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Guns make great props. Props to/for the Democrats for their foolish consistency — bringing out scary “assault rifles” whenever they want to scare people into surrendering their gun rights. The above video hails from the Volunteer State. Over in the Garden State, a [very lonely] legislator make the case for gun rights. Maybe he should have brought a blue gun for his blue state buds. Maybe not. Here’s that and some more gun news worth pondering. Pandering? Whatevs . . .

Tennessee Legislator Pulls Out Assault Rifle On House Floor To Prove A Point On Easy Gun Availability – All Tennessee state rep Mike Stewart needed to get that gun was $750 in cash. Good deal?

One Million Texans With Guns – One million down, thirty million to go.

N.J. lawmaker: Lawful citizens should be able to carry guns – State senator Quixote rides again.

Death sentence for cop who let pistol be used in robbery, murder – They don’t mess around in Malaysia.

Thousands sign petition to allow guns at Republican National Convention in Cleveland – 10,000 signatures and counting. Not that it’s likely to do much good.

If it’s NERF or nothing, sometimes nothing is your better option.

Lawmakers vote to allow guns in private schools – It’s private property. Why do they need permission from the state?

Soldier Shoots Down Drone With Cyber Rifle at Defense Secretary’s Feet – Pull!

Criminals: Don’t Break Into A House With A Pistol Sign – You’d think the ‘We Don’t Call 911’ sign would have been a tip-off.

Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours – But “smart” guns are totally a good idea.

9 Dangerous Mistakes That New Gun Owners Make – They couldn’t find a 10th? My OCD is not happy.



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    • We do back ground checks before anyone can just move here. First question: Whate state would you be moving from?

      • Moving from Califirnia, no desire to bring madness to the volunteer state. Do have Georgian and Mississippi Blood, hope you can make an exception.

  1. S’en hunnit ‘n fiddy dollar? For a bare bones, no irons, no optics, Magpul appointed ayahr?
    You got gypped Mike…..

    • Best part of the story was that local news in Nashville reported it as ” Lawmaker brings AK-15 to legislative Plaza!!”… I kid you not.

      • Please post that link!

        Stewart could have saved $300 by waiting for one of PSA’s $199 upper Daily Deals. Then scour Slickguns for an $80 full auto BCG and a $75 Aero stripped lower from a trusted LGS. At that point, even a gun noob could assemble it all with a generic LPK and a couple of Brownells videos. He would have saved a ton of money and had fun in the process!

  2. Well this is priceless. It just shows you what sort of cesspit the internet has become. AI goes from zero to Nazi in 24 hours… Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the Aliens?

    • This isn’t the Internets fault. The fact that Microsoft put an AI out there that had no filter or list of stuff not to say is absolutely hysterical, and predictable. It’s actually very comparable to the frog and the scorpion.

  3. I love listening to BS from politicians. The fact they work so hard to create BS is always amazing. So, all these years, nobody was worried about terrorists purchasing a gun, now that ISIS is in the news cycle 24/7, they found a crisis to come up with a made up excuse to limit citizens rights.

    Fairly sure that terrorists are not going to drive over to TN, buy guns, then go back to NY to blow things up. Because I doubt TN is going to be a target. They will purchase from a gang banger before they do that.

  4. Tennessee State Senator Barack H Gardenhire- (Chattanooga RINO) voted present on a constitutional carry bill trying to make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The vote was 4 – 4 -1. The bill died in committee. RINO Governor did not want to deal with having to veto legislation.

  5. I dunno……we’ve been using this term “RINO” for some years now to describe “Republicans in Name Only.” When it goes on this long and Republicans keep pulling this crap, repeatedly, in supposed strongholds of gun rights like Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, then maybe they’re no longer Republicans in name only. Maybe that’s just what Republicans are now, without qualification, in name, aim, and purpose?

    • RINO is a meaningless term. All it means is that you disagree with a Republican on some issue that is important to you. The term RINO had been supplanted by “The Espablishment” or GOPe. The term RINO. had lost any meaning now that big government loving, crony Capitalist, liberal Democrat Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee.

