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Don’t mess with Texas! And if you do, don’t bother applying for state employment. Here in The Lone Star state we’re gainfully employed assembling the TTAG Daily Digest for your dining and dancing pleasure while armed — with Google! We’re also armed with common sense. So we know that thieves target guns store and gun sales go up when the media shows criminals using guns (and gun control laws going down). In other entertaining gun news . . .

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guns in Texas – How about why you can’t even walk into a bar with a gun on your hip without committing a felony?

Why do gun sales keep spiking? – “Every time guns are in the news, more guns are sold.” Does this mean a new embargo on mentioning guns by the media?

Federal agents noticing trend; thieves targeting guns stores in NC, SC – Willie Sutton knew where the money was. That’s why he robbed banks.

Steampunk machine gun (courtesy

Steampunk Machine Guns Made from Old Typewriters – Write on!

It’s Weird that Republicans Find Guns So Scary – Actually, it was the Dem rep’s unsafe handling they objected to.

Gun Manufacturers Need to Lead Change, Not Just Follow the Law – The big three need to be “steward(s) for the entire gun marketing system,” to minimize illegal sales of guns. Apparently.

UT demo (courtesy

New law allowing concealed guns on campus roils University of Texas – Roils? A self-proclaimed finalist for Dean of UT’s communications school takes himself out of the running because guns.

Europe on edge: Moment police in Spain TAKE DOWN man with rifle as terror fears boil over – I get the feeling that Europe isn’t quite ready for open carry.

Are Guns in Public Schools the Next Frontier for Our Firearm-Obsessed Nation? – “For the Trump constituency, teachers who stash guns in their filing cabinets next to that morning’s spelling quiz are just doing their part to keep America’s schoolrooms safe.”

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  1. Someone gave me flak because I rated Texas about as gun friendly as Minnesota. Adding up the pluses and minuses I have no reason to change that opinion. I don’t see why Legal Heat gives Texas 4 bullets and Minnesota only 2. There are far more “non violent” firearms felonies in Texas than Minnesota.

      • Like all blue states Minnesota has a revenue producing scam going on. Minnesota will give anybody a permit if you take their course. It is $100 cash on barrel head in person. if you notice they don’t recognize permits from bordering states. They know that you will pay for it. The Sonoma County Sheriff got my money.

    • We have a lot of old school FUDD-minded laws still on the books here, but we’re working on it. Congress only meets every two years, so the wheels turn slowly…

      Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is bad.

      • It’s always good for government to move slowly. A quickly moving government is unstable by definition. This is precisely why both Texas and the US are republics instead of democracies. Democracies are unstable and aggressive. Republics are not. A republic isn’t perfect. Injustices remain in place far longer than they might under other systems BUT, justice itself takes much longer to be completely polluted, defanged or utterly destroyed in a republic than a democracy. A democracy easily turns into a tyranny in one day with just one vote. A republic takes many votes over many days and often is simply incapable of developing much in the way of tyranny. It’s just too hard to get enough people in the right places to do the right things when power is delegated rather than ceded. It’s too easy to get people to do the wrong stuff at the wrong time when power is diffused so far as to not be delegated.

    • C’mon, Travis County (home to City of Austin, the state Capitol, and the so-called liberal heart of Texas): GEAR UP! I’m doing my part! So’s my wife and 4 co-workers (2 of them women) who I’ve personally introduced to firearms when they showed interest, and all of whom now have their CHL (now known as “LTC” after January 1).

  2. If the grabbers would just shut up. They have the right to remain silent, however, they lack the ability.

    barry and the hildabeast must have stock in gun and ammo companies.

  3. Why do gun sales keep spiking? – “Every time guns are in the news, more guns are sold.” Does this mean a new embargo on mentioning guns by the media?

    This article is stupid. Why don’t you Chicago PD about all those “new cops” they supposedly have? Not only that, but what is surveillance going to do to actually stop anything? There will be a nice video of whatever goes down on FB, Youtube or wherever but that’s about it. It’s not disappointing that citizens take the law into their own hands, it’s good that they stand up for their safety proactively vs waiting for the police to arrive to the scene of the crime and clean it up/file them as a statistic.

    Also, I’d think the republican who asked this of him knew of Cooper’s Four Rules and applied them graciously. Although they may be pro gun I doubt they are pro stupidity.

  4. ‘…you can’t even walk into a bar with a gun on your hip without committing a felony?’

    Good God, now I’m never moving to Texas. In Iowa you’re good to go until you hit .08% BAC (and a high probability of getting away with much higher). The only state I know of that’s better than Iowa when it comes to bar carry is Pennsylvania.

    Also looks like IA has a much higher percentage of permit holders (they call them Permit to Carry Weapons here). 900,000 sounds like a lot until you divide it by 27.5 million.

    • It’s not so much drinking while carrying, the law is vague on that aspect (no BAC % is mentioned.) It’s that you cannot carry in a business which make = or > than 51% of its revenue from alcohol.

      My wife and I easily avoid this carve out in the law by going to places with live music, events, shows, food, etc. If you like to hit the brew houses, dives and karaoke bars, then you’re SOL.

      I’m not advocating the law, I’m just saying, if you like to hangout with friends in adult environments, while carrying in good standing with Johnny Law, it’s that not hard.

      • Ah. In Iowa you can hang out in any bar fully armed as long as you want until you become ‘intoxitated’ at which time your permit is temporarily invalid. The law refers to the code for drunk driving so .08% is the official limit, but I personally know someone (not me) who blew a .122% and got away with it. 95% of cops have no idea what the law is. Anyway, carrying without a valid permit is an aggravated misdemeanor. And no firearms signs have no force of law so even if the bar owner doesn’t allow it and sees you’re carrying he can only refuse service and ask you to leave.

