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Criminals get guns. In the case above, robbers drove a semi-tractor trailer’s cab into a gun store to score . . . a few handguns. There ought to be a law! [h/t trbshoot2] Meanwhile, there’s a veritable farrago for firearms news after the jump, including a stupid gun thief, a stupid question about toy guns and Donald Trump (use the adjective of your choice) . . .

Mike Jones: Guns aren’t the problem, it’s the gun lobby – Anti-gun newspapers aren’t the problem. It’s the journalists!

Man allegedly steals friend’s rifle; poses with it in photo – I guess there is such a thing as bad publicity.


Trump wants to study proposal to allow guns at convention – Because when Donald Trump speaks the Republican National Committee listens. Or not.

UGA professor: Violence at Trump rallies shows dangers of ‘good guys’ with guns on campus – “If state legislators wish to make campuses safer, I suggest they listen to my students and understand how vulnerable women feel to predatory men.” They’d probably feel less vulnerable with a 642 on their hip.

Family: Is it OK for 8-year-old to play with toy gun? – Yes. Next question.

Sanders’ pro-gun views could cost him votes in New York City – Because he voted to allow guns and ammo in checked baggage on Amtrak trains. Never mind that it’s done without incident on airliners every day of the week.

‘Partying too hard’ with guns draws police – So many possibilities, so few details.

Lemay woman gets 5 years for killing aunt with high-powered rifle – Sentenced too lightly.


Former Indiana player says Bobby Knight once wielded a shotgun at practice – A little too much March Madness perhaps?

Bellevue Baptist Church responds to arrest during Easter Sunday service – What looks like a very bad situation, narrowly averted.

ICYMI:The NYT editorial board thinks AR-15s fire in ‘rapid bursts’ – Because who knows more about how guns work than upper west side lefties?

This is what the inside of a gun looks like when it’s being fired – Only Pixar could have done it better.

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  1. So is the company that made that truck that was used in the gun store robbery gonna be sued cause their product was used in a crime?

  2. NYT says, ‘…using a military-style assault rifle to fire 154 rounds in less than five minutes.’

    I bet they’d poop their pants if they knew that with a little practice and $250 worth of speed loaders that could be done with a single revolver.

    • I know these are liberal arts majors we’re talking about here, but seriously, why does no one do the math?

      Five minutes is 300 seconds. If 154 shots are fired over that interval, that’s an average of 1.9 seconds between rounds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but watch the clock and try to snap your fingers every other second. It’s actually pretty damn slow.

      Of course, that’s average. The larger point is that the number of rounds, either by total or by rate, is unremarkable. Fire ten rounds, one per second, take five seconds to reload, and your rate is forty rounds a minute. Do that over five minutes and you’d have fired two hundred rounds. And as anyone knows who’s ever fired a gun before, a second a round is quite leisurely, and so is a five second reload.

      • ‘And as anyone knows who’s ever fired a gun before…’

        You’re not seriously suggesting the editors of the New York Times actually learn something about things they opine about. Perhaps instead of actually firing a weapon they could just turn on the TV for a few minutes. Bang, bang, bang… well, that took about a second and a half…

        I figured I could fire six aimed rounds and reload with a speed loader every 10 to 12 seconds and I have virtually no practice with speed loaders.

  3. We have to distance ourselves from the likes of Trump. He give credence to every slanderous accusation of American gun owners that the left has thrown our way for the last 50 years at least. This is not someone we want associated with the armed intelligentsia and this is not someone that we want to be associated with our “brand” for the next 50-60 years as people growing up now are formulating their political leanings.

    Bring on the hate.

      • Happy to explain: When people think of the gun rights movement, or those that identify as pro-gun 40 years from now, I don’t want them to associate us with him. He is not representative of the conservative values that we as a people embody on the whole, he does not protect the Constitution except when it suits him. He has taken stances against the right to free speech unless it suits his purpose, he has vowed to engage in protectionist politics that will undermine our economy. He has furthermore run on a sham political platform that is far more statist than any candidate coming out of the much hated establishment for the last 50 years.

    • Or he will burn down 50 years of slanderous accusations, along with the machine that threw them our way. And our kids will grow up in a world where the playdough mafia and their culture of failure, excuses and lies is just a distant memory.

      • either way, looks like there will be a fire involved.

        I’ll bring polish sausages and roasting sticks, someone else grab the buns, mustard and sauerkraut! Might want to bring smores stuff too. just in case.

