TTAG Daily Digest: #MarchForOurLives Narrative Fail, Bradys Try Again and the First School Shooting

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 24: Security stand along Pennsylvania Ave NW before the start of the March for Our Lives rally on Saturday, March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)

NARRATIVE FAIL: Tons Of ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Protecting #MarchForOurLives Gun Control Rally – Without double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all . . .

On Saturday, thousands of left-leaning people descended on the streets of Washington D.C. to demand gun control as they were surrounded by a heavy presence of “good guys with guns.” It was a truly ironic scene.

In a piece compiled by Twitchy, a presence of heavily armed local law enforcement officials and members of the National Guard were on scene to protect those rallying against guns, claiming they make American less safe:

The #MarchForOurLives gun control rally is being heavily pushed by left-wing groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, which are bent on taking away the constitutional rights of law-abiding American citizens.

Brady Center, family of slain Westmoreland County teen, file lawsuit for wrongful death – They keep trying. And trying . . .

The parents of a 13-year-old Westmoreland County boy who was killed in an accidental shooting two years ago are suing the gun manufacturer and store where the gun was purchased.

Mark and Leah Gustafson filed the complaint in Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court on Monday against Springfield Armory and Saloom Department Store, alleging that the manufacturer failed to use inexpensive safety features that could have prevented their son’s death. The Gustafsons are represented by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, as well as local law firm Carlson Lynch.

James “J.R.” Gustafson was shot March 20, 2016, at a home in the 100 block of South Church Street in Mt. Pleasant.

Parkland survivor Delaney Tarr’s 2018 message: ‘I’m voting for my life’ – If only someone at her school had had a gun. Oh…wait . . .

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior, Delaney Tarr’s life was upended on February 14 when a former student entered the school armed with a semi-automatic AR-15.

The mass shooting took the lives of 17 students and teachers and injured 14.

But Tarr is a survivor, and along with her peers, she is part of a cohort of high schoolers deemed by former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as helping to “awaken the conscience of the nation.”

This awakening — while spawned by tragedy — has become a national movement steered by these student survivors who are demanding #NeverAgain and directing the nation’s leaders to put the safety of children above the powerful gun lobby.

The NRA is Attacking the Teen Organizers of March For Our Lives – If you put yourself out there as part of a national debate, you’re fair game . . .

The National Rifle Association is pulling out all the stops ahead of what’s expected to be one of the largest marches of all time on Saturday, when an estimated 1 million people descend on the nation’s capital to demand stricter gun control measures.

NRA TV has been flooding its social media channels with videos criticizing the protesters under the hashtag #MarchForOurLives, the name student survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, chose for the event. Students leading the march want legislators to raise the federal age to buy a gun to 21, close background-check loopholes for gun show and online gun sales, and ban assault weapons.

Why so many American men want to be the “good guy with a gun” – What’s wrong with all of of you crazy gun people? . . .

Today, more than 16 million Americans are licensed to carry a concealed gun, and many millions more live in states that don’t even require a license if you want to carry. (There are more than a dozen such states.)

For these millions of Americans, gun politics is not just something you believe in; it is something that you do: gun carry is an everyday practice. It’s a way of moving through the world. Guns have become replete with a prosocial, moral meaning for the men who carry them (and, yes, gun carriers are disproportionately men).

Guns have helped foster a new “citizen protector” ethic, whereby firearms — and the willingness to use them to defend innocent life — come to represent an affirmation of life. For many men, guns counteract the increasing precarity of being a provider for their families, providing a way to be a good man centered on protection.

How the NRA derails gun control debates – If only . . .

It’s difficult to imagine watching a major news segment about gun control without hearing from the National Rifle Association. The group claims to represent millions of gun owners and calls itself “America’s longest-standing civil rights organization.” It has become a regular fixture in public debates about gun violence, arguing against even basic restrictions on gun sales and ownership.

