Robert Farago and friend (courtesy The Truth About Guns)
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You may have noticed that my byline’s disappeared from The Truth About Guns. There’s a reason for that . . .

Last week, after more than eight years of blogging, after writing more than eight million words about guns, I sold TTAG to Wide Open Media (WOM).

Rest assured: TTAG’s in good hands. WOM is fully committed to maintaining TTAG’s editorial independence. They have the resources and internet mojo to take this website to the next level.

TTAG will continue to provide the unvarnished, no-holds-barred truth about guns. News, review, editorials. The same mix served-up with the same fearlessness and snark.

As a sign of that commitment, Dan Zimmerman remains in place as TTAG’s Managing Editor.

Dan has my complete faith and confidence. He’ll continue wrangling TTAG’s stable of freelance writers, enabling an endless stream of first-class firearms-related content.

As for myself, I’ll be writing the occasional gun review and . . . that’s it. I’m out. I’m leaving the Second Amendment field of battle to hypnotize those who need it and write page-turning airport gift shop-compatible novels.

Needless to say, there are a lot of people I’dl like to thank for helping me guide this bad boy to Internet glory.

First and foremost, our readers. No readers, no website. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time perusing our pages. Keep reading and carry on!

Thank you to all the commentators who’ve kept TTAG honest over the years, entertaining readers with their wit and wisdom, offering keen insights into Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Please continue to share your thoughts on TTAG’s electronic pages.

A big thanks to all our editors and writers. It’s been an honor and pleasure to publish your work. Your firearms expertise and dedication to the cause has informed and inspired me and millions — yes millions — of gun-owning, law-abiding Americans. For all our sakes, don’t stop now.

And finally I want to urge everyone who’s touched this website one way or another to keep up the fight for firearms freedom.

As the son of a Holocaust survivor, as someone who’s spent almost every waking hour manning the metaphorical ramparts, I implore you to buy guns, shoot guns, read about guns, talk about guns and vote your guns. Introduce newbies to guns. I’ll be right there with you. Because all our liberties depend on our gun rights.

Enjoy the new regime. Yes, this website will be different. But I have no doubt TTAG will be better under WOM’s expert ownership and Dan’s passionate stewardship. Watch this space . . .

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  1. They get one, maybe two, chances. First PC BS and I’m out. Sorry to see you go. Best of fortune in the future.

      • You know Robert, I think it is time and the move is a healthy one for all. You have growing family, yet some of your more recent posts were pretty dark. Frankly I was worried when your byline disappeared. I actually wondered the worst this morning.

        It’s a bright beautiful place out there. Take a breath. Drink some sunshine. Play with your kid. We’ll all still be here grumbling around the campfire when you stop by.

    • Rest assured they’ll go PC and fuck it up quickly. Same thing happened at TTAC when Farago sold that. One day we’re all having a great time on TTAC and the next thing we’re kicked off because some pansy with a Prius is offended by some basic truth about the world. Watch.

        • WOM is part of the Toronto Star affiliate; a particularly left leaning organization that has been buying up firearms blogs and forums and driving them into the ground.

        • Prius Drivers are the villain? Dudes, get a grip. If that’s the new angle here then you just alienated your gun-lov’n userbase and dissed the electric car crowd. Around here we stuff dead deer into our Priuses. Then go out drinking.

          Have some confidence. Skip the macho puppy kicking crap and get on with the guns.

        • Correct. The Prius is one of the largest hoaxes and biggest pieces of sh*t foisted upon the American people. When I traveled to Kansas City a few years ago I rented a Prius because I had never driven one. (I didn’t reserve it, but the car I reserved wasn’t available). I was there for nearly a month during the winter. Here is what I found.

          The Prius does not appear to be “solid.” Tapping on the doors and panels you realize that a Campbell’s soup can is 100 times as sturdy. I’m sure it passes crash tests, but even compared to a Chevy Malibu it is a joke. The Malibu is solid. And quiet. And comfortable. The Prius rides and handles like a hay wagon. I travel for work a lot and get to drive lots of cars. The Prius was without doubt the absolute worst car I’ve ever driven. But most people buy it because of its supposed gas mileage. I drove it like I would any other normal car. I had it for one month. I averaged 30 MPG, but technically it was even less because the battery when I got the car was 100%. When I returned the car it was 50%.

          Priuses are a joke and the people who buy them are gullible.

        • Not familiar with the demise of TTAC, eh?

          Look Chris, your optimism/naivete is adorable/pathetic. The Captain has once again abandoned ship (which is completely his choice, and I fully support middle-aged trustifarians pursuing whatever floats their boat).

