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LAPD union wants suppressors and bump fire stocks banned.

LAPD union joins national push for ban on gun accessories, better community relations

The Los Angeles Police Protective League has thrown its support behind a national effort to ban certain gun accessories and encourage police and professional sports teams to work together to improve encounters between officers and residents.

The union that represents thousands of rank-and-file LAPD officers has joined several other big-city police unions and the San Francisco 49ers in the effort, which will formally be unveiled at a news conference Thursday morning.

And by “gun accessories,” they mean armor-piercing ammo, suppressors and bump fire stocks.

Now NFL teams, like the 49ers, are wading into gun control.

You probably thought the NFL couldn’t possibly do anything more to drive away its fans . . . San Francisco 49ers Pledge $500,000 to Push Suppressor Ban, Other Gun Control Measures

The San Francisco 49ers pledged $500,000 Thursday to secure a suppressor ban and other gun controls.

The push comes in the weeks after the Las Vegas attack. Suppressors were not used in that attack, but the 49ers are dedicated to banning the devices anyway.

According to ESPN, the 49ers presented the gun control pledge as part of creating a “more understanding and safer America.” The $500,000 will also be used to push a ban on bump stocks and armor-piercing bullets.

The ban on armor-piercing bullets is somewhat ambiguous, but appears similar to a ban which was unsuccessfully pushed by the Obama administration in 2015. The Obama-era actually targeted bullets that would have to be re-categorized as armor piercing in order to be banned.

Looks like the international gun control push is about as successful as the effort here in the US . . . A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Arms Trade Treaty

A funny thing happened on the way to the attempted disarmament of sovereign nations, in Geneva, this past September 2017. The UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) began to show the spider cracks of failure. We knew it would happen, but not as rapidly as it appeared during the third annual meeting.

The mutiny of member nations against the ATT proponents has begun.

The idea of a global treaty emerged because of the early failures in the 90’s of civil society peace and disarmament groups, called Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), to disarm civilians and reduce violence. Their theory goes, fewer weapons, less crime, and violence. They repeatedly failed to panic or coerce people into disarming.

Oh. Darn . . . Three Weeks After Las Vegas, Legislation to Ban Bump Stocks Has Stalled Out in Congress

Three weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, efforts to pass even scaled-down gun-control legislation have effectively stalled on Capitol Hill.

Congressional aides and issue advocates say they see no viable path for passing even the most promising bill: an effort to ban the manufacturing and sale of bump stocks, which were used by the Las Vegas shooter to essentially turn his semi-automatic weapons into fully automatics ones.

“Depressing but not surprising,” is how one senior House Democratic aide put it.

“It’s pathetic,” said another.

Smith & Wesson Announces New M&P® M2.0™ Pistol With TRUGLO® TFX™ Sights

Smith & Wesson Announces New M&P® M2.0™ Pistol With TRUGLO® TFX™ Sights

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (October 25, 2017) – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the company’s popular M&P M2.0 pistol is now available with front and rear TRUGLO TFX sights.  Chambered in both 9mm and .40 S&W in the popular Flat Dark Earth finish, the M&P M2.0 pistol features a 4.25” barrel, no thumb safety, and ships with TRUGLO TFX sights for enhanced visibility in a variety of conditions.

Jan Mladek, General Manager for Smith & Wesson® and M&P® brands said, “The M&P M2.0 pistol in Flat Dark Earth with TRUGLO TFX sights provides the consumer with an out-of-the-box solution for enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions.  The TRUGLO TFX pistol sights feature encapsulated Tritium and Fiber Optic technology that improve both daylight and nighttime sight visibility, and are a perfect complement to the M&P M2.0 pistol.”

The world is going to shit. Are you sufficiently prepared?

It’s about time . . . The Doomsday Prepper’s Time Has Finally Come

I am unprepared.

When the world goes to shit, women are going to face our own set of unique and terrifying problems in the fight for survival. “You will be raped. You will be assaulted. Your belongings will be stolen.”

The person dispensing this litany of horrors is Eva Gonzales, a “disaster zone specialist” and survivalist who’s addressing a sparsely furnished, fluorescent-lit room of fellow preppers and survivalists gathered in a drab strip mall in Bowling Green, Ohio. In her 50s, with a shock of red hair, Gonzales is sitting cross-legged on a table, jabbing a finger in the air to hammer home a point.

“Women have different needs from men, and you need to know what to do to protect yourself.”

Mark Kelly isn't very good and lobbying for gun control.

Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords are very good at raising money. At convincing legislators that gun control is the way to go…not so much . . . Mark Kelly personally lobbied Rep. Steve Scalise on guns

“We talked about a few things,” Scalise said of the private phone call, not wanting to get into specific details of what was discussed. “He obviously has some things that he’s promoting, but it was a very cordial conversation.”Even though Scalise and Giffords are members of a tragic and exclusive club — lawmakers who have survived mass shootings — Scalise has made clear he won’t be joining Giffords’s push for expanded background checks and other gun-control measures.

