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Governor moonbeam has varying standards where guns are concerned.

And the hits just keep on coming in California . . . AB 7 – Another Long Gun Prohibition and Camel’s Nose Under the Tent

When California Governor Jerry Brown cited the importance of “local control” as a reason for vetoing one of the worst anti-gun bills to reach his desk last month, he got a decent head nod from California’s gun retailers.  SB 464 would have mandated absurd security requirements on gun stores and Brown’s veto message said “This bill would require additional security enhancements on the premises of all licensed firearms dealers in California. State law already requires that firearms dealers enact security measures to avoid theft. Local jurisdictions can-and have-gone further by adding additional specific requirements. I believe local authorities are in the best position to determine what, if any additional measures are needed in their jurisdictions.”

If anything, Governor Brown is consistent in his inconsistency.  Why, then, does he not subscribe to the same philosophy on what “local authorities” can and should do with other gun bills?

Take AB 7 for example. Signed by the Governor just weeks ago, this is a perfect example of a solution in search of a problem.

Another serious crime that was prevented thanks to a firearm . . . Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping With Gun

On October 5, a vigilant Las Vegas resident, Justin Pearson, noticed a BMW zooming through his neighborhood and abruptly stopping in front of a neighbor’s house where a 6-year-old boy was playing in the front yard. As Pearson watched in horror, the driver quickly hopped out of the vehicle and grabbed the boy.

While the kidnapper’s height was similar to his own (over 6 feet), Pearson could see that the man had a much larger build — Pearson would not be able to take him on pound for pound.

As the Las Vegas Journal Review notes, “Fortunately, Pearson had a trump card — a Heckler & Koch VP9 pistollegally resting on his right hip.”

Mr. Pearson has a concealed carry permit and said he has used his firearm once before. Years ago, he drew his weapon when a would-be robber pulled a knife on his friend. Pearson said, “I quickly drew my firearm, and the kid ran away.”

Thief Steals ATF Agent’s Car Fully Loaded with Multiple Guns

A U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent had his car and the guns inside stolen from a popular beach in La Jolla Thursday.

The theft happened in the morning along Black Gold Road near Black’s Beach.

San Diego police told NBC 7 the car was unmarked.

The reason cases like these get attention is due in large part to the Kathryn Steinle murder trial going on in the Bay Area right now.

Wait, isn’t that illegal? . . . Out of Sight: Gun Owners with Violent Pasts Obtain Permits to Carry in Secretive Process

Gun owners in Minnesota denied permits to carry firearms in public because of a history of violent behavior – including domestic abuse, assaultive and suicidal behavior – are able to obtain them anyway by appealing to judges in a secretive court process.

More than 350 gun owners have obtained permits to carry since 2010 after initially being denied by a county sheriff, according to records from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

A KSTP investigation found four of every five permit denials were successfully appealed to a judge or sheriff last year.

Anti-gun Dr. Garen Wintemute thinks "gun violence" is a public health problem.

Our old friend Garen Wintemute gets more free pub for doing, well, nothing than anyone else we know . . . UC Davis Doctor Believes Medical Field Can Help Curb Gun Violence

UC Davis Doctor Garen Wintemute leads gun violence research and believes medical professionals can play a role in ending gun violence. It was the topic of an article he wrote following the Las Vegas mass shooting, where he asks fellow doctors nationwide to commit to doing their part to end gun violence.

For 35 years, the emergency room doctor has worked to save lives threatened and often taken by gun violence.

Dr. Wintemute said, “If I, as a clinician, want to do the best I can to stop patients from dying from gunshot wounds, I have to keep them from getting shot in the first place.”

Illinois Rep. Marty Moylan's gun control push crashes and burns.

A win in the Land of Lincoln . . . Illinois House Shuts Down Bill That Would Tighten Gun Control

The Illinois state House rejected a gun control measure by a vote of 54-48 Thursday, that would have banned bump stocks and other devices that allow guns and rifles to fire ammunition faster.

The bill was brought before the House by Democratic Rep. Marty Moylan in response to the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, according to The Illinois News Network.

Critics felt the bill’s language was too broad and would lead to confusion, making law abiding gun owners into criminals. If passed into law, the bill would have made owning weapons with trigger enhancements a Class 2 felony, carrying a sentence of three to seven years in prison.

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  1. U put to many articles in one article?, Which one am I to respond to with my undisputable sage comment? California is the bestest, most wonderful, only State to live in. It’s citizens are premiere and every State should strive to be just like California. My “fly over” State totally sucks ass .

