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“If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down.” – Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers in Ernie Chambers: ‘If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon’ [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Mommy Blogger Defends Guns While Dissing Hillbillies, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin">Previous Post
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  1. I sometimes express my frustration with guns. When my favorite range toy fails to lock the slide back, I often say some things that … Oh. That’s not what the headline meant, was it?

  2. Yeah, white privilege is pretty awesome, right?

    Good lord…was this guy this crazy when he was elected?

    • It is starting to look more and more these days that you have to be that crazy before anyone will elect you in the first place. In other words crazy appears to be a prerequisite for political office.

    • Yes. He’s been there forever. He never acknowledges the fact that his gang-banging constituents in North Omaha are responsible for most of Nebraska’s murders.

      • His primary frustration is that well armed whitees are keeping his constituents from safely rampaging and looting the whitee neighborhoods..

  3. Seriously … Why do we elect people like this? Then again, having lived in the Philadelphia area, and near Chicago, I guess I should have learned by now not to wonder too much about that.

    • They can’t be racist because on the Regressive scale we whites own all the power so it’s fine to say these sorts of things about whites.

      • “it is impossible for the oppressor to be oppressed”. Very frequently quoted on my college campus by every single “minority group”, be it racial, feminist, LGBT, etc. They typically toss in the words “institutionalized and systemic” for flavor.
        There is a phenomenon where people attribute greater meaning and value to quotes than they should, as if a quote should win an argument rather than a logical conclusion based on logical premises. This quote is accepted, considered sacrosanct by many. “You disagree? Of course you do, you white cis misogynist, I bet you own slaves too don’t you!”
        I hate my college….

        • Send that sh*t right back at them.

          Don’t even explain why. Just start repeating the same names they are calling you…

          You’re a fascist. You’re a bidgot. And so on. Even make some up as you go along. You hate animals. You don’t believe in climate change. You hate the earth.

          Totally throws them off their game. People like that know how to give, they don’t know how to get.

          It won’t accomplish anything, but neither will sitting there taking it. Throw a few a haymakers, see what happens.

      • Then as a decedent of Africa, he should be seeking to provide reparations to the Jews for their oppression by the Egyptians and Southern Europeans for their oppression at the hands of the Mors…

        But, that would mean he is responsible for the actions of people hundreds of years before his birth and for events he played no part in. And I’m assure he would find that to be an absurd concept. Because, you know, “white” folks.

      • An interesting comment, since we can all see with absolute clarity that Jesse Jackson is one of the MOST racist people in America.

        Racism is an attitude, a consideration, not an actual act of oppression. If you take the country as a whole, whites may still be the dominant force (for now), and hold a majority of the power. If you look at smaller communities there are any number of places, mostly urban, where different ethnic minorities are the majority factor in quantity and in power and any white person could reasonably fear being oppressed in that area.

        Having for years driven into and delivered in the Los Angeles area I can say with certainty that this OFWG faced racist oppression on more than one occasion. Bigots, and racists, come in all colors.

      • Just to add a bit to what you said, racism and oppression do not necessarily go hand in hand and they are not the same thing. What this man said could easily be taken as racist, probably more accurate to say predjudice and oppression is not a qualifier or prerequisite for either.

        • Hey bro you must be a little slow today? The comment wasn’t made by the poster Of that message The comment was originally stated by Jesse Jackson some years ago I remember his dumbass saying it And thinking to myself that is not correct. So if you have a problem with it take it up with mr. Jackson. Lol

      • What Jesse said is (barring some sort of change in the power structure) true, but this does not mean that someone who is oppressed cannot also be racist. As a matter of fact, if you have been a member of an oppressed group by a specific race of people, than being oppressed will likely (and understandably) develop a racist attitude toward the group that acts as the oppressor or even their own race. Doesn’t make it right to say that blacks can’t be racist.

    • He is a racist. Probably doesn’t like gays, either.

      I bet he knocks children’s ice cream cones to the ground just for fun. And kicks puppies and senior citizens, too.

      I hear, once a week he goes down to the cancer ward and heckles patients as they exit the building from their treatments. But, you didn’t get that from me.

