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Florida, the ‘Gunshine State,’ tries on new role: gun-control bellwether – This is the rep Rick Scott will take into his run for the Senate this fall . . .

“Florida has been the petri dish for a lot of pro-gun legislation that has blossomed [here] and then been transplanted to other states,” says Republican lobbyist John “Mac” Stipanovich, who goes to work at the Tallahassee capitol building armed with a concealed 9 mm pistol.

Given what is happening here in Florida, that could mean that the NRA “has reached the end of its rope,” he says.

Indeed, Florida’s own high-schoolers launched the national movement that has marched right over the expected script in America’s gun debate, with several million protesters taking part in more than 800 March for Our Lives events on March 24. And, in the wake of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, some Floridians are now seriously mulling whether, after years of loosening rules on gun possession and use, the US has overshot the bounds of the Second Amendment, which guarantees a “well-regulated” militia that, according to the US Supreme Court, extends to individual gun owners.


California Considering Unprecedented Law Restricting Police Firearm Use – Because in the heat of the moment, a cop always refers to his department manual to make sure he’s OK to pull the trigger . . .

The proposed legislation would change the guidance in California’s use of force laws so that police may open fire ”‘only when necessary’ rather than ‘when reasonable,’” Sacramento-based Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D), said at a press conference Tuesday.

He co-authored the bill with fellow Democrat Assemblywoman Shirley Weber with support from the American Civil Liberties Union and fellow members of the California Legislative Black Caucus. They were joined at Tuesday’s press conference with Sacramento leaders from the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement, along with the grandfather of 22-year-old Stephon Clark, last month’s shooting victim.

“We should no longer be the target practice of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ police force,” Assemblyman Christopher Holden (D) said, before listing the names of several other unarmed black victims of police shootings.

How M.L.K.’s Death Helped Lead to the Cornerstone of Gun Control in the U.S. – Never let a crisis go to waste . . .

The political calculus began to change on April 4, 1968. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down in Memphis. Nine weeks later, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was fatally shot in Los Angeles.

Finally, gun control became a possibility — at least in the hands of President Lyndon B. Johnson, a master at turning tragedy into legislative gain. He had used the death of President John F. Kennedy to pass the Civil Rights Act, and wrung the Voting Rights Act from the Bloody Sunday march from Selma to Montgomery. Now he would try for the Gun Control Act.

Today, it’s not clear that any shooting could be awful enough to embolden Congress to thwart the National Rifle Association. But even back then, the N.R.A. throttled much of what Mr. Johnson intended to do.

Top 10 Reasons Liberals Reflexively Blame the NRA for Shootings – Oh, and one more: because they think it will benefit them politically . . .

Almost as soon as the news of the shooting at YouTube headquarters broke on Tuesday, the usual frothing band of liberals fired up their boilerplate hate tweets and comments for the NRA. Actor Michael Ian Black (Language Warning) took no time to reflexively (and angrily) tweet out the now fashionable “terrorist organization” line.

Of course, none of America’s mass shooters have been NRA members. The NRA doesn’t, as many liberals erroneously claim, provide weapons to people.

So then why are the anti-gun leftists so quick to smear millions of law-abiding Americans whenever a shooting occurs?

David Hogg Isn’t a Bully, His Adult Allies Are – Google Cindy Sheehan, David. That will be you soon . . .

By now we know how this pitiful game works. Hogg, egged on by cheering adults, says vicious, cruel, and often false things about their political opponents, and they cheer all the louder. They love it. They quite obviously can’t get enough of it. In this way, Hogg is an expression of the liberal id, a person who “destroys” the opposition in ways that are far more savage and intended far more personally than anything you’ll see from late-night television. …

So, here we are, once again. While advertisers of course have every legal right to boycott, the response to offensive speech in the marketplace of ideas isn’t better speech but rather an effort to use raw economic power to punish your political enemies. Transgress one of the ever-shifting lines of public discourse (even if you apologize), and you’re instantly fighting for your job.

Hogg isn’t the bully here. His powerful adult allies are. They built this culture. This is the culture of the progressive corporate boardroom, the progressive academy, and all too many sectors of media and the arts. In this culture, Hogg is a weapon to wield so long as he’s useful. He’s the latest in a long line of victims/activists who spend their time as the “face” of an immense movement, pushed forward by the media until that moment when the news cycle moves on, other victims emerge, and other outrages inflame the masses.

Tech CEOs call for stricter gun control after YouTube shooting – Silicon Valley types advocating stricter gun laws? You don’t say! . . .

High-profile technology executives have called for increased gun control in the wake of the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters that left at least three people injured and the suspect shooter dead.

