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Amazon Bans Gun Book

Will they be lighting them on fire in their warehouse parking lots, too? . . .

Amazon banned the sale of a gun book on Wednesday night for an unexplained violation of the company’s rules.

The listing for The Liberator Code Book: An Exercise in Freedom of Speech, which had been available on Amazon since Aug. 1, was removed from Amazon’s website. The web address where the book had previously been listed now redirects to an error page. The web address where a Kindle book titled The Liberator: An .STL File Published as a Book also now redirects to an error page.

Both books had been published through Amazon’s self-publication services. Amazon told the Washington Free Beacon it was banning publication of the books and their sale through their website.

“This book was removed for violating our content guidelines,” Jack Evans, an Amazon spokesperson, told the Free Beacon.

Inn New Hyde Park NRA Event Moms Demand Action

‘Moms’ fire back at Inn at New Hyde Park for holding NRA event

Hoplophobic harridans harass historic hotel . . .

The Nassau County chapter of Moms Demand Action is firing at the Inn at New Hyde Park for planning to hold a National Rifle Association event in September.

Tracy Bacher, a mother of three from Sea Cliff and the head of the local Moms Demand Action chapter, said the activist group is launching a protest campaign after Inn management said it plans to keep the event despite the group’s request to reconsider.

Members are calling and emailing the Inn and the group plans to hold several protests outside the catering hall leading up to the event if it is not canceled, Bacher said.

A representative from the Inn at New Hyde park said the catering hall declined to comment.

“When I got wind of the event I called the events mangers and kind of pleaded with them to reconsider their contract with the NRA, and they declined,” Bacher said in an interview Monday. “They actually said ‘the NRA sounds like a lovely organization.’ That was a direct quote.”

Democrats Betsy DeVos Guns Schools Teachers Eduction Funding Bill

Democrats file “emergency” amendment to block Betsy DeVos from arming teachers

Because the last thing we’d want is to give teachers the ability to protect their students’ lives . . .

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is reportedly looking to use a legal loophole to allow federal funds to buy guns for teachers — and Democrats appear determined to stop her.

The New York Times reports that the Department of Education is considering using the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Program to circumvent laws that prohibit the use of federal funding to purchase firearms for teachers. The SSAE grants — which are intended to fund the poorest school districts in the country, and calls for school districts to use the money to provide a well-rounded education and improve digital literacy and school conditions — would instead be given to states or districts to use that money toward firearms and firearms training, the outlet said.

In response to the Times report, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said he is introducing a “last minute emergency” amendment on Thursday to block the Education Department’s funding bill.

MSNBC Contributor Claims Teachers Might Shoot Minorities If Allowed To Carry

Incoherence, thy name is Alcindor . . .

MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor claimed on Thursday that if teachers are allowed to carry firearms at school they might end up shooting minority students.

Alcindor’s remarks came in response to a report from The New York Times, which claimed that education secretary Betsy DeVos was considering allowing states to use federal funding to purchase firearms for teachers who wanted to carry at school with the goal of helping prevent school shootings.

“Advocates are very worried about the racial impacts this will have,” Alcindor claimed. “If you start arming teachers, there are black and brown students being, who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts, you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot or do gun safety measures.”

Professor Eric Rath courtesy

Professor threatens students who want to legally carry concealed weapons in class

Tolerance in an atmosphere of intellectual pursuit and higher learning . . .

The professor, citing the anti-gun Giffords Law Center, presented statistics showing the perceived dangers of concealed carry weapon holders, and elaborated on every potential rule that could be broken.

“In keeping with my responsibility to ‘maintain an efficacious learning environment,’ as the Faculty Code requires, I will report all gun violations to KU and state authorities,” Rath continued. “You may be asked to leave campus immediately, and you may be subject to criminal charges as well as University disciplinary processes. In addition, you will be banned from my classroom until KU authorities have certified that you are no longer a danger to yourself and others.”



