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TTAG’s Daily Digest never suffers from acid indigestion. It has a stomach for all gun news, no matter how bilious. In today’s installment, a police chief freaks-out about his stolen AR (looks like his colleagues rounded-up the usual suspect), a Mexican cop who lost his job wishes he’d lost his life (before he lost his job), the Secret Service has a not-so-secret secret and makes a piercing glimpse into the obvious. That and more . . .


Mexico City fires a cop for being suicidal.

Absurdity of the day: “All is Calm in Acapulco”, says Fed Police Commissioner – ” In the past eight days, 35 people have been assassinated in tourist areas and other parts of the city. But Galindo (the Federal Police Commissioner) said on Thursday that Acapulco was “calm.”.   To explain, he pointed out that the Federal Police measures its success rate in the city by hotel occupancy rates and not by crime statistics.”

Squirrel “Eye Smoke” – Headshot with FX Impact .25 – Some people tale a LOT of pleasure from eliminating varmints.

Boy shot in back by stray bullet after pleading in video for end to Chicago violence – Not immediately after. But soon. And for the rest of his life.

Hollywood arsenal – An incredibly boring gallery of guns used in really exciting movies.

No Guns Allowed at Republican Convention, Secret Service Says – Not entirely true.

This New Gun Resembles a Cellphone Because Guns That Look Like Guns Are Way Too Obvious – Entirely true.

Drunken man fires rifle through victim’s pant leg, hides gun from cops – Someone is very, very lucky.

Blood flows at Indian wedding as misfired celebratory rifle shot kills groom’s father (GRAPHIC) – Someone is very, very unlucky.

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    • Don’t worry, by firing him they know he can’t possibly get a gun. And by not having access to a gun they know he can’t possibly kill himself.


      • It’s like when you were a kid and started crying and your Dad says, “Oh now you want to cry..I’ll give you something to cry about!” In this case its the State saying, ” Oh you now you want to kill yourself…I’ll give you a reason to kill yourself!”

  1. Maybe it’s just an odd perspective, but looking at the barrel in that pic, I’d swear that gun is one of those infamous .9mm’s…

    • The light is reflecting off the top part of the barrel, making it appear bright and blending in with the background.

  2. I couldn’t tell: Was it an AR-15 or an assault rifle (M16/M4)? Or are there variants properly called AR-15 with select fire capability?

    • I have to wonder if the Chief used the term “AR-15 Assault Rifle” or if the reporter just pulled it out of his ass.

    • There are, in fact, a handful of select fire AR-15s, but I guarantee you this one isn’t one of them. It’s either a never-issued M16 bought as milsurp from the DoD or one like it sold directly to the PD in question by a manufacturer (probably Colt) with a current or recent DoD contract.

      All AR-15s with select fire capability were either modified from the semiautomatic version prior to the ban, are one of a few dozen demonstration prototypes and can only legally be possessed by a manufacturer, or aren’t technically AR-15s (the HK 416, for example.) Either the officer didn’t know what he was talking about or the reporter doesn’t.

  3. Police having access to AR’s and no respect for them or any other department issued firearms make me sick. Along with being protected when they screw up. Things us “civilians” don’t get.

    • If it had a giggle switch it might have disappeared into his closet… Not being accusatory, I’ve just heard that things like that happen from time to time.

  4. Something tells me el jefe did not have the AR in the locking gun rack. More likely in a duffel bag in the back seat or the trunk.
    Whaddaya bet there is a policy change in the near future.

    • Policies in government only apply to those not in charge of making them.

      See: Clinton, Hillary.

      Well, actually, I guess you could just see Clinton, inclusive.

    • He had it in a rack. Criminal pulled the whole rack out of the car. Not select fire either, as per other posts. Although they may be able to justify select fire in Salinas these days. (15 minutes away from me)

  5. Salinas. I used to live there in the late 60s.
    Oh, and they didn’t use a “slim jim” Those don’t work in newer cars. Old cars, sure, you can unlock older cars almost as fast as you can with a key!

  6. Someone please tell this Mexicano and every dude on OKCupid cell phones have this feature called the front facing camera. Bathroom mirror shots are so 2009.

  7. I’m thinking the reporter is using “slim Jim” in a generic way. We do a number of lock outs to cars , most often jamming a couple of wedges in between the top of the door and frame, then using a metal rod to hit the unlock button .

    Some cars with tight fitting doors an inflatable bag instead of wedges.

    • It’s called a Big Easy. That’s what I use. Rarely am I not able to get in a car with just a wedge and the Big Easy. If those don’t work, then I have all the other tools to do it.

      • I work with mostly women, and in a 2 year stretch I have used my Big Easy kit to open up 3 cars, one of those was a repeat offender.

  8. The rifle leg guy got arrested for possession of a firearm while intoxicated? That’s a thing? In his home? Or maybe he left his property to hide the rifle?

    Seems like he was only guilty of destruction of property :p

  9. High powered airguns are awesome! I hunt rabbits and squirrels with a Benjamin Discovery in .22 (25 ftp) I’t also good trigger time. Silenced with no paperwork! It also makes you more accurate cause you only have the one shot and you don’t take any iffy shots.

  10. Ar15 Assault Weapon… It’s not a Assault Weapon. It’s a friggen semiautomatic sporting rifle. God I hate the MSM! Next they’ll say a clip-a-zine was stolen. Morons.


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