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According to Jerry Miculek, the FN M249s i the modern equivalent of the 1860 Henry Rifle. You gonna argue with the Eric Clapton of guns? Meanwhile, TTAG’s Daily Digest offers a smörgåsbord of firearms-related news: another taste of TMZ, an “assault rifle” wielding ex-con sent to his reward two hours after release, and some hand-wringing about Kansas campus carry. And if that’s not enough — and we know it isn’t —

MSNBC Pundit Blames ‘Ease of Getting Guns’ for Brussels Bombing – They just can’t help themselves.

GUNS: Defending one’s home walks delicate legal line – “In another scenario, he suggested that if someone were to walk onto someone’s front lawn and make a threat while holding, say, an apple in his hand, deadly force would not be justified.” Tell that to Snow White.

Don’t ban guns, but do repeal the Second Amendment – How long would it take for one to follow the other?

TMZ: Escort with AR-15 Rifle Protects ‘Ray J’ at Detroit Strip Club – You can have too much protection, especially at Club Jaguar.

State police fatally shoot man carjacking woman with assault rifle in South Greensburg – Out of prison two hours, violated an order of protection, procured a gun and attempted a carjacking. But we need more laws.

Guns Will Soon Be Allowed in Kansas Classrooms — Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea – “A poll of over 20,000 people working in the state’s public schools . . . feel that armed students would lead to a jump in campus crime rates; difficulty teaching what they wanted to teach, how they wanted to teach it; and a classroom environment that felt ‘less safe’ than it would without guns.” Good thing your Constitutionally protected rights aren’t subject to the democratic process. Much.

Infographic: Ensuring that Prohibited Abusers Give Up Their Guns in New Jersey – Less than one third of 221 New Jersey residents murdered by current or former “intimate partners” (over nine years) were shot to death.

Gun-rights advocate Jamie Gilt faces misdemeanor charge after being shot by 4-year-old son – Guilt by association?

Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco – Trigger-happy cops?

Michaels vs. Lynch – Non-violent felon files class action lawsuit against U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch for restoration of felons’ gun rights.

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  1. The fine folks up at TTAG should partner with TGC (the gun collective) guy for these types of firearms/political dumps. Just an idea

  2. With regards to the Ray J tale:

    – Would it be legal for open carry of a long gun at a strip joint (alcohol) in Michigan by a non-LE person?

    – Is the guy doing “security” a licensed pro or just one of his boys?

    – If he’s a licensed pro, can he legally have a long gun for his job? Here in Florida, armed security guards can only use certain calibers and if they are using long guns, they have to have a waiver from the state.

    Chances are it’s a stunt and the AR in question is probably an Airsoft replica with the orange tip pulled off. No establishment would go for this stuff since it would mean extra scrutiny from LE.

    • POD, yeah Im not sure about long guns, a pistol should have been ok. The AR has a bipod on it, doubt it is airsoft. They may have “rented” out the building for the party, thus making it their building for the night. Most anything can be accomplished when it is your building.

      • Finally remembered this question so sorry for the late response. Your mileage may vary depending on your jurisdiction, but here in FL, if you rent out a club/bar for a party, you still gotta play by the rules of the state concerning liquor and the presence of firearms around said intoxicating beverages.

        Ray J is still a tool though.

  3. No disrespect to Jerry. A semi auto 249 is an abomination. Back in the day at 6’6″ and a combat weight of 205, I was, with iron sights, surgical with that bit of kit. My favorite armament.

  4. On one hand you’d think that the local DA would figure that being shot was lesson enough for Jamie Gilt, but on the other, had the child hurt himself instead of her she’d be looking at felony child endangerment.

    At least I never have to worry about being a disappointment to my dad. Since I’m so disappointed he’s not Jerry Miculek.

  5. Mr. Clemons, the MSNBC pundit obviously does not understand the concept of a black market. The Belgian black market for guns is products of the difficulty, if not impossibility, of getting a firearm legally. If you ban something that people want you get a black market. In other words, criminals will always get guns. I would say that if we banned all guns that criminals will end up with even more firepower than they have now. If it isn’t going to make a difference in the sentence you receive you might will get a fully automatic weapon instead of an common, ordinary semi. Another consequence of banning guns will be that mass killers will switch to bombs which are potentially much more lethal than guns.

  6. The Nieto case; his taser got him killed. Either his hands were in his pockets contrary to police instructions, or his taser was deployed consistent with police claims. Either way not even a liberal SF jury could conclude it was a bad shoot, even with the lower standard of conviction. This all happened because he deployed his taser on an unleashed dog.

    • By that standard anyone that carries a gun can be killed just for carrying it. That being said, that article was the most race hustling trash I have ever read, and it completely ruined what would otherwise have been a very engaging story. An innocent man was shot dead by cops in his own neighborhood, they really didn’t need to bring race into it. They also pulled out the stand your ground/George Zimmerman boogeyman even though GZ did not ever invoke SYG as a defense.

      Either way, body cameras would have settled the matter. How bout instead of sending more machine guns, sniper rifles, and tanks to police departments, we send them some body cams?

      • Cameras are not fool proof, of course. They can be turned off or “malfunction,” either because nothing is perfect, or by design…

        Much better idea, I think, is not to send “police” into every incident, especially with the attitude they now have in so many places. The answer is not usually technology, but empowerment and freedom of the individual instead of an increasing police state. Self ownership and self defense beats all the police activities hands down.

        • That’s right, we can intervene and so a much better job. Just ask George Zimmerman. /sarc.

        • George did a fine job of defending himself. The fact that he’s not been too bright in his choices of women, or some of the other stunts he’s pulled has nothing to do with it.

  7. Mr. Miculek seems like a nice guy, is abundantly skilled, and clearly accomplished in his chosen profession. Sometimes you can pick up a tip or two in his videos, plus they’re usually entertaining.

    Still, I don’t do the hero worship thing. I don’t have a favorite pro shooter. I can’t even name more than a couple. I’m a grown man, accomplished in my own right. I can see respecting these people’s expertise, but as for feeling personally affiliated with them? Referring to celebrity strangers by their first name, as though we’re friends or even associates? I don’t get it.

    I know of a grown woman who’s a huge Kim Kardashian fan. “Kim! She’s my girl!”, she’ll exclaim. Seriously? You’ve never met that person, never will, and would get shoved aside by her bodyguards if you ever got close. Ms. Kardashian doesn’t even know you exist.

    Same goes for grown men wearing their favorite player’s jersey on game day, or worse, non-game day. It’s creepy. These are Trump supporters who think the GOP primary is just another voting-by-text-message elimination round on their favorite reality game show.

  8. I seem to have been mistakenly banned from posting at huh.

    So it’s easy to get guns in Belgium because the difficulty of getting guns legally in Belgium has created a strong black market, and the country’s porous borders makes travel easy, so if you want an illegal gun in Europe, you go to Belgium.
    And this has what to do with a terrorist bombing?


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