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As we’ve reported before, our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex — the CSGV in particular — love to advocate calling 911 on anyone spotted carrying a gun. But now a ruling in the case of the shooting of John Crawford III in an Ohio Walmart may make that strategy problematic. A judge has found probable cause to prosecute Ronald Ritchie (above) on charges of making false alarms for placing the 911 call that brought police to the store. The lesson: never take advice from the CSGV. In other news of the obvious . . .

Aurora victim’s stepfather blasts Sanders over gun views – Hillary’s supporters start to feel the Bern…and the long knives come out.

Minnesota considers ban on phone cases that look like guns – Next on the hit list…guns that look like phone cases.

‘Put the Guns Down’: Woman Shot Four Times in Horrifying Road Rage Episode – “Police said the victim, a 39-year-old woman, had honked at a Jeep when it cut in front of her at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, at the height of the evening rush hour. The passenger in the Jeep pulled out a black handgun and fired four rounds into the woman’s car.” Be careful out there.

Illinois bill would revoke guns from people deemed a danger – The gun violence restraining order cancer spreads.

Gov. Cuomo blasts Bernie Sanders’ gun stance, says it makes him no different from other politicians – A politician blasts a politician for being a politician. How . . . political.

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  1. ” A judge has found probable cause to prosecute Ronald Ritchie (above) on charges of making false alarms for placing the 911 call that brought police to the store.”


    (And some Cheering)

    May Mr. Ritchie be convicted and actually serve some time…

      • The best thing that could happen would be for this conviction to be appealed until it reaches a court that makes the decision binding.

    • No cheering from me. He’s only being charged for false alarm which is a first degree misdemeanor. He should get manslaughter. Grown man wearing pajama pants in public is a misdemeanor. Getting someone killed because you bared false witness is felony manslaughter.

      • I’m no lawyer, but if found guilty of the misdemeanor wouldn’t this open him up to losing a wrongful death suit? If so, I hope he has to pay for his actions for the rest of his life.

        • I would say you are correct, at least it would certainly help such a case against him. But the family involved has apparently decided that his pockets aren’t deep enough to bother with, and are saying that he bears no responsibility for the death. They want the deep pockets at Wal-Mart (!) and the city to take all the legal, and thus financial, responsibility.

        • Walmart? What did they do wrong to contribute to this? The cops, yeah, go after them. I don’t see any culpability for Walmart.

        • Danny, didn’t you listen to the ambulancechas family’s attorney?
          Walmart left an unboxed BB gun on the shelf! For days! And the manager did nothing when told that Crawford had picked it up!

        • He’s open to a suit whether charged or not. After all – OJ is innocent of the murders, but lost the lawsuit.

    • Looks like he might only be prosecuted for making false alarms, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by maximums of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

      Unfortunately the judge ruled that there was not probable cause to issue a criminal complaint against Ritchie for inciting to violence, inducing panic, involuntary manslaughter or reckless homicide.

      • And the murderers have already been cleared of murder charges:

        “In June 2015, Cleveland Municipal Judge Ronald B. Adrine found probable cause a few days after citizens turned in affidavits that police officer Timothy Loehmann should face murder and other counts in Rice’s death and that others also should face charges.

        In December 2015, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty announced that a grand jury voted not to bring an indictment against any law enforcement officers.”

        • The real murderer is the dirtbag that called it in. Pure scum and he will burn in he$$ for it.

        • Richie just brought the murderers to the scene and wound them up.
          If they weren’t murderers, Crawford would still be alive.

          As the Crawford family attorney said:
          Attorney Michael Wright, who represents the Crawford family in their civil suit against Beavercreek police and Walmart, said Wednesday evening that, “based on the video we do know that he was making assertions that were not correct. However, it wasn’t his fault that John Crawford is dead.”

      • If everyone who called in BS stuff on 911 caught ‘only’ 6 months in jail we’d see a LOT less of it I bet. Especially if it’s publicized.

    • And yet nothing for the cops who ran in and immediately shot Mr. Crawford. The video is clear and horrifying.

    • So are the cops that killed Crawford going to see some time? Yeah, Richie is a douche, and should be punished for his actions – but Richie didn’t kill anyone. Cops performed a hit on some guy shopping In a store based on another’s phone call. They did no investigating or anything – came in guns blazing. Am I the only one seeing a problem with this?

      My takeaway here is if you work for the government and f up – you are good to go.

  2. CSGV has been advocating violating the law, and now someone who followed their advice is likely to be charged.

    So… Can we call them “organized crime” now?

  3. Moral of the story, never trust the antis. This is like that idiotic ad encouraging children to steal their parent’s guns and turn them in to their teachers at school. You know those scum Liberals were hoping some child would accidentally shoot themselves or someone else in the process of doing that.

      • You forgot about the part about being taken away from their parents and thrown into juvey for the felony until they reach age 18, having now become fully trained little criminals..

    • If you look at CSGV & MDA’s Facebook pages, you’ll note that a statistically significant percentage of the commentary revolves around fantasies of gun owners shooting each other, or getting shot by the police, or killing themselves with their guns.

      They’ll farm out the violence, but they won’t do it themselves.

      • Appreciate you sharing that, and I do not doubt you for a minute.

        But, truth be told, I quit Facebook years ago because it was so stupid . . and my ex-wife was stalking me on it.

        • I actually had a conversation with a very liberal co-worker wherein I posed the following hypothetical.

          Me: If I punched you what would you do?
          Him: Tell you to stop.
          Me: If I kept punching you?
          Him: Call the police.
          Me: If they showed up and I kept beating you would they shoot me?
          Him: Yes
          Me: Would you be OK with that?
          Him: Yes

          Farming out the violence to others is a typical liberal coward thought process. Most avowed peace loving liberals are some of the most violent people I know.

