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Keep shouting, don’t become anesthetized, pope tells young people – Thanks, but David Hogg and his pals probably doesn’t need much egging on . . .

Pope Francis, starting Holy Week services leading to Easter, urged young people on Sunday to keep shouting and not allow the older generations to silence their voices or anesthetize their idealism.

Francis spoke a day after hundreds of thousands of young Americans and their supporters answered a call to action from survivors of last month’s Florida high school massacre and rallied across the United States to demand tighter gun laws.

He did not mention the demonstrations. Catholic News Service (CNS) said Gabriella Zuniga, 16, and her sister Valentina, 15, both students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where 17 people were killed in February, attended the service with their parents.

‘March for Our Lives’ crowd smaller than expected: report – Yeah, that 800,000 number was utter bullshit . . .

A Sunday estimate of the crowd at the “March for Our Lives” rally for gun control in Washington, D.C., on Saturday was much smaller than the crowd estimated by organizers.

Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc. estimated around 200,000 people attended the rally, CBS News reported. Organizers on Saturday estimated 800,000.

Washington, D.C., metropolitan police have yet to release their own estimates.

The respected imaging firm uses balloons to fly cameras over events in order to estimate crowd size. The service said there was a margin of error of 15 percent for their estimation. The crowd size was largest at 1 p.m., the company said.

How the NRA went crazy – This, according to CNN. A clearer case of projection there probably has never been . . .

Today’s NRA is simply unrecognizable from the days of the 1990s. If you were to ask me then — when I was showing off my membership card — if I could have predicted a day when the organization would find itself at odds with the friends and family members of shooting victims, I would have responded to the question with sheer bewilderment. Never would I have predicted seeing the NRA’s chief spokesperson sickly accuse the press of loving mass shootings.

What exactly happened to the organization? How did a group originally founded by responsible gun owners to promote marksmanship evolve into an entrenched political faction picking fights with high school students? I suspect that somewhere along the way the NRA was corrupted by political operatives who recognized the electoral benefits of peddling fear to its members.

Surprise, Surprise: March For Our Lives Once Again Shows Why The Left Can’t Be Trusted On Gun Control – Remember, no one wants to take your guns away . . .

There are areas where gun control activists and the pro-Second Amendment camp can meet. There are gun violence protective orders; keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the mentally ill. But we’ll never get there. It’s all a trap. Even bills that strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) are a dangerous game because if you give the Left an inch, they’ll take a mile.

They admitted it yesterday. Deleney Tarr, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, gave an impassioned speech about how they’re going to do exactly that concerning gun control legislation, which is why Republicans, conservatives, pro-Second Amendment supporters, an any American who supports the Bill of Rights and the Constitution needs to start packing more sandbags and make sure our base turns out in 2018. The Huffington Post had a transcript of her speech from yesterday’s March To Take Away Our Rights…I mean—March For Our Lives rally [emphasis mine]

The NRA’s Strategic Blunder – That remains to be seen . . .

Like the Republican Party and Trump, the NRA responded to a diversifying nation by cultivating racial reaction. Before Trump’s “American carnage,” NRA leader Wayne LaPierre routinely portrayed the U.S. as a dystopia overrun by madmen, criminals, perverts and fanatical terrorists. The government won’t save you, LaPierre told his followers. Only guns — lots and lots of guns — will.

The NRA seized its advantage under GOP legislatures and a GOP Congress to promote a no-compromise agenda of guns everywhere for anyone. It went for all the marbles — guns in bars, churches, schools, colleges, parking lots, playgrounds — hoping to make them so pervasive that the cultural pendulum could never swing back. And it fought, even after massacres of children, to make sure that the most damaged and dangerous among us maintained convenient access to military-grade firepower.

NRA host taunts Parkland teens: ‘No one would know your names’ if classmates were still alive – When you advocate to remove Americans’ civil rights, you’re fair game for criticism  . . .

