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Several Georgia news sources are reporting that multiple people have been shot near Mt. Zion High School in Jonesboro, Georgia, approximately 20 miles south of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Journal & Constitution reports that one adult woman was dead and another wounded across the street from Mt. Zion’s graduation ceremony. Fox8 reports one dead and three wounded.

There are few details at the moment. The Mt. Zion High School website contains several posts stating that a graduation ceremony was to take place tonight at 8:00pm at the MZHS stadium.

[Post updated after publication.]

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    • This doesn’t sound like an active shooter incident. Sounds like two low lifes got into an argument in the parking lot and shots ensued.

      • Good call. I only just caught up on last night’s news this morning. That’s what this endes up being. Graduations, weddings and the like tend to bring mortal enemies into contact with each other. It’s a shame they can’t keep it together for a few hours for the sake of their mutual loved one. I’m not sure that’s exactly the case here, but it’s typical of this kind of incident.

    • This is gang related, one of the highest gang activity jurisdictions in the state.

      But i would not be surprised if we see more school shootings as copycat phenomena

      The evidence is, and there is science on this, that it is the massive news coverage that motivates the shooters. the kids and adults who commit these mass shootings all have one constant: deep rooted feelings of insignificance.

      A properly adjusted person does not confuse and conflate infamy with fame. But it is a country of 350,000,000 and even a tiny fraction of people who do, and you have a problem. Look at social media. There are people who will profoundly embarrass and shame themselves to get notice. It is an iteration of certain reality TV shows where some otherwise utterly insignificant people on them will behave like complete fools making a mockery of themselves for attention.

      We know the progression of this phenomena with mass school shootings:
      1) In 1977 (and republished in 1985) Stephen King writes a very popular novel about a kid bullied in school who then exacts revenge with a gun. King lionizes this kid as an insignificant bullying victim who strikes back (like he did with “Carrie”).
      2) There are five early school shootings where the shooter had the book on them, in their locker, or at home. The media give extensive coverage to the shootings and shooters.
      3) The evidence is so clear stephen King withdraws the book.
      4) The columbine shooters, referring both the book and the media coverage of the actual school shootings vow to do one even larger.
      5) Other future shooters reference and fixate on the prior shootings and the media coverage of them.

      The problem is not guns. More than half of households have guns. 200,000,000 Americans have access to guns. Yet our lethal violence (suicide+homicide by all means) is way lower than many developed democracies with no guns.

      The problem is clearly not AR-15 or “assault weapons” since the largest US school shooting — by far –was by pistol. Pistol/s are WAY more lethal in a school environment since the shooter can move within a school or campus undetected by security as the shooter, as Cho did at Va-Tech to increase killing.

      The problem IS the gun control lobby. They are to blame. As with blaming guns on suicide rates (when the evidence shows removing guns may increase suicide rates because it creates way more non-gun suicide, initially undetected and classified as accident), blaming guns for mas shootings DIVERTS from he root cause: mental illness. In fact the gun control lobby has blocked mental health funding and school guards funding by poison pilling legislation that WILL help, by holding it up if it does not include gun bans on their agenda.

      The gun control lobby also works to keep these shootings and shooters in the news. maintaining news coverage is a stated strategy of the gun control lobby. This rewards school shooters.

      The ACLU is also at fault. They have filed and fought over 40 major cases in the US, creating national legal precedents, since the 1970’s, exactly coincident with beginning with of these shootings, making it harder in the US than any and every developed democracy to detain, hold, evaluate and order people for mandatory mental health treatment. The EU, Canada, Australia and others have between 50% more to 200% more persons mandatory treated.

      • Excellent post, TT. I would add, or stress, that the main reason the gun control lobby, most especially the media arm of the gun control lobby, is to blame here is the huge attention and fame given to these events and the shooters, along with the utter failure to focus blame on the shooter. The media loves these events because they provide grist for their warped template, so they actually like the shooters, and the sick 1% of kids can sense this and are hugely attracted by it. The blame, and they see this, goes on the gun, on the NRA, on the 2nd amendment, on gun owners, on 2nd amendment supporters, on the gun culture, on the Constitution, and on America. Just another instance of the “blame America first” liberal reflex.