But the NRA is a powerful industry lobbying group, often working on behalf of gun manufacturers. The group gets millions of dollars in direct donations from gun companies every year, and millions more in ad space that gun companies buy in NRA publications. Some gun companies donate a portion of every gun purchase directly to the NRA.

The Lessons of a School Shooting–in 1853 – If only we’d done something about these weapons of war on our streets back then . . .

Though little remembered now, the first high-profile school shooting in the U.S. was more than 150 years ago, in Louisville, Kentucky. The 1853 murder of William Butler by Matthews F. Ward was a news sensation, prompting national outrage over the slave South’s libertarian gun rights vision and its deadly consequences. At a time when there wasn’t yet a national media, this case prompted a legal conversation that might be worth resurrecting today.

High schoolers still like their guns, even after Parkland – Generation Columbine? Really? . . .

They’re young, fierce and — at least for the moment — the most prominent voices in America’s debate over guns.

But not all members of “Generation Columbine” cling to the rhetoric making household names out of some of their peers, those students calling for tighter gun control after the deadly Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Many American high schoolers do not blame school shootings on guns and don’t argue the answer is tighter restrictions on firearms. It’s a view at odds with many of their classmates, yet born from the same safety concerns.



  1. avatar billy-bob says:

    Mass killing in Florida! Ban bridges! For the children! When is the walkout/rally/astroturf media event for that planned?

    1. avatar Chadwick says:

      Sounded like it was a progressive engineering firm with a lead engineer that was a women hear me roar type. So, yeah, ever. How many progressive female engineers got hit by the irs when they were targeting their political enemies? That’s the same number of protests over a bridge falling on people.

  2. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

    “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!” Childish protestor

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      “Everytown for Gun Safety has already told me what to say, don’t confuse me with facts!”


  3. avatar ziptone says:

    My favorite quote is from Emma Gonzalez, the young lady that imprudently tried to bring Dana Loesch’s children in to the CNN MSD debate. “Fight for you lives before it’s someone else’s job” (20180324 13:40 CST) That’s what gun owners are trying to do too!

    1. avatar Wzrd says:

      I had the same thought when I heard that.
      Disarm the public so they have to rely on someone else to fight for their lives. Like police & gov’t, because that always works out well. Just like the police fought for the lives of the students when there was an active shooter… oh, wait.
      How anyone can follow & support these hypocritical, contradictory children is beyond my comprehension.

  4. avatar Mk10108 says:

    Vox video fails the single salient point that law abiding citizens natural and constitutionally protect right to keep and bear arms.

    It’s not about the NRA.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Of COURSE it’s about the NRA!

      “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it,and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.” – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

      1. So true. That book (Rules for Radicals) should be required reading for all of us. They use it to shut us up all the time. That’s what they used against the Bill Clinton accusers. Hillary called them “bimbos”….demonized them, made fun of them. They also accuse you of doing what they are actually doing. They accuse you of hate (when you aren’t) while they are spitting hate. They call for peace, while they are throwing rocks at you.

  5. avatar AlanInFL says:

    It is a gathering of people that believe that a tool is the greatest evil since the dawn of time.

    They should look that evil is going to be around and they made themselves defenseless. Talk about irony.

    1. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

      An even greater irony is that many of these people on the Left truly believe that Trump is a totalitarian… so they want the government to disarm them.

      They really push the limits of cognitive dissonance.

      1. avatar Brian says:

        They specifically want **Trump** to disarm them. Truely amazing.

  6. avatar TStew says:

    RF, I really wish you’d list the publishers of the articles you quote and link in these. I just gave “Vice” another damn click on their stats for cripes sake…

    1. avatar n64456 says:

      Not sure about a smartphone; but (on my laptop) I just hover my mouse over the link.. The web address appears at the bottom of my screen. I never give Vox, Salon, or Huffpo any clicks…

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    I’m not into the “good guy with a gun” narrative. I want to protect me and mine…liability is a bi#ch. Oh and I’m old😟

  8. avatar CLarson says:

    Heh, I’ll “Generation Columbine” over Generation Tidepod. I am feeling pretty good about our Gen Zers, not all youngsters are equal. 😎

  9. avatar DDay says:

    The Gustafsons are represented by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, as well as local law firm Carlson Lynch.