The latest attack came from Colion Noir, a host on NRATV who took to the airwaves on the eve of the Parkland teens-led March on Washington, telling them: “No one would know your names” if a student gunman hadn’t stormed into their school and killed three staff members and 14 students.

“To all the kids from Parkland getting ready to use your First Amendment to attack everyone else’s Second Amendment at your march on Saturday, I wish a hero like Blaine Gaskill had been at Marjory Douglas High School last month because your classmates would still be alive and no one would know your names, because the media would have completely and utterly ignored your story, the way they ignored his,” Noir said.

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  1. The poop whatever with misses piggy Schumer in a jumpsuit all crap with these anti gun Nazi youth kids. I’m sick of them and I’m pro Jesus Christ, pro second amendment and fuck Islam too

        • He’s going to be shouting and throwing purple slippers off of St. Peters’ Basilica in similarly flaccid attempt to repel a muslim hoarde, if we begin to ignore him (more).

          I think the Holy Office has been corrupted by POS liberal MFs that need a decent purge.

        • Wasn’t Catholicism created by the Romans to bastardize Christianity?
          Catholicism is anti Christian in the sense (that) they Pray to the saints, Mother Marry, Have a special Bible, not aloud to read a non-Catholic bible, ask clergy men to forgive sins and have the pope as an intermediary to God the father. Jesus came to fulfill the Jewish law and to die for All of our sins; We Have a direct prayer line to God the father, when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord a Savior. We are saved by the grace of Jesus; not by our own “good” works. We Christians do good works BECAUSE we are saved. We are supposed to Reflect the good of Jesus as an example of how people are supposed to live but we fall short every day, that’s why we have grace. We’re not trying to have a Holier-than-thou attitude; We’re being watched by the world and are supposed to be an example of righteousness (reflected light of Jesus) in a dark and fallen world.

        • @ Sheepdog

          This (and any other) Pope can be a communist dick, but there’s nothing wrong with Catholicism [and the Faith remains, unscathed].

          Catholicism was ‘invented’ by JESUS.

          JESUS SAID “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” – Matthew 16:18.

          Peter went to Rome to bring the word of JESUS to the Roman Empire, and to preach repentance. Peter was crucified there and his remains STILL REMAIN under St. Peter’s Basilica, in Rome. UNDER THE (“Roman Catholic”) CHURCH THAT WAS BUILT UPON IT.


          Your lack of understanding of it, is on you. The rest of you MFs are just camping out.

        • The catholic church was not established by Jesus. When he calls Peter a rock it’s a play on words since Peter’s name and rock are similar. Peter is referred to as a little rock. When Jesus said he will build the church upon this rock, the word used for rock refers to a large rock. No where in scripture is Peter ever the head of the entire church. All other references to rock refer to Jesus himself as the cornerstone, the rock in the wilderness that was struck to provide water for the Israelites, and even when David talks about the rock. Plus, the catholic church has no special claim to Peter. Remember that the catholic church is the organization that killed millions of Christians during the dark ages. It has been and remains a corrupt organization with more in common with heathen worship than the early Christians. Where in the Bible did Jesus ever allow someone to buy their way out of sin? The catholic church sold indulgences for centuries. Read the book The Great Controversy and other historical books to realize the truth.

        • @ Dan,

          I was only quoting JESUS, (from Matthew’s Gospel).

          WTF have you got.

          The Roman Catholic “Church” is its member-body. The organization has had some liberal fuckbags in power, some have abused that power and done some things in the name of which is not attributable to that power. BUT ALL HAVE BEEN HUMAN. JESUS knew that AND HE said that not even the powers of hell would prevail over it (that includes your minor slings and arrows). Peter showed great Faith (he walked on water when JESUS commanded him) and was given the “keys to the kingdom” “”Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:18, and no where in all of the Bible is there more direct hand-off of GOD’s power and care to a human, recorded.

