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Beware the tea kettle of death . . .

Feds: Couple made false statements to obtain 20 guns – A rare federal prosecution over 4473 falsification. Will wonders never cease?

Idea of checking guns at van outside Busch Stadium has hit many roadblocks – Roadblocks like permitting and insurance. In the mean time, good luck out there, Cardinal fans.


H&K confirms: This is the Army’s new and improved sniper rifle – Presenting the modified G28. “The contract to produce up to 3,643 rifles will be worth up to $44.5 million, or a bit more than $12,000 per rifle.” Good deal?

Charges dismissed against former UPS employee accused of stealing rifles from police – “’Robert is a devout Christian and has never been in trouble before in his life,’ said Luera’s attorney, Frank Sellers. ‘He made some very serious mistakes that, as soon as he was approached by police, he was 100 percent cooperative at all times throughout the investigation to help get back the property to the rightful owners.’” They’re mighty neighborly up in Lubbock.


West Virginia freshman makes jump from figure skater to NCAA rifle champion – Would you expect any less from a Mountaineer? Congrats.

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    • About 2k in parts, 5k for the “H” 5k for the “K”. The smugness you’ll have when posting on Internet forums for the tacticool is free.

    • Yeah, but contracts like that usually include x years of warranty, x years of support, training, etc… so its not actually 12k a rifle, thats just the average when you divide the contract amount by the number of rifles.

  1. It would be really ‘Steam Punk’ if someone invents a barrel boiler to power a steam engine to cycle a semi-auto mechanism.

    After so many rounds, it becomes self-sustaining…

  2. “Feds: Couple made false statements to obtain 26 guns”

    “Thirteen counts of the indictment state that on various dates beginning in August 2015 until December, 8, 2015, Tamyra Gudzinas, 74, and Elie J. Faraj, 31, worked together to…”

    74 and 31?

    Don’t tell me, the nookie was *amazing*…


  3. $12k per rifle?

    For that price, I could buy a Tormach CNC, make 1 gun, and still be profitable. How do I go about getting one of these wonderful government contracts?

  4. 12 grand per rifle!!!??? Army won’t have any money for a new hand gun after that one.

  5. $12,000 per rifle sounds like a bargain when you’re spending other people’s money.

    • The problem with the military industrial complex is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to spend.

  6. Depends on what we get for that $12K.

    If its anything like the M27/IAR and comes with all the accessories, bipod, armors tools, BIS, case, manual, breakdown guides, and replacement parts/warranty on every rifle, etc, with maybe the exception of an optic, then I say OK at $12,000 price tag. If its just a rifle with no jazz, no.

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