      • No. Hero worship is not what we do here that is the lefts job. He is just a man and one that is building a legacy for violence and race baiting both of which the left has accused the everyday gun owner to enjoy. By getting him away from our brand I mean distance ourselves from him even if he says the right things about certain topics because on the whole, he is not the answer to bring our culture into a new age of prosperity.

        • No, the left is building his “legacy for violence and race baiting” with those same type of slanderous accusations. And you are perpetuating it by repeating them as if they were fact. How do we stop them from doing it to us, when we are ALSO DOING IT TO US!? Face it; the whole thing has to burn. It’s the only way.

    • If it’s a choice between Trump and *anyone* on the left, I will choose Trump.

      I’d *prefer* to have Cruz, but I will accept Trump…

    • You make very sound arguments for opposing Trump and I agree that he’s not good for the country. Even in the areas where I think he’s right, I trust him to stand on any principles less than I trust Cruz.

      The only reason I have found to justify voting for Trump is to not let Clinton pick the next Supreme Court justice.

      • We are certainly at a quandary at this point in time. We have a choice (presumably at this point in time) that we are going to have the choice between Mr. Trump who is shaky at best on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and one who is openly against the rights of free speech AND a woman with a history of lying and trampling all over the rights of the people, specifically 2nd Amendment rights. Neither of which would be good for the country, and both could very well kill the gun rights movement in their own way.

        Mr. Trump through overreaction and giving the left the very bully that they need to pass policy against our rights. They now have a very real face to point to and say “this is what is wrong with the gun owners in America and they all think like him” and most younger americans don’t agree with his policies. You would create a generation of Americans that associate the right to keep and bear arms with a man that for all intents and purposes, promotes hatred.

        Hilbeast on the other hand will be more overt and direct in her attack on the right to keep and bear arms and most likely will be responsible for the most anti-freedom judges on the high Court as we have ever seen. Not to mention the very real possibility of executive orders and legislation that will severely hinder our ability to keep our way of life alive.

        Overall, with either of these decisions our rights are not safe. We would be foolish to align ourselves with someone like Trump for the future generations of possible gun owners but at the same time we cannot concede the highest office in the land to a woman who would take away firearms from each and every one of us if she has the chance.

    • Bernie will be much harder to defeat than the HildaBeast, the youth vote will show up for him.

      • Bernie will also not be nearly as catastrophic for the second amendment… think Obama light.

        • Agreed. Only because his economic platform is so outrageous, it will bog down the workings of government in sweet gridlock for the next four years. Of course, this presumes the GOP will retain control of Congress. Otherwise, the taxation will sweep away the disposable income for guns and ammo for most of us. But he doesn’t appear to be as big of an actual threat to gun rights.

  4. Id rather have Bernie than Hildabeast. I cannot stand that woman. If she gets to be prez Im declaring my property a soveriegn country, go to war with the U.S. get blown up and then rebuilt better then before, just like the rest of the other countrys, hospitols,houseing schools,hiways, and money,money,money.

  5. C&Rsenal and Forgotten Weapons are by far my favorite channels, and I really wish they had been around when I was a kid. Reading old dog-eared library copies of Jane’s and Weapons of the World just didn’t seem to cut it back then.

    • It’s the closest thing to watching old episodes of History Channels “Tales of the Gun”. You know, back when history channel aired shows about history.

  6. I wouldn’t dismiss the toy gun question out of hand quite so quickly. The linked article though obviously anti-gun makes several good points. For instance, if the child’s toy gun is realistic in appearance they child may mistake a real gun for a toy or a cop may mistake the child’s toy as a real weapon. Those are legitimate concerns that the gun community should take seriously. We dismiss them to our own peril.

    My first child is due at the end of May so this has been on my mind recently. I have decided that my policy will be, if the gun looks real-ish, we are going to treat it like a real gun. Water guns, nerf guns, and ping pong ball guns are obviously not real so those can be played with in any manner.

    Side note: Becky Yackley (world class shooter on team Stoeger whose 17 y/o son Tim just made it through the first round in the 3gn pro series) just started writing a series on kids and guns. It is quite long so I haven’t read it all yet, but so far it is really good.

  7. Just imagine the horror if the NYT ed board ever saw a single armed soldier quickly fire an Enfield Mk4. Oh the humanity!

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