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Rahm Emanuel blames everyone outside of Chicago for his city's gun crime problem.

“If you really want a gun, you can just drive over the Indiana border and get whatever you want. That’s why you need national gun legislation that prevents gang members and criminals from getting their hands on an assault weapon that is not meant for the streets of any urban environment.” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in ‘Gun Trace Report’ details origins of Chicago guns, possible solutions [via]


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  1. Yet most the murders in his city is done by handguns…… and buying across state lines, straw purchases, etc are already illegal.

    • but if you make it double illegal, that will do something, I guess.

      rahm doesn’t care at all about the murders in chicago. It’s mainly black and hispanic murders in the south and west side of chicago, FAR FAR from rahm’s neighborhood or where his friends and family live.

      It’s also funny hearing rahm talk about laws. The prosecutors and juges let all the people caught with stolen guns, etc. out with a slap on the wrist if anything at all. the chicago police catches some of these people only to see the court system turn them loose.

      • Emanuel will then make it double secret illegal.

        H/T to Animal house for showing this fine political team how to do it!

        • Why doesn’t Rahm just make it illegal for Chicagoans to do such despicable things as buying nasty firearms outside his utopian city? He might even be able to generate so much support that he could sneak in a rider prohibiting murder and/or dealing drugs! Just 2 more common sense laws and he can STFU since all problems will have been solved, close your eyes again and go back to your standard graft, corruption and kickback.

      • Do not allow any plea bargaining on any crime with a gun. Shooting any unlicensed gun in the city should be a year in jail. Make the gun so dangerous that no one will want to have anything to do with an illegal gun – stolen or otherwise.
        While I do not like their laws, if they would enforce them against the problem – gang members, maybe it would work.It definitely will not work if they do not enforce the laws as a reason to make more laws

        • How about instead we write our legislators and demand no more new laws until the ones already on the books are enforced 100%.

    • Suntimes has no comment section. They want to make sure no one can see any dissenting views.

      If you really want a gun, you can just drive over the Indiana border and get whatever you want. That’s why you need national gun legislation that prevents gang members and criminals from getting their hands on an assault weapon that is not meant for the streets of any urban environment.

      1) I would wager a guess that absolutely none of the Chicago gangbangers are driving to Indiana or other states to buy guns. There could very well be an underground market that ships guns across state lines from those purchased by others in other states, since such an operation doesn’t follow firearm licensing rules, it would be illegal anyways. Which is no surprise that gangbangers who perform illegal activities with guns, would get their guns illegally. Banning “assault weapons????@?” is going to do exactly nothing for this.

      2) Even if they could somehow magically snap their fingers and criminals stop doing criminal activities such as transporting large sums of firearms across state lines without approval from their government, they honestly wouldn’t need to. They could just as easily have an operation set up in Chicago manufacturing firearm frames on CNC equipment. In today’s time, I could click a button and build a firearm right from my desktop. So intentionally obtuse politicians walking the party line, may soon have to come up with some original ideas or something other than telling people they can’t have guns. Like addressing the root problem (hint: it’s not guns).

      3) Gangbangers don’t use assault weapons (depending on your political perception of what an assault weapon is) and this legislation would do pretty much nothing at all. The vast majority (we are talking about > 98%) of chicago spray painting drug sniffing gangbangers use handguns.

      4) Rahm knows all this. He’s just pandering to those above him on their wishes about what they would like him to say. Walking the party line and all. Or – alternatively, he may have not known what to say, simply because he doesn’t care about the “chicago problem.” He is mayor, living it up with the political games, and maybe just didn’t care about the horror in the hood, and just dropped a party approved statement. In either case or other cases, it’s a bad idea that will not address the chicago problem at all.

  2. You can’t buy a handgun or AR or AK-style rifle in a state in which you are not a resident. Why is he blaming Indiana for Chicago’s murder problem? Because it’s a Republican state?

    • As I understand it you can’t buy any firearm across state lines. You can buy it but the out of state FFL can’t let you take it, he has to send it to an FFL in your state. Then you have to go to your local FFL, fill out the 4473, show identification and pass a NICS check and THEN you get your weapon. The only thing that would apply to what Rahm is saying is black powder replicas which aren’t considered firearms by the federal government. I’m sure they’re very popular among the street gangs in Chicago for that reason.

