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After YouTube HQ Shooting, Witness Says, ‘I Didn’t Have a Gun on Me, But I Wish I Did’ – Not everyone in California is on board with that whole civilian disarmament thing . . .

A man who witnessed the shooting at YouTube on Tuesday said he wished he had a gun when the shooting occurred.

“I didn’t have a gun on me, but I wish I did,” he said.

He was ordering food across from the company’s headquarters when the shooting started. When asked how many shots he heard, he said about 10 and then others.

“It didn’t stop. It was no mercy. Whoever shot that time, oh, man. It was massive,” he said.

Stunner: WA Loses 11K Carry Licenses in Past 4 Months – Is the Evergreen State is disarming? . . .

In a remarkable reversal of a long-standing trend, the number of active concealed pistol licenses in Washington State has dropped by 11,000 over the past four months, a fact that might be alarming to gun rights groups, but may also suggest a return of lethargy in the firearms community.

The news comes as Evergreen State gun rights activists are planning two events in Olympia, one week apart. There’s an April 14 event running 5:30-8:30 p.m., organized by the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, and on April 21, noon-3 p.m. there’s a “March For Our Rights” rally. Both of these events will be held on the Capitol steps.

At the end of November 2017, the Department of Licensing reported to Liberty Park Press and that there were 591,366 active CPLs. Monday morning, the agency advised the number had dropped to 580,362 active licenses.

There’s No Ban on Studying Gun Violence – No matter what the anti-gun left would have you believe . . .

One of the common talking points that liberals throw around in the gun debate is that Republicans have banned even studying gun violence. So you get headlines such as “Lift the Federal Ban on Gun Violence Research” (the New Republic), or “Why Gun Violence Research Has Been Shut Down for 20 Years” (the Washington Post’s Wonkblog), or “GOP Chairman: Congress Should Rethink CDC Ban on Gun Violence Research” (The Hill), or “What’s Missing from the Gun Debate. It’s Simple: Science” (an op-ed in Politico).The reality is different, and it illustrates two contending views of how America should be governed.

To start with, nobody has been banned from anything, in the way we typically think of government bans. No law prohibits private citizens, universities, private foundations, or state governments from conducting studies of the subject. As the Federalist‘s David Harsanyi has noted:

Numerous states and private entities fund peer-reviewed studies and other research on gun violence. I know this because gun control advocates are constantly sending me studies that distort and conflate issues to help them make their arguments. My inbox is bombarded with studies and conferences and “webinars” dissecting gun violence.

Anti-Gun Media: We Never Said We Wanted To Repeal The Second Amendment…Uh, Yes You Did

Did we take the red pill or the blue pill? Did we fall down the rabbit hole or not? What does a scanner see? The liberal news media has convinced themselves and their allies that no one is advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment; they just wrote several op-eds about it.

This is all part of fever dream conservatives are suffering in the wake of the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February; the Left has made this diagnosis through their computer screens. No one wants to strip gun rights. It’s all a dream—sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Fortunately, the Right is not that dumb. We know what common sense gun control laws are—and we know the end game. It is the end of the Second Amendment. It is confiscation. Expanded background checks are the precursor to a national registry. Banning so-called assault weapons gets the scary ones out of the way. Magazine limits seriously prohibits the ownership and sale of firearms since a lot of handguns and rifles, with the exception of carry guns, bolt-action hunting rifles, revolvers, and 1911s, carry more than 10 rounds.

It’s a graduated chipping away of gun rights. It may not say explicitly its true nature, but it’s there. The March for Our Lives event explicitly showcased this, when the give an inch, they’ll take a mile. Still, the liberal news media is trying to convince us that the abolition of the Second Amendment is not part of the conversation.

After the FBI’s Pulse nightclub failure, why should we trust James Comey anymore? – Is that a trick question?