          The Catholic Church doesn’t have anything to be sorry to YOU for. And they don’t need any of you to approve or even ‘like’ them on assbook.

          Like I said, say what you’d like about it [quietly MFr], the rest of you are only camping out.

        • Dan, you’re right.
          More in context: “14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.
          15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
          16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
          17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
          18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

          The rock His church would be built upon was the faith that Peter exhibited: the faith that Jesus is the Son of God.
          Otherwise, the church would be built upon a man, and that doesn’t make for much of a church.

        • I have heard him called “the sandinista pope” as his socialistic tendencies run so deep.

        • OOoo! OOoo! If we’re going to have discussions on fiction, can we do Harry Potter next?

        • We can’t have anyone keeping the voices of children silent…unless they’re catholic and it’s the clergy, including the pope, doing the silencing.

        • @ Nate

          That’s a huge generalization. And the problems the Catholic Church had, in the regard that you mean, are not any less foreign to other churches, and happened because two gay bishops rose to power in Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA, and they propagated their gay pedophilia and congregated like minded aholes into those two diocese. All of such problems can be traced back to those two.

          But yes, this Pope is a communist dick, and like all POS communists, liberals, progressives, green/global warmists, we’re waiting for him to die (or quit) and hope for a better replacement.

        • BS, Joe, catholic pedophilia dates back a thousand years, to a pope’s arbitrary decision to declare the clergy celibate, other than himself, of course.

      • I have quit asking the question of some of you “nut cases” and that used to be “are you really being serious?” When you have been on this forum long enough you realize most of the other people that are also on it are still living in the Middle Ages and are about as ignorant as the people in the Middle Ages were. No, let me correct myself, much more ignorant than Middle Age people who believed in the Bronze Age mysticism of their day and engaged in prayer , ritual and incantations by the light of the moon.

        It is interesting to note that according to actual archaeological finds the real promoter and savior of Christianity was actually a woman, Mary Magdalene as she won out in a power struggle with Peter and became the sole leader of the now leaderless Apostles. She made the Christian Religion appeal to women by changing much of what the Apostles were preaching and when it is the women who raise the children and brainwash them in the process the older religions are therefore doomed. The real tragedy though was that rival Christian groups hated women who had any power over men and denigrated the very person who saved Christianity from becoming only an obscure footnote in history.

        Its also interesting to note that Christianity really did not “take over” so to speak until it became popular in Rome and when it was given semi-official tolerance to keep Constantine in power by playing them off against the more traditional religions of the time that when the religion was made into a “state controlled religion” by forcing the 55 different Christian religions of the time to adopt just one standardized bible a religious civil war broke out that murdered thousands of Roman Citizens all fighting over their particular bible and its own local biblical stories of which their were literally hundreds. What a way to start a new world wide religion with a blood bath. It actually took the Roman Army to come in and stop the carnage and blood bath. If Constantine had been as smart as he thought he was he should never have entered into the religious war and kept the Roman Army in its barracks and let the Christians destroy each other. Today we would not have any Christian religious fanatics to worry about putting up with .

        • You’ve read too many fictional books that have been made into Tom “Cank’d It” Hanks movies.

    • Along this line what difference does the pope have to do with the U S nation and our natural/civil rights. He is potentate of his own nation,he is free to do whatever he chooses there but Stay out of our nation.

      • Further, he is only “infallible” on matters of Faith, and can be (and has been) told to STFU on many non-Faith matters he’s opined about.

  2. Hopefully the people on TTAG will get a strategy together for mid-term elections. Helping TTAG readers get INFORMED voting info and promote serious PRO2@ politicians that have been properly vetted regarding THEIR positions on protecting ALL aspects of the U.S. Constitution-Bill of Rights….In order to stop the march of Globalization (re: NEO-Communism.) There has to be a nationwide game plan like what these members of the Politboro did with the “so-called MARCH of Our Lives” Agitprop and Political Propaganda…

    • It’s fairly simple… If you live in an open primary state with separate GOP / DNC primaries, vote in both and make sure to vote for the most conservative / communist candidate on the ballot respectively.