    They should talk to Sandy Philips and her husband, they sued Lucky Gunner and others after the Aurora shooting where their daughter was killed. I tweeted her and told her it was a frivalous lawsuit and Lucky Gunner would win and she’d be forced to pay his costs. She blocked me on twitter, continued with the suit and lost and Brady rans for the hills and stuck her with the bill for Lucky Gunner’s cost to defend themselves.

  10. avatar Jimmy Z says:

    Haha I found someone at our local rally that wants to ban glueguns.

  11. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Somebody got the kids all jacked up on gun bans. It’s easy to manipulate kids around that age , they’re all wanting to make a change. I’d like to know who really started this? And Trump should be impeached just because every fourth president needs to be impeached, just to let them know THEY CAN BE FIRED

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Do you really wanna know? You’re gonna hate it, and probably call me a tin foiler, but here goes;

      March For Our Lives, was organized by Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS, who were paid several million by the law firm Perkins Cole, who received funds from a non-profit overseen by David Brock, which received nearly the same number of dollars (and its only major donation) from charities affiliated with the Open Society group, which was recently given 18 BILLION dollars by George Soros before he mercifully goes to his final judgement.

      If any of that sounds familiar, it’s because it is the exact same game plan and players used to concoct the Russia/Trump dossier about two years ago.

  12. avatar John in Ohio says:

    The hypocritical NRA calling out hypocrisy.

  13. avatar Armed Partisan says:

    The ludicrous observations at the end of professor Cornell’s propaganda dissertation “The notion that the Second Amendment overrides these rights and prohibits sensible gun laws has never been the dominant position in American law. Most Americans in the 18th century and many in the 19th recognized this basic fact as fundamental to our Constitutional tradition.” is, to be kind, false. To be less kind, and thus more accurate, it is a lie. The Southern view of the Bill of Rights is the only correct one, and the proof of this is obvious if for no other reason than that it was advocated for and largely written by SOUTHERNERS. It was Virginia slaveholders who espoused and advanced the notions of individual liberty we take for granted as being “American” today. It was 13 slave holding states that seceeded from the UK to preserve individual liberty, and it was 11 slave holding states that attempted to continue this American tradition some 85 years later.

    “…their belief that the inherently violent nature of the slaveholding South meant that its laws were dominated by “the pistol and the lash.” A belief is NOT AN ARGUMENT! (H/T Stefan Molyneux). The fact that you can find some mean thing that some 19th century lunatic wrote about some segment of the nation which aligns with your personal prejudices does not indicate that either they, nor you, are in the mainstream of society, or largely aware of general thought on the matter. Attempting to argue that a view is incorrect because it is held by some people who your contemporary values consider repugnant is pathetic, but typical of Leftist tactics: “If you don’t agree with me, you’re a NAZI!!!”

    “As one newspaper wrote, “An Act that would have hung him in Massachusetts, is justified in Kentucky.” This is just as true today; an act that would make you a local celebrity, even a hero in MOST of the US will see you imprisoned or worse in MA or other Leftist strongholds, where civil liberty have NEVER been highly valued.

