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“When you build a bunch of inexpensive, shitty guns, time-to-crime hits record lows. And when you warranty replace them for any reason — including ‘theft’ — you give criminals an easy, cost-free way to destroy evidence.” – Firearm Concierge in an email to TTAG Central Command regarding SCCY’s change in warranty policy.


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  1. What a stupid idea in the first place, just from a dollars and sense aspect for the company.

    “Sure, you want another gun for free? here you go!”

    • This is a bunch of crap. I have sold over 2000 of these firearms and have had only one to turn in as warranty.
      I am a FFL dealer and the firearm had to be sent by my company. The firearm was in a holster with the owner working on a Ship on the tower. The firearm fell over 100 feet bouncing off the walls of the ship and the walls of the bay, the slide was all tattered and the left safety was broken off. Sccy replaced the safety and slide at no cost to the customer and gave him a free magazine for having to do without his firearm for a week. Yea, know of what you write before before you speak.

    • can’t just say the gun was stolen, or lost. You need a police report documenting the serial numbers so the gun is no good to you as a law abiding citizen anymore. So anyone getting caught with this gun or tries to sell it to a pawn shop the gig is over.

  2. Theft warranty? That’s a rather interesting warranty to be selling. What would be even more interesting would be the terms. I know gun thefts are rather infrequent, but how many of these warranties does the shop sell in order to break even, much less run a profit?

    • If they work like most other warranties they’re in the high 90s for profit percentage anyway.

      Best Buy actually has some of the best non online retail prices in their market, they make an absolute killing on warranties.

  3. The way most average working people look at it, criminals get all their guns for free. They steal them or buy them with stolen money.

  4. Replacing a gun due to theft will encourage people to say its been stolen and sell or put one away for SHTF for free. Its not the best idea and it was doomed from the beg. Personally I do not buy these guns they are cheap junk and for a small bit more I can get a Taurus or Smith.

        • Say what you want about companies like Taurus and High Point – they certainly are CAPABLE of making a gun that works safely and reliably, but there is no denying that they turn out a percentage of unreliable or unsafe guns that is VASTLY DISPROPORTIONATE for their market share.

          They focus on making high volumes of very cheap guns – neither of these qualities is a positive.
          Doesn’t mean you can’t find a safe, reliable Taurus, it just means the odds are against you to a much higher percentage than going with a reputable manufacturer.

        • Did I say a single word about Taurus or Hi Point?

          No. I said it was an interesting mindset you have there about thinking it is your place in this universe to “let” or “not let” your friends make their own, grown-up decisions about what products to buy or that your friendship is contingent upon them buying the “right” products according to you.

          I find your missing that point, or failing to address it at least, quite interesting as well.

        • I think we’re all adults here who know what “Let” means in this context.

          While I appreciate the libertarian sentiments, we both know he wasn’t talking about forcing his friends to not buy Taurus – more like persuasion his friends to buy better guns with perhaps a little friendly shaming if they don’t.

      • Taurus is definitely a notch higher than SCCY etc. They have lemons due to QC issues, but when their guns aren’t broken from the get go, they work just fine for a long time.

    • Did you really just suggest that Taurus and a Smith are on the same playing field? Taurus are an overpriced paper weight.

      • +1. I have two that are exactly that. Completely non-functional. After I went round and round with them for more than a year I just gave up. They acknowledged the fault was theirs, and agreed to replace the parts at no cost right from the get go. It was just the actual act of replacing the parts that was a problem. Sure they make a shitty product, but they make up for it with shitty customer service. Never buy a Taurus.

        • “Sure they make a shitty product, but they make up for it with shitty customer service. Never buy a Taurus.”
          Amen to that, Mike in OK! And ditto for Rossi, a Taurus subsidiary, never buy a Rossi!

          I once bought a Rossi “Circuit Judge Rimfire”, and it had so many defects it was unbelievable. Every time I fired a shot, I got hit in the face with a blast of hot gasses. Most people say revolvers are reliable (that was one reason I bought this “revolver rifle”), but this Rossi was totally unreliable. Sometimes it just refused to advance the cylinder at all, and sometimes it would only advance the cylinder if you used two hands and muscled the hammer into position (it was supposed to be DA/SA, so it should’ve advanced the cylinder on a trigger pull also, but that only worked half the time). As for accuracy, ha ha, ROTFLOL, shitty accuracy too!

