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If You Want Gun Control, You Need To Understand These Pro-Gun Arguments

A little help for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex from their friends at UPROXX . . .

The fact that we are between mass shootings by its nature implies that public outcry for a remedy to gun violence is at a low. Though Parkland’s students have done a valiant job pushing their agenda forward and keeping people focused, this is the cycle we’re in. People fighting for social justice on a variety of fronts are always going to struggle going up against a singularly-focused organization like the NRA. Gun zealots use the calm between shootings to pass small-scale gun bills (like the silencer bill in Arizona); those fighting for gun control would be wise to do the same. Part of that means deepening their knowledge of the issues they’re up against.

You remember the end of 8 Mile when Eminem’s B-Rabbit predicts what everyone is gonna say to beat him? It’s a hell of an argument tactic and one well worth paying attention to if you’re fighting for reasonable gun control. To win the battle, you have to be ready to parry the other side’s attacks. You even have to be able to see some degree of logic to their thinking. Sure, you can act totally baffled that they believe what they believe and mock them to your private echo chamber, but… how’s that been working out over the past two decades?

If you really want gun control — and plan to be vocal about it — you need to understand these pro-gun arguments.

Britain UK Gun Factory Sussex

‘Britain’s FBI’ bust ‘industrial-scale’ illegal gun factory hidden in market town garage and uncover 30 weapons after ‘test shots’ were heard being fired inside

Huh. And no 3D printers anywhere to be found . . .

Criminals have been manufacturing illegal handguns at a ‘large-scale, sophisticated’ weapons factory hidden on an industrial estate in a Sussex market town, it emerged today.

The gun factory was uncovered in a warehouse disguised as a gearbox repair business, yards from an Argos and a Screwfix store in Hailsham, East Sussex.

Officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA), often described as Britain’s FBI, heard the sound of gunshots coming from the building before they arrested three men earlier this week.

courtesy and Ben Cawthra/LNP

Three people shot outside Tube station in north London

Meanwhile, elsewhere in American gun-grabbers’ idea of a gun control utopia . . .

Police rushed to Kingsbury High Road in Brent to reports of gunfire at around 9.45pm this evening. Officers found three people with gunshot wounds outside, but have so far made no arrests and confirmed the incident is not terror related.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police has now said that all three victims have non-life threatening injuries and are in hospital. Local borough officers are now investigating the attack alongside Trident detectives from the Met’s specialist gang unit.

3D-Printed Gun Plans Explode Online

It’s almost as if they can’t stop the signal no matter how hard they try . . .

Plans for 3D-printed guns have spread across the internet over the past three weeks despite the efforts of a federal judge and some of the country’s largest social media companies to try to impose limits.

Gun rights supporters say the online explosion — one website owner who posted the plans said his site logged 1.4 million requests over the past three weeks — shows the futility of efforts to put the genie back into the bottle.

Why Does Violence in Chicago Attract So Much Attention, Even Though It’s Not the Murder Capital of The U.S.?

It’s now racist to point out the weekly body count in the Windy City . . .

So then…why Chicago?

Well, it’s convenient for one, according to activist, community organizer and Chicago native Charlene Carruthers.

“What’s happening right now is what’s most convenient for people with political and economic power. They love a sensational story and they also have consistent habits of not actually addressing the root causes of the problems that exist in Chicago or any city in this country that’s impacted by community-based violence,” Carruthers told The Root.

“It tells a story that black people are pathological, that we don’t make moral decisions and that we don’t actually have community values as [Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel] pretty much said this past week and so it allows them to displace people from our communities and it allows them to continue to divest from our communities.”

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  1. That gal hit the hammer on the firing pin! Chiraq sux and it’s almost as if only the scum is left…why make handguns when you can slap together sub-machine guns easier?!? What’s all this then indeed😄

    • Sub guns and hand guns are both illegal. But handguns are easier to conceal. You can conceal a Sten gun on the street, but it’s a tad harder.

  2. yeah, sub guns are among the easiest to manufacture..[think sten]…if you’re going to go illegal why go half-way?

    • Suppressed gun fire sounds exactly like a gun being fired with a suppressor…. A 135db supressed gunshot is still going to get attention. Although, the shooter won’t be deaf. I live in California (suppressor free utopia) and even I know that.

  3. That UPROXX article was an interesting read… if you like thinly veiled bigotry trying to pass for reasoned logic.
    That site does have open comments if you don’t mind signing up and want to tell the writer exactly how and why he’s wrong.

    • Interesting indeed. He actually argues a gun owners point very well. Although I almost always take a different approach when speaking with advocates of “reasonable restrictions”.

      It’s a good thing he doesn’t do as good of job arguing for gun control….

    • I skimmed it through along with the comments. The one thing that stuck out to me was: “I get to feel safe. These are unalienable protections under the constitution.” Um, no.

      • Sure you have a right to feel safe. Go right ahead and feel safe, you will not be arrested for it.

        What they actually mean is they think they have the right to restrict the liberty of their countrymen in whatever way soothes their neuroses. They just can’t say it that way because its stupidity would be laid bare.

        • He really shot himself in the foot (SWIDT?) by explaining, reasonably well, the statistical truth that America’s gun owners are extremely unlikely to be involved in crime or in causing harm of any type to anyone with their guns. When he then goes on to tout the “What about my right to feel safe from gun owners?” line of thinking all one has to do is refer him back to the opening paragraph in his list and say, “you are safe, you said so yourself.”