          That said, I will miss you Robert, and TTAG. I’ve been here on and off since about week 2, and just like TTAC, it is 100% guaranteed to utterly fail without you at the helm. Failure being defined as morphing into something that has abso-effen-lutely nothing to do with the original product, save the name. Bertel and I bonded on ‘the truth about strippers and booth babes’, but the rest of the time he was apparently just an employee of the ChiCom Politbureau. That politically correct know-less-than-nothing Niedermeyer? Egads. Just sign it over to ANTIFA next time, OK? Even Jonny Lieberman would have been better. (Please. Call him, he needs to get on a diet. He can barely fit in a Lambo, and they’re made by Audi fer fuksakes.)

          From the good old TTAC days of analyzing GM’s “balance” sheet, crucifying charlatan’s like Shai Agassi and Malcolm Bricklin, up to the early TTAG days of bullshitters like Karl Lippard and his magic 1911s. I do remember those days with a sort of fondness. Or perhaps the smugness of being right….

          If (god forbid something goes terribly wrong and) I’m in TX in the semi-near future, I promise to reach out. Perhaps some good food, whiskey, and reminiscing. Maybe even a Cuban (cigar) or two. I’ll even buy. Maybe…

          Cheers old man. Best of luck, wherever you choose to land from here.

        • Wow I was kidding. I don’t care what anyone drives. Even if the Prius has an extremely high carbon foot print due to its manufacturing process.

        • There’s a difference between recognizing they’re worthless and recognizing that they pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic and having to liquidate ALL of them and more, might become a necessary reality sooner rather than later. Supporting the latter is what I expect from pro Second Amendment organizations and supporters. Anything less will no longer be tolerated. Period.

        • I went from $400/mo for gas to $100/mo with the Prius….. that $300 has been going strait in to gun purchases. Done! Now everybody drop the Prius crap talk about hugging trees and carbon foot prints; nobody cares about carbon footprints except the green (red commie) useful idiots. And you prius owners need to stop being so damn sensitive! You sound like a bunch whiny Tide Pod eating antigun protesting teenagers!

          Bye RF. We’ll miss you. If the signal isn’t being sent here, it will be sent some other place. You can’t stop the signal.

        • That doesn’t mean the Prius was some awesome vehicle, that just means that you owned an inefficient vehicle first. For example, someone comparing a huge SUV or pickup designed to do other tasks to the Prius is an idiot.

          And I don’t believe the 75% reduction if you have the same driving habits.

        • Hey, don’t be attacking how fast things escalate around here. Escalators are a central pillar of the Trump marketing strategy. And without America’s ability to counter-escalate a trade war with China we all might suffer a long slow gunfree death at the feet of a communist menace the likes of which the free world has never seen.

        • Yes, Chris. Big carbon footprint. Most Prius drivers have never heard of needle coke.

        • I dont like the invasive ads. I get it; this is a business, without subscription. I also get that Farago wanted to pump up revenue in the home stretch to inflate the NPV and purchase price. (Among other things, I conduct due diligence for our company’s acquisitions.)

          The mid page ads are fine. It’s the ones that slide in from the lower right corner and cover content that are a pain. Clicking on the “X” is a trick, because if you don’t hit it just right, you end up opening the full ad. Cute trick, jack wagons.

          Listen, 90% of the value of this site, in terms of what drives real traffic (not trick traffic), is the comments secrion from some of the most lively, informed, and insightful commenters on the web. Make it more difficult to interface with the site and you’ll make it easier to disregard the site.

    • Agreed. Sorry to see you go RF. Good luck with the novel writing.
      Can anyone tell me what “byline” is missing from the top? It looks exactly the same to me…

    • “They get one, maybe two, chances. First PC BS and I’m out.”

      Yep, that. Hope WOM doesn’t drive it into the ground, or make it place for gun control scat.

      I come here for the (mostly) unfiltered content. Unlike many other sanitized sites.

  2. God speed Robert…and thanks for this great site! Whatever your endeavors, I wish you tremendous success. I look forward to those gun reviews.

    • Serving 177 million in the heartland.

      I don’t think there are many Prius owners in that group (unless they got a good deal on the Prius and now can travel long distances across the heartland without paying too much for gas – probably have a firearms “coexist” bumper sticker too).

  3. > As for myself, I’ll be writing the occasional gun review and . . . that’s it. I’m out.

    Thank f*ck. Hopefully the new owners forced you out as a function of the purchase, and regardless TTAG will be improved by the lack of your racism, sensationalism and hyperbolic shitty writing. Good riddance.

    • Robert is awesome. He is very generous and always ready to help someone out. I have never heard him say anything remotely racist. I will miss working with him and learning from him.

      • Agreed Chris.
        I was treated like royalty when I visited last year by Robert, Dan, Jon, Jeremy and Tyler.

      • When I first started reading ttag I knew very little about a computer. Still don’t know a lot. But about a week or so into my ttag addiction I had cause to call the phone number on the heading to talk to RF about some problem I was having with the site. It must not have been much of a problem, I can’t even remember what it was.