His conviction for the Second Amendment and gun rights is unwavering, he said.

Man who shot at robbery suspect arrested after bullet went through home

Mobile Police have arrested a man accused of shooting at a robbery suspect. The robbery happened one week ago Wednesday night at the Riverside Food Mart on Riverside Drive.

Tyrone Taylor was arrested and charged with firing into an occupied dwelling. Police say Taylor saw the robbery in progress and suspect running away on foot when he fired his gun. The bullet went through a home across the street and hit the family’s TV. Fortunately no one was injured inside the home.

However, there were two clerks inside the store at the time of the robbery. Surveillance video shows the suspect came in the store armed with a gun and pointing it at the clerk near the cash register. Moments later one of the clerks retrieves a gun from under the counter and fires a shot. The suspect bolts out the door, but the bullet went through the glass door and hit a 15-year-old girl in the parking lot.

NovX is now shipping their recently announced 9mm rounds

NovX’s Brand New 9mm Ammunition – Now Shipping!

NovX is now shipping their recently announced 9mm rounds, introduced just weeks ago by the industry’s top media outlets. Effective immediately consumers can experience the most effective combination of bullet technology that the media has been clamoring about.

Welcome to the new world of ammunition where NovX changes the way we think. This world-changing ammo combines a stainless steel case and copper polymer bullet, creating the first 9mm Luger +P and standard pressure Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridges.

USA high school clay target league to hold national championship shoot.


The USA High School Clay Target League, the nation’s largest high school clay target shooting sport program, is very pleased to announce that 2018 will be the inaugural year for the USAHSCTL National Championship!

The exciting event will take place July 12th-15th, and will feature a trap shooting competition for the highest-qualifying student athletes and teams throughout all affiliated state high school clay target leagues in the nation. Over 2,000 student athletes will represent their schools in the unique event, and over 5,000 spectators, along with dozens of exhibitors, are also expected to attended.

The National Championship will be hosted by the MTA Homegrounds in Mason Michigan, which is also the home of the Michigan State High School Clay Target League’s State Tournament in June. Mason is just 20 miles south of Lansing, MI, and the facility features 44 trap fields, along with a large clubhouse, RV and camping areas, and beautiful natural scenery.

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  1. Re: the LAPD

    Every cop you see on the news is a cop with zero interpersonal skills. That number doesn’t even begin to reflect the number of outstanding officers patroling the neighborhoods they care about, but it does reflect the work still needed to be done in hiring the right people for the job. Forget about stupid accessories, and focus on community policing. Hire cops that people want to talk to, and get them out of the damn cruisers and in front of the community. If they can trust you, you can trust them with suppressors and can-cannons, and yourproblems solve themselves from there.

    • cmac890,

      “… and your problems solve themselves from there.”

      (1) Governments will always insist that only government can solve problems.
      (2) Governments will only advocate for government solutions.
      (3) Governments will actively suppress solutions outside of government.
      (4) Governments never want to actually solve problems because then we would not “need” them and they might be out of a job.

      • I used to work for a local government and you are 100% correct. Since you can’t fire poor employees you just hire more until you either get enough or you run out of money.

    • Dear NFL, Fuck off and Die, then burn in Hell while getting raped by a Cactus.

      Stop watching them, stop buying their over priced crap.

      • Speaking of rape and doomsday prepping, the woman has a point about rape. Rape is one of those crimes that just explodes when SHTF. Even dudes getting raped. Just a few weeks ago in a nearby city, some dude passed out drunk around 3am in a bus stop, another dude stumbled upon him and decided to rape him. Fuckin sick world we live in.

        • Party decorum dictates that if a person falls asleep with their shoes on then that person is fair game.

  2. 1) Looks like the *NRA* was correct: bend like a tree in the wind just long enough for the political winds to die down.

    2) re: preppers: Okay, looks interesting.

    3) Isn’t that just a copy off what Polycase is… oh – looks like NovX is being made by Polycase. Okay, that’s neat. And… I might buy some of that.

    • According to LaPierre himself the NRA has been bending for at least 30 years on the Hughes and politicians still babble about machine guns daily.

        • So when the NRA caved to political pressure and despite their “compromise”, hundreds of thousands of gun owners called their senators and got this ban killed, that was really secretly the NRA. This was their plan all along? no what the NRA is really good at, is taking credit for things other people did

        • Perhaps you’re a political neophyte, that is not at all what happened. Learn how legislation happens.

      • Either way “the media” is hardly ‘clamoring’ about it. That’s actually called ‘crickets’.

