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This is what a South African blogger carries in what he calls “low risk areas.” From what we read, those are getting fewer and father between. Stay safe down there.

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    • And when you say leave you mean when they’re murdered by the government while resisting the confiscation of their land.

    • If Trump really cared he would offer refugee status to all Boers in SA before they all get massacred in the first major genocide of the 21st century.

    • Many white South Africans want white people to leave the land.
      Played rugby a few times with white South Africans in California and “Kill the Boer” is a popular song with them because it signifies justice. They explained that it is only an expression but it is like the slaves revolting against the plantation.

  1. > From what we read, those are getting fewer and father between. Stay safe down there.

    I’m shocked, shocked, to see TTAG spewing white-nationalist propaganda.

    • The murder rate in south Africa is 32 per 100,000. In the US, the rate is 4.3 per 100,000. Where would you rather live? Second. the government has made it constitutional to seize white owned farms without compensation. Anti-white propaganda issues daily from the government. As a result, attacks on white farmers have dramatically increased. White farmers are seeking to move elsewhere.

      When the same thing happened in Zimbabwe, a country that had been a food exporting nation devolved into a food importing nation that is unable to provide adequate food, housing, or medical care for its residents. Many farms were turned over to allies and former soldiers of Mugabe, and became nonproductive. Why would we not anticipate the same when the white farmers are forced out of South Africa?

      It isn’t racist if it is true.

    • How is it “white nationalist”? (CNN buzzword alert) In anyway? The ANC is a racist organization seeking to eradicate whites in South Africa. This is fact and is occurring. They are simply doing it much quieter, slower, and smarter then the ussual Rawanda style genocide that occurs. If the same thing was happening to a non white population anywhere you’d be screaming to high heaven about it.

    • @jsled — I’m shocked, shocked, to see a DemoKKKrat so causally dismissing the legitimate plight of a racial minority simply, and for literally no other reason, than they’re white.

      Racist piece of shit.

      • Explain how TTAG is racist. Please, explain. Go ahead. Of course you probably mean “racist” as in “not liberal”.

      • Except that there was no “naked racism” to call out in the first place, except for yours and that of your little boy toy soy boy up there. You two really well and truly are bigoted gutter trash.

        No wonder you troglodytes lost in 2016, are going to lose the midterms, and lose big again in 2020. It’s already all over but the crying and, just like last time, your tears will be delicious.

      • At least Farago is gone, but Zimmerman carries the torch!

        Makes the site unbearable, mostly because of the commenters it attracts, like flies to dung.

        • This site is supposedly unbearable, yet here you still are pissing and moaning about racism that you can’t point out because it’s not here. You are the fly looking for dung, but you’re actually bitching about having no place to land. Funny how that works.

          Try not looking in the mirror next time you think you see racism.

  2. KWC is airsoft or pellet gun I think, according to the description on the edc site that ain’t even a real beretta.

  3. Why is an air soft gun apart of the pocket dump of the day? I can’t imagine pulling one of those in SA is a good idea…

  4. I find it telling that the Progressitard Left/ Antifaggot Wing Of The Gender Confused is engaging in Holocaust Denial. And enabling the escalation of an in progress Holocaust before our eyes

    • They really are. Their all out war on anything historical about anything bad that ever happened will have terrible consequences. Mark my words liberals. We all may not be around for it, but the current SJW movement to tear down anything confederate, eliminate every symbol of nazism, and celebrate communism will have the reverse effect. The current mold of liberals great contribution to human history will be to set the stage for the next chapter of racial slavery and holocaust 100-200 years from now. If they are to succeed in their wish of whitewashing history, it will repeat. Confederate statues may offend, swastikas may sicken, but it’s history and needs to be remembered. History isn’t a pretty multi cultural utopia.

  5. Apparently, the confiscation of white owned farms began this week. Two large farms were seized, after their white owners refused the generous government offer of 10% of the farm’s value.