        But I called the number expecting to get a staffer or a message center. What i got was RF’s sub teen daughter who was minding dad’s cell phone while he was driving. She chatted merrily til he got parked and took the phone.

        All in all a pleasant experience dealing with management.

      • Robert showed me unmatched kindness and generous hospitality when I visited Austin and Dallas this past September.
        Jeremy and Dan were very kind and welcoming as well.

      • I don’t think Robert is personally racist, but it’s kind of like that line from The Simpsons; “Fox News: Not Racist, But Number One With Racists!”

    • patrioticamericanidiot, is that you?

      Racism, from RF? Prove it.

  4. TTAG is better today than when it started out. Sorta gone from being pro-gun yuppie to alt-lite. Thanks, Mr. Farago!

  5. Been here for a long time and will miss you running it and will give them a chance but not much more. Good luck on your new adventures.

  6. Robert-Best Wishes

    Wide Open Medium-I have read several articles on your outdoor site. You guys better get better in a hurry or TTAG will be history. Your current writers, to be polite, suck! I have seen a few references to your sites in the past, but was thoroughly unimpressed.

    • Yet another in a long line of winning TTAG media decisions;
      -Autoplay ads
      -Redirect ads
      -Annoying ads
      -Pop-up ads that cover the entire screen, every two minutes
      -Inappropriate ads
      -Ads on the margins
      -Ads covering 3/4 of the web-view page
      -Trackers that bog down the site unto uselessness

      • You missed the worst one – That fvcking Brownell’s ad you had to *chase* around the page to close it.

        That was the one and only web ad that *really* pissed me off.

        Even *porn* ads weren’t as bad as that damn thing…

      • “Jist uz ab-blok”

        Yeah, not every computer we use has ad-block installed*. Besides, TTAG *should* have taken some sort of care for how they presented the site to the rest of the world (i.e. the mythical moderate majority). It’s *slightly* better these days, but for the longest time it was nothing but banner ads about how to make money on weed, and how to get laid over 50. The darkest days were the several straight months there were graphic erection pill ads all over the place.

        *total conspiracy theory here, but I’m convinced Ad-Block must fund at least some portion of the obnoxious ads & trackers out there. The fact their software isn’t constantly outsmarted by the ad-scammers, and the fact they make more money the more annoying & crippling the ads.

      • I haven’t been a regular reader for few years. What turned me off was the article Mr. Farago wrote about not maligning the blog owner when most of the maligning/complaints were about the ads which, if I read correctly, were never fixed. Not that I ever saw them and still don’t as I use ABP and Ghostery.

        I came back to lurk recently just to read the commentary about the Florida school shooting.

        I for one won’t be a regular lurker on this site as the new owners will do what all of the rest of the left leaning site owners do when they purchase a conservative, gun friendly site. Despite what promises they have made to Mr. Farago, they will do what they need to make the site “comply with the agenda” which will be the death of it.

        Despite what he said above, Farago doesn’t really give a shit what happens to TTAG, otherwise he wouldn’t have sold it to a left leaning organization.

        • Have you ever tried to make a living in modern digital media? Jesus Christ on a bike. The bitching about ads in these comments are beyond belief. You think RF did this for shits and giggles as a lark, with his lunch money?
          Don’t you get that there IS no gun-friendly media except on the increasingly-restricted web, and only if someone has the balls to build and run it? Running a viable business is a thing. On the web, it’s a motherfuckin’ high-wire act.

  7. But who will tell me I don’t own multiple firearms in Australia.

    If you want to see “gun free” I was in Cambodia then Singapore last week. No guns at all unless you are very well connected, pay a big fee and wait maybe two years for a license.

    • So you carry a pistol for self-defense RCC? Or are you just allowed to own a few rifles if you keep them locked up separated from the ammo?

  8. I’m sorry to see you go, RF. Additionally, I am mighty grateful for the work that you have done and the message you have been spreading. Please keep going with RKBA absolutism. IMHO, it is the only viable way to regain the true exercise of our rights. Take care and I look forward to reading some of your future works.

    Keep your powder dry, your head on a swivel, and carry on.

  9. Adios RF, sounds like you finally got the paycheck you’ve been pining for. Subtle hints like Dan’s temporary earlier LinkedIn status this year and Nick’s reduced bylines spelled change was in the air. Can’t blame you for getting out while the getting’s good. TTAG has lost much of it’s flair lately and I for one will miss the spirit. God Speed…

    • The lack of Nick’s presence has far more to do with him logging many hours in his quest to leave the drudgery of IT work behind be a commercial pilot.

      Where he may yet experience drudgery, especially if he becomes a ‘freight dog’…

      • As an AF pilot for 22 years, I gotta say drudgery at the controls of an aircraft beats all the excitement you could imagine anywhere else. I wish him luck.

