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With all this talk about “gun violence” the fact that suicides account for some two-thirds of all firearms-related homicides is often forgotten. Given the “stopping power” of the .9mm handgun, I guess it’s a good thing that the caliber continues to enjoy popularity. Anyway, here’s a round-up of the latest .9mm crime stories, a .9mm defensive gun use and one tale of .9mm fun at the range . . .

Retired Correction officer fatally shoots unleashed pit bull who charged at his two pooches – “He was walking his pets at about 10:20 a.m. Tuesday when an unleashed pit bull came rushing up to them near Beach 52nd St. and the boardwalk in Far Rockaway, cops said. The [dogs] attacked Van Williams’ pets and, when he tried to intervene, he was bitten on his fingers. He also suffered cuts on his knee and forehead in the tussle. Van Williams fired a shot from his licensed .9mm handgun and then called 911.  He later argued with the dead dog’s owner, Shatasia Tisdale, 25, about the pet being unleashed.”

Police: Pa. man jailed for shooting pistol at teen – “According to Pennsylvania State Police,  Joseph Samek, 24, got into an argument with a 17-year-old male at his mobile park home in North Beaver Twp. As the teen was leaving Samek’s home, Samek fired a .9mm caliber pistol at him, narrowly missing him but hitting the teen’s car.”

Suspect indicted for murder in Irondale homicide – “Morgan also is charged by Birmingham police in a March 26 [incident]. In that case, documents show, Morgan shot another man during the course of a robbery of $500. He also is charged with being in possession of an altered Ruger9C .9mm weapon.”

Davenport man indicted on federal drug, gun charges – “Police also found digital scales, packaging material for distribution, marijuana wax and remnants of butane honey oil. Of the more than 800 plants, 61 were hung in a drying room, ready to be processed. During a search of Manning’s home, police found a .9mm Springfield XDM handgun and marijuana. Manning is a convicted felon and is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.”

9mm: The Best Round for Personal Defense? – [comment underneath post] – “I have every caliber discussed here and in the urban area where I live I carry a .9mm and what it is loaded with is a big part of the solution. I have also been in two shootings. Where that first round goes matters more than anything else.”

8 bullets pumped into singer, brother-in-law prime suspect – “Meanwhile, forensic examinations revealed that the two assailants fired eight bullets from point blank range at Dahiya from two different weapons of .9mm and .32 bores. One bullet hit the singer in the centre of her chest, while rest were peppered across her head and neck.

Shooting range seeks to make guns ‘mainstream’ – “For me it’s stress relief,” said Algan, who is married and the father of four daughters under 6 years old. Down the hall, Ken Fearon, 31, a pool technician from Hackensack, was finishing up a session in which he fired his .9mm Glock pistol. “We had a short day at work today,” said Fearon, who brought a colleague, Omar Miller, 30, of Paterson, who had never fired a gun before. “To me, this is recreation,” Fearon said. “It’s like a sport. It’s just for fun.”

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  1. I now have my Beretta .22 plinker, but I like the looks of those .9mm pocket guns. Are they available in double stack?

  2. Come on, do you expect the same illiterate hacks that pass as “press” to understand the two measurement systems used in firearms… metric and SAE? Nope! Granted, the metric system is at least confusing but at worst it is obviously befuddling for them. How can people that do not understand the difference between a 9mm bullet, which we all know is .355″ and a .9mm bullet which is .0354″ or roughly equal to 1/32″ of an inch! Yeah, can you imagine the fouling that 1/32″ bore would have, how would clean it? What could you use for a patch or brush? THEY ARE POLITICAL HACKS WITH AN AGENDA and/or JUST PLAIN STUPID!

  3. “He also is charged with being in possession of an altered Ruger9C .9mm weapon”

    I guess he altered it to chamber the .9mm round. You might be able to fit a beehive/hornet nest of .9mm inside your 9mm barrel.

    “from two different weapons of .9mm and .32 bores. One bullet hit the singer in the centre of her chest, while rest were peppered across her head and neck.”

    I usually think of .32 acp as being too small for modern defensive use, but compared to .9mm, it is massive! Pepper sized is probably a good description for .9mm.

    So… Can someone make an actual .9mm handgun (that fires would be nice)? I know they have those miniature scaled down guns. I think the world is ready for .9mm.

    • I think I could rig up a .9mm muzzleloader using an old mechanical pencil but charging it with 1/2 grain or so of black powder might require better tweezers than I own.

  4. The only thing dumber than a journalist is . . . . Okay, there’s nothing dumber than a journalist. Not even a politician. Except maybe Nancy Pelosi. Or the people who elected her.

  5. Uhhhh, what’s this about? The guy who shot the dog,how many times did he shoot it? I’ve not had much luck with 9mm parabellum one shot stops, and before I went Buddhist, I shot a lot of dogs. Eight in one year, and the 9 s always took two shots, once using Corbin +p shot a bloodhound in the head, corbon 115 grHP , it just blew out his eye and some of his head but he was still walking in circles when I came back with the shovel to bury him. So far I’d say close range a shotgun 12 gauge seems the best. FMJ’s in 223 ain’t worth a fuck, had to shoot a goat three times before it quit flopping around. Hollow points a whole nother story, they end it right quick. I’m glad I’m not the killer I used to be.

        • Local cop. I know him. The reason it takes 2 shots is he usually fires the first one in his foot. While the dog is busy laughing his ass off, Deputy Fife gets another bullet out of his pocket and reloads.