          This Rossi was so awful that I wrote a letter to the manufacturer telling them, “I’ve seen better quality in toy cap guns” and listing all the defects, telling them it was so UNSAFE to SHOOT that I wanted a refund or replacement, not just a repair. Then came the shitty customer service that Mike in OK mentioned! Even though the rifle was only a month old, after I told them about all the defects that made it UNSAFE to SHOOT, Rossi refused to refund, replace, or even repair it! The store where I’d bought it (Dick’s Sporting Goods) was so embarrassed by Rossi’s shitty customer service that they gave me a refund out of their own pocket, so I will say Dick’s Sporting Goods had good customer service (despite their hoplophobia about the “evil black guns” that they refuse to sell, stopped selling after Sandy Hook I believe).

          It’s really too bad Rossi has such poor quality control and shitty customer service, because they’re the only company that makes an affordable stainless steel lever-action 357. I prefer the Marlin 1894C (I have one that’s blued steel), but the now-rare Marlin 1894CSS (stainless steel version) is no longer made, and used ones sell on Gunbroker for three times what a brand-new Rossi sells for, if you can even find them! (I know you get what you paid for, but the now-rare 1894CSS is out of my price range).

    • SCCY pistols are actually very good for the money. It’s not a hand-built Wilson, but they work, at least from my experience. To place them, or even Smith, on the same playing field with Taurus, is insulting at the very least.

    • “Replacing a gun due to theft will encourage people to say its been stolen and sell or put one away for SHTF for free. ”

      You have to file a police report with the serial number. To scam an extra gun for SHTF some might risk it, but otherwise its a lose lose.

  5. The first and ONLY time I have even seen/heard of these guns were at a gun show. I meant to do some research but never got around to it. I’m pretty much a Glockaholic and not likely to buy any other handgun brand (with the exception or a Beretta or Walther).

  6. There’s actually nothing wrong with the CPX guns functionally. They’re tough, reliable, and accurate. They’re also super light for carry. Iraqveteran8888 did a great torture test on them, check it out on YouTube.

      • From what I can tell, having trouble locating the old text, a police report was required.

        Between no mandatory registration and no background checks fur private sales in many states, it wouldn’t be that hard to claim you had a gun stolen…

        • True but someone would have to be positively stupid to do that though. Unless you were a criminal engaged in criminal enterprise already, why on earth would you want to risk getting busted with a gun that you had reported stolen? Add to that willful insurance fraud and filing a false police report. Again unless you are a criminal selling to other criminals why would anyone knowingly sell something to someone that has the risk of buying them a 10 year prison sentence?

          Agree with most, this “warranty” sounds pretty poorly thought out from a business standpoint. They could probably make more money by just running a 2 for 1 special on these.

        • On further thought, you wouldn’t really need to require a police report if SCCY reported the original firearm as stolen to the ATF for you. Otherwise the company would go broke with all the 2 for 1 deals.

  7. Look, whatever this warranty thing is, it’s a marketing stunt.

    Their first mistake: making a warranty policy that does not help honest people in any way but is ripe to be taken advantage of by dishonorable people. How would you feel, as an honest person, if your gun is stolen, to tell the gunmaker to send you a new one to free?

    Second mistake: retracting a seemingly favorable condition without giving a new one. The decision only gets two responses, “ow they go back on their words” or “ok, whatever, just do what you have to do”. They shouldve offered a new condition that make people feel less “betrayed”, like, “free new gun if your gun is involved in a DGU and ends up in the evidence locker”

  8. Please don’t give this guy a forum to air his arrogant opinions on. He’s so annoying and I refuse to do business with him.

  9. The cheap shitty Gun bit it’s probably from someone who never shot one.
    I have over a thousand rounds in an inexpensive gun and it is by no means garbage.
    The warranty is unparalleled but it does not cover stolen guns. I agree that part of the warranty doesn’t make any sense but one needs to be careful about how he refers to others firearms is that just comes across as being a gun snob.
    I have shot expensive firearms and I have shot inexpensive firearms and I will not ream anybody for what they have but I like and enjoy mine. They are reliable, accurate and feel good in the hand.
    I hope this site unlike some others does not get into a shouting match about who owns what and why.

    • Are you trying to imply that because two SCCYs are now in your used gun case that they are poor guns? Then tell me how many Glocks are in your used gun case? I’ll bet it’s more than two.By your logic, that would make the Glock a bad gun, right?