The attack at the Google-owned video service’s headquarters in San Bruno, California Tuesday was allegedly carried out by Nasim Najafi Aghdam, who killed herself after the shooting, according to law enforcement officials.

Technology CEOs including Apple’s Tim Cook and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella sent out messages of support, but some went further and called for stricter gun control.

Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey tweeted a link to the March For Our Lives page, a movement that is supporting stricter gun control, in response to a tweet from President Donald Trump.

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  1. “Tech CEOs call for stricter gun control after YouTube shooting”

    What? A bunch of privileged oligarchs wanted to disarm the hoi polloi?

    I can hardly believe it.

  2. Ahhhh, Gov. Scott, for whom the political bell doth toll.
    I will be working my ass off this election to primary out every deserving RINO.
    He’s #1 on the list.
    Let THAT be the bell weather event for the country!!

    • I’m going to my county Republican party meeting next week. I’m going to be quite open with everyone that I WILL vote for Nelson if Scott wins the primary and recommend they do the same. Given the choice between two pro-amnesty gun grabbers, I’ll pick the one that’s going to be gone in 2022 (at the latest) instead of the one who will hold onto his seat for decades. Plus letting Scott win sends a message that gun grabbing isn’t career suicide.

      • I’d recommend voting libertarian. Voting for Nelson will send the message had gun control/confiscation is popular.

        A bunch of republicans voting libertarian against Rick Scott will be more effective.

        • “Sending a message” by voting libertarian is stupid and incredibly naive. Just who are you sending that message to? Do you think the progressive political establishment that is increasing it’s control over our lives gives a damn about your little, foot stomping protest? Rick Scott has already gone over to the progressive dark side and is trying to carry Florida republicans with him. If you want to make a difference work within the party to defend and institutionalize conservatism. Rick Scott still depends on republican voters to keep him in office. They way to effectively stop him and people like him is to have a grass-roots rebellion from within the party. End of rant . . .

        • Nanashi’s reasoning is that Scott is an unfit candidate, and he would likely retain the seat for a long time if elected. Nanashi’s first choice is to prevent Scott via the primary. If that doesn’t work, keeping Scott out of the seat would mean electing one of the opponents, which means abstaining or voting for the opponent. Jared’s suggestion of voting Libertarian is a better protest vote than voting for the Democrat, although the effect is about the same as abstaining. A better would be a write-in, if allowed. Moore would have won the Alabama Senate race if all the Republicans who voted for the write-in had voted for him. It showed that 1) the Republican turnout was sufficient to win, 2) they disliked the Republican and Democrat candidates, and 3) a better Republican candidate would likely win next time. Voting for the Dem is only better if Scott would still win without the protest voters.

  3. Who wants to bet Tim Cook from Apple has armed security? He made 12.8 million last year and Apple spends 700K a year keeping Tim Cook safe. He’s required now to fly only on private jets.
    So excuse me when I say with all sincerity, those rich snobs can go f–k themselves and their hypocritical talking point rhetoric.

  4. David Hogg isn’t a bully, he’s an obnoxious douche. Seriously, I used to think Matt Damon was a douche but he’s one cool dude next to Hogg. I don’t care if he’s only 17, he put himself all over the national media making a giant douche of himself, so if he wants to be a man then he should man up and take it. Or stop being such a douche.

    • What is truly sad is that he gets away with his vicious attacks because he is a poor fragile “survivor” teen (who wasn’t actually at school that day) so you can’t strike back without looking like a big bad pro-gun bully.He is absolutely perfect.

      • I think even among the left his half-life will be relatively short. Probably even shorter than HRC’s.

        • Her’s is pushing over 40 years, gov.

          I want that twerp dumped by the Leftists far sooner than that, Gov…

    • Back then, a seventeen year old was expected to strike out on his own and start his own farm or go to work as an apprentice. Today, seventeen year-olds are still children, both in terms of education and emotional maturity. Today, the minimum age of maturity is 25.

      • Just for reference: The Militia Code, defining who is and who is not in the militia, was last updated in 1952.

      • Yep. We need a national movement, in Hogg’s name, to bring the age to own a firearm to 25. And vote. And drink. And sign legal contracts. And serve in the military or any .gov job or office. Drivers license.

        Let all the under 25s see Hogg and the gun grabbers names every time these suggestions pop up. Maybe even include some home addresses.

  5. When you are godless you place your faith in government. You can’t trust the people. Not even your own employees who might CCW on the job. They must be controlled by the government you support. But the Tech Gods will have armed private security where ever they go.