  10. I’ve been with ttag since 2012. The Ruger sp101 review by ttag is what started me on my gun owning journey. I have been pleased to see the site stay mostly the same and I hope it continues to be great. Keep the content the same, add a like feature to comments, and have less adds.

  11. Oh man. God dammit. I hate change. Mother f—er! Good luck to you. I wish you all the best and thanks for making me a better gun owner!

  12. Thank you Robert for a wealth of information. Not just on the mechanical part, but on the entire Second Amendment. Your site and your work have been of a great benefit to freedom, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you!

  13. “Rest assured: TTAG’s in good hands. WOM is fully committed to maintaining TTAG’s editorial independence.”

    Pardon my skepticism, but I’ve heard that song-and-dance about corporate ownership changes time and time again, and it rarely if *ever* happens that way.

    I hope Mr. Dan keeps his job as long as he wants it.

    Enjoy your next endeavors and best in luck raising a young woman to responsible adulthood…

    • I tend to agree, Geoff. When companies buy other companies, they can *never* resist the temptation to fuck around with their new toy. There’s about a 99.5% chance this’ll end up being a shit-show. It’s just the way such things tend to go. They’ve got other media properties to protect, so I predict that TTAG will very quickly be “cleaned up” and brought in line with the toothlessness of the rest of the WOM websites.

  14. I’ve been reading your writing since the first days of the GM deathwatch, so you could say I’m a fan. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, even though I doubt this place stays as relevant as it once was. Stay edgy RF, it’s what you do best.

  15. TTAG has been in an open tab in my browser every day for the last 5 years. If the new owners go “corporate” or PC and bow the knee to pressure. I can very easily close the tab and move on.

    I will give them fair chance. Don’t blow it.

    • + Infinity

      And change as much of your personal information as you can when you go. WOM has your name and email and you’ve told them about much of your firearm collection.

      There was a noticeable shift in TTAG since the “re-branding” “new look” and subtler ones just a little before that. They’ve had limp turds working the comment cough switch for a while now.

      Keep the boat gassed up and a fresh box of strike anywhere matches on board.

      Safe-on RF.

  16. I really enjoy TTAG. Best wishes to you, Robert.
    I wish I had sent some ideas to you for future articles.
    One in particular that I thought you would enjoy writing:
    ‘Which cigar, which liquer, would be paired with which gun caliber’
    I know, guns and alcohol don’t mix, except sometimes they do.
    Again, best wishes to you.

  17. Best of luck, mate. Been reading TTAG every, and I mean EVERY, day since Sandy Hook; it’s one of my 2 newspapers. Hope the new edition is as good or better. Cheers.

  18. Shit, Robert you take care and I figure you still owe me 5lbs of tators that I burned engrossed in your articles instead of watching my cooking. Damn I liked that guy

  19. Damn! Been reading daily for over two years and this site has become my go to place every morning. I hope the new owners don’t screw it up! Best of luck and God Speed RF.

  20. Good luck to you RF. I’ve enjoyed reading your no nonsense way of explaining the 2nd amendment. I wish you well and hope you find what you want. Look me up if you want to go look for Jim Morrison and the naked Indian out in the Utah desert sometime.

  21. I’ll bet he’s hooking up with that watt woman, adopting that hogg kid and honeymooning on bloomberg’s yacht.

    • For those who have been around for a while, did anyone else wish Dirk Diggler was still here to make a comment about what Shannon would do while honeymooning on Bloomberg’s yacht?

      • I *seriously* miss the musings of Dr. Dirk Diggler here in TTAG.

        Especially in his lustings for S. Watts…

        Come back, Dirk!

      • Whenever there is a Shannon post, I search the comments for a Dirk posting.

        …then I die a tiny bit more inside when there are none to be had.

      • 16V, just shoot your email addy to TTAG and ask Dan to forward it to Dirk. They have his contact info.

        While you’re at at it, TTAG has my contact info, ask them for mine as well…

  22. Am I to understand that Dan Zimmerman is supposed to be an EDITOR!? Fire his ass. If I had a dollar for every time the phrase ‘6.5 Creedmore’ slipped through the cracks, I could buy a custom, left-handed precision rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Give it a few months, and I could afford an exhibition grade black walnut stock for said rifle. Plus, his political content is whiny and redundant.

  23. greener postures.
    it was fun riding the last election cycle amongst the splintered echo chamber. whee.
    this sites tone has evolved, staying one step ahead of ad nauseum and providing much food for thought. no doubt i learned more about ~things~ in the comments than the body; a little more cz and less abortion would be great. eh, la.
    it should be fun for awhile yet. take j. houston with you.
    and oh, yeah- cmeat wants more ar reviews.

  24. Hmmm. I did not notice.

    I’m sure I would have sooner or later.

