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Thanks in part to the Obama’s botched Middle East policy, Europe is accepting millions of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Some of whom are ISIS infiltrators. The bloody attacks in Paris and Belgium are only the latest examples of Islamo-fascist terrorist activity on the Continent. And not likely the last. Surprise! Politico reports that the gun lobby is stirring to life in Europe. The EU government, of course, has reacted to the recent slaughter by cracking down even harder on gun rights . . . because civilian disarmament has worked out so well for them so far. The average European is increasingly open to the idea of armed self defense. Go figure. In other news . . .

Cuyahoga County prosecutor pledges crackdown on illegal guns – No more dropping gun charges in plea deal – except in “unusual circumstances.”

Murkowski wants feds to address rules that prevent legal-marijuana users from buying guns – Alaska’s legal pot smokers want their weed and their gun rights, too.

16 Months After Killing Handcuffed Man, Nevada Still Shooting Prisoners – With birdshot.

Dev says American gun law frustration means guns will never be added to Subnautica – “For reasons I cannot understand, our people and the corporations that influence our country want to continue making it easy for people to get, carry and use pistols, semi-automatic and fully-automatic weapons. I’ve never believed that video game violence creates more real-world violence. But I couldn’t just sit by and ‘add more guns’ to the world either.”

Lawmakers kill five bills aimed at repealing some Colorado gun laws – “‘It is important that we stand firm that we will not see these bills repealed,’ Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver, said.” Perhaps it’s time for another round of recall votes.


‘Monster’ alligator killed in Florida hunt – Not much of a hunt. And no mention of caliber.

[SC] Senator shuts door on more gun hearings this year – “This is one of those times where the prerogative of the chair has to step in and say, ‘You know, I don’t want my email system shut down or my phone lines blown up over something that has no chance of passage.’”

Quenn Victoria's gift gun (courtesy

For sale, gun Queen Victoria gave servant rumoured to be her lover: Double-barrelled rifle given to John Brown as a Christmas gift in 1873 set to fetch £40,000 – A love that dare not speak its name?

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  1. double guns and double rifles are cool. My favorite bunny gun was a budget spanish made double 20 bore that was a joy to carry all day. It was sold here under the “Richland” name.

  2. Well, I probably wasn’t going to buy subnautica anyway, but now I certainly won’t.

    • Neither would I. Instead I’ll just imagine the look on this developers face if they were to actually find themselves in a world with no guns. You know, that look of utter horror and despondency that comes from living in a Dark Age nightmare of roving warbands pillaging their way across the countryside…over, and over.

      Pass me that Bill Hook.

    • Two of Unknown Worlds’ games (Natural Selection and NS2) featured heavily armed space marines versus deadly aliens in team-based first-person combat. Kind of an amusing point to make now.

  3. Next years latest fashion craze for the ladies, straight out of the epicenters of Europe, the burqa.

    Careful, ladies – not too much skin around the eyes. Lest the men folk have need to put you in your place.

  4. While I disagree with the opinion of the video game developer on guns, I will give him credit where it’s do. He believes so strongly in being anti-2A he’s willing to remove them from games and probably lose money in the process unlike Sean Penn who in every movie is blowing somebody’s brains out, but says nobody should have a gun in real life.

    • Agreed. At least its out in the open now. This game was on my steam wishlist for a while and came close to buying it a few times. Now I will look elsewhere.

    • Actual firearms would be out of place in Subnautica anyway, but a speargun (which is really just a big slingshot or air rifle) wouldn’t be. They’re still conspicuously absent though, presumably because “gun”. Thankfully, though, Charlie Cleveland is the exception rather than the rule and most game development studios aren’t in San Fransisco, CA.

      With respect to actors though, take heart in the likes of Adam Baldwin, who has personal experience with firearms that often matches if not exceeds the skills written for the gun-toting badasses he plays. For that matter, Keanu Reaves, though I personally don’t care much for his acting, has 3-Gun skills that put mine to shame. It appeara that even in the case of Californian mass media an affinity for 2nd Amendment rights isn’t enough to suppress you anymore.

      • Well, not to take anything away from Keanu’s shooting skills, but he does have the benefit of training mostly likely paid for by the production company for his next movie.

  5. I thought you just posted that you would not refer to ISIS as ISIL, or are you directly quoting the hyperlinked article?

  6. Shooting 4 prisoners with birdshot who were in the process of stabbing another prisoner to death doesn’t seem that archaic.

  7. The last item, the John Brown gun, is fascinating. It is the pinnacle of black powder double rifle workmanship.

    Here’s a much better view of that double rifle (with damascus barrels):

    If people have questions, I will try to answer as I’m able. There’s a tremendous amount of detail available in the auction house pictures of these guns.

    The same auction date has several Purdeys, several Dicksons, including a round action gun.

      • I like the ones I’ve met so far. Smart, industrious people. Already taught some how to shoot, since they can only afford to live in rough neighborhoods.

    • A fair point. Which is more likely to assimilate rather than drag down the culture in the US/their community?

  8. That alligator pic looks staged/faked. It looks like the kid is by the far wheel giving the illusion of a much bigger gator. Kinda like the Internet pics of people holding the moon in the palms of their hand or whatnot. April fools?

  9. Yes the gator picture is clearly faked as the boy is further away. Even an African crocodile doesn’t get that big.

    On the subject of Europe. I live in Europe and take it from me that the majority of the population do not want these immigrants. The fact is the EU are trying to hide the feelings of the people. The idea of not having the right to defend one’s own life is not an acceptable situation. Unfortunately we don’t have the 2nd ammendment – oh how I wish we did. Please do not give an inch on those anti-gun politicians…..

  10. Liberal-progressive immigration laws will result in even Hillary having to wear a burka, if she lives long enough. I wonder what color Slick Willie will pick for her.

  11. The bit on the EU and “Syrian” refugees is a day late and a $ short. They just arrived in the US yesterday. Kansas City, MO was the “lucky” city. When do they arrive in DC and Hawaii?

  12. I will say it again. Libertarians and socialist both agree. Murders and rapist have every right to travel to any country without restrictions. There should be no borders.
    In most European countries you have to be a gun club member to own a gun. Or at least be a member to shot one.
    In other words you have to be part of the collective to have a gun.

    This is what makes america an exceptional nation. Our rugged individualism. You don’t need to be part of the collective to have and purchase guns.

    Keep trying Colorado. You gave up your guns for the security of legalized Marijuana intoxication. When rights are lost it takes a long time to get them back. If ever.
    But recalling politicians does put a fire under the others. Perhaps your freedom will return sooner than later.

  13. Good article. Let me correct the first sentence:

    Thanks in part to the AMERICA’s botched Middle East policy SINCE 2001, Europe is accepting millions of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

    Obama sucks, he didn’t decide to invade Iraq.

    • You forgot the Obama administration murder of the government in Lybia. Now tens of thousands black Africans are invading Europe. Some of them are even rapists. Some of them are murders. Some of them are suicide bombers like the Paris France bombers that came from Africa.
      All care of the democrat party. Democrats are quite happy to topple a foreign government when they want to, and break the constitution while doing it.

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