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How the Parkland students pulled off a massive national protest in only 5 weeks – The Parkland students didn’t do it. The civilian disarmament industrial complex did. That’s commonly known as Astroturf . . .

As #NeverAgain supporters set their sights on the Washington rally, partner organizations stepped up.

Giffords, the gun safety advocacy group named for congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a mass shooting survivor, provided transportation to Washington for some Stoneman Douglas families with the help of New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft, who provided the team’s jet to help families get to Washington.

Other Stoneman Douglas students traveled with families and friends to the march. Senior Julia Bishop said she chose to attend the rally in Washington in order to “feel the heart of support” contained within the movement.

“I wanted to stand on Capitol Hill in the shadow of our country’s legislature and express how truly enraged I am that my friends are now dead due to gun violence and there had been nothing done about it.”

Everytown for Gun Safety supplied operational and logistical resources for marches in Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Milwaukee and New Orleans, the group said Sunday. Additionally, the organization said it gave out $5,000 grants to more than 200 local organizers across the country to ensure they had operational resources. The group helped to support transportation for students from cities including Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to travel to the march in D.C.

Ben and Jerry’s also chipped in with grants to fund bus transportation to the march.

A fake photo of Emma González went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains – Fake, but accurate . . .

Moynihan’s tweet keyed on an idea: Public moments by the Parkland students are being scrutinized and stretched to either bolster or tear down arguments on social media, built on the traditional debates made around the dinner table.

Generally, one form of criticism of González and fellow students such as David Hogg, 17, has focused on their ages.

They are too naive and young to grasp the extent of how money, politics and policy intersect, the argument goes. It was cemented in the right’s criticism of Hogg’s insistencethat clear backpacks would infringe on civil rights.

There’s No Going Back From What Happened This Weekend. The Gun Debate Is Over. – That’s commonly known as jumping the gun . . .

There is no going back from what happened this weekend. There is only the question of how far and how fast the change will come. If the people who marched on Saturday vote—and why wouldn’t they—the National Rifle Association and its lackeys in Congress and state legislatures around the country have no chance this November and beyond.

For those craven politicians, elected and re-elected on the blood of innocents, beholden to an organization that long ago betrayed its founding principles, forever contorting law and logic to justify assault rifles for teenagers and peanuts for gun research, the game is over, the bluff’s been called. You can only fool so many people for so long.

Two commemorative edition rifles to celebrate the 60 years of Chiappa Firearms 

But as modern as it could be, the Chiappa Firearms company does not forget its roots and history, and in 2018 it celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of its foundation with the launch of two distinct lines of .45 Colt, lever-action, limited-edition 1892-based carbines.

The two limited editions – one composed of sixty samples, one even more distinguished, with just six samples built! – were built in collaboration with the master engravers of the A&A Engraving, Inc. of Rapid City (SD). And the results exceeded expectations.

It’s Turkey Time in Remington Country – Cash Back on Turkey Loads

Huntsville, AL – Remington announced today its Spring 2018 Cash Back Ammunition Rebate. The mail-in rebate includes all Remington turkey shotshell offerings.

These cash back, mail-in offers are valid on ammunition purchased now through May 1st, 2018. All requests must be postmarked by June 1st, 2018. All turkey loads are $3.00 of per box, limit 10 per customer. You can download and print the rebate form at here.

Gun Fatalism Is Reasonable in a Terrifying Country – Apparently we live in a terrifying country . . .

What’s happened since the Benton shooting has been entirely unlike what happened after the Parkland, Florida massacre, which took place just two weeks later and a universe away. Some of the reasons for that are simple: The alleged perpetrator was a local kid, known to the community, and not seen as a looming threat, the way Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz evidently was for years. There’s also the fact that Parker allegedly used a handgun, which he told police he took from his stepfather. That lessened the carnage, and it lessened the media coverage as well.

“If he’d used an AR-15, I think you would’ve heard a roar from this community,” Fritz says.

Should we really be allowing the Pentagon to teach target practice to teens on campus? – Some of the leftiest leftists don’t like teens to learn responsible marksmanship . . .

This latest shooting was morbidly effective timing for a campaign by the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy to end marksmanship programs in American high schools, starting with a petition.

“We are set to send as many as 150,000 emails at the beginning of next week,” Elder told AlterNet. The coalition boasts dozens of groups including World Beyond War, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, On Earth Peace, and Stop Recruiting Kids. “The petition is unique,” he said, “because it targets not federal legislators, not Congress, but it targets state legislators. What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to shut down firing ranges in public high schools.”