      • Not a Fed, nor Democrat, I live in the county, dumb ass city people dump there dogs and expect them to survive in the wild. One dog can’t make it on his own, they starve to death or wind up in some farmers yard killing chickens. After I posted a large letter on the post office window about the people in town dumping dogs in the country, the dog dumping slacked off. For you dog dumpers, u may save a bunch of grief if you kill the dog yourself. Don’t bring them out here and make me do it.

        • “I’m glad I’m not the killer I used to be.”

          No, you’re not from the country or some big time conservative. You’re a lUberal troll and we all see through you’re bullshit.

  6. Somebody seriously should make a wildcat load necked down to shoot sewing needles. I think that’s about .9mm.

    • The smallest that people genuinely use tends to be .10 bore wildcats. Eichelberger did a whole series, and there are a whole lot of impressive results on varmints. 7.2gr bullets at 3920FPS sound good?

  7. What kinda speed can we get if we wildcat the dreaded .9mm into a necked down 50 BMG case?

    Journalists don’t have to think, they just have to be true believers in the anti freedom communism / socialism is better for all, except of course all the dead people stacked up to satisfy the people’s leaders.

    I mean history shows us, the Tokerev was made because the Soviets needed more power to take out the enemy of the Utopian dreamers, with their thick cloathing.

    Maybe they should have developed the .9mm

    • From what I’ve read, the Soviets invented 9 Makarov to replace the tt33. Do you have one? What do you think? I’ve read the Russki’s didn’t like the stopping power of the 7.62×25? Personally I just love it, it ain’t no 357 but I think it kicks ass over 9mm. But I hate them both. lol

      • p.s. I was not impressed with the new privi- partizan HP’s, it seemed the velocity was around Mauser speeds. The Red Army Standard was fmj and they zipped right along. Priv-partizan turned my lion into a pussy cat.

        • Goes thru level III body armor says a lot about the Tok

          MAC did a test with Spartan and right thru

  8. Almost 50 years ago I made an electric spark fired Muzzleloaded .1mm black powder pistol FFFF was too coarse and i had to take it down to powder to make it work barrel was about 3 inches long and power filled 1/3 of it i used sewing needles with lead cast about the eye I hoped to improve the seal… result… total flop the needle would penetrate about 2 inches of phonebook but it was very inaccurate ( I did not attempt to rifle the barrel obviously) I achieved min of phone book at about 10 feet but It had to be cleaned after each shot… I think it could be made to work if a folding fin design with tungsten darts of .9mm perhaps with a sabot but I don’t think unless a very clean burning propellant and with very thick steel breach block and thick barrel walls to contain a very high chamber pressure would you get velocity high enough to be useful… I would guess 8,000 to 10,000 fps as a minimum

  9. I think we miss the real cause of ignorant reporters / sloppy copy editing. First, too many people fail to work with physical items and they don’t even realize the size of mm vs inches. Next you have essentially no copy editing done on media. In the print days, one person would write and another person would copy edit plus a third would fact check. What you read in the printed page was accurate a good amount of the time. Some was misleading, but that was on purpose, not sloppy writing. Now with the rush to publish electronically, one person writes and publishes. If they find a problem later, a couple of quick key strokes and its fixed in the source, but the original flawed copies live on forever. Or most likely they leave as-is and are on the the next post.

  10. In 1945 the Neanderthals that ran the U.S. Military actually decided to test the .45 acp against the 9mm and this was 34 years after the Morons adopted the .45acp. Much to their horror they found that the .45 acp bounced off a helmet at a scant 35 yards while the 9×19 penetrated it at an astonishing distance of 125 yards and might have been able to penetrate it even further than that but no one could hit the helmet at a further distance. I think even a Moron could see what a superior cartridge the 9mm was and still as compared to the .45acp.

    In 1985 Pistolero shot live barn yard pigs with the .38 special, .357 magnum, 9×19 and .45 acp and found the .45 acp was not superior to any of the other cartridges.

    In 1900 Agnes Herbert and her cousin Celia found that their .450 elephant rifles killed no better than the 6.5mm Mannlicher cartridge. Conclusion: After reading the various gun magazines of the day back in 1900 Agnes concluded the Gun Writers did not know what the hell they were talking about. Sound familiar?????

    • No. None of that sounds familiar. Perhaps you’d like to provide citations for any of your drivel?

      Yeah, didn’t think so… troll.

      And BTW, there’s this new thing called reading comprehension – you should look into that. HINT: the 9mm (Luger, NATO, or otherwise) cartridge is NOT the subject of the above article… And you call others morons??? ROTFLMAO!

      • To Bats in the Belfry

        I already did. Reading Comprehension genius boy, Reading Comprehension. And for further reading read the book “The Inglis Diamond” (tests on the anemic .45acp) . The 3 books by Agnes Herbert, and Pistolero Magazine. Assuming you can read.

    • Holy shit you’re back!?!? And you’re back with you’re fake news about shooting your 9mm through steel helmets at 125 yards! I thought you gave up on that. Hey, why don’t you go back to your democrat only gun club where you’ve been an NRA member since 1952, before you threaten to sue me again for making you cry 😂

    • As a matter of fact it does sound familiar. This is the tired old story you pull out every time anyone mentions 9 mm. Or .45 acp. Or even .9 mm.

      I sometimes shoot 9 mm. But .40 s&w kicks its ass. (Running for cower)

  11. I’m relatively new to shooting sports so I’m not ashamed to ask on a website: where do I find one of these .9 mm handguns ? I’ve never seen in a gun store and I’m embarrassed to ask. Do they keep them in the back ?

  12. Since we are being funny and pedantic….
    “Police: Pa. man jailed for shooting pistol at teen” I immediately pictured a cannon literally shooting a whole pistol at a teen.

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