    • Yes he is a racist. And as a member of the ruling class he has armed paid for government security.

      • Could you imagine the backlash if a a white politician said “if I were a black guy I would go get my nine and hold it sideways”

  4. Someone needs to show Mr. Chambers the raw statistics on just how many of those annual 30,000 gun deaths are caused by “white guys.” His head would explode.

  5. Good thing you’re not white then, I guess… Geez, is that the only thing holding you back from going first person shooter on folks?

    If there is a such thing as reincarnation, I hope this guy comes back as a butterfly or tortoise or something. And not a white dude.

  6. Ah good ol’ racism yet again. Its amazing how much of the black on white racism is ignored. Sure its not something that affects whites as much as systemic racism causes problems for blacks, but it racism none the less.

    • There is no such thing as “systematic” racism against blacks in the US. Today, quite the opposite exists. Just look who’s sitting in the Oval Office due to no merit of his own. A white president who did what Obama has done would have been impeached years ago.

      • +1,000. There are not roving gangs of whites pickpocketing condoms from blacks, thereby spiking the oow birthrate to 70%. Whites are not storming inner city schools by the hundreds, stealing textbooks and kidnapping all the smart kids. The criminal element has everyone else by the balls in these neighborhoods. They seek out the kids who want to do good and achieve greatness, and bully them until they fall in line.

      • There is however “systemic” and “institutional” racism against white males in the guise of “affirmative action” and “diversity quotas”.

      • A white person with Obama’s “resume” would have never been elected. I don’t care what your skin color is, if you’re the most qualified candidate for ANY position, you should be hired/elected. Affirmative action hires, however, never go well. At any level.

  7. “If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down.” – Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers.
    You said that, not me,
    The way our elite PC Government is run with the attitudes of both the RNC and the DNC says it all.
    White working class communities need to die-RNC.
    I am going to put Coal Companies and Coal Miners out of work.-DNC.
    I will stand with the Muslims-BHO.

    • I don’t think the RNC said that, I think it was some half-assed “journalist” in the National Review. However, I’ll agree with you on the DNC statement.

      • I’m never one to stick up for the RNC, but yeah, it was a journalist, not the RNC.

  8. To steal a phrase from @exjon: my favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.

  9. I know cities are loaded with lunatics like this but how did one get to Nebraska? And how are there enough like-minded lunatics in Nebraska to make up enough of a constituency to elect him to office?

    He’s not just a little crazy he’s full Heaven’s Gate insane!

    Basically Nebraska elected a more crazy version of Tookie Williams to office. That’s worth making several documentaries about.

    • “…nd how are there enough like-minded lunatics in Nebraska to make up enough of a constituency to elect him to office?”

      Low voter turnout.

      If you only get 5% voter turnout, and you have about 5% crazy…. that is nearly 100% support for the crazy.

  10. Just so we are all PC around here; more Irish people were “Soldiers Of The State” than black people were slaves in the British North American Colonies.

    • That’s a quick way to get a very angry, misinformed crowd to yell at you. Don’t you know ALL whites have had an easier life than ALL non-whites? Since the dawn of time ol’ whitey has just been partying it up, shrimp and daiquiri style, sitting on our opulent ivory thrones whilst putting out cigars in the eyes of those who we disagree with.
      That’s what I learned in my world history class. I’m sorry, let me correct that, that’s what I PAID to learn in my world history class.
      I hate my college.

  11. Projection. The lefties are all about having murderous rage due to a “feeling” of powerlessness and blaming others for their “feeling” like a victim.

    Which is why most of the mass shooters in this country have been lefties or muslim.

  12. Ernie seems to be quite the racist! Then tell me this morning Since you know white people so well, Why are all the prisons filled with black and Puerto Rican People Very small amount Of the prison population Anywhere in this country is white. So either you have All these blacks and Puerto Rican people that are unjustly prosecuted arrested and put in prison Or you’re full of shit!

    • OMG, really?!?!?

      Holy crap! Thanks for sharing that!

      So, where do I send my credit card info and bank account numbers to, so I can enjoy this wonderful program, complete stranger Sonia from the Internet?!?!