      Voting for Trump, who is an actual Democrat running as a Republican, is the socially acceptable way of supporting Hillary Clinton.

    • Most RINOs are democrats who switched parties to get elected.
      Look at the history of most of them and they were democrat at one time. The reverse applies to DINOs..

      The real problem is that extremists have taken over both parties and sensible rational moderates have been abandoned.

  6. I’m sure that if the guy told him he was a Democrat Senator he would have been happy to refuse the sale, no background check required.

    In terms of breaking into a house with a “We don’t dial 911” sign out front, how stupid can you get? I mean there are no assurances in life but I would think your odds of finding lead coming your way are a lot higher with such a disclaimer present.

    • Amen, I live a couple hours east of this knucklehead’s district, but I’m going to let my buddies in Nashville know that he can’t be trusted.

  7. Everytime I hear of some State leagalizing a gun law I think, ” bullsht” we already had that right. Ive carried concealed since 1971,without the State or Government giving me permission. Ive been arrested once for concealed weapon, I fought it in court using second ammendment as my defense and lost.They “stole” that revolver, I went home and got another one and carried it concealed. The Constitution declares I have the right bare arms, what part of ” shall not be infringed” dont they understand? Gun control is hitting your target, not limiting rights.

    • Right to bare arms. Left out the to, above. Right bare arms sounds kinda funny. Dont know about you other guys, but my pop up blocker makes this screen jump places. I’ll type then it lags then letters print out.

      • The funnier part is that it’s actually the right to keep and “bear” arms, not “bare” arms. Bare is an adjective and means unconcealed, unadorned, empty, scarce, just sufficient, and so forth. Like bare naked, bare walls, barely passed the test. So a right to “bare arms”, I guess would mean a right to go around in short sleeves and without having to carry anything. Innocuous as that would seem, I’d bet there would still be liberals demanding that it was only legal while in service of a militia.

        “Bear arms” is the correct idiom, which can sound silly, too, if you think of the noun, the animal bear. A right to “bear arms” in that sense would mean a right to have really hairy arms that end in massive paws capable of swiping a 30 lb. salmon from the river.

  8. I’d also like to know where he got a gun off the internet for cash and no id? Sounds like a great place to shop.
    “The List” maybe?? I’m just glad he did not get a fake can to go on it as well.

  9. I suppose it was only a matter of time before we had a rogue Dem pull a stunt like this after we named the Barrett the state rifle. I’d like to say the great state of Tennessee will rectify this transgression at the ballot box, but he’s a democrat from Nashville.

  10. Washington has I-594 which mandates all gun sales have a background check. With the Tennessee case, the rep found a gun onlne then bought it in a parking lot. How, exactly and specifically, would have I-594 have changed things?

    Once in the hearing, this happened:
    “Mr. Chairman, excuse me I don’t want to interrupt, but this gun could be loaded.”
    Stewart replied, “No, it could not because — ”
    Carter cut him off, saying, “Yes sir! You obviously don’t own one, you do not have it properly safe. Do not point that gun at me if you can’t assure me that gun cannot shoot.”

    Stewart claims to have been n the Army and carried an M-16 in Korea and Desert Storm. Yea, sure.

  11. This jackass saying he bought the gun over the Internet is trying to somehow imply that he didn’t meet with the seller face to face. Since the actual transaction has to be face to face in order to exchange the cash for the overpriced hardware we see again just how dishonest the anti-gun bunch are.

  12. I’m deeply, deeply disappointed. I so wanted little sister to take a pool noodle and thoroughly thrash her Nerf gun wielding jerk brother.

  13. Stewart prefaces his entire presentation by telling us that he is not a cartel member or any other sundry bad guy. Now because he is a Democrat we are supposed to believe him. But conservatives can’t expect the same from the gun control crowd and everyone one of us should be subjected to the a deeper anal probe.

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