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“And that’s how little Timmy Hatfield started the whole damn feud.”

Jkl123 was last week’s winner. The author of this week’s most creative caption will win a Leupold trucker’s hat courtesy of Leupold & Stevens. Enter your best work in the comments by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. You the one that shot our friend?

    That’s right. I shot the boy and I enjoyed it to.

    BANG your dead.

  2. Far right: A young Scot Peterson is forced outside to play with the other children.

  3. I could do this as a kid 55 years ago…now not so much. My witty is dead today😟

  4. Back when playing Cops and Robbers and/or Cowboys and Indians ended with everyone “shot” and getting something from the ice cream truck after.

    Sad kids today no longer get to enjoy this time or era like I did. They do it for real now.

    Damn sad.

  5. The truce to negotiate a prisoner exchange broke down when one general called another a “smelly poo-poo head”, to which the offended general responded, “Oh yeah?! Well you throw a ball like a girl!”

  6. “We have made much progress from the bad old days when school buildings were little red houses, teachers taught their students useful things, and the guns that kids shot at each other were cap guns.”

  7. Another BTW, Dan Z., thank you for posting the link to last week’s contest in this week’s. Much appreciated!

  8. The argument over who got to go first in lawn darts escalated quickly to caps at midday. There were no survivors…. for like 30 seconds.

  9. “Should we go in?” “Naw, it’s safer here outside and we are guaranteed a pension either way!”

  10. Eventually, the Little Rascals Gang splintered into two factions, one loyal to Spanky and one to Alfalfa…but neither side would claim Buckwheat.

  11. “We all wanna live to see another day. Let’s not have our guns, and consequently this situation, go sideways.”

  12. The He Man Woman Hater’s Club almost came to blows over who thought girls were stinky-er.

  13. The shoot out at the old school house. Followed by milk and cookies at Jimmy’s house!

  14. “This is a gun-free zone!”
    “No it ain’t.”
    “Yes it is!”
    Pew, pew.
    Pew, pew.

  15. Little Scot Peterson didn’t realize at the time that practicing crouching and hiding, would eventually lead him to a pension worth $9,000 a month.

  16. It sucks being the little brother. Everyone else has capguns, all you get is the stick!

  17. Damn I miss those days. Now my neighbors would be goin nuclear callin the Sheriff screamin about my kids shooting each other.
    Those cap guns sound waay too real.

  18. My non-PC childhood.
    Nazi cowboys versus American cowboys!
    I got you first!
    No, I got you!
    Uh, Huh!

  19. “The Earps and the Clantons practiced a lot before that fateful day at The OK Corral.”

  20. “I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world.” – Thomas A. Edison

  21. “I don’t wanna shoot you Froggy, but Darla told me if I didn’t get her panties back, she was gonna whoop me real good.”

  22. Sam: “I got you, billy! You have to respawn at the last check point. ”

    Billy: “what’s a check point?!?!?”

  23. A timeless photo of American males learning the value of The Second Amendment and carrying extra rolls of caps.

  24. “When Al said we’re gonna learn to slice the pie this weekend, this was not what I’d envisioned.”

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