    “Although advocates for the modern gun rights movement claim to be champions of the Founders’ vision of the Constitution, they have actually taken their cues from this later, libertarian vision of gun rights—one that was developed by slave-owning judges in antebellum America.” There’s that Lefty Dog-Whistle again; those wacky, 19th century LIBERTARIANS. HOW EXACTLY, PRAYTELL, does one subscribe to an 18th century view of rights invented by a 20th century political movement, espoused by 19th century judges?! This “history professor” apparently believes that the legal traditions that the Founding Fathers fought TO PRESERVE was a 20th century perversion of some much more pedestrian, sedate, and genteel interpretation of rights which existed everywhere outside of the slaveholding states by the 19th century. It certainly has no antecedents in the English Civil War, when England itself was a Republic, and where certain civil rights were enshrined in law, nor does it have philosophical roots in the writtings of John Locke or other English philosophers, nor to MAGNA CARTA, some eight centuries ago, NO! It was LIBERTARIANS who done it! What with their advocacy of slavery and all! RIDICULOUS! I can see why this fellow is so concerned about being shot in a classroom! His misreading and deliberate misrepresentation of American history is CRIMINAL!

    1. avatar Tom says:

      Well said. Cornell’s reliance on the English Crown’s many restrictions on arms makes it seem like America would have wanted to continue them. Getting rid of those restrictions was why America was created! England also had restrictions on speech, assembly, religion that any tyrant (sorry “King” or “Queen”) would find handy to remain in power. Just look at the career of Queen Elizabeth I. Our Bill of Rights was a point by point protection for American citizens against the outrageous abuses that English subjects were, well, subjected to.

      Our Constitution was the first created around the idea that the individual citizen was primary. The Articles of Confederation did not do that. But our Founders knew that the supremacy of the individual citizen would be attacked, hated, and critized in the future, as it was in their day. The Second Amendment is one of the ways the individual American citizen protects herself from tyranny.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Wow, my mind was just blown (a little). OF COURSE slaveholders would understand and value individual liberty more than half-Tories piled up in the cities! Actually, not just slave holders, but anyone exposed to that system on a daily basis (though obviously the wealthy, the slaveholders, had the most influence & get quoted in history). No wonder the left is attacking these guys on the whole because of this one aspect of their existence, and seeking to purge all their contributions to history. Makes total sense, now.

      Sort of a Yin/Yang type thing, that only through the lens of subjugation can freedom be seen correctly, and vice-versa. I have long thought that correcting our examples of *actual* oppression led to subsequent generations losing sight of why they were repugnant in the first place.

      1. avatar Armed Partisan says:

        Exactly; they knew the cost, and they knew that even a moral man opposed to that system once it was firmly entrenched, would be powerless to abolish it even within their ow house without crippling debt of themselves, their families, a loss of all their other property, social ostracizim, and violations of the law.

  14. avatar GS650G says:

    This is anti gunners Waterloo. If this doesn’t work that’s the end of it. They only have until the next bug event like a natural disaster or some Russian claiming he switch 2 million votes for Trump to knock them off the news.

  15. avatar Rick says:

    As soon as they ban cars and close liquor stores because of drunk drivers is when I’ll support “gun control”. The hypocrisy and irony of this idiotic Bloomberg orchestrated march complete with several platoons of heavily armed guards is utterly galling. Never mind though… sure it made them feel better. But it will have ZERO impact at the legislative level. Thank God.

    1. avatar Dm says:

      In the short term, I agree, this is a flash in the pan but long term we have a problem if the NRA continues to be reactive in these situations. We have already seen what happens when pols get skittish. See:Florida f/k/a the gunshine state.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      We’re seeing a modern, successful push for Prohibition. They got the Constitution straight-up changed to pull off that insanity, they’re now pushing to do the same thing with guns. I can’t even imagine the crime wave and authoritarian overreach that’s coming if they do.

  16. avatar Brian says:

    “prompting national outrage over the slave South’s libertarian gun rights vision and its deadly consequences”

    Gee, I wonder if the slaves thought the south had a libertarian gun rights vision at the time? I dunno.

  17. avatar Dm says:

    Strategically, The left was ready to capitalize on this and we were not. Why? We have the money, the Congress (on paper) and the momentum. We fucked up and lost the initiative by not checking our six (ie, the media). Shit was simmering after Orlando, steaming after Vegas and is now on fire because our message and tactics are failing. I’m an NRA life member but they have cocked this all up by not getting ahead of the situation. As our primary lobbying organization, they should have been ready to hold marches for our rights rather than standing by and watching this bullshit on CNN. Too late for that now though. Skate to where the puck is going. Come up with plan B and get the word out.