    I will continue reading as long as it is relevant.

    Make sure Jeremy and Chris write most of the articles.

    Dont agree with em on everything but they are consistently good (you know – for kids).

    So…Cya RF. Write when ya get work!

  25. My TTAG addiction started when I clicked a link at

    It’s good to see the good fight is still being fought while I’m giving info and clearing misconceptions about firearm ownership downunder.

  26. Thank you for all you’ve done! I started on this site a noob and have grown my knowledge of guns, their functions and inner workings by reading everything I can here. There are times I disagreed with what was written here, but I would not be as much of a gun guy that I am today if not for the site, its writers and fellow commentators who felt welcome to come here and air their differing opinions.

    So thank you and good luck in your future endeavors!

  27. Thank you, Robert. I’ve been here since late 2010 and have learned a great deal from you and your staff in the almost eight years since. I wish you all the best in the future, and thank you for all the hard work you’ve done in support of our rights.

  28. So does this mean we don’t get to hear some mention about Israel and the holocaust in every article anymore?

  29. I have been reading since I was 13 (I am 20 now). God be with you, Robert!

    Now let us pray this does not follow the path of TTAC…

      • I tolerated post-Farago TTAC until they hired the Canadian dude to be EIC. This is the guy who elected not to order a hemi Challenger because nobody stocks them in his area in Canada, and he was uncomfortable with driving a v6 then ordering a hemi and possibly having to stick the dealer with the car if he decided he didn’t like it, because that would be mean or whatever. I guess “I like this car with 300 horsepower, I can imagine what it would be like with ~400 and a little more weight in the nose” was too hard for him, and the whole thing made him an anxious nervous wreck. I think he bought some sub-200hp 4cyl shitbox or something.

        It’s almost as bad as some of the staff at Jalopnik complaining that 400-odd horsepower SRT Chryslers are “intimidating” or “scary.” Yes, because, obviously the car will just leap across an intersection totally of its own free will, with no input from the driver at all. “It just went off” applied to cars. Morons. God knows what they’d do if they got behind the wheel of something actually fast.

        Anyhow. Yes, TTAG is undoubtedly doomed. The only buyout I haven’t seen go to hell is Anandtech, and even then it’s not as good as it was.

        • Hey, I bought a 2013 ZL1 that scared the shit out of me but it took 3 years for me to get rid of it. Not for sale that long, just waited till my retired fat bad back ass couldn’t get in it any more. I will stay till bitter end and give TTAG a chance.
          Enjoy yourself in your future endeavors and glad you got to go on your own terms. That shows how good you were here. Will miss your byline.

  30. Wide Open…the same folks that blessed us with the obnoxious autoplay videos and heinous sponsored content? Lovely, what could go wrong?

    Congrats Robert, enjoy your retirement!

  31. I first came across this site in mid-2010, it seems. I’ve visited nearly everyday since then. TTAG and DrudgeReport.

    I’ve been a vocal critic of the stupid ads and the regular pattern of mea culpas concerning the same. Adding Adblock in 2014ish made the site much more enjoyable.

    All that having been said, best wishes to you RF. You’ve turned this into yet another profitable venture, and for that I tip my hat to you. I do hope, however, that Dan, Nick, JWT, Jeremy, and Tyler (whatever caused him to leave, BTW?) get a nice fat check as well. Their contributions, after all, really made this site tick.

  32. Now can we expect you to venture into The Truth About Marijuana? Who here remembers the colossal backlash RF got from TTAG readers over that one?

  33. Sorry to see you go RF. Been here for years- every freakin’ day. Mayhap the only venue where I can vent and put in a good word for GOD. You had my loyalty after exposing the treachery of Springfield and RRA. No one else stood with Illinois. Will I stick with TTAG? Well see…I’m already deleting a volume of fakebook groups. Good luck in the future RF!

  34. Sad to see you go and I wish you well in your next endeavor. Been an avid reader here for over 4 years and have really enjoyed it. God bless you and keep up the good fight.

  35. Bummer. Really couldn’t have come at a worse time. Regardless, TTAG staff always listened to my comments and concerns. Good luck.

    • “Really couldn’t have come at a worse time.”

      I was thinking that very thing this morning. POTG need to mobilize now more than ever and TTAG was a very good rally point. From a financial perspective, and I’m no financial guru, it would make the most sense to sell during a massive uptick in site hits. However, I imagine that this might have been in the works since at least the Vegas shooting.

  36. RF – No way TTAG will retain it’s unique snark (no negative reflection on Dan intended), but I completely understand your desires to step back.

    You’ve been remarkably open & honest with your readers, leading to a “family feel” on the site. (Dysfunctional, but still family!). I do miss the links to Israeli models.

    Oh! And thanks for adding the phrase “intrinsic, God given, constitutionally recognized right” to my lexicon.