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  1. yeah…only most DV situations do NOT involve guns…
    yet the ONLY thing they take are the guns…even when a gun was NOT used

  2. “items created to be sold on are in compliance with all local, state, national, and international laws” “Some items that may not be sold include any products which may lead to the production of an illegal item or illegal activity.”

    Well, given TAGs reporting of the Australian guy who was sentenced, how exactly is the The Liberator Code Book not a violation of Amazon policy?

    • “Some items that may not be sold include any products which may lead to the production of an illegal item or illegal activity.”

      Really, Amazon? Any products?

      I just did a search on Amazon and discovered this book (and many, many, others) for sale :

      “Marijuana grower’s Guide, Deluxe Edition”

      The last I checked, Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, and in many states.

      Also the last time I checked, home made guns are legal at the federal level, and in the vast majority of the states.

      Is using the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” tactic of forcing the enemy to live by it’s own rules in order here?

      Is this lawsuit material?

      • Unfortunetly not lawsuit material. Two reasons.

        1. Being a gun owner/provider, etc is not a protected class. Courts have consistently ruled on that. My favorite example of this is a lawsuit where a someone was falsely accused of rape and railroaded by his college, sued and lost because although the courts agreed he was wrongly railroaded, it wasn’t because he was a man but rather because he was an accused criminal.

        2. They use the word may, which gives them additional protection in combination with the above.

    • And there are AR15 assembly guides too. But they are not wrapped up in a court battle. Why should amazon get mixed up in that?

        • Pol Pot Cambodia 1974? A Mountain of skulls. And 14 year olds with red scarfs and a gun. The left acts as if this never happened.

        • I was wondering if anyone would get the Khmer Rouge reference. Basically Pol Pot thought they needed to go back to an agrarian society and the intellectuals had to be removed. Of course, in any socialist totalitarian revolution the intellectuals have to be dealt with in one way or another.

        • To the “left” this was an extreme aberration caused by overzealous individuals which they promise to avoid reoccurring.

          The Khmer Rouge response when the water in a canal would not flow uphill was to execute the builders. Not with bullets as they were limited and too valuable. They cut the workers throats with the razor sharp edges of palm fronds.

    • Didn’t Vice Presidential wife Tipper Gore belong to a group that burned books, music CDs and other so-called obscene things back in the 1990’s? So I would say the book burning essentially started then. One of the few bonuses of being old is remembering things that happened while I was alive and not just read out of a book.

      • The Tipper Gore incident took place in the 80’s . Thanks to her husband she was able to form a committee that interrogated musicians from Frank Zappa to John Denver about obscenities on record albums.

        Unlike Tipper Gore , these artists were very intelligent and they cut her to shreds. I wonder what she thinks of rap. To her credit she just shut up and went away after .

        • Sometime when you’re bored, check out the FBI’s exhaustive investigation into the song “Louie Louie” to figure out whether or not it was obscene. It’s both bizarre and hysterical that the government would compel the FBI to investigate the song. I won’t spoil the ending for you.

        • the pmrc was formed in large part in protest to a giger poster that was included in the original pressing of dk’s “frankenchrist” album, er, long play record, um, never mind. ostensibly considered obscene by some, the witch hunt effectively dismantled the band.
          just looked like a bunch of mechanical snakes and tentacles to me.

          distributing pornography to minors, if you will.

  3. Hmmm…never used Amazon. Probably never will. Not even a big gal😄 Gee if all your students are “minorities” how could you avoid shooting one in a violent kerfuffle?!?

    • Amazon has so many firearm accessories, manuals and parts for sale that is not funny, yet TAG and most people here think that Amazon should take on the liability for a book that was only published to circumvent a Federal Judges order.

      • A blatantly unconstitutional order the judge had no jurisdiction to issue. Sorry kiddo, a judge in Washington doesn’t get to issue orders to people in Texas.

      • Do you have any evidence that Cody Wilson or Defense Distributed were behind the book? The design ia public domain. The restraining order was against Cody and DD. It didn’t make distribution by anyone else illegal or contempt of court.

      • Are you Jeff Bezos’s legal counsel? I fully agree that Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed are in the right, but like I said, why should Amazon take on that liability?

