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“I don’t think it’s fair for the (Sandy Hook) families to sue the gun manufacturers. I think they should talk to the government, because they’re the ones who put it in law that these kinds of guns can be sold. You need to go to the government and say, ‘The Second Amendment was made at a time when we needed to protect ourselves from whomever’s going to show up at our door for war.’ Now we have all kinds of stuff that we don’t need. We don’t need these guns everywhere, and I have a gun. I don’t need it. I’ve got it.” – Raven-Symone in ‘The View’: Raven-Symone Shoots Down the Second Amendment: ‘We Don’t Need These Guns Everywhere’ [at]


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    • The Bill of Needs as of 1787.
      So that means we don’t NEED the Internet, right? Or TV, radio, or any other electronic-based communication? Parchment only.

      • ‘Parchment only.’

        Well let’s not get carried away here. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. But yes, if the founding fathers couldn’t have envisioned scary black rifles, they certainly couldn’t have imagined Twitter.

    • As the FFs knew that threat could (most likely) be our own government, I guess that threat has passed as well…

    • She is a shameful disgrace to intelligent women everywhere. That show was designed so women could have open, intelligent dialogue about the current issues of the day. They picked the most ignorant, hugely biased women they could find to run the show. They make women look so bad, it is sickening.

      • “Now we have all kinds of stuff that we don’t need. . .”

        Meaning it should be OK if other people want our stuff and take it from us? The devolution of media continues. This poor woman is a perfect example of how you can’t fix stupid. Can you imagine what it would be like sitting across the dinner table with this woman? I shudder at the thought. She simply doesn’t know that she doesn’t know.

      • “…open, intelligent…” ??
        I haven’t seen much of that show, but open and intelligent seemed to have very little to do with it.

  1. No doubt…got that repeal 2A optic, talking point, pearl or whatever new word comes into cupcakes melon from anti gun group…..And that folks is why women should leave their opinions to themselves.

  2. i do believe she opened her mouth in a recent interview and said she will leave this country if trump gets elected…..1st class or coach honey?

  3. She has white girl hair (blonde) and that is a “culture appropriation.”

    Therefore, according to liberal logic, everything she says is now null and void…. And stupid, but that stands on its own merits.

    • My people have been culturally appropriated! I feel micro-aggressed, borderline meso-aggressed!

    • Don’t forget she is also wearing white people’s cultural garments, white people’s cultural foot covering.

      In fact, everything she does that doesn’t involve a spear, animal hides, or a hut is cultural appropriation from whitey. She really needs to learn that.

        • Not really. Nowadays if a white person wears an afro or dreadlocks they get accused of culturally misappropriating their dress. So no white people’s hair for them. They shouldn’t wear “hair hats” (wigs) as Tommy Sotomayor calls them, or dye their hair to look like a white person.

          That’s being culturally insensitive.

        • I get the hyperbole, but it is borderline racist, centering around the tribal African stereotype and ignoring all the other great civilizations of Africa in history, not to mention if she is descended from slaves its very difficult to determine which part of an entire continent her lineage originated from.

        • Ironhorse, I’m familiar with African history, do tell of these mythical ‘advanced civilizations’. Did they have writing, cities, written history, massive temples to the pursuit of knowledge? The Chinese did. The Indians did. The Greeks/Romans did. The Africans were living in mud/grass huts, and carrying spears. They were exactly what you saw in the ’50s movies, because save for the trappings of civilization that they got from colonialists (and lately the Chinese) they still are. They had many tens of thousands of years of head start, what happened?

          (Yes, Egypt is in Africa. No, she is obviously not Egyptian. Yes Egyptians are a different race. Deal with it.)

          No matter what they taught you at PCU, we are all most definitely not equal, we all have tendencies and skills that are strongly influenced by our genetics. This does not mean that there are no exceptions, this does not mean one is a prisoner to the propensities of their race. But science, and more recently big data, confirm time and again that we generally do what we do, buy what we buy, believe what we believe because of the way we are hardwired – our genetics.

          Call me racist, I care not. It’s that which is never spoken except in closed conferences with testers of intellect. It’s the obvious part of crime stats anywhere on the planet which is hush-hushed and poo-pooed. I get why it happens, the masses have done very bad things when confronted with such overwhelming evidence that a group is very likely to do “whatever’ aberrant thing. Not fair to the minority that won’t, and that’s what we hope to prevent. But still, pretending we are all the same is beyond ludicrous on it’s face.