  2. Minnesota is a “shall issue” state. If there is no felony conviction, then a sheriff can’t just deny. Let’s see what the facts are in these cases. Someone denied goes to a court to fight against the denial. Judge ain’t gonna allow if there is a conviction, would be my guess. Seems maybe the po-po has seen fit to play with the rules. But until we have the facts who knows?

    • Just to clarify, it’s not a felony conviction that get’s you into the prohibited person class, it’s any conviction that carries a potential sentence of more than one year behind bars. That includes a lot of misdemeanors.
      Also any domestic violence conviction at all, as well as being the target of a current protective order.
      Among others.
      I noted that the story here did include domestic abuse among other alleged crimes, but made no mention of any convictions.

  3. I admit I was pleasantly surprised when my shite state DIDN’T pass this abomination. More BS coming down the pike. Thanks to all who objected. There’s a HELLUVA’ lot of gun owners in Illinois. And hunters. With all the idiotic statements here and on FB I get a mite annoyed at all the azzwhole comments…all your state needs is a leftard influx.

  4. Black’s Beach? Now what would an ATF agent be doing parking there? Did he or she leave the car unlocked because they had no pockets for their keys?

    • My question exactly. Why is an ATF agent parked anywhere near Blacks Beach, which is a pretty secluded place in the bucholic bounds of La Jolla, north of San Diego. When I was out there in the late ’70s, Blacks Beach was famous as a “swimsuit optional” (i.e., nude) beach. But it was secluded, with a big bluff concealing it from the neighbors, and huge outcroppings into the sea to prevent viewing from adjacent beaches. The local authorities did have a problem with people (mostly guys, I’d imagine) being up along the edge of the bluff (hundreds of feet high with a sheer drop) with binoculars doing a little voyeurism, so they erected a chain-link fence along the edge of the bluff to keep guys from falling off. I don’t know if Blacks Beach is still swimsuit optional (it was the subject of a lot of controversy between the more liberated naturist types and the local blue-noses who wanted to shut it down for moral reasons), but why was an ATF agent there and why did he/she leave the unmarked cruiser unlocked?? Checking for immoral acts? One can only imagine!

      • There are a few reasons I can think of right off the bat…
        How about conducting an interview for an investigation?
        Or just spending some time at the beach? (Being an ATF agent doesn’t preclude that.)
        I didn’t see anything saying the car was left unlocked. Was that in another article you read?

  5. “Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping With Gun”
    Yup. Sure as I suspected, a desperate biological father that wanted custody of his kid.
    Hard to criticise a good result but we need to be careful, the truth was the situation was more complicated than just some random pervert grabbing the first unattended kid he saw. Custody battles suck.

    • I mostly agree. But this isn’t the way to do this. If his guy really was the dad, he just guaranteed he won’t get to see that kid.

  6. Maybe the good doctor should counsel his patients about being gang members, hanging around with gang members, and going into the hood to purchase drugs from gang members. They usually do not shoot customers unless they are ripping off the drug sellers.

  7. “Unmarked car” -yeah right. Probably a blacked out Suburban or Tahoe with tinted windows, wide steel wheels, high speed tires, strobe lights in the grill and about a dozen radio antennas. When the bad guy got the door open the radio console and gun rack may have a tip off too.

  8. A KSTP investigation found four of every five permit denials were successfully appealed to a judge or sheriff last year.

    What’s that you say?
    80% of the time when somebody is sure enough that their permit was illegally denied to pay a lawyer to sue for the permit, and the lawyer agrees to take the case, it turns out they were right?
    Predictable result, sort of like saying “five times out of five, the sun sets in the west”.

    What I’d like to know is what fraction of those who were turned down would have won if they’d sued. If it’s over a fourth, you have a serious problem with your permitting process.

  9. Local control what a joke!
    When the Kern County school District decided to allow concealed carry teachers and staff to carry in the school after written permission from the principal, the state legislature passed a law forbidding any local school district to allow even carefully vetted stafft to carry guns in school
    So much for local control

  10. Well that’s embarrassing but least I finally made the news! Now anybody seen an early 2000’s Chevy Tahoe with fed plates for sale on Craigslist? If you do please let me know I kinda need it back.

  11. Dr. Wintemute seems to have fundamentally misunderstood his own profession. A clinician sees and treats people who present with CLINICAL symptoms, and doesn’t waste time worrying about people who have neither symptoms nor significant risk of developing any. I guess it only makes sense, then, that when he talks about solutions to “gun violence” he’s aiming his restrictive, punitive solutions straight at people like you and me instead of the criminals who shot the criminals he sees in surgery.


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