    I wish you the very best!

  37. Soo were never going to know what was up with the silver Ford with the Sig and baby Groot stickers huh. That’s B.S.

  38. Been coming here for years, I don’t comment much but I read damn near every article and comment. Thanks for all the heard work RF. Good lunch and a hearty thank you.

  39. I’ve been around basically every day for eight years, in one form or another. I’ve loved me some TTAG guns and politics, bitchez.

    Thanks for putting up with my comments these eight years RF.

    I wish you and your family the best.

  40. I’m sure we’ll be seeing fewer ads now… haa haha!

    Robert, I liked the website from the beginning. I think you let the drive for numbers lead you in to political territory you may not have been completely comfortable in, but you’ve successfully groomed another website in to a commodity worth selling out for, just like TTAC, so congratulations on that and best of luck in the future.

  41. What a surprise! As a generation 2.0 gun owner this place has been very helpful for me. I have learned a great deal about gun culture as well as guns. History I know, but firearms technology is discussed here. And I like the talks on training here as well.

    Good luck RF. You have created an extremely valuable resource in TTAG. I hope the new owners don’t destroy it.

    Since this is now a property of a Canadian company, do they really support the American Bill of Rights???
    When it comes to Arms, Canada and the United States have VERY views on civilian Arms ownership.

    My PC/BS detectors are now set to maximum.

        • It’s not mine. I copied the link because a TTAGer was trying to get signatures. 🙂 Not enough have signed so I doubt it will make it… not that I figured it would do much good in the first place. He demonstrated a certain tenacity so I figured that I would share out the link on social media.

          I can tell you quite succinctly; I am an unalienable individual rights absolutist. I have ties to various groups, some I agree with completely and some only to a degree. Additionally, I have been at this fight for decades.

  42. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Chrome’s latest update dumped all my bookmarks and now this.

  43. Cannot recall exactly how long I have been reading and commenting TTAG. Learned so much and was forced to think seriously about so many gun-related…make that Liberty related…topics that have become integral to my thinking about everything. To simply say I am grateful to you, Robert Farago, and those who have written articles for the site and definitely to those who have commented and exchanged ideas here, seems like an understatement, but will have to suffice.
    I wish you all the very best in whatever the future brings you.

    As for the future of TTAG, we’ll see how it goes. A lot of new names have appeared in the comments recently and it has been interesting. Hope old-timers and new stick around and keep the discussions going. Thanks and Good Fortune!

  44. Quickly! Everyone into Mr. Fargo’s “Pro2@ Fallout shelter! It will become the next Noah’s Ark!

  45. “There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse. As I have often found in traveling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position, and be bruised in a new place.” — Washington Irving

  46. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from this site since 2013 when I joined the firearm community at the tender age of 60.

    Thank you Mr. Farago (and all the writers), and good success to you.

  47. Sad to see you go RF, but wish you the best. I’ve slacked off on my own 2A advocacy over the last few years. I admire those who can keep it up until the end, but not everyone can. Trying to fight the media narrative is something like striking your head against a brick wall.

    I hope the new owners are smart enough to let Dan run the site for a long time. My loyalty is to the original concept of TTAG, not the URL. I will move on if they dilute the concept.

  48. It’s the snark that could go. It’s getting old everywhere. Snark is the reason I stopped reading TFB, that and the writers often dissed TTAG in the comments. Clean up the snark and the typos, please.

  49. Thanks for everything, RF. I rarely comment, but I’ll tell you I’ve learned a massive amount of stuff by coming to this site and reading your work in particular. All the curmudgeons here can stuff it. You’ve made your mark and most of us appreciate your insight. Be well.

  50. Thanks for reminding me that despite what the anti-2A media says, the sky is NOT falling…and providing firm data to reinforce that point. You will be missed.

  51. Thanks RF. You successfully built (from scratch) a daily destination for an incredibly fractious, cranky and suspicious audience and brought us all together. Quite a trick.

  52. Looks like RF got out while the getting was good. Wonder how many pieces of silver he got for selling out?

    This will not end well. WOM is not the defender of the 2nd we need and will knuckle under at the first sign of heat.

  53. Started with TTAC in 2005 and discovered TTAG looking for a gun review. I’ve been reading Farago for 13 years and change.

    TTAG will go the route of TTAC unfortunately.

  54. I’ve been following you since April 2009 when I was watching Autoline Detroit and you BBQ’ed the panel. Looking forward to see where you turn up next

  55. The reason I come here over other firearms info sites is the simplistic, clean layout. I’ll keep coming here if it remains so. If it becomes burdened with script for scripts sake like all the others then I’ll stick to full text RSS reading.