          We evolved and left, they stayed behind and stood fast. We can validly question whether we should have stayed the simple hunter/gatherers with nothing to do, think, or explore save for survive. The planet would be far better off. We’d generally die by 25, but still, the oceans would not be empty, the ozone hole would not exist, and the rest. But we evolved, and did all those things unlike our primitive ancestors, the Africans.

        • “do tell of these mythical ‘advanced civilizations’.”
          Mali, for starters. Ethiopia was the center of Christianity for year, especially while the Romans were still slitting the throats of oxen for Jupiter. But, hey, thanks for showing your lack of education and ingrained racism for us all. Looking forward to you dying out (while living off of government welfare, no less) real soon. Thanks for playing, but the only consolation prize you get for losing is the dustbin of history.

        • Mali. Mali?. We’re talking about 4000+ years after the Egyptians finished the pyramids. We’re talking about 2000 years after the Greeks, 1500 after the Romans. With none of the temples, architecture, or effect on modernity that either has shown. Sure they had a “civilization”. Guess who influenced it and made it happen.

          Didja get that degree out of a crackerjack box? Or just complete ignorance of history?

        • “Guess who influenced it and made it happen.” The Arab Muslims.

          “Didja get that degree out of a crackerjack box? Or just complete ignorance of history?” And where did you get yours? Stormfront? Of course your Eurocentric views don’t expand your knowledge of anything outside of one little continent.

          Oh, just a fun reminder: Whites are on track to be the minority in the US. Enjoy the blood pressure! Try not to murder the spouse of your grandkids after they “miscegenate”.

      • @16v. read guns, germs, and steel by Jared diamond. it will help with your racism. Truly it will, it was a very enlightening read for me.

        • Thanks Kurt, I have. it’s filled with logical fallacies and suppositions that fly in the face of a mountain of statistical evidence. Not to mention, well, actual history. I could write a hundred pages on all that’s wrong in that book with another 50 pages of citations. Alas, it’s not gonna pay, and it’s not what the mushy part of the Nobel committee wants to promote – you know, the guys who gave BO a ‘Peace Prize’ without any effort on his part at all.

          The reality is we’re all mammals. Just like dogs, or even chimps, we’re genetically predisposed to be good at certain things. Dogs are a great example as we’ve bred them (and they’ve domesticated us) for around 30K years. There are breeds that are aggressive, there are breeds that are strong, there are breeds that hunt rats, there are those that help you control your livestock. (Smartest breed of all is the Border Collie, it’s prime exemplar is ‘Chaser’).

          There are other breeds, they may be stronger, faster, more aggressive, shed less, protect your kids better, jump higher, whatever, but none are generally smarter than the Border Collie. I’m sure there’s a Shepard, Poodle, or Golden out there who might be able to beat Chaser, but he/she has yet to come forward. It’s possible, but it’s just unlikely.

          You can make naturally hostile foxes into something friendly resembling dogs, all that’s required is selective breeding (genetics)…

          The fact of the matter is that having 20*% of Nobels awarded to Jews (who are 0.2% of the world population), 74% of the NBA is black despite 15% of US pop, 70% of the NFL is black despite that same pop, that 50% of all homicides are committed by the 8% that is black and male (predominately other black males), and yup, the marathon runners, they’re Kenyan…

          I have no problem with anyone, of any ‘race’, until proven otherwise. I’d bet I have a more “diverse” group of friends than you. But they all know that they’re one of the “smart ones”: I’m never going to be in the NBA or NFL, but hey, everybody can study really hard and get into Mensa. Let alone Triple Nine, Prometheus, or MegaSociety, yes?

  4. Every time a Hollywood liberal says, “You don’t need those guns,” an angel gets his first AR-15.

  5. I just wish we could convince the average person that celebrities are mostly so due to their ability to pretend.
    There is no other reason why they are famous. They simply continued to play-act as adults. That actually makes them LESS credible…

    • They’re paid liars. The better liar they become, the more money they earn. Add the fact they believe they’re own celebrity status gives more weight to what they say.

      Sadly, there seems to be a sizable portion of the population that reinforces the celebrity ego.

  6. What a stupid woman. She has no idea what the fuck she’s talking about. Maybe a history lesson would do her some good Or maybe her blond hair was in the way of flirting with guys during history in American government. Another Progressive liberal from The View Boy I’m surprised she has that attitude. LOL The Constitution was set up As a way to keep this country free from tyranny. Every Amendment that’s in the Constitution HasIts own need to protect the people from the government and tyranny.Who’s to protect the people From terrorists armed robbers Rapist and the list goes on and on She would say the police department however if you ask a police officer if that’s his or her job to make sure I feel and I’m safe in my home Or at my office or in my car they will inform you that is not their job. Their job is to enforce the laws if you’re a lawbreaker it’s their job to track you down and arrest you and make sure you get a chance to stand in court and face your crimes amongst a jury of your peers. This dumb bitch has no clue on reality!