    • In defense of the South African government, their offers were still enough for the farmers to get the hell out of South Africa and start a new life someplace where whites are welcome.

      • Keep in mind that it’s fairly difficult to get funds out of South Africa now. An individual can currently transfer a maximum of about $700,000 a year out if it’s invested (A family can move around 1.4 million annually). As far as straight funds go they can get $70,000 out as a “gift”. I don’t know about you but $70,000 grand doesn’t go too far when expatriating one self. Then again it’s better than being dead.

  6. Just watched Tucka’ with a sobering and sad report from South Africa. I would take as many of the bastards with me if I was in that situation. It’s difficult to mobilize much sympathy for the Africaaners…

    • Tucker brings up a lot of interesting stuff, but he badly mischaracterizes the situation. This is a case of government using the equivalent of imminent domain to take and develop land for which the Afrikaans settlers have questionable land title /settlement rights (think Oklahoma Sooners land rush). The majority of the white South African population lives in urban areas and actually views Afrikaner farmers as damaging the land (like we view strip mining or coal mining).

  7. Every farmer should get this EDC (every day carry).

    The actions in South Africa are completely racist in nature. It’s about blacks hating whites and exacting malace on them. It has nothing to do with “oppression” or any such nonsense, as there are more blacks than whites – they are NOT a minority.

    My guess is, this is going to continue and conflict between the factions is going to rise. And that is what they want. They hate the whites and they want conflict.

  8. And the ignorant left in America is convinced its “just”, because they believe that the whites took that land from the native black farmers by force. Which is insane. It was uninhabited grassland, the “native” blacks didnt move there until after the whites had significantly improved the land. The story of South Africa’s settlement is not the same as that of other countries in Africa. But you wont catch the MSM pointing those truths out. Its Rhodesia sans bush war.

  9. Rise up Boer! Rise up and decapitate the communist ANC government! You’re brothers and sisters across the globe support you!

    • You mean politically decapitate and not physically decapitate, right? …Right? ‘Cause we’re all onboard for peaceable political action, not violence outside of bonafide self-defense, y’know.

    • There will be no rising up. If the South Africans that live in the U.S. like Scarlet Johansen are any indication, the whites APPROVE of displacing Boer farmers because most whites are not farmers and see the farmers as racist red necks.
      I know a few South African software types and they view their farmers like most Americans view West Virginia hill people who destroy the environment for coal.
      Future of whites in Sout Africa is grim.

      • That’s funny, I know some South African business types who aren’t farmers and they DONT approve of the Boers being kicked off of their land. Your South African software types sound just like the white pansy snowflake software types I know who parrot any party line that denigrates whites. Even though they themselves are white – and wealthy- and have little to no contact with black people in the real world. But they SUPPORT them and their CAUSE! (Caps used to emphasize the enthusiasm shown when these words are uttered)
        By the way, how does one equate farming with coal miners? Or are you saying that they are equal in that they are gainfully making a living in industries that makes it possible for you and I to live in comfort?

        • Have you not noticed Charlize Theron and other South Africans in public and how socialist they sound?
          It seems that South Africans with money to come to the U.S. are urban types unaffected by the land disputes who received a good public school education in feeling guilty for white privilege.

  10. I’d think any smart South African (who can’t get out) would be carrying a case of ammo in their truck along with IEDs.

  11. Good friend o mine in Asia got out in 98. His entire family left for OZ and they were 3 or 4 generations there. He told me in 99 it was only a matter of time before this started.
    He got top dollar for everything and never looked back.

    • history repeating itself as it always does, research the Mau Mau rebellion. Same instigators were behind that one too.

  12. Wow, I no longer feel that bad about my CCW Sig p238, at least it can spew out (8) Hornandy .380 Critical Defense Rounds and I don’t need to worry about the CO2 canisters. Sad situation in South Africa of pure persecution and racism. God help them all!


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