      People trade in or sell guns for many reasons, not just because they’re “bad.” Perhaps they decided to move up to a larger capacity gun… didn’t like the recoil of the SCCY… decided they liked a different color combination (with 18 different color combinations, it could be easy to change your mind on that)… or even fell under the sway of “snobs” who are either brand “fanboys” or can’t accept that a gun under “X” price can be any good.

      Remember the old adage: “Coincidence does not equal causation.”

      • Glocks have been sold for far more than three months, and have a much larger consumer base, so there will be returns.
        Having returns when a LGS has been selling a firearm for only three months is a bad sign, because it means that the purchaser has given up on the firearm within a relatively short period of time, and cost isn’t an issue.
        It’s one thing if people return a firearm because it’s very expensive and they really couldn’t afford it, it’s another thing to have quick returns of inexpensive firearms, as the latter a main factor, to recoup cost, for returning the firearm is gone.

        • Could be that the SCCY was their first gun and they didn’t want to drop six bills on a “good” gun. Then they fell in love with shooting and went shopping again.

        • Recouping cost isn’t something that only happens when people purchase high-dollar items. For a lot of people, $200 is a significant amount of money. If $200 is the most you can afford to spend on a firearm, you’re probably not sitting on a real deep pile of cash, and it’s entirely possible that you might need to turn that gun back into $200 at some point.

  10. Unless they require a police report when someone sends in a warranty claim of theft, I can’t see this being a smart move.

    Even then, filing a false report (although illegal) wouldn’t be hard, however it would preclude any prohibited persons from doing so, since filing such a report would self-incriminate themselves.

  11. Nothing wrong with a company selling budget-priced heaters. People of limited means have a right to defend themselves, too, and not everyone can afford a nice Hi-Point.

    The theft-replacement warranty was a bad idea from the start. If you’re worried about your gun being stolen, you buy insurance. Insurance companies know how to deal with fraud.

    But if anyone thinks this policy change will affect the gang bangers’ ability to get guns, you are delusional.

    • “And when you warranty replace them for any reason — including ‘theft’ — you give criminals an easy, cost-free way to destroy evidence.”

      This statement doesn’t make sense. If the thugs were destroying the evidence, BATFE wouldn’t have guns to trace.

      • I thought the same thing. Also, gang-bangers already have a “cost-free” way to dispose of guns they’ve used in crimes. They sell it to Pookie’s cousin’s baby daddy and buy a new (stolen) one from a fellow thug.

    • “People of limited means have a right to defend themselves, too, and not everyone can afford a nice Hi-Point.”
      Sarcasm… I get it. However, the SCCY is more expensive than the Hi Point (though still reasonable to purchase) and is much nicer in fit, finish, size and weight.

  12. I like the color choices SCCY is offering now. That bright orange and polished steel look is quite the pleasant contrast.

      • Agreed. I’ve seen videos of “thugs” modding their guns to look like toys, and they blatantly stated it was for the purpose of confusing the police & giving them (the thugs) an advantage. One has to wonder about the motivations of a company that would deliberately make their firearms look like toys…

        • Those “thugs” must not pay attention to the news. Seems like a toy gun is just as likely to get your ass ventilated by a cop as a real gun…

        • Seems like a toy gun is just as likely to get your ass ventilated by a cop as a real gun…

          Which makes innocent kids more likely to get shot.

          Either way, I’m not seeing the upside of coloring real guns to look like toys.

  13. Um, not sure if the logic pans out. So, Mr. Criminal with a rap sheet uses the pistol in a crime, tosses it, and then goes back to SCCY for a free replacement. SCCY sends the free replacement to the nearest FFL dealer, Mr. Criminal fills out the form, the FFL submits it to the ATF, FFL subsequently calls the police, and Mr. Criminal gets room-and-board for a few days until the government decides not to pursue “mandatory” gun charges. FFL either keeps the gun, give it to the police as evidence, or sends it back to SCCY. Am I missing anything?

    • yes… Mr Criminal’s girlfriend buys the gun and gives it to him. Then she says it was stolen and gets another gun for free. She can give this one to someone else as well. Two for the price of one straw purchasing!

  14. Wow dragging Taurus into this. My 4 ran great. And wonders of wonders I agree with FC. Must be the apocalypse…I would buy a SCCY as a cheap hidey gun. Despite the many many reports of malfunctions. They seem to have improved their QC. Amazing how Kel-tec doesn’ t protect their brand(LCP too).