      Then whomever wins, vote against the DNC in the general. The GOP may not be a steadfast friend of ours, but they are orders of magnitude better than any DNC candidate. (Look at PA a little while back. In order to win, they basically had to run a pro-Trump Democrat and even then only squeezed out a victory by a few hundred votes.)

      If we make sure that the DNC ballot is stacked with anti-American commies versus the GOP, we’ll hold the House and win a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. While I agree that replacing RINOS is the long-term goal, that’s what primary season is for.

      I think Rauner got a very strong wakeup call a few weeks back when he, as a sitting governor, barely managed to scrape together the votes to win against a more rabid anti-left candidate. If he hadn’t vetoed the last round of gun control to hit his desk, he would have lost and he knows it. Even a strong challenge from a pro-2A candidate in the primaries can make RINO incumbents nervous enough to keep them from turning their coats.

      • Our biggest challenge is voter enthusiasm is heavily weighted in their favor this time ’round.

        The same voter enthusiasm that allowed us to retake the lower House after Obama rammed that shit sandwich ‘healthcare’ act down our throats and led to the massive state house losses is now their weapon.

        We better pray more voters remember their new lower tax rate and higher take-home pay, thanks to Trump…

        • Obamacare got through by their usual mehtods, lying ans propaganda. Johnathan Gruber and pr firms, is a big one. Blue state digital was a big one behind creating the everytown lie. These are the groups and ethics of the one pulling the strings on this latest astroturf “movement”. Get money to pro 2nd orgs fast and get registered to vote as a group to a plan. Expect more lies and expect them to try to break us up, they are trying to radicalize ignorant students now, we need to encourage the ones that have a clue and are for their 2nd rights.

          Gruber bragging about how they lied to the public.

        • The biggest challenge is the blatant censorship on social media designed to keep us from getting our message out. But the ancaptards would argue that this is ok and we should just use the magical alternative that doesn’t exist.

        • The MFn evil POS (D) couldn’t shit 2 cents to rub together before the MFn STUPID Omnibus bill BROUGHT TO US BY OUR POS MFn UNI-PARTY REPS.

          The evil POS (D) were on life support for $$$, and the mid-terms woulda pulled the plug.

          They’re going to get a lot of kick-backs from liberal POS money grab groups.

          L E T ‘ S

          H O P E

          I T ‘ S

          N O T

          E N O U G H.

        • pwrserge: Cause you know the founding fathers were totally cool with the British East India Company being free market guys since it was a private company. Oh wait, no they weren’t…

          Well, Adam Smith, capitalism, and some other stuff… So there!!!

  3. Why are these pathetic statists called “survivors” and praised for it? How exactly does having the sheer dumb luck of NOT being one of the victims reflect on their strength of character enough to be worthy of the respectful title, “survivor”? This is rhetorical; I already know the answer. But it’s an observation I felt was worth sharing

    Also, TTaG, can you just implement a damn sign in system like every other fucking website? It’s 2018, and there’s no reason whatsoever you couldn’t to that. I’m getting really goddamn tired of still having to type in my name and email every time I wanna comment

      • IIRC correctly, you were here long before “somebody” broke the system, the one that had worked since the very beginning.

        Bad? Meh. First world problems and all that. Objectively pathetic that it’s still effed up, what, a year into the latest joke experimental format?

        Pretend for the last year you had to rely on your radio to run plates and operators. Since you started, you could run them on the patrol laptop, but all of a sudden that doesn’t work anymore. And the brass pretends there’s nothing wrong,,,,

        • I guess I just got used to the annoyance and it seems minor to some of the other boners that have appeared (like when the reply option didn’t work)

      • “I’m getting really goddamn tired of still having to type in my name and email every time I wanna comment”

        Yeah, it’s a PITA.