    I think the You Tube shooter was very angry because thieves (you tube overlords) stole her private property. They destroyed her way to make a living. It was done with out any warning.

    And her being an immigrant from a society that cuts the hands off of thieves, it does not surprise me that this has happened. Since the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left want more third world people here, I expect to see more of these kinds of “old world” justice or what Americans call “street justice” being dealt out in modern America.

    • “When you are godless you place your faith in government.”
      Such a major false premise. On several fronts.

      “You can’t trust the people.”
      Which people? All people? Government people?
      Godless people? People that don’t agree with you?
      Shoulda left it at, “Can’t trust people.”
      Humanity has earned that rep.

      • The godless hate the church.
        The godless created the Welfare Industrial Complex to replace the voluntary association of a church and its private funds used to help people in need. Also the church places restrictions on its members behavior to force them to use self control, and not to do the self destructive things, that the godless really don’t care about.

        The godless white Europeans have replaced the church with the largest welfare complex in the world. And they are also anti-private gun ownership.
        You trust, for example other drivers won’t crash into you when you drive a car. Or do you walk where ever you go????

        I as a CCW person trust others who also CCW will not rob other people with a gun. Statics show we are more law abiding than the government representatives called police officers. So yes I do trust other people.
        The godless do not. At least those in the Tech world.

      • Sorry the buck stops here. The Godless do worship the state. At least a solid majority, according to Pew research. Three out of four people that list themselves as agnostic/ atheist vote leftist to being full-on Progressive/Democrat.

        So yeah, the vast majority of the Godless vote for the party that fights to restrict and or outlaw our gun rights.

    • “Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not given you the ability to conjure up the stolen data plans!”

      • Unlike my comment below this was a joke. I change my mind about how to approach you comments after I made it though.

    • “When you are godless you place your faith in government.”

      I put my faith in myself & no one else, you bible thumping jackass. You all think more religion is the solution. Guess what? So do those Muslims you hate so much. Gods are the worst thing Man ever invented.

      • Dave
        It is godless people who are demanding more immigrant Muslims come here. Not Christians. The godless call themselves “citizens of the world”. They believe in NO national borders. It is godless homosexuals who demand more Muslims come here???? (Pulse night club massacre!!!) The godless lack reason in their thinking. They believe technology can solve every problem mankind has.
        The godless totally support using the biggest government possible to “fix” people, and make them better.

        Stossel 2015 04 17 Church and State
        see Larry Iannacone at the 32.00 time stamp.

        How the godless created the welfare super state.
        The godless are gun grabbers because they need to control the population. You may not like believers and that’s ok. You don’t have to. But Christians are armed to the teeth. The godless are not. Very few atheists believe civilians should have guns. And if they do its with government restrictions.

    • The welfare state was indeed built by “godful” men and women. Even FDR was quite religious and there is plenty of evidence of that. I haven’t counted them but I think it is a safe bet that atheists made up only a very small fraction of the statists that made the government like a religion. I have seen little evidence that a belief in a god is even particularly coincidental with ethical behavior. Your comments are consistent with this.

      • FDR was not a god fearing man. He wouldn’t have rounded up all Japanese American citizens and put them into camps if he was.

        It’s possible to be a non believer and still retain a love for liberty but the first poster isn’t wrong. A vast majority of non believers have replaced God with the state.

  6. Nah Hoggboy🐷 isn’t a bully…he’s a girl armed punk. Seriously folks. They won’t get much mileage out of the deranged Persian princess…ban Peta! Ban Vegans! Ban middle eastern immigrants!

  7. LBJ was a racist pig. He and the other white elected leadership were terrified of Robert F Williams, the Deacons For Defense and Justice, as well as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The real purpose of the 1968 Gun Control Act was to control black people, by making it harder for them to get low cost firearms.

    Gun control is still race based in the 21st century.

    “Wealthier whites get 90 percent of licenses in Illinois”


      “In the 1890s, Florida also passed race-specific gun-control laws. Then, in 1941, a judge in Florida’s Supreme Court called the laws into question when he overturned the conviction of a black man for carrying a handgun without a permit. He overturned the conviction, he said, because this law “was passed for the purpose of disarming the negro labourers … and to give the white citizens in sparsely settled areas a better feeling of security. The statute was never intended to be applied to the white population and in practice has never been so applied.”

      “And avid gun control advocate Robert Sherrill notes in his book, The Saturday Night Special:”

      “The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed not to control guns but to control blacks, and inasmuch as a majority of Congress did not want to do the former but were ashamed to show that their goal was the latter, the result was that they did neither. Indeed, this law, the first gun-control law passed by Congress in thirty years, was one of the grand jokes of our time.”