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  1. Once upon a time I took a oath to protect and defend the United States of
    America’s Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic…

  2. Oh. So that’s how astroturf works. Interesting. I’ve always heard people say “astroturf” a lot but I didn’t really understand how exactly movements were fake. Yeah, no wonder they can get such large groups when they’re paying for transportation, and advertising. Then on top of that they get massive amounts of 100% free advertising from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, every mainstream media platform, plus every single left wing site. And they’re all playing it up as some huge movement, making it sound like people will be there and are able to send the message that, yes, this is something you want to attend.

    Meanwhile…. I have no idea when or where any pro gun rallies will take place (I don’t use social media) and I have to get there myself.

    • Yeah I couldn’t find any organizing for any pro gun counter protest, it was on your own. So I guess we need to organize. We do have platforms like this, and the NRA convention, they could just pick a time during the convention and have everyone march downtown.

      • Pick a date, publicise the date, every fed up gun owner takes a sick day off from work. No shopping, buying gas, nothing, just a nice big economic impact. Our own little government shut down

      • And like I said, we need to advertise and make a big deal out of it. Every single mainstream media platform was talking about March for Our Lives. They clearly won’t say a word about any kind of pro gun counter protest, and if they’re not going to do it, then we need all the alternative media talking about it. Every single alternative media platform that is pro gun needs to talk about it and pro gun organizations like GOA NRA and whatever local pro gun organizations are in the states need to get advertising out. It needs to be so big that the media CAN’T ignore it. And then if it only turns out to be 12 guys marching in front of a courthouse with rifles on their backs then everyone will be really embarrassed… But…. It’s better than doing nothing.

    • Progun rallies have always been large and have been taking place about every-other November nationally in every state and municipality at the ballot box. Huge one in 1994, another huge one in 2014 and 2016. Remember? There have been plenty of others.

      Does anyone really want to go try to gather at some national monument with a bunch of other old overweight guys in various forms of camo and guns of dubious nature, listening to some person on a bullhorn spewing the incendiary type of “I’m BAD and I have a gun, come get it” attitude that gets displayed around here?

      I’ll gladly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men and women who also support the Constitution and the US but we need to do it in the manner set down by the Framers.

      Protest? Of course- it’s as American as tacos and pizza, er… Apple Pie, but the problem is, most of the people who’d show up would likely take their cues from protest freaks of the left: profanity, lies, intimidation, and leave a hell of a pile of trash afterwards to boot.

      Most events like the idiot’s march last Saturday, or “women’s marches, gay pride events, illegal border-crashers and race-sponsored pep-talks are situations where those gathering know they’re off center but come together to gain self-assurance. In their efforts to try to make their anomaly appear normal they always turn to hyperbole and emphasize scare tactics to openly intimidate and challenge anyone who might question them and their “convictions/afflictions” with charges of racism, sexism, homophobicism (though not sure who’s afraid of gays…), etc, etc. While the MSM may make a big deal of this, it doesn’t really help change general public opinion unless we allow it to by turning off- hence, the flocking to the polling places to present the real opinion poll that everyone but the delusional will have to believe.

      In any case, I’m personally not interested in displaying all this sort of rhetoric or posturing just to try to gain some headlines, which we wouldn’t unless some tradgedy occurred during our “event”. Educate yourself on the candidates and issues, get behind the person or position you agree with and back that both physically and financially- that’s what the other side is doing. Spend some time learning how “politics” really work, and then go vote, and make sure all your pals do likewise. Compromise when you must to stay in the fight and never give up. Wouldn’t it be great to see a pile of those Florida pols kicked out during the primaries and in November? Ditto around the rest of the country? It can easily happen if we stop bitching and turning off to “politics” and learn to use the system that’s presented us. Sitting in your basement, talking only to a bunch of negative people with no clue or plan they could sell to anyone and burying your guns is doing nothing not for me, you, or the country.

      The rally is in November, it should cost little to organize and you won’t have to travel or take off work. Seriously.

      • Totally agree. We can’t just talk about it. Voting is more important now than ever. Please, everyone vote in the midterms & any & all elections from now on. If you’re not registered then get registered. We cannot be complacent, not anymore. Join local & national pro 2A organizations, stay informed & help inform those around you. Don’t assume other people will do enough & your efforts are unnecessary. I assure you, you’re necessary.
        I live in Marxland & I’ve been receiving emails for Mike Pullen (D) for Congress. So I emailed him (along with the rest of my representatives) about my concerns for the 2A. A campaign employee responded that, “he does favor a semi-automatics weapons ban, as well as bans on bumpstocks, high capacity magazines and silencers. He is in favor of universal background checks.” Needless to say he will not be getting my vote & I will advise others not to vote for him either.
        Please everyone, get involved.

    • You want a good one about the transportation thing… Delta airlines gave three (3) free round trip flights for the march, that’s one hell of a donation for a company to say that they are neutral.