        If you double-click on the name-email fields, a little pop-up shows itself, and you can select the data.

        Not ideal, but it makes it a bit less of a PITA…

    • And could they please make the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” button work?
      I was told it doesn’t work because I use Firefox, but when I used Chrome and IE, the problem remained.
      It really can’t be all that hard; most other blogs have figured it out, even when their readers use Firefox.

  4. With the passage of the omnibus bill, more furtive efforts (all legal means) must be thrown at all of our MFn reps in D.C.

    The POS (D) just got fully funded for the next election cycle and it won’t be forgotten.

    F em all, and gird your loins.

        • You mean the funding that is distributed 100% at Trump’s discretion since they didn’t actually pass a budget?

        • Trump’s discretion on distribution is NOT REQUIRED on a continuance (continuing resolution) it permits for immediate distributions. Further, such distributions CAN BE RELIED UPON by the intended receivers such THAT THEY CAN SECURE LOANS/FUNDING based upon the statements in that resolution.

      • So? They’re can kickers. They’ll just kick it down the road again. What makes you think that this time after years and years of broken promises they’re actually going to take a stand and make a politically risky move and take away people’s free stuff, especially right before an election?

        (This ignores that they’ve already agreed to flagrant fiscal irresponsibility over and over again. Does finally doing the right thing once undo all the past transgressions?)

  5. Our first communist Pope- the Catholic Church has been slow to remember the murder of its members, priests and nuns by communists and socialists. John F Kennedy would have to be a republican today- Catholics are NOT welcome in the Dem party. Sadly many Dems don’t realize that their old pro-working man Dem party is gone and replaced by a party which sees religion as a disease to be wiped out thru violence and actively seeks to transfer jobs overseas. Their God is a totalitarian government where they alone hold wealth. Disarming Americans will make it much easier to foster violence thru Prog- led groups like Antifa and BLM and violent criminals released into the public and brought in from other countries. When the violence reaches a certain point and you are legally barred from self defense, they think you’ll demand their totalitarianism.

  6. Oh shit! .06% of the population has a totally emotional and ignorant opinion! Better give them what they want.

    • But they know how to run twitter bot armies to inflate the appearance of their numbers.

      Seriously though, the gay marriage crowd got their way despite being an extremely small percentage so I wouldn’t automatically presume they’ll lose on numbers.

  7. “What exactly happened to the organization? How did a group originally founded by responsible gun owners to promote marksmanship evolve into an entrenched political faction picking fights with high school students? I suspect that somewhere along the way the NRA was corrupted by political operatives who recognized the electoral benefits of peddling fear to its members.”

    No, that’s how leftist groups are corrupted. In the case of the NRA, they responded to attempts to completely ban handguns in a number of states. DC banned guns. MA attempted a handgun ban. So did California. The NRA changed in light of these events.

    Let’s say AAA provides car insurance and services. Then some greenie tries to ban automobiles completely. Anyone think that AAA wouldn’t begin lobbying to not ban cars?

    • I’m not really sure the NRA has changed as much as they claim.
      It’s my opinion, based on having been here for a lot longer than just the 90s, that the parents and friends changed. They are younger than I am (by a wide margin),and just don’t have the same perception of reality that I do.
      For instance, they are certain the gun is evil, while I am certain the gun has no morality at all. And reality backs me up on this.
      They are certain they know about guns, while I am certain that they couldn’t tell why an AR is an “assault weapon” and a Mini-14 isn’t. (Most of them evidently don’t even know what an “assault rifle” is, much an “assault weapon.” And, given signs in the recent march, they don’t know what an automatic weapon is, nor how they are regulated. But they want them banned. (“I don’t know what it is, but it sounds scary, so it should be banned!”)
      Sadly, those people haven’t learned how to think, but they sure learned how to follow directions.

  8. The anti-gun / pro-gun debate all boils down to three simple questions:

    Is it possible to control or limit the behavior of people that want to harm others?
    What level of violence is acceptable? Give examples.
    What freedoms, if any, are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this goal?