    • You’ll find that people who never owned a Taurus are always quick to slam them. I own three myself, as well as Glock, Ruger, Sig, S&W, etc., and have had zero issues with any of them after well over 1K rounds.

  15. It sounds to me like the real problem here is that criminals need to work harder to find richer girlfriends who are preferably competition shooters.

    Then they can commit their crimes in style.

    “That’s right! You’re looking down the barrel of a Nighthawk Custom, bi+ch!” /;-D

    • Let me translate what FC is truly saying.
      Cheap ass guns don’t provide the profit margins he is looking for in gun sales. Not worth his time.
      I don’t believe “time to crime” information is useful in any way. Then again, I’m not a gun dealer or a government agent.

  16. With a name like SuCCY, it’d better be good.
    Yeah, I know they claim “sky” is the pronunciation but that’s a reach. Can’t purchase new in CA anyway

  17. First off guarantee against loss is nothing new. Back in the 70’s I sold knives from the now defunct U.S. Company Schrade (Since moved to China courtesy of our corrupt Congressmen) that had the same type warranty. The marketing folks are well aware of human nature but the profit margin was big on Schrade knives and the profit margin must be large as well on this gun (junk plasticky and stamped sheet metal) as well or they would never have made this offer. The real reason they are discontinuing the policy is not loss of profits but rather to appease the ATF because they know the ATF can shut them down for any reason what-so-ever whether they are guilty of the accusation or not. Blame the loss of theft warranty not on dishonest people or on the company giving such warranty but on the Government because they did not want more guns in circulation than what normally would be in circulation through normal sales warranties.

  18. As far as junk guns being made. Basically that is all that is being made today that the working man can afford and even the junk plasticky guns can run you over $1000 dollars, take a look at some of the prices they get for high end junk guns these days. HK comes to mind, MIM cast parts, junk plasticky parts , stamped sheet metal parts etc. etc. Today the “average Joe” or shall I say “Jethro” would not recognize a quality gun today if it walked up to him and shot him in the foot. Most people today have never even seen a quality gun much less know what one looks like or how it differs from the plasticky gaurbahshze being vomited out by todays gun companies.

    Today I was cleaning a Browning 1910 (1955) .380 AND A French Manurhin PPK/S .380 and mourned the passing of such fine weapons compared to the plasticky and stamped sheet metal and MIM cast vomit .380’s being made today. I am glad I was born just in time to live through the last of the “good old days” of high quality guns of mirror blued or nickled , forged steel, and walnut hand checkered works of art of the past.

  19. By the way that orange plasticky frame literally screams the word “junk” right at you. They could not have done worse if they would have stamped the word “junk” right on the grip.

  20. Lotta hate for SCCY. I have looked at them and they seem no worse than Kel-Tec. Little better fit and finish.

    If you equate price to well-built, then Ruger quality on the LCP must be going down. They’ve dropped the price significantly in recent months. I picked up a new LCP from CDNN for around $200.

    The profit margin in plastic guns is evidently very high. Those looking to break into the market have to go low since they cant advertise like the big firms.

    The market will decide value.

  21. So, FC’s real complaint is the endless stream of ‘bangers in his shop taking up his time with warranty claims?

    He elected to sell them, I’m assuming a bright guy like him read the fine print when he chose to stock them…

  22. Eh, I don’t see it as an issue. Gun availability for the populous is more important than gun unavailability for criminals.

    In short, who cares?

  23. I have a sccy cpx2 4,000 rounds still working great its my carry gun love it almost never clean it always shoots no dumb ass saftety to worry about its light and easy to shoot! Pull and shoot

  24. Oh ya I have worn mine in the river the pool rainstorms and the shower (don’t ask) shake and dry (like shake and bake) no rust keeps on shooting over 4,000 rounds for close encounters love this gun I would bet my life on it $268.00 when I bought it my favorite gun is a 1911 army issue

  25. I wanted to like the SCCY after doing reading about and watching reviews. But my gun was the total opposite, it was a steaming pile of carp.

    Even after a warranty repair it still didn’t function as it should have. So I sold it off.

    The front and rear sights also flew off during firing. The rear can be loctited down, personally I’d use red since a bic lighter can take it off if needed.

    But the front sight was made out of plastic and just press fit into the slide.


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