        • Hey, TTAG – A few months back, your photo feed showed some strange, chrome-plated brass that was supposed to re-loadable many, many times. It required special dies for the press.

          The photo mentioned a review was soon coming.

          Any word on when that will be?

  3. I think Gabby has a string on the back of her neck that Capt. Kelly pulls and she says “Oh daddy, yes yes”
    The Capt is going to have to recognize that not everyone has a string he can pull. Nice try though.

    • What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Everyone knows he stuffs his fist up her ass and works her mouth like a sock puppet.

    • Also, they’re currently tied for most penalties and worst record, both with the Browns. Maybe it’s for the best, football doesnt really seem to be their calling.

      • I have a feeling the NFL is about to lose a couple franchises over the next few years. The niners and browns at the top of that list.

        • Jags will probably fold up as well. They don’t have a strong market to begin with, and they just pissed off a whole hell of a lot of the fans they did have with that stunt in London.

  4. You mean the 49ers got rid of Kaepernick and now their even stupider? Who’s their coach, Nancy Polosi?

    • I may may have been mocking and dismissive of the NFL thanks to the ‘take a knee’ thing, but actively going after guns?

      The 49’ers crossed the line with that stunt.

      Now it’s *war*…

  5. Y’know, just when LEO’s could be improving their public relations, they go and do something foolish like this.

    First, getting into a PR campaign with the NFL isn’t really smart PR – and all you have to do is look at the NFL stadium seating, ticket and merch sales.

    Now, let’s talk about the long term:

    Law enforcement organizations should know by now that they’re going to get no long-term support from left wing organizations. It’s well proven that they’ll turn on cops in a second, just as soon as support for law enforcement gets in the way of the Democratic Party’s pandering to much larger numbers of minorities.

    Further, because these are the unions doing this, it cannot be said that “Oh, well, this is the opinion/move by the appointed police leadership.” Nope. This was something where the union doubtless took a vote of the membership, and then they made this move. If this is a voted issue by the rank-n-file of the union, then this is truly the opinion of the majority of the cops – and protestations that rank-n-file cops are pro-gun start to ring a little hollow.

    When LEO’s wonder how they lost the the support of middle-of-the-road and more conservative folks, who have been much better supporters of law enforcement for decades now, we can add this ill-considered PR move to the pile of reasons why. It also will not help that the taxpayers are going to be severely PO’ed at the cost of public employee pension bail-outs when the truth hits the fan – as it already had started in several cities in California.

      • I highly doubt rank and file voted for anything regarding this topic. Union leadership only needs a quorum to approve silly crap like this. The only time rank and file give a damn about anything is 1) contract negotiations and 2) when they get in trouble and need a union rep. Union leadership is like politics, corrupt, pandering, and out of touch. LAPD better get its $h*t together or there will be no one left to support them. The biggest mistake made in modern history was allowing public employees, especially first responders to unionize.

        • All you need to know about the LAPD you can glean from the attempted murders of Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez and the way the LAPD crapped all over them AFTER trying to murder them.

    • “This was something where the union doubtless took a vote of the membership, and then they made this move. ”
      I doubt that.
      Union leadership and the rank and file members do not always have the same goals. Leadership (think government) often has its own goals that conflict with not just the people they lead, but also go against their stated rules (think Constitution).
      To be fair, since this is LA, it’s quite possible that the LEOs on the street actually are behind this move, but I kind of doubt it. Police officers today are a far cry from the cops I grew up with; better educated and trained, they usually understand the threats. Those threats are people, not things. Take domestic dispute calls: these are probably the most dangerous calls the average LEO will face; you just never know when two people fighting each other will turn in unison against a cop trying to separate them.
      But the cops I’ve talked with know full well it’s not the guns that are the problem. They’ve seen enough criminals to know it’s the person, not the thing, to fear.
      Except, maybe LA cops. Or SF cops. Being from large Dem controlled cities, they (among some others) might actually believe the crap they’ve been fed.
      But I still doubt it.

      • Christopher Dorner is one high-profile example of a very anti-gun-rights LAPD officer. They may not be the majority, but I suspect there are quite a few more with those views in the LAPD.

  6. well I have pretty much given up on football and the NFL. and the Check republic (I bet I spelled that wrong) was one of the ones spearheading again the ATT. bravo for them . one day I think I would like to vacation there. and I am glad cooler heads have decided to stop the nonsense against the gun accessaries. after all they all employ people. I don’t think they should lose there jobs because of some loony. lets ban suvs every time someone uses one to commit murder ( funny how you never hear them say that though).