      • To TT

        Quote—————————– gun control lobby has blocked mental health funding and school guards funding ——————————-quote

        You always succeed in making a complete fool out of yourself.

        In every case its been tight wad stingy Republican Gangster Criminals who have blocked Federal funding for all health care including Mental Health Care. Herr Drumpf has even succeeded now in reducing health care benefits in the U.S. to appease the Gangster Criminal Republicans and ditto for the funding of school guards as schools must fund the bulk of it from State or Local funds not from the Federal Government that is controlled by the Gangster Criminal Republicans.

        When you look at the facts the Republicans are a far worse enemy of the Second Amendment because in every case they either refused to fund money to fight the problem of mass murder in our schools or refused common sense gun laws that would keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals because they continue to fight and deny the vetting of all gun purchases and they fight against laws that would demand safe storage of firearms.

        • Fuck off, pedophile… This is nothing but “Democrat on Democrat” violence… Or, should I say “Perpetrator on Perpetrstor” conflict resolution…

          Why are you Democrats unable to resolve differences without shooting or killing each other?

        • Herr Drumpf? Why the ethnic slurs? What’s with the Germanophobia. I’m callin what it is you scumbag. You hide behind the internet and spew your Nationalistic and ethnic hatred just like any anti semite, anti black or hispanic hater or misogynist. It’s ok to spread these anti german slurs though because nobody notices huh? What are you trying to say? Go piss up a rope…

    • TO Nut Case that thinks he walks on water.

      quote——————-Lord Jesus! Prayers offered…———————-quote

      Your Bronze Age Mysticism does not bring the piles of dead kids back to life that only happens in religious movies. Were getting a little sick of Ted Cruz and his fellow hypocrites who offer no money or laws to fix the daily mass murders. He offers Bronze Age Mysticism because it costs him no money and loses no votes from the unwashed.

      • Since signally sadness and offering emotional support are so evil because they won’t bring dead kids back from the dead, what, in your opinion, WOULD bring kids back from the dead? And why aren’t you doing it? Is it because you hate children?

        Oh, is it because nothing will bring back the dead, maybe?

        But your plan is… what? Punish me for living 2000 miles away with a gun in my safe? Punish my 80 YO neighbor for the gun she keeps in her house since her husband died? We have crime here. People bash in your windows and will kill you so they have a place to get high for a night before they try to pawn all your stuff in the morning.

        I know you’re upset. So are we! But the answer isn’t to go after us. We’re not the ones killing people. Isn’t this like the third school-related thing in like three days? Maybe there’s something happening in or around schools you’d maybe like to take a look at before you try to pass laws making sure my neighbor can’t fight off crackheads.

  1. I have seen some crappy fads in my life, but this is getting ridiculous. If these idiots have to copy each other’s stupid acts, why can’t they stick to planking and condom snorting?

    • Totally agree. My dad would promise a spanking when were at State Fair, total buzz killer But never ever considered shooting anyone at school or after graduation.
      Anyone wearing a “Duster” in the Warm Spring weather should be stopped by Law Enforcement with weapon drawn

    • Spanking can also teach children that violence is an acceptable social interaction. I was raised peacefully and savagely bullied throughout middle and high school. I’ve never thought about murdering innocents.

      • I deeply appreciate the way my father spanked us. He always gave us due process first. We had things clearly explained to us, and were allowed to explain our side. My father never spanked us in anger, and would actually weep while spanking us.

        As a good father, he knew that we sometimes needed a spanking. He hated to spank us, but his love compelled him to discipline his children. Afterwards he would always hug us and tell us that he loved us.

        As Hebrews 12:6 ESV says

        “For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.”

        • Funny you should mention that considering there are multiple verified studies showing that using physical violence to discipline your children has a whole host of tangible negative effects on their development, including overall intelligence and emotional awareness / subjectivity. But no, your bible verse is more relevant than, ya know, science.