    To answer these questions, you have to consider these facts:

    1. Tools for violence will be created in secret and go unnoticed.
    Any person or group that is willing to utilize their full faculties and personal right to privacy under the law in the US will be able to create tools to harm others with great effect without alerting others.

    2. Acts of Violence will almost always be a surprise.
    Unless a person or group is foolish enough to reveal their plan or intent to commit of violence prior to the act itself, the act of violence will be a surprise.

    3. Acts of Violence can only be stopped quickly by competent first responders that are on-scene when it starts.
    The window of opportunity to stop the event from unfolding as planned will depend entirely on a few seconds or minutes at the start of the event and active intervention of armed first responders.

  9. because the nra is calling it like it is, the media does love mass shootings. stick to religion, not politics heir frances, take note dear pope your one of the reasons i disavowed catholic religion

  10. To paraphrase the late William F. Buckley, the Pope is about as qualified to speak on this issue as criminologists are to speak about the Doctrine of Transubstantiation!

  11. I still want to know who paid for all this crap??
    These folks didnt all show up using their own cash and transportation.
    I suppose they paid for the stage and banners too???
    Maybe it was Hillary using her stolen cash??

    • George Soros, Bloomberg and Robert Kraft footed most of the bill…dont be fooled. Lots of union labor in building the stages, setting up PA systems and police details…nevermind the T shirts and sign printing…trucking in paid “protesters” and flying them little Tide pod eaters all over the country to various rallies.

      • Other then the usual suspects. None have come forward saying so. Just seems strange all this was done and setup in less then a week or so. Our side wouldnt/couldn’t do it in a month. It all must have been preplanned. With the Left just waiting for the proper setup reason.

        • Why would they come forward? If they did everyone would see this for the farce it is and it would fall apart.

          They need to make it look “grassroots” to be legitimate.

        • Good point Jay. Also, someone is paying the speech writing fees. No way this twit wrote that speech plus she was very well rehearsed.

        • If those who bankrolled this march copped to it, it couldn’t be seen as being a grassroots movement by the very people who are too immature to buy guns (since they couldn’t then be mature enough to tell everyone how they should or shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns).
          So,no, coming forward would negate the whole thing.

  12. St. Augustine knew a long time ago that government cannot control human nature, only the individual can do that. Any attempt at a government above human nature always results in tyranny. I don’t know if the pope meant to imply what it looks like is being reported, but it is very foolish to be vague about this subject area.

  13. Is the pope catholic? Nope the old dude in a dress is a Marxist…I believe we all need to present a united front-or we’ll all hang separately. Trump needs to “get” who elected his whoremonger azz. It wasn’t hogg boyz or lesbo teenyboppers. In the last days perilous times shall come…

    • Shoot, if I were a multibillionaire (and 30 years younger), I would maintain a harem, and would not deny it. Applications now being accepted, send resume and appropriate photos.

  14. It would be mind blowing if people actually read the transcripts instead of quoting a news source before attacking Catholics. Spread Christ message, don’t let people disparage that, Christ is in you.

    But I guess my version of his mass wouldn’t push an agenda. Hell has a place for everyone. So does Heaven. Thank God.

  15. “The NRA seized its advantage under GOP legislatures and a GOP Congress to promote a no-compromise agenda of guns everywhere for anyone”

    I fucking wish.

    “I suspect that somewhere along the way the NRA was corrupted by political operatives who recognized the electoral benefits of peddling fear to its members.”

    I hope Kraut and people like him do corrupt it into an actual pro-gun organization. We need to get rid of the drafter dodger CEO somehow though, and the board has no such power.

  16. Someone should tell that girl that thick plastic glasses with no lenses went out of fashion more than 10 years ago.

    • but they are perfect for appearing to comply with workplace shop safety rules while not performing risk laden tasks.

