading the god damn wikipedia article. It took me all of 5 minutes to confirm my suspicions that this medal had fuck all to do with Nazis. I would expect a news publication to do some basic fact checking.

        • Heh heh … Today’s media doing fact checking ..
          That’s a good o… Oh, wait, you were serious?

          Bwahahaha! (Wiping eyes)

        • Yeah, fact checking on the part of the news media is not part of their skill set. I suspect the shooter believed it to be a Nazi medal since history class has been modified to be more politically correct.

          Anyone remember the picture of Manfred von Richthofen wearing the Iron Cross? Please tell me you guys remember the Red Baron.

        • My family had a handful of them and were all out of Austria by 1919, so no Nazi’s in our woodshack.

        • Fact checking is definitely not what the vast majority of people do when they see an Iron Cross. Including the idiot in question, the shooter. And he knew well what it would mean to most (if not the vast majority) of those who saw it. His intent (if not his actual carrying through) is perfectly clear.

        • Bullshit Bill… unless you developed telepathy and forgot to pick lotto numbers you know jack shit about what was going on in this assclown’s head. Claiming that the Iron Cross is a “Nazi” symbol is just a method the leftist propaganda machine is trying to use to pin this bullshit on their favorite “alt right” boogieman. In reality, this asshole was the second berniebro to go off the rails in the space of less than a week.

        • Again, it would seem that I am better able to read what others say, and see what they means.
          I never said the Iron Cross was a Nazi symbol. What I said was that it’s pretty obvious to anyone who can think beyond the mundane sees it that way.
          Why do you think he wore it if not to convey the idea that he’s a badass? Especially given the reality of what else he wore? That he had a museum piece?
          Hopw many have you had to correct? Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you plain and simple: because he thought (and probably still does) that he’s a bad MF’er who will wreak havoc. The details don’t matter because in his mind that one idea is what matters.
          Otherwise, why do you think he wore it?

  6. Can someone please explain to me what a “universal background check” is and how it differs from our current background check system? I’m seriously asking, I don’t know what that means.

    • I think they run your paperwork past the Nova Force… or something… you know…

      • Nope that’s not it.
        I had a delay one time, told dealer system had to check with my First Grade teacher, Sister Agnes Ann, just then came back approved. Go figure NICD is a mysterious thing 👀

        • Remember that fart sound the Sister said would go on your permanent record? Well, guess what…

    • They check for background through the whole universe.
      Specifically needed for some of the demoncrat leaders, they appear to be from another planet.

    • It means that all sales, including private sales have to go through an ffl. Want to sell a rifle to your best buddy you’ve known for 40 years? Gotta pay the ffl and get a NICS approval. It means they will be able to set up a de facto gun registration. Not that they don’t already have a fairly good one now, but “universal background checks” would allow them to sweep all sales into their database…that they are not allowed by law to keep…but that only a fool would believe they don’t have. Does anyone really believe they throw away the 4473s?

      • Once they pass documentation for all sales they will pass electronic archival of those records. Right now the law is setup so it’s harder for them to track guns quickly. Then they could try to force all guns previously sold to be documented in the database.

        People can be undocumented, but guns can’t…

      • A Universal Background Check would not only cover sales, but transfers as well. Which means if you give your nephew a .22lr rifle, he has to undergo a background check. He’s under 18 (as the law stands now)? Too bad, you can’t give him the gun.
        Your friend at the range wants to try out your WhizBang 45 Rimfire? Sorry, you need to do a background check first, which would make the gun his. Want it back? Transfer it again, including a background check. And they aren’t free, either.
        While it’s illegal for the feds to keep a gun registry, it’s not illegal for states to do so. Just ask CA and NY.

    • “Can someone please explain to me what a “universal background check” is…”

      For what they want to be effective, it means mandatory gun registration.

      The next step after that will be to declare that any gun not in their database will be illegal, and you are are caught with a gun not on the list, off to prison for you.

      The government has zero business knowing what guns the citizens own, because we need those guns to stage a revolution against those who want gun registration…

      • A mandatory registration with periodic re-registration to check for compliance. And fees. Lots and lots of fees.


    • Okay, I will bite and try to explain.

      Federal laws require licensed firearms dealers to run background checks on the prospective gun buyers to make sure they are not prohibited person. Any felony, dishonorable discharge from armed forces, misdemeanor of domestic violence, and some other stuff will disqualify you as gun owner.
      Private citizens not engaged in business of buying and selling guns for profit are not required to do so. They are actually not allowed to access the NICS. So in most states only gun purchases from FFL dealers are subject of background check. (Location doesn’t make any difference, gun shows included.) It is already illegal for felons to buy or own guns. It’s also already illegal to sell gun to a prohibited person.

      So called Universal background check as gun grabbers demand it and as some state’s laws already require it, mean end of private gun sales. All transactions have to go through a licensed dealer, leave form 4473 behind and the transferee has to undergo BC and pay a fee. Transfer usually does not mean just sale, but any case where gun changes hands with some exceptions for family members. Want to borrow a rifle from your friend for hunt? Drive to the dealer, fill the paperwork, get approved, pay at least 20 bucks and go hunting. Then after you get back, do it all over again to return the rifle to your friend.