          I have argued along these lines with people many times. They insist that, even though crime, injury and death involving guns are really quite rare relative to the number of guns and gun owners, that increased restrictions ‘could’ still reduce these events further. I generally ask, simply, “How?” I rarely get a meaningful answer.

          When I point out that there is already in excess of a 99.9% probability that they will *not* be shot, they then jump right into the, “right to feel safe” argument. At that point, I remind them that they are, in fact, already pretty safe because, as I just said, there is a greater than 99.9% chance that they won’t get shot. (lets face it, more people die each year in the U.S. from *falling down* than from gunshot wounds) Some variation of, “but, mu feels.” is the usual response and that is usually the end of the conversation.

          The author also fails to recognize that in the same document he tries to counter the argument that many POTG defend the RKBA as a bulwark against tyranny while suggesting that even though we are harming no one it is acceptable for the government to restrict our rights just to satisfy someone else’s political whims – hmm, tyranny that. To compound that error, he intimates that gun owners aren’t really that serious about rights and that we are just trying to defend a “hobby” and that every hobby has restrictions. He is ignoring that gun ownership is in fact a right and is also ignoring that it already has numerous restrictions imposed.

    • Uproxx should stick to publishing entertainment-related articles that consist almost entirely of aggregated tweets. The original politics content of the site is leftish and fairly weak sauce. Uproxx hasn’t been that good since Kissing Suzy Kolber left.

      Bramucci’s article has a number of issues, but the one that really got me was the “critique” of DGUs. Clearly, he is spouting gun control rhetoric and is ignorant of recent work, including the covered up CDC research, on the matter.

  4. Same excuses I heard all my life: no economic opportunities and no free stuff.

    If you don’t have parents teaching you discipline, responsibility and independence you are more likely to fail in life. Doesn’t matter what race you are or where you were born. Once you leave the house the cops will discipline you when you mess up and the court system will hold you responsible for your behavior. You will become a slave to the system.

    You have free education and the American people give you free stuff to help you keep going. What else do you want? You have all the things you need to become successful, well, everything but two good parents. So you don’t have a good father in your life to teach you how to be an independent man or show females a good example of what a man should be. Your mom rather have a baby daddy than a good husband. What is society to do about that? Your mom rather spend money on drugs, clubbing, weave, iphones, junk food or some other useless crap than to use it to improve your life. What is society to do about that? Do we just take you away from your mom and put you in a boys/girls home or foster home?

    Giving a druggie some more drugs doesn’t help them deal with their problems, that just contributes to their continued failure. You guys got to do the opposite of your horrible parents, don’t follow them down that road. Once you join a gang (to replace your parents) you have decided your life is worthless, you essentially have a death wish. Stay away from stupid/immoral people, finish school as fast as possible, get a job as soon as possible, save your money and move out of the hood. Don’t look back at the plantation. Don’t let your parents hold you back. Don’t let white people’s opinions dissuade you from accomplishing your mission.

    Don’t become a hoodrat or some useless thug. In the long run it’s not as fun as your parents make it out to be.

    • The problem I have with the “economic opportunities” argument is simple: the military. Entrance requirements are low, they provide training and housing, there are opportunities for advancement and a lifelong career. There are benefits available for everything from higher education to home ownership to retirement. I’d bet good money the US military has lifted more families permanently out of poverty than any handout program.

  5. The argument that Chicago gets the focus because of racism isn’t exactly bolstered if your list of places that should get more attention ahead of it is St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, Memphis, and Newark. That’s not a giant list of lily white suburbs.

  6. “It tells a story that black people are pathological, that we don’t make moral decisions and that we don’t actually have community values”

    No. Black people are just fine, thank you. This tells story that Democrat politicians are nothing but grifters, that the black neighborhoods (as opposed to the individuals who are stuck there) due to horrible governance doesn’t make moral decisions and there are no decent inner city black community values.

    Face it, black people are living on a plantation, and they will as long as they support racial arsonists.

    • Kinda funny how that works, isn’t it?

      Here in states like Wyoming, gun ownership is sky-high, and ‘gun crime’ is low.

      It’s almost as if there was something that could be learned from that

  7. In the article about Chicago, not being the murder capital…notice that all of the cities they list as being more murder friendly…..have all been run by democrats for decades…… all of them. The general public needs to have this fact put in front of them every day…..

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No one on planet Earth, let alone the United States, has any responsibility for the individual’s security, happiness, or success except for the individual themselves. To the government, you’re a number on a spreadsheet that corresponds with the taxes you pay or a useful idiot (read: voter) that keeps people in power. The individual is expendable. These are FACTS. So why someone would want to trust their lives and the lives of their loved ones in the hands of a system that doesn’t give a damn about them is beyond me. Hell, this latest thing with Mollie Tibbets proves the point. She was a raging anti-white liberal killed by the very type of person she gave a damn about. Now the majority of the media and Democrat politicians wants to sweep the issue under the rug. She was expendable, she served her purpose, and they want to forget about her. And that, my friends, is why I own guns. So UPROXX can GFTS.

    • Got some footnotes on that “FACT” concerning Tibbetts because no such info out here in Iowa. Even the Univ of Iowa doesn’t get them fully indoctrinated in one year.

  9. How come bloving, me, and whoever is “GassedLiberalsCantVote” are the only people over at UPROXX speaking truth to stupidity? It’s fun over there, though I suspect most responses are going to be either silence, or “fuck you feelings something something nazi.”


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