    • The problem is that the leftist media marginalizes protests for anything they disagree with. They also relabel protests. For example, if we were to have a pro-2nd amendment rally that they couldn’t ignore, they would label it a white supremist rally even if the entire protest was made up of Black gun owners.

  3. All the Democrats have to do is keep rooting for gun free zones.. all the Democrats have to do is avoid tips from concerned citizens and tell law enforcement to let that one Stew until he does something major….. all law enforcement that’s in the back pocket of Democrats has to do is stand back and let the kill count go up…. so they can complain about Republicans being in the back pocket of the NRA…WE THE PEOPLE, ARE AT WAR.

    • I think there is some truth in this statement “we are already at war”. Some folks are waiting for a major Fort Sumter type of event. I think in this era that the war has already started and will escalate to armed conflict. The R’s have already proven themselves to be traitors and no better than the D’s. We are one financial collapse or major terrorist attack away from the start of an all armed conflict.

  4. The astroturf movement we saw this weekend will be much like the exit polling where Hillary was “winning by a landslide” until she didn’t. You think the snowflakes were upset when Hillary lost? Wait until the new Hitler youth figure out they were used and there won’t be any of the changes that they want at warp speed 9. I fully expect Antifa style riots organized by the same groups with the new teen revolutionary movement. As was said in a previous post on a different TTAG article…this is more about trying to tear down the current administration (and the Republic in general), guns are just a side dish to go with the steak. They aren’t event hiding the fact they want all out confiscation at this point. We may see a tipping point soon. Not sure what is going to set off the powder keg but when it finally blows up this thing is going to get ugly.

    • I did see some WaPo or HuffPost headline walking back the mask slippage…”How Fox news turned the March for our lives into an attack on the second amendment.” Those dastardly conniving Fox news guys, crafty like a fox for sure. Turning a rally for peace with fake news into anti guns, I mean of course we don’t want to take anyone’s guns, common sense and all that rot. What was that get an inch, take a mile and kill the NRA and such? Just jolly banter for sure!

      • The mob action was more than an attack on the Second Amendment. It was also a continuation of the left’s attack on traditional American values; complete with attacks on those of us who disagree with multi-culturalism, illegal immigration, the homosexual agenda, anti-Christian bigotry and a more powerful central government.

    • The issue is never the issue (though in this case, the issue is AN issue if not THE issue; they really do want Americans disarmed). Love Hogg’s classic commie salute. The fact that he probably doesn’t know what gang sign he’s flashing doesn’t really matter.

  5. Leave it for the Gawker rag named after an pro-genocide anti-semite to draw a fired bullet with the brass…

    • “…to draw a fired bullet with the brass…”

      That falls under “Those that don’t know, teach”…

  6. The pro gun rally won’t be peaceful, The Antis will do everything in their power to instigate a conflict and any skirmish will be spun to look like the pro gunner side instigated the conflict by the msm.
    Stock up on ammo, buy that rifle you’ve been putting off and zero your rifles.

    • I’m talking about defending our homes and families, NOT instigating a conflict, in case someone wants to take anything out of context. as i’m sure this site is monitored by the ACLU and FBI.

  7. seriously, the hyperbole of all of this makes me think its the HRC Campaign all over again: only inevitable to those people in the echo chamber.

    “The gun debate is OVER”
    “An entire generation is about to become democrats!”

    i hope they ride this issue hard, right into laying a giant egg in the midterms

  8. If THIS BS doesn’t get you politically active NOTHING will. I’m glad I’m more or less in the autumn of my years. All with so-called Republitards in charge…

    • Done with Ben & Jerry’s?
      Never had more than half a pint of it. Other than Cherry Garcia, which can’t find any where.
      I’ll stay with Blue Bell, best ice cream!

      There’s a saying “if you’re not liberal in your youth you have no soul, if you’re not conservative as you mature, you have no sense.

      Typical arrogant, we rule the world teenagers.
      Sure seems to me that a total waste of time. These are kids going into the latter part of High School.
      Do they realize they might want to fill out application for college?

      Hell, no difference than baby boomers protesting war in Vietnam. I didn’t have time for teen outrage. Went to college and got a job that lead to a career in residential lending. Lasted 30+ years Got married, got divorced and remarried going on 25 years, have owned own homes for 3 decades. Had my own business for 10 years. Now ready to build what will be last home to hand down to heirs.
      Bless their hearts, they think they are “special”
      They are just repeating righteous indignation and grief at the loss of young lives.
      Charles Wittman UT Tower ring a bell with anyone?
      Think about similar number of dead and wounded.