      • Thank you Prince Sonia! I also received your email regarding my once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in many of millions of currency. I have already replied with my banking information and SSN!!!

  13. Ernie Chambers has long represented the welfare constituents of the Omaha area.

    He’s a race pimp and a degenerate. Hopefully he comes down with cancer sooner than later….

  14. He doesn’t need to be a disgruntled white guy to gun people down, black males are already gunning people down at a rate that far exceeds mass shooters, so it seems he’s just the right color to justify all the killing he ever wanted to do.

  15. What ? Is there some unspoken rule that to be a liberal/democrat you have to prove how monumentally ignorant you are by making INSANE statements.

  16. Yeah have any of you all looked up lately On Google The New Black Panther Party?? Maybe you guys should. There is all kinds of radical African-American hate groups springing up like wild fires all in Florida and across the country all due to President Obama’s Hatred of the white race. He talks about equality and getting along And at the same time Let’s to Arms Black Panther Party members off scott-free 4 Presenting Firearms at would be Voters at a polling station Threatening their lives if they didn’t vote a certain way, These clowns were arrested And before the judge even got to sit in front of them President Obama had them released no charges scott-free Boy that’s a quality And equal Treatment For all Races What a freaking joke.

  17. ‘…systemic racism causes problems for blacks…’

    I take it you meant ’caused’ with a d. As in past tense. The only systematic racism today is hardly a problem for blacks. Getting into prestigious universities despite scoring lower than whites who get turned down isn’t causing problems for blacks. Getting hired for jobs despite being less qualified than whites who get turned down is not causing problems for blacks. The systematic racism today causes problems for whites (and Asians) and benefits blacks.

    • “. The systematic racism today causes problems for whites (and Asians) and benefits blacks”…..Not all whites.

      • That was supposed to be a response to hellofromillinois but it popped up as it’s own comment and the system wouldn’t let me delete it and repost where it’s supposed to go.

        You never seem to hear about companies hiring underqualified whites over qualified blacks. That just doesn’t happen today or in the last 4 or 5 decades. The systematic racism by whites against blacks is wholly imagined.

        • Agree, my point is that when it comes to college admissions, among other things, some whites are more equal than other whites.

        • That is correct Today in this countryWhite’s get the short end of the stick every time There’s this Bullshit believe System That Black Are owed something by today’s white race because of slavery Case in point,Here in Florida recently there were two Gangbangers African American who drove by and shot up the wrong house Over a drug deal gone bad and wounded one small child and killed another. They had the uncle I believe On the news Bay News 9 And He was calling for gun control while dressed in a Black Panther Party outfit for black BDU battle dress uniform with Alice gear in a beret with the Black Panther flag being held right beside him by another black panther all done up in the same getup. Bay News 9 Covered it like it was acceptable for them To Dawn the outfits Of a white hate group To get back At the white race 42 African-American gang bangers killing and wounding Two children in his front yard. How are white people to blame For gang violence in the black community? This kind of crap goes on every day of the week. Just a bunch of nonsense And bullshit. You had the one girl Singer during the Superbowl come out during halftime show In a Black Panther Party outfit since when Do we promote hate groups on are publicly watched news stations And Super Bowl events? I have never seen a klansman nor would I want to In a halftime show Or on the news making claims to do violence against the White Community Or any ethnicity.

    • He’s famous for having worn his T-shirt for 40 years or more that he’s been in the Unicameral. He was term-limited out once after that was passed, but came back after sitting out for 4 years. The T-shirt is supposed to be putting to the man, or something.

  18. White Privilege: being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility fo the acts of their children.

    • White privilege is what happens when hard work and preparation meets opportunity.

      It requires getting up in the morning and doing something productive all day long, then getting up tomorrow and doing the same thing again.

      Occasionally, real success comes about as a result.

      What these rabble who have decamped their third-world dungheaps seem to overlook is that it is very, very rare that the success comes about without the requisite work and preparation. All they see are the results. Their understanding of economics is akin to the cargo cults of the South Pacific after we left their islands following WWII.

  19. He noted lawmakers are immune from criminal or civil liability for things they say during legislative debate or public hearings.