  17. With regard to the NRA just remember we gun owners have no representation in the national news media and the Marxist/Socialist/Progressive Democrats are working diligently to demonize and silence the NRA in order to silence us. Once that is done we have no national voice. No other pro gun group has quite the same influence and recognition as the NRA.

    We may not like everything the NRA says and does just now, but without them our point of view is silenced. Furthermore, if we want to change the NRA’s message, we can do that, but without them we have no effective message on the national stage. I encourage POTG to support and donate to whatever pro gun group you wish, but just remember the NRA is the group with name recognition, “go to guy” status in the news media, and our best current hope of being heard. May not be the 100% first choice for all of us, but it’s the best we’ve got at the present. It’s nearly all we’ve got {sad to say}.

    • You don’t need a “voice”, you just need ammo.

      Luckily, the enemy usually brings half of what’s needed for a good firefight.

      • Joe R. right now the “firefight” is a war of words, and the enemy has the majority of the “guns” and plenty of ammo. IF they silence our “voice”, we might end-up in a real firefight, in which case the “enemy” would find they don’t have enough guns and ammo. It was “Mousie Dung” who said, “Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” “. Personally, I don’t want to find-out by first hand experience, nor be guided by the words of an infamous Communist perpetrator of genocide among his own people.
        These American Communists are full of words and false bravado because they have learned they can say anything they want and will be quoted widely with no adverse consequences. They believe they will win this “war of words”, and maybe they will. They have no stomach for following “Mousie Dung’s” imperative because they don’t believe they can win that fight, and they likely could not. For now that’s our “Ace in the hole”, and as long as we can be heard we can stave-off playing that Ace we can better prepare ourselves for what might be the inevitable degeneration into out-and-out bloodshed. I don’t really want that, and I don’t think you really do, either.

        • The POTG and Constitution advocates must win the War of Words if SHTF we certainly will not win the War With Weapons. I’m convinced that given the orders the U.S. National Guard will follow them out. POTConstitution we be looked upon as evil insurgent’s , it’s already happening. The propaganda that if you favor guns there must be something wrong with your mental stability, POTG do not care about children, we are anti government, on and on. Propaganda works very well in this age of Facebook

        • I see your points. I think, if it comes to bloodshed, what side we are on and who is with us will come down to a question of who can claim “legitimacy”. A few years back PaulinPA, I think it was, wrote a great comment on the question of legitimacy. Wish I had copied and kept it.
          As I have written previously, the country is roughly divided in half with each side believing their point of view is completely correct and the other side is completely wrong. The two sides are diametrically opposite, so there is no chance for compromise, rational discussion or mutual understanding. This has been historically typical where Marxists are backing one side and traditionalists the other. When it comes to bloodshed, each side will claim to be representing the “legitimate America”. That cannot be the case.

          So, if armed revolution breaks out in America it will come down to which side the Military chooses to recognize as “legitimate”. Right now, I think they would go with Trump, as he is the “legitimate” POTUS. Hence, the Left (Communists) must try to seize the White House and Congress in order to attempt a claim of representing the “legitimate” America and force the Right to rebel and surrender “legitimacy”. My crystal ball remains fuzzy on what would happen in that case, but I believe that as long as there is no Democrat claim to POTUS or COTUS, they cannot/will not do anything but “talk” violence. These American Communists are flawed by their belief “someone else” has to do the dirty work. So, they march and make speeches (all-the-while protected by Police and National Guardsmen ordered by the “legitimate” Government to protect them because the Constitution bades them to), but when it comes to actually taking up Arms the American Communists won’t do it.” It’s not MY job.”

          That’s what keeps me from agreeing with all your points, even though I think they are valid points.

        • WHOA

          @Derry – I don’t even know if you are from here. “Ironic” ain’t.

          POTG don’t need to ‘call each other’s bluff’ let the other side do that. Me, I’d rather drag a few million MFs through the streets now, instead of when I’m 90, or have my great grandkids ask me why I didn’t.