    PS- This was bound to happen. We should all be glad it wasn’t three or four Daesh-type assholes hitting multiple locations simultaneously and putting the body count in the hundreds.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      It is not an IF there is another mass-shooting incident but WHEN. The progressives out maneuvered us this time so we will have to be prepared for the next event.

      The NRA must have an immediate action plan. They appear to move at the speed of snail mail and newspapers. They have to learn to move at the speed of the internet.

      And the media is no friend of firearm owners. The hate and vilification of private firearm ownership as been a common theme in the liberal left-wing media since the mid-to-late 1980s, about a decade ahead of the abandonment of the “fair reporting doctrine” in the mid 1990s. And there has been no let up since.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        How many more liberal school districts across the entire country do you think are blocking known dangerous students from being arrested or committed so the crime stats look good, as we saw in Broward County?

        I’m amazed they aren’t happening weekly, to be honest, which really drives home just how utterly rare this ‘running amok’ thing is. If even the slightest awareness and appropriate preventative responses are taken, it’d be a less than once-a-decade occurrence. Like they were until a decade ago when Dems started pursuing their end game with all this social justice crap…

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      IF the NRA had simply done what worked brilliantly after Sandy Hook, and kept their fat lips buttoned for a couple of weeks before stating in no uncertain terms, that there would be no gun control forthcoming from Congress of people would lose their A ratings…

      Frankly, I’m torn. On the one hand, the NRA Fudds have always hated machineguns so them trying to sacrifice bump stocks is very plausible. On the other hand, it’s entirely likely they knew the “keep calm and shut up” surefire strategy was not going to work with an anti-gun moron in the White House addicted to press coverage and being ‘a maverick.’

      “You arrogant Trump supporters; you’ve killed US.”

      Well, there’s always next time. Maybe when a telegenic Californian with a history of gun control pretends to be a Republican in the primaries, you’ll fucking listen to people that tell you you’re being bullshitted and to vote for the known quantity.

  18. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Communist’s communing !

  19. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘It was a truly ironic scene.’

    Not if your goal is creating a police state.

    1. avatar Salty Bear says:

      Well said. Cops and soldiers are not the good guys with guns we’re looking for. On the contrary, they are the threat the 2A was designed to mitigate.

  20. avatar Chadwick says:

    Internet sale and gun show loophole… Poor horse is pulp by now. Really people, we know you aren’t smart, but it takes the reasoning skills of a 5 year old to figure out those are both lies. Go loophole your neck with a Sam brown around the door knob you sorry excuse for fully functioning adults.

  21. avatar Hannibal says:

    So, the latest Brady suit is as stupid as the others. Here’s the main point:

    “Gustafson was killed exactly two years ago when his friend John Burnsworth, who was 14 at the time, pulled the trigger. The lawsuit states that Burnsworth thought the gun wasn’t loaded when he picked it up because the magazine was removed.

    Turns out, there was a live round in the gun’s chamber. Iverson said the gun’s loaded chamber indicator was barely noticeable, whereas she said it should have had a noticeable warning indicator..”

    So idiot with gun pulls the trigger, gun fires, somehow that’s a problem. How did these two idiots get a gun to play around with…? Oh:

    “Brooke Nelson, 20, of Connellsville, is awaiting sentencing after she pleaded guilty in February to five counts each of child endangerment and reckless endangerment and a weapons offense. Westmoreland County authorities alleged that she gave a gun to Burnsworth to scare off Gustafson just before he was shot…”

    I have a feeling this story has nothing to do with “gun safety.” But the FOUR people charged with crimes in relation to the event obviously don’t have the money the Brady assholes want to get their grubby little hands on.