        IMO having a gun in a holster is a lot like having your keys in your posket – no harm can be done as long as you don’t pull either of them out.

      • How in the world are we supposed to guess what percentage of sales due to alcohol are on a given day? This law is seriously stupid, I bet it’s gone within 5 years.

        • Well, if the place only sells booze, that’s a pretty good indicator. But how they came up with “51%”? Yeah, that sounds typically legislatorially brain-dead. That law has been with us a looooong time tho.

        • Places in Texas that make more than 51% of their profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages for on premises consumption will display a sign with 51% in a red circle with a slash through it.

        • Not a fan of 51% – sober is sober, drunk is drunk.

          If I’m not drinking, why can’t I carry and be the DD and DC (designated carry…) Regardless of how much money the business makes from alcohol…

        • Chad’s mostly correct. Texas businesses deriving 51% or more of their revenue from the sale of alcohol for onsite consumption (this means bars, not liquor stores, which have different liquor licenses), must post the standard 51% sign. The actual “51%” notation must be in red and of a specific, prominent size.

          There’s no circle with a slash through it. That refers to cheezy little no guns “ghostbusters” signs with a handgun in the center of the circle. Those carry no force of law and have nothing to do with 51% signs.

          The 51% sign must be prominently posted, but that can be tricky. In San Antonio, along the river walk, there are numerous bars and restaurants. Many true, 51% bars will also serve food outside on their patio. The menu can be so expansive that you assume it’s legally a restaurant. If you’re seated outside, you may not have occasion to go inside until right before you leave and you visit the restroom. Only as you pass the inside bar would you would see the 51% sign you’ve been violating all along.

          That happened to….to….. just some random guy I was talking to once….don’t know him, never seen him since…

        • Is it still a felony if you’re sitting outside and the sign is inside where you can’t see it?

    • 51% is a stupid law, but it gets stupider. Places like Bass Hall would be making 1% of their income from alcohol, if they had not allowed a private contractor to serve the alcohol, which makes 100% of their income from it. Therefor the whole premises is a 51% zone and they can prohibit carry without actually prohibiting carry.

    • Until a few years ago Virginia was really weird, Belly up to the bar while open carrying and all was cool but God forgive you If you concealed. They fixed that but you can’t drink.

  5. Re: guns in school. Actually, they’ve been there for quite some time. Many “gun-free-zone” schools have tacit agreements between some teachers and some administrators who simply agree to not formally acknowledge that a faculty member comes to school armed. This is possible, however, only when you have teachers and administrators who trust each other to not blow the whistle. A surprising amount of teachers and administrators have guns on campuses. The key to doing it is to simply not tell anybody that you’re carrying.

    • In Utah if you have a cc then you are good to go. I don’t know if you have to tell your school principal but as a parent or other legal person visiting a school it I have a cc I’m fine. Its funny how the media makes it sound like their will be blood dripping from every mirror but no… If anything it makes it that much less likely a school will be attacked successfully.

  6. If Billy had 7 in the mag and one in the spout, shot Sally twice ,fired one in ceiling and one in his desk, how many bullets does Billy have left?

  7. 27 children killed by accidental fire arms shootings a year in one county? I’m pretty sure this is the number for 5 years or something. Accidental fire arms deaths are like 600 a year for all ages for the nation.

    • You misread it, but read it the way they wanted you to. Now read it as framed below.

      27 minors were killed in Harris county with firearms each year between 2011 and 2014.

      Accidental gun deaths are the second leading cause of accidental child deaths, behind car accidents.

      They took two points and connected them in the same paragraph because they talk about children, and relied on you to make the connection that the 27 were accidental.

      Now, they may be right and all 27 were accidental, but I think we would be hear more about it around here. Without a citation and with their poor phrasing, it seems unlikely. Intentional deaths, I can believe. Harris county is a place I don’t really care for and home to the Houston core.

      • and add that includes “minors” – under the age of 18 I’m sure some of the “Thug Life” ones were included and prob hunting ND accidents as well.

        • Don’t know about this one in particular (they deliberately did not say), but some quotes of “children” include all those under 22. IOW, most gang members are children, many children have several children, totally meaningless term.

      • “Accidental gun deaths are the second leading cause of accidental child deaths, behind car accidents.”

        That’s not even close to true. I can’t even find a way to spin it in that direction. You could ignore “other and unspecified” since it’s not a single cause, but at least 4 other specific causes far exceed accidental discharge of firearm.
        Quick rundown:
        Total accidental deaths age 0-24 in 2013 (15-24 is a single group) 15,612
        Car accidents 8,037
        Poisoning 3,358
        Drowning 1,126
        Fire 417
        Falls 266
        Accidental discharge of firearm 176

        See page 41

  8. The University of Texas is a hotbed of liberal twerps.
    Always has been and always will be — it’s why “The People’s Republic of Austin” got it’s moniker.
    The average Austinite is also a snob and consider themselves superior to all other humans.
    Re4al Men go to A&M.

  9. It warms the cockles of my black little heart to see so many of UT Austin’s personnel having a complete hissy fit over Campus Carry.

    I hope Campus Carry helps keep the anti’s spawn from considering Texas as a viable schooling option.

    Yep, we are all crazy, racist, xenophobic, gun slinging rednecks – stay away! Go, flee! Run away!


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