        • The bigger question is there any liability?
          For printing instructions to make a crappy single shot pistol on a 3000 printer ?
          Those actions hurt no one.

          The only.illefal part is actually hiring someone and a baseball bat would be cheaper, easier and faster


        Money made by Bezos at Amazon props up the Washington Post which is ANTI our First and Second Amendment rights.

        I don’t care HOW many gun accessories they sell, buy them somewhere else.

  4. “They actually said ‘the NRA sounds like a lovely organization.’ That was a direct quote.”

    The friends of the NRA are paying customers who behave themselves and don’t make a mess, you’re just a shrieking harpy trying to threaten a legitimate business.

    As for arming teachers: If they don’t already have one and know how to use it, I don’t want to buy them one they don’t care enough about to buy themselves.
    Hey, for that matter, why am I buying guns for cops? The ones who don’t have their own seem to be the ones who don’t use them properly anyway.

    • And how many members of the local Moms chapter will protest?

      Both of them.

      Which the media will portray as a 100% turnout.

  5. Yamiche Alcindor may be totally cracked in the head, but this is the one reservation I have about teachers carrying at least at the high school level. Only it’s not the teacher who will be the bad actor but the student. Some 300 pound 17 year old (think gentle giant Michael Brown) will either assault the teacher and get shot or will manage to relieve the teacher of his/her weapon. Imagine the riots if a white teacher shoots and kills a much larger black student in justifiable self defense. Better get you shopping at the local CVS done early.

  6. Wait a minute…DOESN’T the NRA have some kind of Pro2@ program with Amazon…Something called the Smile program or such….

    As for all the other Militant SJW /Communist foot soldiers engaging in Agitprop, Harassment, Propaganda, intimidation, and even violence to force people into THEIR political spectrum…Is the old rules in a attempted foreign insurrection…”Divide and Conquer….” If nobody thinks were already in a “Cold Civil War/Foreign Occupation”…Then Head is truly buried in the sand..

    • True, Bezos might lean anti-gun, but at least there are multiple 2A organizations (and I believe a fake one or two) in the Smile program.

      Hey, how hard would it be to form a fake anti-gun group, set it up with Amazon, and forward donations to GOA or SAF? I could call it Americans For Gun Safety and idiots would assume that means antigun legislation.

    • The NRA has two different departments you can have your donations sent to through the Smile program. Gun Owners of America is also there, and as mentioned, the SAF as well. If I buy something from Amazon, I always use the Smile program and have it set up to donate to a pro-gun organization.

  7. Eventual, Socialist/Globalist controlled States operated by DemoCommies and RINOs will start using ERPOS/✋ STOP ✋/RED FLAG LAWS to undermine the U.S. Constitutional Rights of Political dissenters…Using it’s Mental Healthcare provisions to ‘section’ those with opposing political belief systems.*(re: stripping away a person’s Bill of Rights protections, disarm, search and seize property, detention through protective custody , unlawful arrest, imprisonment, and death…)* …And a 50-60% of the Left-Wing, Paramilitarized, Law Enforcement community will go along with it….So, how far is to far…..

  8. Nice to have just commented on Utah TA, so copy and paste here: Civil rights violation. Take him and university to court for discrimination. See if university chucks him under the bus. Along with civil and monetary penalties, have them all be assigned to take an inclusion and tolerance class for 2A.

    Just keep on hammering this is civil rights violation.

  9. Teachers carrying is an over reaction. I think the more appropriate course of action is to have secured firearms on campus that teachers have ready access to if the need arises.

    just my two cents.

    • Yes, they’ll just run across campus while the bad guy is shooting at kids. That will work.

      The safe would also be expensive, as it needs to both protect from environmental factors and prevent theft (schools are abandoned for large periods of the year and at random). Plus unless you further delay deployment or limit access severally you run the risk of whatever failure the union is protecting stealing it so they can trade it for drugs, and you’ll not be able to prove who it was.