  7. Why does anyone care what a celebrity thinks? I have never understood the people that look up to these people as if they were somehow more enlightened. The fact that people have given them the power to sway public opinion is a sad commentary on the mental abilities of some folks.

    • Politicians are just celebrities who take themselves too seriously.

      Everyday I hear or read somebody mocking one person for caring about Benifer or whatever the celebrity concern of the day is only to proclaim themselves educated and intelligent for following celebrities in suits who are equally clueless and detached.

      Not really any different than when a “real” sports fan pokes fun at something like professional wrestling.

      All of these people are just in the business of entertaining slobs. Fortunately for them there is an abundance of slobs.

    • As Ian Flemming once said in a James Bond novel, only in the USA can people become famous for being well-known. (Bond was definitely not a fan of Hollywood, not even 50-60 years ago)

  8. Well, if Raven-Symone says so. What I don’t need is a bunch of people on TV, self-proclaimed “celebrities,” telling me WTF on any issue.

  9. I would send them out of the country on Malaysian Airways The airline That seems to have a real problem keeping its aircraft in the air LMAO. I put her right in the front.

  10. “I have a gun, but I dont need it”, then why does she have it? I do have to agree with her though, the government does need sued, not for guns. Heres an aside, cant rember what state it was, but the state government said it was ilegal for churchs to discriminate against gays. Now wait a minute, I thought seperation of church and state was a law? This countries gone to hell.

    • She has that gun in case she needs to give it to her homie who isn’t allowed to buy one, but he’s been dissed and has to shoot someone.

  11. This POS show is on in the break room where I work. The type of women who watch it are precisely the type that should have a gun of their own – single parents who go through multiple.boyfriends. The fake celebrities either don’t get the irony or don’t care.

  12. Agreed this country has gone through some changes in the last 15 years And I can’t say that all of them are good in fact most of them suck pretty much badly!

  13. Well, she’s PART right.

    The government IS responsible for allowing Sandy Hook to happen. By making it a gun free zone and disarming those who could have defended A*** L*****’s victims.

    • She’s also part right in that “it isn’t fair to sue the gun manufacturers”–guess we ought to give her that.

  14. She makes my head hurt trying to follow her train of thought (I refuse to dignify it as “reasoning”). So, you have a gun, but you don’t need it, and that’s the fault of the government for allowing you too much freedom?

  15. This Raven Chick has proven herself to be among the stupidest people to walk the planet.

  16. The View’: Raven-Symone Shoots Down the Second Amendment: ‘We Don’t Need These Guns Everywhere’

    Why does this read like click-bait? Oh, cause they’re having to resort to those tactics cause otherwise no one would bother reading their drivel. They probably get more people from our side reading these articles nowadays than any anti.

    • Which is why I try to resist the urge to click on some of these (altho commenting without actually reading the article is usually not a good idea).

  17. Can I sue the government for allowing auto manufacturers to create cars that go well above the federal speed limit and result in hundreds of deaths per year? Wait, no?

    • I already learned something new today. Thanks!
      My quota is done, even before the coffee kicks in.

  18. C’mon fellas, y’all are being too rough on Raven. She’s a celebrity, and on tv- with those credentials, y’all know that means she knows better than the rest of us.

    • And of course she’s got a gun Because she needed it to keep herself safe before she got rich and popular. Now she lives in a gated neighborhood With what Armed security at the gate. And when she’s working armed security in her building as well. So she’s right she doesn’t need a gun but for everyone else that doesn’t have a six-figure income Or better That has to rely on themselves for everything Including protecting of themselves and their family They need firearms. These people live in glass housesAnd think they’re protected They’re going to turn this country Into the biggest piece of humping shit we’ve ever seen it let Do so. Please vote this November Against The Liberal Progressive Tyrant Occupation.

  19. ..And you don’t NEED the right to speak in public without your face covered. But thanks to our Constitution, and my guns – you can enjoy that activity without fear of being dragged into the street and stoned to death.