          Shootings aren’t increasing because people aren’t hitting their kids. Shootings are *barely* increasing save for the fact that the media sensationalizes and deifies these criminals and again, not to quote statistics / science / facts at you twice in one reply, but that’s been shown to cause copycats / embolden those that would have otherwise slunk through life as non-violent pieces of shit rather than active shooters. That, combined with the assault on our gun rights and the lack of interest in real solutions like armed guards at schools similar to the recent event in IL are the real reason these events continue to occur at this frequency.

        • there are multiple verified studies showing that using physical violence to discipline your children has a whole host of tangible negative effects on their development, including overall intelligence and emotional awareness / subjectivity.

          There are studies to back up every idiotic failure in child development, including periodic removals of phonics from first grade reading instruction. The people who do most of the research in this area are about as bright as the people who conjure up research to support gun bans, and they control the publications that this research is written for.

          Shootings are *barely* increasing save for the fact that the media sensationalizes and deifies these criminals

          Now that, we can agree upon.

        • Studies show that 97% of all studies are agenda driven with predetermined outcomes.

      • We didn’t have all these school shootings when kids grew up know touching dad’s stuff (tools, firearms and adult beverages) would get you an ass beating. It just didn’t happen. Why don’t you put that in your study???

  2. Two of these type of shootings in a single day??!! Is there something even more sinister happening that I don’t know of?

      • Inspector Generals Report is due out momentarily, and it’s about to show the full-on broke (D)1cK nature of the WHOLE (D)NC (including the voters). This will be Watergate times about 50, with whole layers of the evil POS (D) eing razed, and the whole upper echelon of the FBI, DOJ, and Obama Administration being charged with Federal espionage crimes, amongst many others.

        F all of them, especially Obama and Hillary, and (again) the FBI [you know, your fucking stupid asshole neighbors who needed a job, And who get to say if you are ‘good enough’ to “proceed” with purchasing a firearm] will have to rise up, from it’s lower ranks, and violently overthrow its upper ranks (that they’ve been so silent about, for too many years to count) and publicly torture, maim, and kill them, if they ever want to get their credibility back. NICS CHECKS ????????????????? NO! FU STUPID, you already shit all over the authority we gave you. The fucking FBI, and much of the DOJ, State Dept.., and whole sections of the CIA have to go for sitting idly and silently by while the rest of us absorbed their bullshit.
        Again and still, F em all, and F all the MFrs pushing gun control, they’re paying for these shooters as cover the same way that Obama paid for the Hamas terrorists in gaza.

  3. Stop giving the shooters a platform for whatever grievances they have and do not release their names for their 15 min of infamy.

  4. My daughter graduates next Friday here in GA and this has been my fear for the last week. Last night we were packed into the auditorium with people standing in the aisles and it was top of my mind that it was a killing zone with no way out. I could only plan out what I would do to protect my wife, graduating senior and 6 year old and that plan was pretty weak.

    Next week I will be pressing the school administration for an overwhelming presence from our city PD and county Sheriff. I will not allow my family to be led to slaughter after being disarmed in a gun-free killing zone.

    • Seems like you are approaching a difficult problem in a rational manner. If the school administrators are not receptive to LEO presence, perhaps you might be able to go directly to local LEO and at least get them standing by nearby.

      Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation and I wish you the best keeping yourself and your family safe.

  5. Mt Zion is a semi-hood school in a county that had its entire school system unaccredited several years ago. This was not a school shooting it was sadly typical urban gun violence.

    • So we won’t hear about this on CNN probably, or if they do gloss over it they won’t provide any details to maybe make it sound like “Mt. Zion” is a Jewish neighborhood or something.


  6. This was two adult women who were attacked. This may just have been a robbery gone bad. Not the best part of the Atlanta area, so they may have resisted a car jacking.

  7. More BREAKING news before the facts are clear. Even this headline is deceiving. This is how the facts get twisted all to hell.

  8. TTAG needs to stop with the whole breaking news, let publicize another shooting schtick.

    All you will do is frustrate your audience here leave that crap to the anti-gun media

  9. This was some sort of disagreement in the parking lot after the graduation ceremony. That area was rapidly becoming the hood 20 years ago, and apparently it has reached full hood status.

  10. Typical thugs doing typical gangbanging. It’s not a school shooting, it just happened to take place at the school. More bloody shirt waving. Arrest and interrogate the survivors for answers.