      • Illinois needs a FOID card and has a one day wait to buy long guns in a different state. Normal 4473 NICS check rules apply in the state of sale so wait can be three working days or denial.

      • Dunno if rules have changed since then (don’t think so), but I bought an M1A from a dealership in OH in 2002 while a TX resident, carried it home in my truck with a couple cans of CMP Navy match ammo. Also a .17 HMR Anschutz in 2004, same thing. Handguns, no.

      • I seem to recall that the out of state seller of long arms must comply with the laws of the state of residence of the buyer. If so, then buying a rifle in Indiana would require showing the Illinois FOID car.

        • You are correct, when I tried to buy a rifle in my Red State shortly after moving I hit this issue. I had moved not a week ago and still hadn’t gone to the DMV, I still had an Illinois drivers license. The dealer told me I had to use my FOID card and observe a wait time despite being a resident because he was wary of proceeding with me as a citizen of that state without some kind of state ID. Fair enough, I hit the DMV that day.

          Essentially Rahm is saying that these bangers are going across state lines, using their FOID cards and waiting for their one day wait time to pick up the rifle. That’s clearly the problem

        • One wonders how the “bangers” got an FOID card in the first place. Or maybe they are “bangers” who have no criminal record, meaning they are legal gun owners/buyers. That is not a problem only across state lines. “Bangers” smart enough to cross state lines, are also smart enough to just buy in Illinois, but not get arrested. I am sure gangs keep some members “cherry” for the simple purpose of legally buying firearms.

  3. “If you really want a gun, you can just drive over the Indiana border and get whatever you want. That’s why you need national gun legislation that prevents gang members and criminals from getting their hands on an assault weapon that is not meant for the streets of any urban environment.”

    Uh, NO. That was an untrue and disingenuous statement when Obama used it a couple years ago, and it is just as false and bogus today. Ya jerk.

    • Exactly. If the guns are the problem, how is it that Indiana is perfectly fine and Chicago’s not? Do these hucksters expect us to believe that Indiana has no cities? No urban environments at all?

      • Indiana has so many guns they can spare enough for Chicago to have too many guns but Indiana doesn’t have the crimes the guns bring while in Chicago.
        What’s different in Chicago?

  4. Sure, you can maybe drive from Chicago over to Indiana to buy “assault weapons”. But BFD. What you can’t legally do is drive over there and buy handguns, which are much more condealable, and, thus, are the type of firearm used for most of Chicago’s murders.

  5. He has to blame someone. It’s obviously not his fault. Therefore, it’s the guns. And Republicans. Confiscate the guns, and eliminate the Republicans. Paradise will ensue.

    • Tiny Dancer is possibly the least-popular mayor in Chicago for several generations. I really don’t think he will win another term. There isn’t a segment of the normal Dem base that likes him anymore. My in-laws are dyed-in-the-wool leftists (their daughter is not, luckily for me) and even they don’t like Tiny Dancer any more. I have not, in the last 18 months, heard a single person defend Rahm here in Chicago. I am sure he has supporters somewhere (I have learned that just because I don’t see them in Chicago doesn’t mean they don’t VOTE in Chicago) but they are few and far between.

      That being said, unseating an incumbent Dem in Illinois is no small feat, even for another Dem. Poor Tiny Dancer, who will rise to his defense? Maybe the armed guards he pays for with my tax money?

  6. “… getting their hands on an assault weapon that is not meant for the streets of any urban environment.”

    Actually that’s exactly the environment assault rifles were designed for … Oh, sorry, you said assault weapons. Yeah, actually those were “designed” by politicians for the express use of restricting the law abiding.

    Since books are apparently harder to get in Chicago than guns … Perhaps Chicago should regulate guns like books. Including teaching the use thereof (or at least pretending to try) in schools and maintaining public lending armories.

  7. The only real fix is to implement a five year mandatory add on to any felony for gang membership, and end catch and release.

    • I posit that the only really effective fix would be not allowing people who are incapable of properly raising children from having children.

    • I think it should simply be, first time committing a felony with a gun: 10 years in addition to the original crime; second time: fuck you, life in prison.