  22. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    The anti’s don’t mind the police and National Guard having guns to protect them, it’s the idea of ordinary citizens going and being able to purchase guns that they don’t like. Some on the Left don’t want the police having guns either except for special response units, basically as they do it in the UK, but their main goal is disarmament of ordinary citizens.

  23. avatar Barry Bumpstick says:

    Rick Scott and Trump (Republicans in case you were confused by their legislation) just arbitrarily made an unknown number of Bumpstock owners felons overnight. Meanwhile, arms shipments to various overseas crapholes continue unabated! No 2nd Amendment overseas but hey, they can get real M4 rifles at a State Dept discount in Bahrain!


  24. avatar Patrick says:

    Deceit from the Vox “motivation assassination” article:

    “Today, more than 16 million Americans are licensed to carry a concealed gun, and many millions more live in states that don’t even require a license if you want to carry. (There are more than a dozen such states.)”

    No, “such states” do require a license, even if just a driver’s license. This fact is not trivial.
    “For these millions of Americans, gun politics is not just something you believe in; it is something that you do: gun carry is an everyday practice. It’s a way of moving through the world. Guns have become replete with a prosocial, moral meaning for the men who carry them (and, yes, gun carriers are disproportionately men).”

    No, gun politics is something I neither believe, nor do, nor use to “move through the world”. I do firmly believe in opposing and repealing “gun politics”. “Prosocial” is not recognized by my spellcheck, but apparently it means “social” or “positive social”, and its began to increase drastically in the early 60s, if that is indication of something. Using “disproportionately men” is a little deceitful (if not a lie, depending on the chosen definition); the last survey I saw indicated that men are 62% of concealed carriers. I guess that is over 50%, but not much.
    “Guns have helped foster a new ‘citizen protector’ ethic, whereby firearms — and the willingness to use them to defend innocent life — come to represent an affirmation of life. For many men, guns counteract the increasing precarity of being a provider for their families, providing a way to be a good man centered on protection.”

    No, the “protector ethic” (“citizen” or otherwise) is not at all new. I’m going to claim outright lie on this one. Again, “come to represent an affirmation of life”, have not “come to” as a result of this ethic and willingness; they have always been here, throughout various political situations. This is not some new thing. “Precarity”, again, was not recognized by spellcheck. According to the first Lycos search result, a Wikipedia article describing the word in relation to socialist labor ideology (if that indicates anything), it means a “precarious existence”, lacking in predictability, job security, etc. Essentially, the writer was saying that guns are a reaction to men’s no longer being the primary income provider. It’s true that as the family is further eliminated, child rearing is outsourced to the State and other entities, and violent crimes by individuals who were raised without a father are becoming more apparent, men still do continue to follow their defensive instincts with the tools available to them. The only deceit in that last bit was the implication that the reason men have defensive weapons is because of their percentage reduction as primary income earners.
    In conclusion, this was another example of countless writings with misleading statements, omissions, near lies and subtle lies, that are designed to collectively teach false ideology.

    1. avatar Patrick says:

      Ug, huge error there: It looks like 62% was a gun owning figure. I haven’t found the percentage of female CCW holders, though I feel a healthy percentage, even if a minority, are female. I still think “disproportionately male” is a little misleading when blaming men’s alleged insecurity as the cause of defensive weapon carrying.

      Any correction to the percentage would be appreciated. Thanks.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      “What? ‘Proletariat?’ That’s a Communist word! Who have you been talking to!”

      Human behavior is so interesting sometimes; choice of language can be every bit as telling as a polygraph test. Oh, there was a suspicious amount of red & orange bits of ‘flair’ at many of the larger protests. The DSA regulars have apparently come out from their hibernation they’ve been in since the Antifa thing kind of blew up in their faces last summer. I guess they think the heat’s died down.