The FBI suffered another debacle on Friday when an Orlando jury returned a not guilty verdict for the widow of Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded 53 in his attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in June 2016. The biggest terrorism case of the year collapsed largely thanks to FBI misconduct and deceit.

Noor Salman was charged with material support of a foreign terrorist organization and lying to the FBI about knowing about her husband’s pending attack on the nightclub. The FBI vigorously interrogated herfor 18 hours, threatening her with the loss of custody of her infant son unless she signed a confession. Salman, who reportedly had an IQ of only 84, initially denied any knowledge but relented and signed a statement composed by an FBI agent.

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  1. What’s up with the Walter Cronkite fake? Is this a sign of what to expect with new ownership? Or, did something go over my head?

      • But we’re clearly being led to believe that the tweet was sent by the real Walter Cronkite, a respected journalist. Most Americans will recognize the name, but won’t recognize that he’s been dead for 9 years. If you’re the real Dan Zimmerman of TTAG, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing a twitter account that literally calls itself the leading purveyer of ‘fake news’ on this site.

      • Dan, VerendusAudeo gave you a serious and clear response, thanks Verendus. I guess I should have elaborated more in my original comment, I just didn’t think I had to hold a hand to walk through the issue. Leaves me assuming this is what is to be expected now.

    • Agree that this is exceptionally poor form for the site. The “it was a social experiment” defense doesn’t wash either.

  2. We don’t have to speculate on what happens when a regime disarms the populace. The Jews of Nazi Germany and the victims of the Khmer Rouge bear witness to the fate awaiting any people who surrender their weapons. But what about the UK, you ask. It’s now a police state in which the subjects have absolutely no privacy rights or freedom of speech…with much more authoritarianism to come I fear.

    • There’s a reason that the graphic novel, and subsequent movie, V for Vendetta, is set in England. I’ve had people try to tell me how it’s an analogy for how things are going to get in the US, I simply shake my head and say, um, no. England’s well on its way to becoming like things are in that movie. Except the whole Christianity-Islam divide could be flip flopped.

      • No. But any nation that has laws like theirs are liable to be taken in the wrong direction.

        • Not likely. Point is, sometimes gun control does not result in tyranny. Australia is another example.

          Not saying there laws should be ours, but the doomsday rhetoric and comparing everything to Hitler and Nazi Germany is something the Left does all the time, and look where that got them.

      • Japan- place with sky high suicide and depression rates where missing persons and suspicious deaths are almost never investigated by the authorities.

        Australia, UK, Canada- places where you can actually be jailed for a hate crime for not calling someone by their preferred pronouns or for making an offensive joke or speaking up for traditional values. They have anti-blasphemy laws (only applied to Islam) no right to free speech or self defense… what exactly is your definition of tyranny?

    • Many Khmer Rouge victims were executed with farming tools or even with the razor sharp edges of palm fronds.

      Bullets were too valuable.

    • @ Nativeson

      The movie “The Pianist” is like watching a documentary of the sh_t that happened over there.

      Don’t let us believe they killed off everyone that knew, or could relate the story, or else we’ll really have to clone that fV<K Cronkite.

  3. All the major news outlets have edited that little tidbit of wisdom out already. No surprise there.

  4. So suddenly the 2A community doesn’t care whether someone was actually inside the building during a shooting. Interesting

  5. I was watching a little of that white hair man’s statement. I don’t think he was telling the truth. I should have watched it all, but I am tired of people making up stories just to get on TV.

  6. FBI huh?!? The same FBI that persecuted MLK jr.? Or homosexual folk? Or commies…or whomever they felt like screwing with? .gov can NEVER be trusted. Ditto the lamestream media…that whole YouTube thing is utter BS.

  7. Doesn’t that witness to “YouTubeHQ” shooting realize that if he’d had a gun, the very people he had wanted to protect would be convincing him he could ONLY shoot himself or be 179 times more likely to endanger his own children?