    • + 1776 Yeah the media’s the next topic we need to discuss. I don’t even consider The media news anymore I consider it entertainment like one of those hour episodes once a week full of bullshit. I think we’ll Pharaoh had it correct when they made fun of CNN, When he Started the 24-hour news thing and just made it up as he went along for entertainment value and their ratings went off the chart and it was nothing but a bunch of stupid lies That’s exactly how the news is today so biased you can’t even watch the garbage Same with Hollywood Bunch of people making movies using firearms Using the freedoms of the Constitution And then wiping their ass with it at the same time. Speaks volumes of the character Of the liberal Democrat.

  20. I figured someone would have said it by now: “Right, Raven, you don’t need that gun. Till you do.” Which is no doubt why she keeps the damn thing.

  21. That’s why we have guns and the 2nd Amendment guarantee, Simone. So we won’t need them for war anymore, but just in case, they will be there.

  22. A liberal is someone who tweets on Twitter, posts on Facebook, memes on Instagram, and appears on television to exercise his or her First Amendment right to express that the Second Amendment is limited only to 18th century technology. Ms. Symone, that’s so craven!

  23. If we are disregarding enunciated rights, I would like for everyone anywhere near as stupid as this woman to be forced to STFU for the rest of their lives, just that little piece of her wisdom is rotting my brain cells at an astonishing pace.

  24. I don’t think anyone actually pays attention to anything said by noted public intellectual and former Cheetah Girl, Raven-Symone.

  25. She is a has been.
    What does her race, hair color or gender have to do with her ridiculous opinion? Why go there?
    If her opinion has any effect on PoG it would be about guns. That, because her small audience are people who need to awaken to their own myopia about guns.

  26. I love double-think. The same people who say that police are all racist murderers also insist that peasants don’t need guns because the police will protect you. Pick one or the other, because the answer cannot be both.

  27. Elitism is not about money, personal renown, position or celebrity. It is about the attitude that because everything is good for you it must be good for everyone else. In other words not caring how what you think or advocate impacts other people.

    It can also be about having an agenda shaped around your perception of reality and believing you have the right to impose your agenda on everyone else, regardless of how it affects them. Mostly, however, it is about the core perception stated in the first paragraph.

    Raven-Symone exemplifies this description of elitism perfectly. She does not actually care that a single woman/mother, an elderly person living alone, or anyone else “not me (Raven-Symone)”, has a right to their life and to be able to defend themselves from the monsters out there who will rob, rape and kill for a few dollars or a few minutes of self-gratification because she cannot see beyond the perimeter of her own life. At the center of her Universe is Raven-Symone and that’s all that really matters to her and her like. That is her fail in these comments.

    • I disagree. Every time she looks in the mirror, she sees evil. Just too stoooopid to realize it.

      Remember, this is the same moron that dissed unusual sounding/spelled names, noting that she’d never hire anyone like that.

      Hypocrite? Nah.

  28. If she thinks that all it takes roll back or modify #2 is a dissenting opinion, she might want to think about how that sets a dangerous precedent for close minded people doing the same with #13.

    People who think they are on the right side never presume they could ever be on the other side someday.

  29. It would help her to read from a good reading list of freedom books. She reads scripts so I know she can read.
    The ” miseducation of the negro” by Carter G Woodson 1933.
    “Negros with guns” by Robert F Williams 1962.
    “The deacons for defense: Armed resistance and the Civil Rights Movement.” By Lance Hill 2006.

    There are many other books about black 2A self defense. But she can start here.

  30. I care about Ms Symone’s opinion of what others do or don’t needs because why?

  31. Bear in mind this unattractive lesbian makes at least $1000000/year. Sad ain’t it?

  32. ‘The Second Amendment was made at a time when we needed to protect ourselves from whomever’s going to show up at our door for war.’
    Soooo…..what has changed since 1776 and now?
    The dress may have changed, but the thugs sure did not.

  33. And I bet she got a bunch of applause because of how irrelevant, I mean, intelligent she is.

  34. I love how the Democratic Liberal Party favorite color seems to be red. Whose favorite color is red you ask Satan Maybe. Or The Soviets, Bunch of socialism going on over there on the left side.

  35. Well, I agree with her about being able to sue the government, but not the reasons.

    I believe any person/their survivors in a jurisdiction which is a no-issue or discretionary issue system who is injured/killed should be able to sue the LEOS/Government. If you’re going to disarm folks I don’t think you should be shielded from liability for failing to protect them.

  36. Agh. Why did I read this! Did any of the stupid stick on me!?

    No? Okay whew.

    Can we go back to having conversation with people who know what they are actually saying now?

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