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As the Hudson H9 continues to grow in popularity aftermarket accessories are slowly coming to market. VZ Grips is the latest to drink the Hudson Kool-Aid.

Available now for $75 the VZ Grips G10 grip panels come in 3 styles and several color choices.


 VZ Grip’s  Aliens series which provide a lot of grip with the right amount of bite are available in black, black-grey, dirty olive and hyena brown.

Their new line of Ripper series grips are available in black, black-grey and dirty olive.

The Operator II series are available in black, black-grey, dirty olive and hyena brown and are perfect for the highest speed operators speedily operating. 

To order your pair so you can operate click here. I am looking forward to seeing more companies develop more accessories for the H9.

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      • Yea. Exercise instead. Skip the pills.

        On the grip side, what are they made of? Plastic, G10, micarta? Makes a big difference given the price. Hell, they oughta be made of polished unicorn horn for $75!

  1. ….Probably be outlawed very soon by an angry mob of “Tide-Pod Eaters!” Be afraid 😨, be very 😨….The NEO- Communists in the News media, school administration, Teachers, Teachers Union, Politicians, Hollywood Elites, etc, Are Here !!! This is just another accessory that will be on a future list….Be warned! It is time to bring back McCarthyism!!! And time to hunt down NEO-Communists !!! Enemy’s of America!!!

  2. that’s kind of pricey. at the present all spare cash goes towards ammo. this isn’t 1994, i’m afraid this is the big one

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