    They should be. Everyone else should be too. Doesn’t mean people should vote for him next time around. If he doesn’t want racism, he shouldn’t take part in it.

  20. This is the Certs commercial.:)
    “Wait, you’re both right!”
    Raise your hand if “your” people take responsibility for the actions of their children.
    Hate is hate. Blaming the other is an excuse for not looking at yourself.
    Blacks aren’t doing anything to you. Whites aren’t doing anything to you. If you have the grades you can’t get into college? Come on. As for qualified the whole age of millennials aren’t qualified for school or work. Race has nothing to do with it.
    Who is doing the screwing? The folks in charge. Your job went where? Who sent it?
    Who’s doing the gangbanging? Are they shooting “your people” or “their people?”
    If gangbangers are shooting up the inner cities who is doing the mass shooting that makes the news?
    Read about the terrible treatment Scots and Irish experienced when they immigrated to America.
    The take away is stop believing this crap and question it. The same lies that are told about guns are told by the other side about races taking your jobs, security, etc. It’s working because the people who benefit aren’t working class Americans. They benefit no matter who is President. Think about it. Who sent manufacturing to China? Who sent your sons to Iraq? For what? Who benefited? The answer isn’t blacks, Mexicans, women, gays, planned parenthood, immigrants, PC, affirmative action, Muslims, Christians, Jews, the environment, or the 2nd Amendment. If the NRA is a terrorist organization big Pharma sure is. Why do your medicines cost so much? You are being distracted while the great and powerful OZ keeps his power.

    Think and question.

    • I am scot-irish And I know exactly when my family came to this country and under what conditions they came. They were in the middle of a potato famine starving to death so they signed up to be indentured servants for ten years each member Then they were placed on a boat And shipped to the United States where they worked on farms For the 10 years And we’re only paid in food and shelter Basically slaves that they signed themselves up for to come to the New World Which hundreds of them died in the boats coming to the New World. I also am a disabled combat veteran And I have seen racism in its most Darkest arena in this country In the last 30 years. It would seem That African American people blame the white people For everything under the sun But God forbid you stand up and tell someone you’re proud to be white or of the white race you’re automatically condemned a racist. But yet These black Americans Have the Black Entertainment Channel Spanish Americans have the Spanish entertainment Channel have you ever wondered why they don’t have the white American channel on Cable?? We the white people Through Affirmative action and all these other Bullshit Political Misleading Have fallen To the point where If we say anything we’re automatically a racist so we just have to mind our p’s and q’s and stand in the corner like a dunce. Black Americans in this country have just as much if not more going for them today than ever before Why they believe that the white man is holding them down Is beyond me. None of the other soldiers that were African American I served with In combat Ever Never ever Brought up anything racist towards me or any other white brother in the Army it’s because we were all the same color in the eyes of our commanding officer One brother bleeds red so do the rest. I didn’t really experience racism while I was in Iraq and Afghanistan But as soon as I got back to this country I immediately experienced Hatred by the black community Because of where I live. Like I said before I’m a disabled combat veteran I drive a 1988 Ford pickup truck that has been broken into so many times I leave the windows open in the door’s unlocked I live in a rough part of town because it’s all I can affordI believe The $1 on here had it a little backwards When he was talking about the good black youth children being bullied by gang bangers What I’ve determined as they see me someone who was in the military for 6 years Serving his country got blown up by an IED And now I drive an old beat-up piece of junk pickup truck And live in a little tiny town house In the bad part of town. On the other hand they see these gangbangers driving brand new Cadillac’s with $7,000 rims on them And they want to go the easy way out Why go to college and spend that money and take 4 years to get a job when you can start selling crack right on the street corner and make yourself $5,000 a night or a week That’s the real story. It turns my stomach.

  21. For the record, it’s not easy being white. Working every Saturday and summer vacations from age 6. Cooped up in a step van truck waiting out the rain while your father smoked menthol B&H’s. Two days out of high school standing on yellow footprints, then being techically competent to fix a 20 million dollar war weapon. Then loosing my mind at 28 with the bat shit crazy idea wanting to front 30 bullshit detectors by getting past three senior NCO’s and a bunch of college grads, which combined almost crushed me physically. Only reason I survived was a will to win or more appropriate, fear of failure and four years later, placed over the mortar tube launched into the real world. Eight jobs later without a nickle, now work for myself and survived for five years.