      Problem with Universal Background Checks laws is that they are unenforceable without universal registration. Registration is great tool for eventual confiscation.

      • Not quite true… Illinois has a “universal background check” system that involves simply verifying the purchaser’s FOID card is still valid and recording the ISP confirmation code on a bill of sale you need to keep handy for 10 years. Nowhere in the process is there an official record that shows how many guns were sold, which guns were sold, or even if a sale took place in the first place.

        • WUT? You mean, not even on the bill of sale you ‘keep for 10 years’. That’s just probable cause to shake you down at-will.

        • It means the same broke (D)1cK MFrs in the FBI, that BROKE FEDERAL LAW when itvspied FOR THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND HILLARY on U.S. Presidential candidate DONALD J. Trump (a bona fude private citizen) gets to decide if you are ‘good enough’ to “proceed” with any transfer of a firearm.

          F that
          F them
          F all FFLs pushing this

          Y’all will need to blow a herd of goats to get your self-esteme back, cause you’ve PERMANENTLY SHIT ON THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT, AND TRUST, OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

        • {Firearm background checks in Illinois}

          “Nowhere in the process is there an official record that shows how many guns were sold, which guns were sold, or even if a sale took place in the first place.”

          If that was *all* it was, I wouldn’t like it, but I could probably stomach it.

          But you and I both know, Serge, that isn’t what they are after. The Illinois ‘system’ will be deemed to have ‘loopholes’ in it that ‘must be closed’.

          And God forbid you are ever found in possession of a gun that was once lost ‘in a tragic boating accident’.

          Control. Full control from the day it was made is what they want, and what they will demand…

        • I’m not rendering a value judgement. I think it’s retarded. However, the argument that “universal checks require a universal gun registry” is demonstrably untrue.

    • Lawful private sellers will have to go through an FFL, slightly reducing the chances the gun will end up in the hands of a restricted person while massively increasing the chance of an eventual firearm registry.

      Restricted persons with an unrestricted temporary girl/boyfriend, dopey cousin, dippy grandparent will be unaffected. Also unaffected will be criminal to criminal sales, criminal to mental sales or sales to a person who should be restricted but the responsible person at the relevant agency was too busy playing solitaire on the tax-payer dime to hit send.

  7. USSR and National Socialist symbols, so he’s a perfect leftist, and shoots up a school. Sounds like a politically motivated attack, done directly to influence the gun control push. But I guess that’s the stuff the media doesn’t want us to know.

    • Let’s at least be accurate in our statements. The Iron Cross in question had jack to do with the National Socialists. They had their own design that’s rather obvious. Let’s not go smearing every Prussian and German soldier awarded a fairly high distinction just because some left wing nutjobs took over their country about a century after they were dead. (HINT: The first Iron Cross was awarded in the early 1800s, when the Prussians were still mostly fighting the French.)

      • “The Iron Cross in question had jack to do with the National Socialists.”
        it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s an Iron Cross. He didn’t put it there to be a museum piece, he put it there because of what it represents to most people, museum curators notwithstanding.
        Obviously, he wanted to send a message. While you may know he used the wrong exact piece of metal to send that message,the message got across very well.
        Nit picking over the exact symbol he used is pointless. The symbol he used was used to good effect. Everyone understands he wants people to think he’s a badass.

        • … again Bill if you’re a fucking telepath, go pick lotto numbers and quit bothering us here. I’m not going to sit back and let the alt-left paint one of their own as an “alt-right” boogeyman by pointing out a connection that doesn’t exist.

        • Serge, if you know so much, instead of telling me I’m wrong, tell us all why he picked that particular Iron Cross.
          I’ll wait.

    • His choice of weaponry did cause this same thought to go through my mind. It’s certainly possible that these were all he could get, but it is also possible that he wanted to further stigmatize all guns.

  8. Ya know, if these SOBs just killed someone who deserved it, I would be all for it!

    Say, Clinton, (both), Sorass, and all the rest of that group, I wont name any more, just for safety’s sake.

    But no, these chickenshjt fools have to pick on the youngest and most innocent!

    Hang them!
    In public and televise it!

  9. If those Oklahoma legislators really wanted to punish Fallin, they’d make her eat a salad.

    • No one, least of all her, can remember how her neck used to look. Might be best to let that sleeping dog lie. A veto override, on the other hand . . .

    • Todd Lamb just tried to use it as a bargaining chip for his run fo Governor. F dat.

      I hope they get the Session going.

  10. Do ya’ think the Texas Greek boy will get a death penalty trial?!? Despite being 17 he’s an “adult” in Texas. I know SCOTUS ruled against snuffing teen punks but…

  11. “Mass shootings — especially the most deadly mass shootings — are a far more recent phenomenon.”

    Yeah, like they pretty much all occurred after October 27, 1990…

  12. The “I’m an edgy mf” accessory set aside we are all missing the silver pocket watch on a windbreaker and the fact he is a Drake fan. Clearly a wrongun ready to snap. The signs were missed.

  13. I watched the video with Mr. Cleckner, it’s the same advice we got from Clayton Hergert at his school. Great advice.

  14. I like your synopsis of Malcolm Gladwell’s book. Does he include a real “root cause analysis” too? Can’t afford new glasses to read the book myself.

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