  56. And with that… TTAG died with a whimper. WOM will smother it in its sleep. Been real, been fun, loved to see the gun reviews but in the end this will turn into another Range 365…. or even worse TTAC but with guns this time. Dan, enjoy your job cause it’s bound to be a short one. First time you disagree with corporate overlords is the time you’ll get a pink slip and they’ll hire someone who will toe the corporate line and print The “Truth” About Gun Control.

  57. Good luck to Robert and to Chris. I hope the first step in a new direction is to stop asking what’s in our pocket (most likely a Glock, Sig or Ruger) and start summarizing gun legislation state by state so we can understand national trends. Also I would like information on how we all can become armed personal security so we can all hire each other for protection against the same people the rich and famous fear. This is not to be confused with an armed militia but would bypass those pesky carry restrictions that states love to include in their laws that infringe.

    Also how is it the deputy in Broward County Florida was fired for not putting his life in danger during the school shooting when the USSC has ruled cops are not responsible for the safety of the individual and consequently do not have to intervene. Seems like he will have a great retirement after the lawsuit.

  58. WOM is such a garbage company. I fully expect the anti-Trumpism to go full throttle in a few days and all the people who know something about guns replaced with idiots.

    Thanks for the fun time RF, good luck with all your stuff.

  59. I have enjoyed TTAG articles and banter very much over the years. Good luck in your future endeavors RF.

  60. Sorry to see you go RF. I always enjoyed your posts the most. There’s something about your writing style that I really enjoyed.

  61. “WOM is fully committed to maintaining TTAG’s editorial independence.”

    The same was said when All Outdoor bought TFB. I don’t have much confidence.

  62. Best of luck RF.

    As another long term daily reader, infrequent commentator and blessed to be a contributing writer (one article), I will miss your presence here. I also share in the pessimism presented in these comments. TTAG has been a part of my daily life, let’s hope it remains that way.

  63. I have little doubt that TTAG will die a slow death. Bit by bit the leaning will turn to the dark side. We’ve all seen it before. What’s next, Joe and Mekia? I HOPE NOT!!!!

  64. Thanks, Robert, TTAG has been fun and instructive.
    On a different theme, maybe the new owners can get the comments section to work right.

  65. I’ve been a TTAGer since the beginning and seen a lot of changes. Good writers and commenters who I miss have come and gone, and now the boss is stepping aside. Still, TTAG goes on and on because the community that RF empowered is bigger than any one individual.

    One door closes, another opens. Good luck and godspeed, RF.

  66. Best of luck to you RF.

    I found this site when looking to teach myself more about firearms before my first purchase. I kept looking up different guns and we reading reviews from multiple sites. i consistently found what i considered the most honest and generally comprehensive reviews to be here at TTAG. I would add that the the devotion of the writers to facts over feelings and articles on any number of topics to further education on firearms is what kept me coming back.

    The Cherry on top of it all has been those who post in comments section. The Comments from both the pro and anti gun supporters has at times made for a livly debate. Some of my favorite articles have been from the contests that TTAG has run allowing the posters a chance to tell our stories.

    So as we move into the future of TTAG, I shall hope for the best but plan for the worst.

    • Well….

      This didn’t go to the right place. It was intended for Jared, and his vicious reply to rcc.

      Apologies (except for Jared).

  67. I’m only here because I followed you from The Truth About Cars after you sold it and the site went in the toilet.

    Get that payday.

  68. Well done. As a 35-year publishing vet, i know how challenging it is to make an impression and amass quality readers that have a take. You’ve managed both, and I wish you the best.
    The commenters make this site work, but you have to give them something to talk about.

  69. Read the site every day, whether I had time to comment or not.

    I enjoyed Robert’s vision and clarity in attitude. While I reserve judgment about the fate of the site… I am apprehensive about the new ownership.

    Either way, better or worse– it won’t be the same without its founding father. Thank you for TTAG.

    Good luck, and stay 2A, regardless how you do it. Be safe.

  70. I don’t even know how long I’ve been reading TTAG… years. lots of years.

    Well, good luck. I think of TTAG every time I travel to Austin to visit my gf and we drive by The Range at Austin. I have nothing negative to say about TTAG, the former or new owners, the content or the ads. if it continues to feed my itch, I’ll continue to read it. If it doesn’t, I won’t. I admit I mostly come here for the comments.. can’t go a day without a quote from Joe R.’s mysterious “TERMS” pages something or other…

    • What is all this hatin’ on Dan Z?

      He was gone, then he reappeared. I think there is a story in that, but doesn’t justify declaring Dan a bozo, incompetent. From what I see here, the same contributors/freelancers are still onboard.

      I understand dissonance regarding NRA, RINOs, Never Trumpers, but why are we flagellating TTAG before we even know anything about the future? I looked at the WOM website. They do claim an address in Austin. I found listed with an Australian presence, and an owner listed as a resident of the UK. The search for information linked back to the subgroups listed on the WOM website. Did not find anything related to Canada. WOM gets 91% of its traffic from the US.