        • Ironic, I beg to differ. The National guard might (*might*) respond, but once they start dying, every single one will disappear. And when initially provided their gov’t weapons, some may just shoot the mofo who handed them out. Signing up in order to pay for college does not involve submitting to a lobotomy. And those who currently qualify as “grabbers” will be nowhere to be found, we’ll have to hunt them down later.

        • I have doubts about what the National Guard would do, as well. My reference to “the Military” should have specified I was excluding the Guard. Good catch. My bad.

          Since the Guard sort of belongs to their Home State and POTUS has to invoke certain Executive Orders and Federal Laws to put them under Federal Control, they could be “iffy”. During the recent Snowflake March, National Guard was used in Washington D. C. to augment the D.C. Police in “protecting” the marchers, or so it was reported.

  18. If having a gun in your possession makes you a danger to society, the answer is not for society to take the gun away from you. The answer is for you to be taken away from society.

    • If, merely, having a gun MAKES SOMEONE THINK, that you are a danger to Society. Then THEY ARE NOT PART OF SOCIETY, and THEY need to be taken from it.

  19. ” I suspect that somewhere along the way the NRA was corrupted by political operatives who recognized the electoral benefits of peddling fear to its members.”

    I suspect they’re not entirely off-base here.

    I can’t think of any other reason the NRA would prefer to fight to attempt regain rights they allowed to be legislated away, instead of fighting to preserve them in the first place.

  20. When the Pope himself come out against the NRA it shows the NRA has reached the “end of the line” with sane responsible Adults many of which are gun owners themselves. The Pope who is one of the most respected religious leaders in the world carries a lot of weight with a lot of people even with agnostics and aethiests. He has proven to be one of the best Pope’s of all time and when he speaks even some Republican Greed Mongers hang their heads and quiver in shame.

    The Fart Right now in a blind panic has sunk to a new low and is now disgustingly even attacking the children which included Ms. Gonazles who had a fake picture posted of her tearing up an American Flag when in reality it was a Target at a Shooting range. According to the Far Right Racists Ms. Gonzales was just “not white enough” to be classed as “a real American”. In reality the bulk of the American people after viewing the Far Right Nazi Candle light march in North Carolina to pay homage to a bunch of racist Confederated Slave owners of the Civil war proved that the Far Right are the ones now considered “Non-American” and not just by people living in the North even Southern people are fed up with the Racist Confederate Flag waving and have begun to take down Confederate monuments and flags blaspheming the government buildings in various southern cities.

    It was revealed today there will be an astonishing 4 million 18 year old’s ready to vote in November and they will attack the corrupt Republicans with a vengeance after seeing their fellow students die in rivers of blood and carnage on a weekly basis in schools across the Nation after the Republicans who controlled both houses of Congress did nothing to stop the carnage. Can anyone really blame them when they see the NRA stick gold in the Republicans pockets who then end up willingly eating their own children.

    American children and their parents are damn sick of Republican corruption who win elections only by using a corrupt Electoral College that lets the minority fk the majority out of a true democracy and a shameful corrupt practice of Gerrymandering that only dictatorships and 3rd world countries approve of. Lets face facts when we have a Middle East Country like Iran give more democracy and a fairer election process than South Carolina did we have sunk to an all new low on the world stage of democracy of which the U.S. actually never has had only an illusion of democracy.

    Make no mistake the Republicans did nothing to save the Second Amendment because its is cheaper to ban guns They did not want to spend any money on the American people and their children rather they stole as many tax dollars as they could by lining their corrupt pockets with tax dollars by exempting themselves from taxation and then paying for their robbery by taking away social security and medicare benefits.

    By doing nothing they lost everything and out of blind greed they ended up destroying the Second Amendment as its too late now to save it as they have the majority of Americans who own no guns at all coming after them with a vengeance. It did not have to be this way but their blind greed destroyed themselves and gun ownership in this country.


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