    • Putting firearms in a safe is akin to not having them. The time wasted going to a locked room and safe to retrieve a need weapon. Will simple result in more lost lives. In an active shooter event. Every lost second will result in another lost life. Generally the entire event is over in less than 5 minutes. While I understand not all school staff are willing to carry a firearm and in many cases some shouldn’t be aloud to. To outright ban those ready willing and able to with the proper training is saying you would rather see children die than use every possible means to protect them.

    • You (and other progs) trust teachers with the brain of utes but not a firearm? Is there a teacher that can’t maintain control of her purse (w/pot) or cellphone?

      The Dept of Ed could start on the gun issue program by sucking in the hundreds of handguns surplused off thru gsaxcess annually from other Fed agencies. Now they disappear into the blackhole of local PD. Hundreds of .40 now as the Febs abandon the caliber.

      Today I see
      Glucks 27 from DHS IG
      Gluck 23 from Treasury IG
      M&P .45 from Dept of Energy Office of Secure Transportation (We have a total of 431 pistols available)
      Beretta 92D from VA approx. x50
      Ruger 95 from Dept of “Justice” Bureau Prisons

      Hell require EVERY Fed agency except DOD to turn in to Education 50% of their firearms and prohibit replacement. Then fire the twits to whom the things were issued. Less Fed “cops”/thugs would be a hugely great thing for liberty.

  10. “Amazon banned the sale of a gun book on Wednesday night for an unexplained violation of the company’s rules.”

    The Left keeps talking of Fascism and what Fascist regime in history doesn’t that remind them of .

  11. I honestly believe the socialist progressives want school children murdered instead of a teacher with a gun stopping the school shooter.

  12. Yet in the past, Amazon vehemently defended their right to publish books advocating adult-child sex. Not once, but twice, they had those books on the website and wrapped themselves in the First Amendment. This is the scum that Bezos is. Search for the stories. They are out there. This is why I have NEVER bought anything from Amazon and I never will.

    • And I’m sure if they have a court order blocking the dissemination of the book, you can probably get it pulled. But we may be waiting a while.

  13. I notice that Mothers Against Only Some Violence want the NRA and their hosts to do something, while the mothers just have opinions.

    How about maybe offer to pick up the lost rentals if the hotel cancels the NRA event? Ought to be trivial to fill, what with No Guns For You! being the righteous majority opinion, n gunny people such a tiny (deplorable) minority.

    Any takers?


    • As for “takers” probably not, just like you won’t find a “Mom” squad doing a candlelight vigil on the south side of Chiraq.

  14. The professor that is afraid to be in a room with anyone that might have a weapon is a liberal nutcase. I would be ABSOLUTELY sure to inform him that he can not talk directly to me face to face as I am afraid of his Trump Derangement Syndrome causing me to suffer bodily harm when he has an uncontrollable outburst. And I would site at least half a dozen examples of people being attacked for not following the liberal line of thought by deranged snowflakes.

  15. Little does Amazon realize they still sell books (mostly military manuals) that give instructions on how to build firearms, explosives, and booby traps. Not that I’d know anything about that, just saying…

  16. “Potentially black students”???? Perhaps students whose race is identified as “black” only when it suits a particular agenda?

    • That was my first thought on hearing that.

      I’ll leave it to someone else to suggest that maybe she should prioritize education a little more.

  17. I bet Amazon has lots of stuff that enables crime. Like little boxes that permit car thieves to connect to your wireless key in the house.
    But stealing cars isnt a violation of their policy intil.jeff bezo loses his ride

  18. I just put my copy of The Liberator Code Book on Ebay for a stupid high price. Not so much to sell it, I bought it to have as a souvenir of sorts for the times, but to see if Ebay drinks the same Kool-Aid as Amazon and bans the listing. I’m betting they will!

  19. Damn, I actually side with the Democrats here. Our tax dollars should not be going to buy teachers firearms. If they want to defend themselves they should be buying their own weapons just like every other civilian has to. With 22 trillion in debt the USA needs to start cutting programs *coughsocialsecuritymilitaryindustrialcomplexcough*, not expanding them.


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