      • I could go with that if you remove the “with a gun” crap. First felony, add 10 years to current. Next felony, hang ’em. BS felonies would get repealed pretty quick.

    • Guilt by association is not a law and never will be. Joining a gang to keep from being beat up by those outside your neighborhood is the truth on the mean streets, it has been that way for a couple of hundred years. That is the only way a teen can be safe in the inner city(and even in some rural areas). When the kid gets in trouble living in the projects, the family unit should be evicted and forced to move to another area or out of the city. The problem is the multi-generational families stay close to the drugs and those they know.
      Mix them up and break the neighborhood gang cycle.

        • Nobody on either side of the isle brings up missing fathers.

          Not the conservatives because they’ll be callled racists.
          Not the leftists because their policies over the past 50 years caused it to happen.

  8. Not sure how Chicago handles their violently inclined “gang members and criminals”, but around here we prefer to put them in Jail where their access to guns is controlled.

    • “… but around here we prefer to put them in Jail where their access to guns is controlled.”

      Uhm, yeah, about that….

      Where do you plan to build (and pay for) that jail that houses 50,000-plus inmates?

      You think the ‘Justice Brothers’ (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.) will have something to say about that?

      • Make the time they serve something they never want to repeat.

        Step 1….bring back the chain gang.
        Step1….I’m sure there are some cities that would like to have some hand dug canals for a tourist spot.

  9. Why do we use the terminology ‘gun control’? That implies that their view point is the only end goal and thus weakens our position

    We as a community should be calling this what it is, ‘firearms ownership’ and restrictions on that. Using their words is a small concession to their platform

  10. If you read the article they’re trying to pass the Gun Dealer’s Licensing bill again. The Illinois State Rifle Association sent out a message that Mark Kelly is personally calling state reps and senators twisting their arms to vote for the bill. Once again do not let Springfield Armory or Rock River Arms off the hook for this fiasco. Boycott their products. They must know that they screwed up.

  11. Just another deflection of responsibility from the King of BS. His really poor political decisions have left Chicago a crumpled mess of death and decay. But, It is always someone else’s fault. And God forbid he should ever look at his constituents as the reason. No, just pick something, pick anything else other than the “depressed and underserved” masses that kill each other with great regularity. They must be protected from the mean and evil people who believe in individual responsibility and actual civil rights. If it were 1933 Berlin he’d be saying the Jews caused the problem.

  12. I’m all riled up. That’s what TTAG does to me. I’m gonna go buy an assault weapon today and open carry it legally at the Dairy Queen. Then I’m gonna legally open carry at the Dunkin Donuts until they ask me to leave. But I’ll buy a coffee just to be gracious.

  13. Maybe if you PUNISHED gun crimes and crimes committed using guns… and didn’t turn the perps loose, you’d see a reduction in crime.

      • Pretty much. I always like how libs are all like “we are removing people from the “community.”” It’s like they would leave cancer in a person because it was wrong to remove a part of a person’s body.

  14. His blame game has nothing to do with violence. It is all about disarming people who oppose Democrat Party rule using whatever propaganda he can bring to the debate.

  15. Instead of making more ineffective gun laws let’s make it illegal to be poor or mentally ill so we can sweep them all off the streets and put them into privately run prisons forever. That will end ‘gun crime’ almost totally. I suppose there may be some little problems with this concept, but hey, no law is perfect.

  16. Meh…I live in Illinois. A mile from Indiana. Chicago cannot be fixed. They wreck the rest of the mostly RED counties. And I’ve bought 14 guns(?) since 2011. All but 2 in INDIANA. ALL with background checks. Several rifles and shotguns with a one day wait and several handguns with a 3 day wait and FFL transfer(yeah I get deals in Hoosierlsnd). All the ignorant need to know before spouting off something STUPID…

  17. We need “national gun-control legislation” to solve Chicago’s crime problem the same way the need a state-controlled economy to solve the world’s poverty problem.

  18. Obama said “It is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” There are computer and book stores, not to mention libraries, all over Chicago so I’m sure the folks don’t need to spend gas money driving to Indiana.

  19. Little Rahm does not understand. It matters not, how vigorously he pursues policies that maintain or increase the level of criminal violence in his city. The rest of the country will not respond by disarming.