  8. Silly be Cones CEOs don’t care about us poor folks. They have armed security and live in ivory towers. They couldn’t live like us for one year. Not even one week.

    Screw them.

  9. ” the Second Amendment, which guarantees a “well-regulated” militia that, according to the US Supreme Court, extends to individual gun owners.”

    What alternate reality are you living in again?
    Second amendment guarantees, in theory “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. I’m sick and tired of deliberately obtuse misreadings of such a very simple and straightforward statement.

    It sets no requirements for the raising or maintenance of a militia. It says some things about a militia, before telling us, much as the other 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights, what the government is not permitted to do.

  10. “the US has overshot the bounds of the Second Amendment, which guarantees a “well-regulated” militia that, according to the US Supreme Court, extends to individual gun owners.”

    The 2A does not guarantee anyone a well regulated militia. It prefaces the individual right to keep and bear arms with some context, namely that a well regulated (meaning highly functioning, not “regulated” in the modern big government sense of “controlled through many and detailed government strictures”) militia is necessary to keep the long term security of a sovereign state.

    No, it isn’t merely “according to the Supreme Court” that the 2A extends to individuals. All rights are already individual rights. Is free speech a collective right? How about religion? Due process? It’s always “the People of the U.S. or the State of X vs. Joe Smith” when it comes to prosecuting criminal cases. Joe’s up there all alone against the government. That’s as individual as it gets and his rights are all an individual’s.

    To hear the the uninformed pontificate, you can only conclude that they believe that “the People” of the Second Amendment are somehow not the same “People” of the First Amendment. That’s the mental contortion necessary to find an individual right in the 1st and all others, but only an alleged or currently conceived per the Supreme Court individual right in the 2nd.

  11. The difference between ‘reasonable’ and ‘necessary’ is that it is impossible to know whether something is ‘necessary’ until you have exhausted all other options. When a guy is charging at you with a knife, might you be able to hit him with a TASER? It’s possible (though unlikely). How about you ninja kick it out of his hand? Saw that in a movie once. The problem, of course, with exhausting all other options is that you might be dead before you get there. This is why the Supreme Court specifically came up with the ‘reasonable’ standard rather than the ‘necessary’ standard. Laws surrounding self defense in general rest on the same basis.

    How about we arm the esteemed representative with duty gear (not a real gun, of course) and put him in a fight with a determined attacker armed with various weapons (or no weapon) and he can make a list of what constitutes “necessary” use of a firearm.

    You know, whatever’s left of him.

    • Essentially, it means a LEO will only use deadly force if the risk of prison is worth it. For example, he will use deadly force if his own life is in danger, but he will not risk prison to protect the life of a complete stranger. The bad guys in California will catch on rather quickly, so expect the violent crime rate to skyrocket in California, especially against the disarmed masses who cannot afford armed security.

    • Too bad that in most shootings by armed government thugs we have seen lately
      , the citizen is not armed at all much less charging with a knife. Government employees being armed while on duty is a privilege. One that the citizens can regulate or revoke as we see fit. We must also remove all immunity from government employees. Doesn’t matter if they are using good faith or not, a government employee should be held to strict liability for their actions.

      If you do not like that , find honest employment where you are not living off the sweat of the taxpayer’s brow.

      Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

  12. Gdamnit I spent 45 minutes typing up and trying to spell everything correctly on a long winded line of shit, just to hit the < and have it all disappear.

  13. Hopefully, the Florida gun people will come out in force for guns this Fall. Hopefully their vigilance will exceed that of the gun controllers.

  14. How about if you run from the police your penalty is twice the violation you were running from? Three times if you run to an unlit area and four times if you hold a small dark colored object in your hand in said dark space? How about schools conduct threat and vulnerability surveys and secure campuses while hiring enough security to adequately protect children. We need to change the narrative in this conversation and place the burden or responsibility on our failed public officials.


    • “Caps Lock is a button on a computer keyboard that, when pressed, causes all letters to be generated in capitals until deactivated. It is located in the position of a similar Shift lock key (and sometimes a Ctrl key) found in some other keyboard layouts. It is usually a toggle key: each press reverses its action.”

  16. Party trumps the person. Personally, I would not vote for any Democrat. Too me, it is clear where the Democrats stand when it comes to their leftists policies and guns. I am not happy with Republicans I have voted for however, casting a vote for a Democrat is political suicide and only increases the chance that restrictive guns come closer to being reality.

  17. Florida, the new- New York. Going to take a lots of lawsuits to get these unconstitutional laws thrown out.


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