  9. According to an independent research group that evaluates crowd size using photos taken from overhead drones, the D.C. turnout was nowhere near the 800,000 claimed, but in actuality closer to 200,000 by their count. Even with all the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated and astroturfing to make the event a “success.” Despite the massive press coverage, this “movement” may not have as much steam as it is cracked up to have. And with high schoolers going back to school, seniors preparing for graduation and college, how long will this “organization,” such as it is, really last? Hogg will probably still be around–I read that he hasn’t gotten into any colleges yet–and maybe a few others. The greatest issue now is not the teens, it is the legislators too stupid to let this flash in the pan burn itself out who will propose or make more permanent changes.

    • 200,000 is an impressive turnout, but they couldn’t leave well enough alone.

      Lying is their natural state.

  10. The arming of teachers has become a contentious debate, at least in the media, liberals and republicrats. There are upwards of 170 schools here in Texas that have armed teachers (yes quiet a few are female) and administrators. We have that and at least one to two fully armed and uniformed city police officers in each school. All day each day. This arming of teachers in Texas goes back ten years or more. There are other states that do this too. But only the media and snowflake schools will not acknowledge this fact. The warning signs are in front if these schools too. Not gun free signs.

    Remove school shooting ranges here? Not likely.

    Oh and Ben and Jerry’s? They can suck start my “machine gun”!

  11. Okay, I get it. The little sh!ts won’t stop killing each other, so responsible adults need to be killed and the guns taken from their cold, dead hands.

    Fine. Come and take them.

  12. ” OK we will pry it from your cold dead hands”

    Come Get Some !

    Marxist snowflakes know not what they ask for.

  13. ” Pry it from your cold dead hands? Okay.”

    Bring it on bubba but you might wanna be careful not to trip over your buddies (throw a tourniquet on that one before he bleeds out) oh and do be careful you don’t get a nasty burn that barrel will be HOT.

  14. I think if most of the social justice warrior marches, Democratic party rallies, etc. were properly analyzed, you would find that the typical SJW on these marches has no job or has a job where (s)he gets an unlimited pass from the employer – for example teachers, state government workers, union organizers, college faculty, etc. Or is a deluded, kept, stay at home female living in a gated community fantasy world. I also venture to say that the typical gun-owner, male or female, whatever firearms they own, has a job or a business where taking off for half of the week to make a social protest would not be looked on kindly, to say the least. I also doubt that “we” live on social media except for a few sites that are specifically gun-related. We are more individuals by nature. We don’t tend to flock. And unless the firearms industry wants to chip in, “we” don’t seem to have any money-bag sponsors ready to drop large sums on the cause. And “we” would have to be very careful to NOT carry weapons to a rally, lest it violate the many laws and ordinances against weapons at a “parade” or “political event.” All of this makes it difficult for us to set up counter protests. We can vote early and often, and contribute to what few politicians support this cause.

    • ‘And “we” would have to be very careful to NOT carry weapons to a rally, lest it violate the many laws and ordinances against weapons at a “parade” or “political event.”’

      (If you stated or implied a location, I missed it and apologize in advance.) It depends on where one holds a rally. Here in Ohio, we always do ours armed; usually with long guns and handguns. It isn’t a big thing for some of us because we carry openly everyday, almost everywhere, and sometimes rifles as well. For us, the main difference at a rally are that we are gathered in larger groups and some carry signs. Other than that, it’s pretty normal.

  15. A picture is worth a thousand words. That last one is worth a thousand guns, probably to be bought today, with extra mags and ammo. That guy is just begging to be a grease spot in a war he’s gonna start.
    The degree of insanity coming from these folks is completely flabbergasting. This is the net result of decades of GOV programming. Clearly, history will repeat itself. If we’re serious about Liberty, the first things we’ll do is take control of the satellites…

  16. “I wanted to stand on Capitol Hill in the shadow of our country’s legislature and express how truly enraged I am that my friends are now dead due to gun violence and there had been nothing done about it.”

    Then the rally should have been at the Sheriff’s office.


      “The progressive/Marxist will not understand their Ideology until the militant boot of Marxism crushes his balls, then he will understand.”

      ~Yuri Bezmenov~

  17. If assholes like this don’t exhaust most of their energy fearing you, they will waste most of their energy attempting to have you need to fear them.

  18. My favorite interview from the GOA video was the woman with the “Only fools vote to arm teachers” sign. The GOA asked whether she was familiar with the experience of the states which do allow armed teachers, she admitted that she is not familiar with their experience and does not know the facts of the issue.

    Who are these MORONS who, by their own admission, have no idea what they’re talking about, yet will march and chant and argue and sloganeer all day in support of some very, very bad ideas?

    These lemmings and useful idiots will thrust us all into a hellish future. In the generations thereafter, even high school history students will look back on their obvious idiocy and ask “What the hell were they thinking?”, just like we all asked of 1930s Germans.

  19. Attend the 2018 Capitol Rally for our Gun Rights Saturday, March 31, 2018
    at the Minnesota State Capitol, 75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard., St Paul, MN 55155

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