  25. I think that the gun crowd is creating problems for its self by spouting tinfoil hat theories about communists coming to enslave us. This kind of talk makes the gun owners -the minority- seem to be people who lack the judgement to own a gun, in the view of the majority.
    The paid staff at the NRA doesn’t care, it’s the truly ignorant who believe it and contribute the most money.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      sooo….what would you call the little Bolsheviks and Nazis Komrade?
      Fascist, Communist; Mussolini proved they are all the same.
      Same crap cereal, just in different colored boxes.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      You are probably exactly right on that “communists coming to enslave us” point, Mike.

      It’s more like socialists in our own damn backyard trying to enslave us. And they want our guns because they know that until we are disarmed we will not submit.

      1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        Who said the Communists were from another country?

    3. avatar barnbwt says:

      Was it tin foil that caused the liberal/socialist school officials and police of uber-liberal Broward County to block Cruz from arrest for crimes or from being Baker Acted for being a nut? No, it was socialist policies that rewarded falling reported crime rates without any oversight, which strongly encouraged these officials to avoid doing their jobs. Now they have not only not been punished for their negligence, they have been given national prominence, and the entire crime has been transferred onto gun owners who weren’t even there.

      Where is the incentive to not continue the negligence until the next inevitable shooting? Why should this not be the case at countless equally-liberal areas scattered along the coasts and large urban areas of this country? Seems to me like there is little to no downside to this strategy, besides a few dozen kids sacrificed on the altar of gun rights. And given how many thousands of children we gun owners allegedly kill each year, that’s undoubtedly a small price to pay.

  26. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Students leading the march want legislators to raise the federal age to buy a gun to 21,
    Actually, I think kids under 21 should have no rights at all and should be slaves for ISIS or Kim after graduating high school.
    Get first hand experience on the idiotic society they are fighting for.
    Give it good and hard to the tide pod eaters!

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Many American high schoolers do not blame school shootings on guns and don’t argue the answer is tighter restrictions on firearms.
      Maybe we could have them run the re-education camps for their Progtard Brethren?

  27. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    The Brady’s are both gone from this mortal coil,thankfully !

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      I miss the days when their group only received $5000 in donations during the Obama campaign. Gun control was dead, it arose again after Newtown and was stomped back in its hole, then for some reason when it feebly leaned up after Vegas, the NRA stood it up & lay down in its place. Now the zombie is shoveling dirt on us alongside Trump.

  28. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    “If you’re too immature to carry a firearm, you’re too immature to make policy about firearms.” [email protected] #NRA
    And probably a lot of other things.

  29. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    the first high-profile school shooting in the U.S. was more than 150 years ago, in Louisville, Kentucky.
    For some reason, this is not totally surprising.

  30. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    In a piece compiled by Twitchy, a presence of heavily armed local law enforcement officials and members of the National Guard were on scene to protect those rallying against guns, claiming they make American less safe:
    But state approved government guns are groovy, private guns not so much.
    Groovy Government Guns.

  31. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    For many men, guns counteract the increasing precarity of being a provider for their families, providing a way to be a good man centered on protection.
    Well, at least they sort of got that right.
    Notice the words “Sort Of”.
    guns counteract the increasing precarity of being a provider for their families,
    Missed again!

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Well, if your neighborhood has become a crime-ridden dump since the plant closed due to environmental restrictions, and the largest political party is starting to sound like “Literal Nazis” every time they describe what to do with your demographic group…prioritizing protection of the family via firearms & other measures may not be the dumbest thing after all.

  32. avatar Darkman says:

    4/19/1775. The anniversary grows nigh. Perhaps people of the gun need their own march. To the state capitals of all 50 states or at least to your local county seat. Let your presence be your voice. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  33. avatar samuraichatter says:

    I have not watched swamp people in awhile and it was good to see and here Troy in all his country glory. I really am trying to look on the bright side of a gloomy weekend.

  34. avatar Joe R. says:

    Posts disappearing.

  35. avatar BierceAmbrose says:

    They’re children. Not surprising they act like children — throwing a tantrum until some powerful authority makes it all better for them

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