        • Sheepdog, you could have added this, “So, what’s the difference between the cops shooting me and you shooting me in self defense except whether you take an unjustified beating?”

  4. Having been in the car that was doing the honking as well as the car getting honked at, several times, I can say that barring a handful of exceptions road rage takes two to dance.

    If I had a dollar for every time I tried to merge into traffic and the a-hole four car lengths back puts the hammer down to try and close the gap and then sits on the horn flashing their brights and tailgating for the next mile, I’d be rich. The “victim” from above has hopefully learned a few lessons and will not waste the opportunity of escaping with her life in tact.

    • I really wish I could drop an oil slick out the back of my truck. But I did get the biggest, meanest, trailer hitch with a hook I could find. I don’t even have a trailer. But when some jack ass in a Honda rear ends me he’s gonna be totaled, and I’m gonna have a dent in my rear bumper.

      • My dad has a 1972 International Harvester truck with a 19′ motor home box that has a 6″ cast iron pipe for a rear bumper. It was always fun to watch people back off after they saw the bumper.

      • That’s why mine stays on as well. Although where I live it’s actually against the law to have a hitch on without pulling a trailer. I’ve never once seen it enforced but I’m guessing insurance companies pushed for it because radiators aren’t cheap.

  5. Um yeah-I’m looking at Illinois dumbocrats doing gun confiscation with no just cause. As someone who had a lunatic ex spread malicious lies about me I can relate. Just more BS in the land o’ Lincoln…oh yeah avoid road rage. Not in quite awhile(I got old) but I nearly got killed by a lowlife trucker who took umbrage at me giving him the one finger salute. Ran me off the road too. I was excitable then…

      • Well, the whackos can sometimes be quite skilled (or simply open to frequent) ‘affections’.

        What can we say?

        Hey, we’re guys…

        • Yeah. You’re describing my second wife. Don’t stick it in crazy – or if you must, don’t give her your real name.

      • ‘Cause she was the hottest woman in the world. 2nd only to my present wife of 27 years…..yeah I know I was shallow. I was also pretty good looking THEN. But the lunatic gal was over 30 years ago…

      • Speaking from experience, some are exceptionally skilled at hiding it.

        Of course, eventually they slip up, and there’s no going back.

  6. so the guy didn’t raise the gun towards the cops yet they shot him? They didn’t give him more than a second to drop the gun and then they shot him? Quality police work right there.

  7. I cant blame police for being nervous, It would be pretty hard to be cool, calm, and collected if you thought you were going to be shot. Give police respect, put your hands up, way up, palms facing them, they will tell you what to do.

    • put your hands up, way up, palms facing them, they will tell you what to do

      What often happens is a bunch of police run in and all begin yelling at once giving the person conflicting orders. One might yell put your hands up, one might yell get down on the ground, one might yell raise your shirt up and turn around. That’s what happened to Erik Scott in Las Vegas. Cop said he didn’t obey my order. When one cop begins shooting, the rest all begin shooting because something obviously is happening.

      • Yes it’s a classic, and one cop can do it by himself, screaming “Do not move! Put your hands up!”

        It’s *almost* like they are trained to do this. Just watch COPS, you’ll see it nearly every episode.

      • And then they shoot me and Im reincarnated as their dog that shts on the floor, chews their couch up, spreads fleas though out the house, and yaps all day and whines all night until theyre driven jack batty.

      • Danny, you are 100% correct about that.

        I can recall an incident that occured to a family I know who were the victims of a swatting incident. Someone reported that a murder had taken place at the family’s home and 20 police showed up in full kit. The father wasn’t home and the 5 year girl looked out the window and told her mother there were police cars in front of the house. The mother went out to see what was up and they all started yelling different things at her while pointing their ARs. She was terrified and had no idea what she was were supposed to do.

        • Yes. What do you do when one cop yells “Freeze!” and another cop yells “Down on the ground!” You begin to reach down to lower yourself on the ground and the cop who yelled “Freeze!” shoots you because he thought you were “reaching down for a gun.”


  8. Which cop should I listen to? The one yelling freeze? The one yelling hands in the air? The one yelling get on the ground?

  9. I live in Hawaii, Oahu to be exact. I have had the police and “Federal Police” instruct my neighbors to call the police when I am “in the area” and claim I am “suspicious” to justify making contact with me, along with telling people to shoot me and say I “had a gun in my hand”. Me and my mom got run through the court system and almost died in jail after having vital medications being illegally withheld for “harassing” a guy making death threats against us and stalking us for looking directly at and telling him to fork off as he was making those threats. I had a Honolulu Police “tactical team” (not swat) repeatedly violently arrest me and my elderly mom for ALLEGEDLY passively taking video from our private property of a protected caste (HPD employee Mohammed Hassan, ex-“forensic scientist” and friends) making death threats WHILE ON OUR PROPERTY. In the “court” system, all of this was claimed justified because I was called a “gun owner”. How is this blob facing any charges while I am living like a refugee, with cockroach like snitches threatening to murder me on a daily basis, protected by the gov., because I am a “gun owner” in Hawaii? Isn’t this supposed to be a state?

    • You need to move. I’ll admit it’s crappy advice but if your situation is as you describe, and I’m of course putting faith in your side of the story here, you need to get out. Move to a free state.

    • That sux, I have no advice but to tell you to put your hands up, way up, palms facing forward, the good officers will tell you what to do. No really that sux and moving probably isnt an option. What is happening with law enforcement? How can we respect them when they do stuff like this. Are they thugs?

  10. Many of these young punk gun grabbers spouting the evils of guns have felonies or DV convictions that prevent them from owning or possessing a firearm. it’s the misery breeds company scenario.


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