  8. We have an update on the YouTube shooter –

    Shooter has been ID’ed as Nasim Aghdam, a prolific YouTube-er who recently had her videos *de-monetized* by YouTube :

    “The shooter was identified as Nasim Aghdam who slammed YouTube for purportedly censoring her after she claimed that they demonetized her channels, including an exercise one devoted to exercise videos and another devoted to veganism. Aghdam channeled her anger toward YouTube into a paranoid manifesto published online.”

  9. I never was a fan of a State giving me permission to carry concealed…. Something must be going right in California, I’ve heard private militia groups are heading for the border to try and stop the Hondurans. .. I questioned the Walter Cronkite tweet myself, hey TTAG we don’t need propaganda, as it was presented as something said by Walter

    • Sigh…. go and read some of his tweets, he’s been around for a while and represents a pretty good conservative viewpoint mixed with a bit of sarcasm.

      TTAG wasn’t misrepresenting a source, if you are too lazy to figure out that Walter has been dead for a few years (we are on a first name basis), then that is on you, this isn’t the site that will spoon feed you things. And it’s classic projection, if you feel silly for taking it as face value, to then turn around and blame the source rather than yourself for. It looking n to things a bit…. all it takes for fake news to flourish is for people to drop their cynicism and not take a few seconds to check the source.

  10. Well, Maybe Mr. Fargo can raffle off a couple of spare rooms in his Post-Apocalyptic Pro2@ Bunker!”

  11. Sandy Hook was in December 2012. Washington state permits are good for 5 years. They don’t send you a notice before it expires. My guess is that there was a surge in CPL’s after that event and those are now expiring and people either aren’t paying attention, or aren’t concerned about it.

    • Or maybe they moved to a state with lower taxes, better weather, fewer street people and no stupid gun laws.

  12. Well, I guess all that talk about how pro-gun the Eastern outlying areas of Washington are was all talk. Figures, given the ~20% turnout figures voting against the Bloomberg UBC initiative several years back.

  13. So, the evil, whack-job gun hobbyists, conservatives, and limited govt types with most of the 300+ million citizens’ guns get run off YouTube for years. (Also Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google search n apps, n more)… and nobody shoots up the place.

    Video channel person gets squeezed, n goes postal.

    The honest anti’s, all three of them, think nobody should have guns, because thiy think everybody is unstable like them.

    The rest think nobody should have guns because they’re sure they’ll be protected after the ban. By people.with guns.

    After this, Twitter will be all for armed guards gor them, and against you having a gun.

    Does citizens arming to protect themselves make sense? There’s a bunch of Twitter staff we can’t ask that today. A bunch of Florida H S kids, we can’t ask either.

  14. speakin of comey, aint he the homey who testified “he thought” …one could order a gun from the interweb and have it delivered to one’s own doorstep🙄

  15. “After YouTube HQ Shooting, Witness Says, ‘I Didn’t Have a Gun on Me, But I Wish I Did’”

    Man fired from Youtube in 3, 2, 1 …

  16. It’s interesting that the article notes that Salman’s IQ is “only” 84. The average IQ of the UAE and really all Arabic countries is in the 80s. Really, her IQ is literally average for her people. She’s not seen as smart nor dumb – she’s the Arabic equivalent of what a 100 IQ white person is to other whites. Perhaps if this low of an IQ is seen as very poor or in some way unacceptable, immigration should take into account someone’s IQ…but that would be racist I guess.

  17. “I wish I’d had a gun on me”
    It wouldn’t matter cause you have no balls to handle the shooter otherwise you woulda had balls enough to have a gun on you. That’s just wishful thinking and wishful bravado.

  18. I didn’t like Cronkite when he was alive. Now that he’s dead, I think he really stinks.

  19. I’d like to credit the pround white homosexual State senator Tom Ammiano, for writing the law making it illegal to carry a gun in the state of California.

    He is as anti civil rights at Strom Thurmond or Bull Connor or any other southern white racist elected leader from the 1950s and 60s.

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