    • I live in a part of Nebraska that is heavily Czech (Nebraska as a whole has the highest percentage of Czechs of any state). They are some of the sweetest, friendliest folks you are ever going to meet. My baby sister married into a Czech family. When my father died in 1998, her in laws poured in from all over the country to attend the funeral of a man they’d never met. I imagine the Czechs back in the home country are much the same.

      • Yup, Czech’s as a whole are good people. They have a skeptical streak running through them, which is why they’ve opposed all of the EU crap that’s come up over the years.

  7. Speaking of the 49ers and politics….

    Perhaps the 49ers are trying to take a page from the NRA and playing what they think is a politically savvy game with that donation. Consider where “home” is for them. Then think about this in terms of pure virtue signaling to the audience that could get to their home games most easily. If that is their hope, I suspect that – again like the NRA and bump fire stocks – this will come back to bite them. One can hope, anyway.

    Personally, I didn’t watch football before it wasn’t not popular. Or something like that.

    • “Home” for the 49ers is three counties (70 miles) away from San Francisco. They actually had to leave San Francisco to become a bunch of commie, good for nothing, america hating, thug loving, losers.

  8. Know what’s easier than LAPD getting gun / suppressor ban legislation passed? Us getting them disarmed down to D1ldohhh batons.

    Let’s see the >=pig commies in blue do their shift using sex-toy to hand combat. LA will go to hell you say??? TOO LATE.

    Maybe push for mandatory 360 degree body cams / GPS tracking un-removable dog collars / 24 hr hot mic monitoring to help verify that they don’t take part in illegal activity or utter a possibly triggering comment (even to themselves) / and less body armor to compensate for the extra weight.

  9. It makes sense that NFL teams would be anti-gun. The majority of their players, being felons and domestic abusers, are ineligible to legally own guns anyway.

    Go ahead and turn away whatever few fans you still have to pander to leftists who hate football, guys. That should fill those half-empty stadiums right up!

  10. The NFL tomfoolery almost makes me wish I cared about pro football so I could stop watching games and buying merchandise.

    The best quote so far is “I look forward to the day when our schools have all the money they need and the NFL has to hold a bake sale to build a stadium”

    • They don’t get a voluntary penny from me.
      I haven’t watched a non-shooting sporting event since 1986.
      If you chase an inflated animal skin for a living, I don’t care about you or what you think… about ANYTHING. Hell, I don’t care what Colon Humperdinck thinks about football, never mind anything that actually matters.
      If you’re annoyed by what overpaid thugs have to say, READ A BOOK.

  11. Of course the LAPD supports invidiously racist gun controls.

    What if the two Hispanic paper delivery women they tried to murder had been able to shoot back?

  12. I’m declaring war on these pop up ads. They’ve infiltrated the system and it just fucks things upp.My comment screen jumps around like a gut shot Armadillo

  13. Funny how Mark Kelly always dresses in these ragged clothes to play his part of the your average, working Joe Schmoe, just like you. Just look at their fake faces and dead eyes, they mustn’t be human. 😮

    • Both of those phony Americans are raking in hundreds of thousands of government retirement benefits. They once took OATHS. Now they piss on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  14. LAPPL is kow towing to the politicians in City Hall. They will start negotiating their next contract in 2018. LA officers only received an 8.2% wage increase in 2015 and are still trying to catch up to the 24.5% wage increase handed out to other LA city employees in 2007.

  15. NFL? A bunch of thugs that are showing America that they hate you, me, Vets. DONE DONE DONE with the NFL. As for the UNION, another corrupt commie kalifornia group of control freaks. F off.

    • There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Black Lies Matter and any police union.

      They both want to create untouchable classes of violent felons, completely outside of the law under which the rest of us must live.

      Only their respective constituencies differ.

  16. According to ESPN, the 49ers presented the gun control pledge as part of creating a “more understanding and safer America.”

    Creating ‘understanding’ by displaying your willful ignorance of suppressors. Brilliant!

    • Maybe they could start making America a better place to live in by keeping the ’49ers out of jail. Just a thought.

      and what is with the armor piercing stuff? the real armor piercing is illegal anyway, yet this stupid issue, like others in the gun world, keeps coming up every few years.

  17. “Congressional aides and issue advocates say they see no viable path for passing … an effort to ban the manufacturing and sale of bump stocks, which were used by the Las Vegas shooter to essentially turn his semi-automatic weapons into fully automatics ones.”

    “Common sense gun regulation” sounds good, until you get to specifics.

    Nobody in their right mind is in favor of some whack-job bullet-hosing a country music festival. Yet we’ve had automatic weapons bans for decades. There’s a whole agency that deals with regulating guns, for “safety.” It still happened.

    It seems like regulation doesn’t get it done.
    It seems like a huge regulatory agency isn’t the answer.

    “Common sense” says maybe don’t do more of that and expect anything different to happen.

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