  20. Why doesn’t he just clean up his own town first. No gangbangers on the streets, no more crime- if you follow the same logic those libs use on guns. Fkn idiot.

  21. If only we had a ban on illegal drugs nationwide…surely THAT would do the trick…right?
    Didn’t we also try…and FAIL …to do this with alcohol?
    Wasn’t there some guy named Capone…from some place…that got rich and powerful….
    Insanity:doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  22. Funny…………Tiny Dancer blames the rest of the country for the high murder rate in his city, Hillary blames everyone for her election loss, they tried blaming Trump for the Russia meddling……….anyone see a pattern here?

  23. Want to clean up the cities?
    Use the shot detectors they have…find the areas with most shootings.
    Have teams with trained detector K9s…when the dog alerts to gun or residue…you have PC to search the person/vehicle.
    Find an illegal gun? Get a warrant for their other cars/houses…continue as necessary.
    Move on to next area.
    Then move to next city if they do not have their own equipment/teams.

      • The positive dog hit would give PC for search…finding an illegal weapon would almost assure a warrant to search other places for more illegal items.
        But you go believe whatever you want.
        I am pro2A for those legally able to. Violent criminals should NOT be able to.

        • There are no such things as illegal guns. Only people who are forbidden to touch guns. Guns are never the problem. It’s always the people.

  24. “If you really want a gun, you can just drive over the Indiana border and get whatever you want. That’s why you need national gun legislation that prevents gang members and criminals from getting their hands on an assault weapon that is not meant for the streets of any urban environment.”

    And yet, somehow, neither the guns, nor the people who have them do all that shooting in Indiana.

    Maybe something in the air.

  25. Finally !!

    Some “common sense” about “gun sense”. The only way to reduce crime in cities like Chicago is to make crime illegal across the entire nation. That takes national legislation, maybe even a constitutional amendment.

  26. Or you can do what they do now and just walk into the street with money and buy a gun already banned and outlawed in several Cities and states. Make it national and all guns will come across the Mexican border without a wall along with drugs and illegal immigrants.
    Then it will be world wide gun control is needed to stop that.
    Fat chance that will work either.
    These people can’t outlaw opiates addiction and have people with babies passing out at the wheel in the street yet think they can ban guns.

  27. Hows about we try curing the disease rather than just rubbing more lavender oil on the bottoms of the patient’s feet? First let’s try keeping Chicago’s teens in school, then we can start offering employment, at the same time start aggressively targeting the gangs and drug rings, and finally continue to expand and improve upon the programs started above. Stop just throwing welfare and foodstamps at everyone try actually helping them up instead of making poverty more comfortable.
    None of this will work however without a serious culture change among the people living in these areas. That means bringing back and strengthening the traditional family unit, make raising a family a more attractive proposition than bangin hos and dodgin child support while runnin the streets, and pushing them to accept responsibility for their lot in life. I know it sucks comin up in the ghetto but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an education and leave after you get a good job. You ain’t gotta be a superstar to get out, just gettin a good skilled labor job will do that.

  28. How about we just make murder illegal? If all we need is a law to stop something, that should work, right? If Illinois, and Chicago in particular, would just outlaw murder and if Indiana were to follow suit (and maybe Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Kentucky too, just for good measure) then murder would virtually disappear wouldn’t it?

    Oh, maybe enforce the law against murder too – that would help.

  29. This little pansie needs to spend more time concocting a “Uranium One” story that on banning guns. It happened on his “watch”.

  30. Rahm and the evil (D) are the problem. The Problem doesn’t get to define the problem, or to suggest a solution.

    Only a meteor will solve SChitcago’s problems. Maybe the plague as a follow-on measure to take card of yhoss enabling first responders.

  31. Gotta give the gang bangers a light sentence. Illinois restores voting rights as soon as the criminal gets out of prison. Of course, they may not ever go vote, personally, but just like the dead, they vote the way Rahm wants.

  32. Socialist territories need to solve their own problems. Instead, they blame their problems on the rest of us. It is a bit of a dilemma though, big cities are an environment thick with prey for predators, and predators feeding on each other. How to control them? Ban firearms (or anything/everything). That way all the victims will be law abiding citizens.


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