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CNN Re-Ups False 22 School Shootings Stat

Is this the apple or the banana? . . .

The list of school shootings used by CNN and other news outlets, however, wildly exaggerates the number by lumping in accidental firearm discharges, domestic disputes, and events that don’t involve students with the active shooter situations that most people don’t lump into the specific category of school shootings.

CNN’s list includes one shooting incident in Alabama where one person was injured at an on-campus apartment building. Another shooting at Savannah State University in Georgia is counted despite the fact that the two people involved were not students.

courtesy and Reuters

JJ Watt to pay for funerals of Santa Fe shooting victims

There’s Colin Kaepernick, and then there’s . . .

Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt pledged to pay for funerals of all victims from Friday’s school massacre, the NFL team said.

Shortly after gunfire erupted at Santa Fe High School, Watt tweeted: “Absolutely horrific.”

Watt is renowned for his civic involvement, having led fundraising efforts following Hurricane Harvey. He intended to raise $200,000 but ended up with $37 million.

Surge in armed police at schools

This story ran the day before Santa Fe . . .

Five years after NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre urged schools to increase security there has been a surge in those with armed police to nearly 50 percent of all primary and secondary schools in the nation.

According to the report from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 65 percent of secondary schools and 36 percent of primary schools have a “sworn law enforcement officer,” and most are armed.

A new Pew Research Center analysis of the data shows that despite some public outcry about stationing cops in schools, communities around the nation have been doing that for 10 years.

We’d guess the trend will only accelerate.

Angry Parkland dad makes bold proposal on MSNBC to bring the NRA to its knees

Well, that’s one plan . . .

Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was gunned down in Parkland, Florida, called in to MSNBC to push for a more direct strategy: curb the NRA’s ability to buy off politicians, who are then too cowed by the gun lobby to pass meaningful reforms.

“We have irresponsible pathetic leaders who are letting it be that way, but it is changing on local levels. Laws are changing in cities, in states, every day right now. What’s happening is the NRA is suing all of those states and cities for doing it. So, here’s what you do,” Guttenberg says. “Every city, every state should go pass gun safety legislation now. Force the NRA to file a lawsuit all over this country against everybody.”

Hillary Clinton’s Santa Fe Shooting Tweet Doesn’t Hold Back At All

Even the left is sick and tired of Hil, not that it makes one bit of difference to her . . .

Clinton, 70, has been a staunch proponent of gun control reform for years, dating back to her time as a senator from New York. During the 2016 presidential campaign, she ran on reinstating the assault weapons ban, expanding background checks, and restricting people suffering from mental illness from being able to purchase firearms. …

In short, Clinton was undeniably the most pro-gun control candidate in the race, much more so than then-candidate Donald Trump, and also more so than her primary opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who drew criticism for his relatively softer record on guns and gun manufacturers.


I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.

When you want answers to the really big questions, turn to Vox . . .

If the fundamental problem is that America has far too many guns, then policies need to cut the number of guns in circulation right now to seriously reduce the number of gun deaths. Background checks and other restrictions on who can buy a gun can’t achieve that in the short term. What America likely needs, then, is something more like Australia’s mandatory buyback program — essentially, a gun confiscation scheme — paired with a serious ban on specific firearms (including, potentially, all semiautomatic weapons).

But no one in Congress is seriously proposing something that sweeping. The Manchin-Toomey bill, the only gun legislation in Congress after Sandy Hook that came close to becoming law, didn’t even establish universal background checks. Recent proposals have been even milder, taking small steps like banning bump stocks or slightly improving the existing system for background checks.

Part of the holdup is the Second Amendment. While there is reasonable scholarly debate about whether the Second Amendment actually protects all Americans’ individual right to bear arms and prohibits stricter forms of gun control, the reality is the Supreme Court and US lawmakers — backed by the powerful gun lobby, particularly the NRA — widely agree that the Second Amendment does put barriers on how far restrictions can go. That would likely rule out anything like the Australian policy response short of a court reinterpretation or a repeal of the Second Amendment, neither of which seems likely.

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  1. Went to store to pickup transfer. Even though it was pouring rain (Welcome to the sunshine state’s highest annual rainfall in the continental US), the place was packed more than I’ve ever seen it. Shows how confident people are in the NRA’s “protection”.

    • The NRA doesn’t protect anybody or anything. They make a lot of noise and let the politicians know there are millions upon millions of politically active (and armed) voting Americans who believe in our right to bear arms.

    • I looked up drunk driving deaths today, and it’s at a hair under 11k/year. So fairly close to actual homicides. I’d imagine distracted driving deaths are fairly close in numbers, or maybe higher since it’s not nearly as “illegal”.

    • Not nearly as many as due to medical malpractice… which dwarfs “gun violence” (including suicide) as well.

    • They never mention casualties from drivers using cell phones . How many states have tried to pass laws against using cell phones and driving and failed ?
      I am starting my fourth month of physical therapy because of an unlicensed driver that crashed into me while stopped at a red light while he was texting . To top it off he ran away and another driver took me in his truck and we chased him and caught him and held him until the sheriff’s office arrived . If I was not in a pick up truck I probably be dead.

      Being in Florida the other driver was not arrested , maybe got a ticket that he will never pay and most likely out driving around the same day. There must be thousands of accidents like this. Why aren’t we on CNN or having politicians fighting for us ?

      • Because the left doesn’t care about America and is willing to shut down the essential functions of government to protect those people. The right doesn’t care about America and is more scared of the left throwing a temper tantrum then they are of you.