  11. Social Engineering projects designed to breakdown the family, religion, community, and the general fabric of society. One main cause, the Liberal pathogen called Liberalism…Examples”Social media dramas that result in Jerry Springer type incidents…Illegal Alien crime events…Drugs 💉 and Gang violence…Domestic violence incidents—Jerry Springer type dramas….Kids and Teens with Mental Illness—-telltale signs…Animal Torture……People with Mental illnesses having severe reactions to psychiatric drugs 💉 and going on a rampage…

  12. Another school was using their facilities for graduation. “The lot provided overflow parking for those attending a commencement for graduates of the Perry Learning Center, an alternative high school that prepares students for careers.”
    Fox News is where I read and copied it from.

  13. I used to live in atlanta and gwinnett county. That whole area is pretty ghetto. Probably a fight or drug dispute in the parking lot.

  14. Not to be a total conspiracy theorist but isn’t this getting a little f—ing ridiculous with the school shootings? And look where they’re located now Texas Florida Georgia do you hear the word conspiracy coming up again and again. This kind of stupid crap only happened and libtard states mostly in the past now it’s being targeted directly at states that are known for their second amendment gun friendly people of the state. Now we’re getting all of these so-called millennials mental midgets that are all on these big protest let’s walk out of school because that’s the right thing to do. This is all a big scam as what it is. This stuff is really happening but there’s some kind of force behind this that we haven’t even seen yet and I guarantee you it smells like a liberal.

    • To Hoffa with his feet in cement

      quote——————————— This stuff is really happening but there’s some kind of force behind this that we haven’t even seen yet and I guarantee you it smells like a liberal.————————————quote

      Conspiracy, Conspiracy!!!! Did you know it was liberals that caused the Moon to wobble on its obit and its was Liberals that caused the warts on your feet and your case of the gout? It could not have been your diet that caused the gout or a virus that caused the warts because Science is not found in the bible and therefore science is also a conspiracy as well. And remember beware of the sign 666 because its the dollar amount you never paid your psychiatrist who obviously has not been treating you any longer.

  15. only hope is to emulate the brave and courageous Syrians who fled their country, now if I only had a country to flee too that wasn’t all fucked up

    • To Iron Head

      quote————————–only hope is to emulate the brave and courageous Syrians who fled their country, now if I only had a country to flee too that wasn’t all fucked up—————–quote

      The problem will be rectified once you do leave so please do it quickly. And hooray for the Refugees we need more people like them in this country and less people like you. It was the son of a Syrian Refugee that invented the cell phone and brought billions in prosperity to the U.S.

  16. Its now getting to the point were its happening hourly not weekly.

    Prayers and thoughts only because we of the unwashed would not think of doing anything about it.

  17. cisco kid says:
    May 19, 2018 at 12:36
    Well when you are too damn stingy and ignorant to do anything about a problem it finally gets to the crisis point and now we are having shootings hourly not even weekly.

    So what will happen. Exactly what happened in Australia they got fed up with mass shootings and they did indeed put an end to it as the last real one happened in the 1980’s and yes they did take pump action shotguns and semi-auto’s and I even saw videos of them cutting up some models of revolvers.

    So yes this is next on the list of what the bulk of the American people will be screaming for because lets face facts its gotten so out of hand that even implementing universal background checks and safe storage and a National Health Care Plan that would have paid for Mental Illness treatment, would all be too little too late and everyone knows it.

    We had our chance and we blew it and the majority of the American people are demanding immediate action not measures that over time would have cut way down on the problem of mass shootings.

    • The most directly, immediately impactful response I can think of is armed protection in schools.

      The brits put armed people around the royals, so the protectors can stop would–be killers right freaking now, if they have to. Most direct thing we can do is make sure we can stop spree killings faster.

  18. Oh, wait… Tons of armed security at the Royal Wedding, where the celebrants got to do what they want. No security at the high school, where people ended up dead.

    I guess we know who’s important.

  19. AJC now reporting the shooting had nothing to do with the school or the graduation, just unrelated black gun violence

  20. now i will agree this time, not one blip on the news about because the victims weren’t students so not as many heart strings to pull. too bad 🙁


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