    The only privilege I’ve had was serving my country, my Marines and now a few companies I bring work to, my wife & two kids.

    My only observation of young people today is, like a packaged meal, they want a premade life, they want reward by checking blocks, they’re sold on a lie that the world cares and they bought it. When reality presents they’re poorly prepared, lash out with words, cause that’s all they got in their kit.

    So do I want to get my gun and shoot them. No, but a good horizontal butt (back end of a rifle) stroke my adjust their thinking.

    White privilege rant over.

  22. Are there any brave white people in leadership in the corn husker state that can call out this intolerant black bigot?
    If this was any elected white person I would need hearing protection because of the piercing response.
    How about a black or homosexual response?
    Any brave folks in Nebraska?

    • He’s been pretty much considered untouchable by the local media for 40+ years. You know why.

  23. Psychological Projection: a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.

  24. Proving, yet again, that there are many blacks who don’t seem to understand this whole “civilization” thing that us white guys invented.

    For these sorts of blacks, I wish they’d return to Africa. I’d be happy to buy him a one-way ticket, especially to a country where people of this mindset have already gotten their way: Zimbabwe. There, he can experience all the benefits of government invented by black men. Rampant hyper-inflation, scarcity of food (where there was once a surplus), lack of human rights. But by golly, they drove off most all of the white folks, so those blacks in Zimbabwe have really gotten what they wanted: regression to full third-world status.

    • Whites (Europeans and Westerners) didn’t invent “civilization”, per se.

      But heavily influenced what is accepted as the “modern civilized society”, without a doubt.

      All the places worth a damn visiting in the 21st century, are vastly influenced by Anglo/Euro inventions, culture, medicine, science, agriculture, technology, gov’t’s, economics, and the list goes on.

  25. It would take a long time to mow grass with a semi-automatic mower, and grass doesn’t even run out of the way. I’m picturing a pair of scissors. ‘clip’ there’s one down, ‘clip’, there’s two down…

  26. Well, I, for one am not a fan of anybody expressing their frustrations with semi-automatic weapons, whatever their color. Of the people, I mean.

    I am likewise not a fan of anyone saying they’d like to shoot up a bunch of colksojt of crustration. Whatever the color of the shooter, the shootees, or the gun.

    But, that’s just me.

    • ” … folks out of frustration…”

      Frakking auto-mangle goes back and re-mucks up stuff I’ve already fixed once.

      Clearly, Im missing something, but also, maybe make it less hard to use. Dammit.

  27. For all the talk about racism: Feel free to use subsutution. In the quote where he say if i was white….replace white with black and reread it. Sound racist or sexist? The it probably is. Its a good trick to use with the words Republican or Democrat.

  28. This isn’t the first time this guy has been in the news.

    He’s the perfect example of a liberal who is too crazy to be out in public, much less own a gun, and therefore he thinks no one else should be able to either.

  29. This shows why we have no fear of anti gunners and loosing our 2A rights. The younger generation cannot get beyond 140 character tweet nor understands the heavy lift to move legislation.

    My worry is State Ratifying Conventions. Due to the grass roots of the temperance movement, repeal of prohibition (21st Amendment) was ratified by state convention, not by state legislatures. This would give political cover to politicians bent on destroying our 2A.

  30. Now that is an example of a stupid thing for anyone to say regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or whatever special interest group they may claim to belong.

    • What he should have said wasIf I was a white guy I’d be a law-abiding gun owner and not a stupid piece of crap racist. How this jackass gets away with saying something like that in the media is beyond me could you imagine if a white Guy Would have said some crap like that about blacks You never hear the end of that shit. The n-double-acp would have been all over that Who stands up for the rights of the white man in this country anymore?? No one that’s who!

  31. As a former Nebraskan I can say without hesitation, that Ernie Chamgers is one of the biggest sacks of @#%

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