      • Because they don’t give a crap about saving lives. A politician’s priorities are in this order: Self Preservation, power, money.
        The first one is attained by votes, and the NRA means nothing to them except votes. All they care about is destroying the NRA, and the only way to do that is gun control. They don’t give a flying f*** about saving lives.
        They don’t give a crap about illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants relying on social programs mean democrat votes, so they push for amnesty.
        They don’t give a crap about saving the planet. Global warming equals EPA restrictions (power), and government contracts to renewable energy research companies who contribute to the democrat party (votes, money, power). Getting rid of oil/coal means getting rid of republican donors, and that means votes.
        This crap is so easy to figure out because all you have to look for is their angle. The angle is always the same-Self preservation, power, money.

  2. I wouldn’t give Watts to much hoopla. It’s a nice gesture. What’s Watts stance on firearms

  3. Australia is not that unarmed. I was at funeral Thursday of friend, she was competitive pistol shooter and hunter. I knew most of the 150 people there and no one would own less than 5 firearms. Most including myself have more, some would have over 30. Ok a small subset of active shooters but definitely not unarmed.

    Plus Australian government paid way over market value for firearms. Half a billion dollars for a quarter of a million semi auto .22’s. I don’t think any USA group plans to spend that much.

  4. We’d love to pass “gun safety legislation” now. Sadly, there’s not enough NRA members to push through useful reforms, over the #resistance.

    What would have happened at the latest school shooting, if the number of DGUs this year were 2.5 million +1, rather than 2.5 million. I wonder what left those kids unprotected.

    • What left those kids unprotected was all of their “protectors” working on “sensible” gun control that won’t protect the kids.
      They know what will protect the kids (armed guards), but they don’t want to do that because it might actually work. Then where would they be? No victims, no blood running in the streets, that’s where.
      Without victims, the Dems have nothing. They know it. So they continue to demand what they know will only come after more victims, so they can demand more, while the victims pile up.
      Because they don’t want to schools to seem like prison. Well, guess what; the similarities to prison are there, and the kids know it. Their day is highly regimented, their movements limited, the guards (oops, teachers and staff) have almost unlimited power.
      And the “sensible” legislation will do nothing to prevent future loonies from stealing (or even purchasing legally) more guns.
      They totally ignore the fall in the violent crime rate during a time of unprecedented rise in gun ownership; instead repeating the obvious lie that a rise in gun availability is fueling a rise in that crime rate.
      Of course, now, in their hatred of an inanimate object that can, by itself, do no evil, it’s being made obvious that their real goal is to disarm all lawful gun owners. No mention of mental health initiatives to help the ones who need it. No mention of how they would disarm the ones who actually commit the crimes they attribute to inanimate objects.
      No, they need the victims. Make no mistake.

  5. The vox guy is right, the solutions aren’t a big mystery. Eliminate all the ‘gun free zones’, and lunatics, terrorists, and internet fame seekers will no longer have a ready supply of defenseless victims.

    • Simple solution #2… If you walk around with a hammer and sickle on your clothes or with a picture of a genocidal maniac like Che, you get taken out back and put out of our misery.

      • One of the most wonderful things about free speech/expression is that your enemies will wear and speek the secrets of their hearts. If you drive them underground, they’ll be harder to spot. If our enemies wear their uniforms, they are easier to identify.

    • Also don’t have the media serve as advertisements for crazies who want their 15 minutes of fame. They should implement the same rules for suicides with mass shootings.

    • “Part of the holdup is the Second Amendment.”

      With that type of statement, there is no question what their outlook and goals are.

  6. What does Kaep have to do with JJ Watt? That’s a cheap shot, unnecessary, and just makes you (the author) look unnecessarily biased and stupid.

    Informing your readers is one thing. Alienating them is another.

    I don’t agree with what Kaep was protesting, but I sure as hell believe he has the Constitutional right to do so. Just like some people don’t like guns, but they should at least acknowledge my Constitutional right to own them.

    • You do understand that the First Amendment protects speech from government interference, but that private parties can censor to their hearts’ content, right? I mean, you went to school or got a GED or something, and you know how to read, so you can point me to the part where Dan said that Kaepernick doesn’t have the Constitutional right to be an @ssh0le, because I must have missed it.

      • The 1st amendment may only apply to congress, but the human right to free speech applies to everyone.

    • And it’s the authors constitutional right to bash Kapernick all he wants. You think liberals are somehow magically immune to bashing?

  7. 2,000 or so abortions a day…legal…and end lives before they begin
    How many Einsteins or Gates or Hawkings prevented?

  8. Chris Murphy’s “real” 2nd Amendment: “shall not be infringed.”

    The capacity of some people to pretend words mean the exact opposite of what they actually say without any evidence of shame never ceases to amaze and disgust me.

  9. All these ‘for the children’ wackos still love cars and swimming pools, two things that are responsible for far more deaths of children. It seems there exists a level of risk that is acceptable to general society, and we accept those risks so that we can have the convenience they offer. Yet they rend their garments and rave about depriving everyone of their natural, civil, and constitutionally rights, because guns. It’s funny to me that they see convenience as more important than a constitutionally protected right.

  10. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data 1994-2004([email protected]/allprimarymainfeatures/C3374C4F71C1583ACA25729D0010CF4A?opendocument)
    Part of the report reads: “Numbers of suicides have decreased in recent years following peaks in 1997 and 1998. However, despite these decreases, suicide remains a major external cause of death. For example in each of the years from 1994 to 2004, the total number of deaths from suicide was greater than the number of deaths from transport accidents.”
    Those ‘peaks’ were directly following the beginning of the buyback in 1996. That makes the VOX graph and conclusion suspect & misleading at best. IMO, showing only gun related numbers is meaningless without the context of overall suicide numbers to go with it.

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