      Wait and see. Wait and see.

      • Sell out & watch the quality go down hill quick. Everyone seems to know it but you. A foreign-owned company will work their anti-2A bias in til this becomes just another Left favoring rag.

  71. I’m sorry to see you go, but wish you the best in your future endeavors. I started reading this site after Sandy Hook, but really didn’t visit every day before my deployment to Afghanistan. Now… I have to wait until late in the day to visit—after getting out of the vault. No cell phones allowed or views of the outside world, but I still get to enjoy catching up on the POTG commentary. Here’s to hoping for little, noticeable change.

  72. Thanks for a great run, Robert. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck wherever you will go from here.
    And let us know what’s the name of your novel when it goes out for sale. I like your writing style.

  73. Best of luck Robert. I remember you lost your mom recently – last June I believe. And when I discovered this site in Jan 2013, your daughter was just a little girl. We all have to pass the torch eventually and there’s always existential dilemmas that need addressing, and despite gun rights there are plenty of other things, necessary, to see along the way, both good and bad.

    During your eight years tenure of fighting the good fight, you did a great job, and the torch has been passed. And if WOM implements actions that destroys the established brand here, another website will rise in TTAGs place. That’s just how it is. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Smoke a cigar. Give your daughter a hug and teach her about life’s miracles and tradegies and take care.

  74. So Farago, did you also sell them your weed website you so proudly informed TTAG readers about in the below “Housekeeping: The TTAG Team Creates Marijuana Website” article you posted then soon after hastily deleted in October 2015?

    “The people who bring you The Truth About Guns have launched a new website dedicated to marijuana news: It’s not a blog. It’s a news aggregator – with a difference. The software contains a proprietary algorithm (thank you, Nick) that automatically personalizes the content you see based on your reading preferences. (Provided you sign in with a Facebook account. If not, the site remains anonymous.) Click on the leaf to see a blurb, then decide whether or not you want to eat some more chocolate chip cookies. I mean, read the full story. Better yet,’s curated. In other words . . . Our marijuana guy scans the web and selects the freshest crop of weed news for pot-oriented surfers (are there any other kind?). He also provides an editor’s note: a summary so you can decide whether or not to click through to the story. Note: unlike other aggregators, doesn’t strip-off advertising from the linked story. We think that’s unfair.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, is like the Drudge Report. Except personalized just for you. And about pot. We’d appreciate it if you could check it out and email a link.”

  75. You’ve done a good job Robert. And I also have seen that as in my own life, I feel a call to change up things about every 7 to 9 years and take on a new challenge. Life is change, embracing it voluntarily is what makes it possible to keep it real, healthy and whole.

    Good luck and God bless in your new endeavor.

  76. Well I hate to see Robert go. Wish I could buy him a tall cold one. This is one of my regular stop in points, and I am afraid that without the captain this ship will quickly take on water but I guess we will see. I mostly read TTAG for the great commentary but I also enjoyed the knowledge of some of the people like the gunsmith out of Wyoming. I always chaffed at the ads and the johnnny come lately gun (experts) who discovered guns around the time Barry Obama got elected. Still a great site.

  77. What’s next Robert?

    The Truth About Cars
    The Truth About Guns

    The Truth About ??????

    Either way. Good luck in your next The Truth About endeavor. Hopefully it will be something I have an interest in.

    Don from CT

    • I imagine Robert Farago will now be free to proceed full speed ahead with a stoner website like the website for dope smokers he so enthusiastically informed TTAG readers about in an article back in October 2015, which he soon thereafter deleted all traces of on TTAG; most likely after receiving legal counsel on the topic of just how incredibly stupid it was for someone identifying as a “gun guy” to launch a website tailored for marijuana connoisseurs. I suspect his lawyer additionally covered the legal perils of mixing guns and weed which can never lawfully coexist under Federal law and Texas statutes, and that coming out as an enthusiastic marijuana connoisseur could most definitely have an adverse effect on a stoners ability to lawfully keep and bear arms.

  78. TTAC saw an influx of libs among the editorial staff when Jack ended his tenure as EIC Pro Tempore. Given that history, I’m not all that optimistic about TTAG.

  79. I’ve never commented but read the site daily and the comments daily. I hate seeing you leave, but life moves on…..Hopefully this site will be the same or better, if not see ya…

  80. RF- Thanks for creating such a compelling voice in the fight to preserve the Second Amendment! May you find as much success in your future endeavors as you have had with this one.

  81. Glad you’re gone. You went PC a while back and started censoring comments that you thought were critical of the Obama people that were still in power. You had a fit if someone said poop. I saw what was happening and knew you and your crew had swallowed the koolaid but apparently it went deeper, you were just looking to sell. That makes you a Fonferer!


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