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“We’re not asking to shut their doors and stop selling guns,” said Jack Torres, a 16-year-old from the Boston area. “We’re just asking them to help fund the gun violence research that will help them be a more responsible company in terms of how their guns are used and sold.” – Jack Torres in Students March On Smith & Wesson To Demand Accountability On Gun Violence [via]

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    • Think the legal profession will fund studies on how the fourth and fifth amendment cause crime? Not asking that we completely shutter criminal lawyer business, but maybe we can just reduce the numbers?

      Or maybe we can get the DNC to fund studies to look at why more than 75% of US murder occurs in 60 or so out of 3,000 US counties, every one of those 60 totally dominated by Democrat populations and governments?

        • Didn’t Smith & Wesson already bend over for these gun-grabbing shits at least once before? Isn’t that how we got the infamous “Hillary Hole”??? How far do you think they’ll bend over at OUR expense this time???

  1. “Marching Morons for Fauxahontas…DemoCommies indoctrination of the uninformed, uneducated and a lack of caring about the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights, the future young DemoCRAPS…”

  2. 16-year old — For now, why don’t you just focus on attending school (and, this time focus on reading, writing and math) so you can actually read the research that’s already been done. When you grow up, come back here and share with us what you’ve learned. Hopefully by then, you’ve learned how to count change, provide specific vs. “close” answers to math problems, read an analog clock, and write the cursive alphabet. Oh, and practice being “responsible” by honoring those who would stand up for you when your life is in danger.

  3. And I would like for these idiots to simply disappear but I guess I won’t get my wish!! I despise everything they represent…especially their utter gall and hypocrisy! Who ties their shoes for them??

  4. Well, we all know they are being coached by Elisabeth Warren. At that age they are impressionable and need help with their opinions.

  5. “We’re not asking to shut their doors and stop selling guns,” said Jack Torres


    The activists have two main goals. The first is to get Smith & Wesson to agree to stop manufacturing military-style weapons like the M&P 15, an AR-15-style rifle

    So, they are telling them to stop selling some typea of guns.

  6. I kind of feel sorry for the two white dudes, cause they’re never going to score. You can tell by the picture the girls are going home with the black dude.

    • …I think you might have that in reverse…Could be the two girls are going home together…This photo o.o would have been take in M–Assachusetts…Lots of diversity and identity politics…Hell, my brother’s a MassHole…He says he identifies as a jar of peanut butter…He’s going to see how that works regarding his taxes….

    • The two guys on the far right are an item I bet.
      Liz Warren will take the Asian girl under her wing.
      The black guy is king of the hill.

    • Social engineering 101. Being a white male is almost a hate crime, and the younger ones try to feminize themselves so much as to hope for the table scraps. White socially engineered self genocide.

  7. …Just look at at these sheltered youths….Part of inner-city blight…Young Soy-Boys and Twitter Girls…Owning a Large, sharp, pointy Kitchen Knife DOESN’T even factor in to their psyche…Let a lone trying to understand Firearms ownership, The U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights…These people DON’T have a clue and aren’t interested either…Most of SJW kids are the product of “Obama-Core-Education…”
    %90 are problably vegetarians or vegans…And frown at the meat eaters….Nope, don’t see any convincing, or future support for any Bill of Right…These kids have most likely been programmed by a school teacher to look forward to a U.N. version of the South African Bill of Human Rights…That the U.S. Constitution is old, out dated, racist and made by white people….

  8. “We’re not asking them to close their doors”. Thanks guys!!!! Who the fuq do these little bastards think they are?

  9. How about gun makers, sellers, etc., all pitch in for some gun researches on “How Gun Owners Save Lives”??

    I think they can all agree on that. We can even do a Go Fund Me on it.

  10. Smith and Wesson ought to say, “Okay.”, then send a nice check to John Lott and copies of Lott’s books to each of these teenagers along with links to the Obama CDC funded study that concluded there’s no causal correlation between the quantity of firearms in a locality and increased violence. Also, a link to the CDC’s causes of death in the U.S. and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Study with a suggestion these teens learn how to do actual research instead of mindlessly parroting what they are told by their Leftist Teachers and Parents. Used to be teens routinely went through a stage where whatever the authority figures in their lives told them was absolutely wrong. I guess the Marxists in the Education System have figured-out how to cure that “Rebellious Teen Syndrome” with “Mindless Parrot Syndrome”. The latter makes for better adult subserviency among the slaves.

  11. Ask alcohol producers to do the same.
    And chainsaw makers.
    Louisville slugger makers.
    [Insert dangerous product here] makers.

  12. The brainwiping of our youth in America is in full throttle. none of these naive dupes know anything about American history or how we became a nation through the arming of citizens. But they ask the NRA to point a statistical gun at itself and unload the magazine. The NRA IS a responsible gun advocate,if anyone of them would find out if they bothered to ask.

    • Ahahahhahahahhahahhahahaha!!! Oh wait he’s serious excuse me while I go laugh even harder then sink into depression at the thought that lil f*cker will actually get a percentage of the votes.

      • I laughed when I heard that a guy named Barack Obama was running for President too. And I laughed years before that when I heard about a dildo from Arkansas throwing his hat in the ring for Democrat nominee too, until I saw him playing his sax on Arsenio Hall. Shit got real after that little ploy. Never underestimate the stupidity of your fellow Americans to vote for the worst.

  13. There is a huge body of carefully done research out there. I recommend they start with the classic “More guns, less crime” since it was written at a level even these kids should understand.

  14. A better “research” topic might be texting and driving for dumbazz 16year old’s. We already know which teenager’s shoot up Chiraq…

  15. For free, I will tell these kids where the majority of gun violence is occurring – inner city.
    Also for free, I will tell these kids where the inner city gun violence offenders live – same inner city.

  16. ok we’ll research gun violence if you little commies will read every last word of the U.S. Constitution, The Federalist Papers, AND sign up for a shop class or two. By the way Home Ec. DOES NOT count as a shop class, shop classes are welding, carpentry, auto repair, and the like.

  17. “We’re not asking to shut their doors and stop selling guns,” said Jack Torres, a 16-year-old from the Boston area.

    We’re just asking them to declare crime to be their fault and accept responsibility for the actions of criminals.

    Go fu masturbate yourselves, you little freedom hating twerps.

  18. “We’re just asking [Smith and Wesson] to help fund the gun violence research that will help them be a more responsible company in terms of how their guns are used and sold.” – Jack Torres

    What about the violent criminals who attack people — why are these children failing to demand that those violent criminals take responsibility for their actions?

    And how about the cesspool environments where 95% of violent crime occurs — why are these children failing to demand that the disintegrated families which raise these monstrous violent criminals take responsibility for raising such monsters?

      • That’s why all the progressive twits are going after guns. Guns are an easy target — and they NEED to demonize the gun..

        By treating the tool as a talisman, they can avoid confronting the deeply unsettling reality that evil can live inside people you thought were decent, and that sometimes there’s no way to predict it or prevent it from coming out.

        Plus, if they thought more deeply than “omg evil guns,” they might find that their belief system only exacerbates most of the ills they want to cure. Nobody wants to face that kind of realization.

      • UlnarNerve,

        Of course someone can be fine for decades and suddenly snap — as in the example that you provided. And you will find that such “hidden” violent criminals (not to mention run-of-the-mill violent criminals) are FAR less common in physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy families with a mother and a father — compared to the obliterated (e.g. non-existent) families in the urban cesspools of our nation.

  19. On a more general note, this is basically the “free stuff” concept of these disgusting leftists. Fund it with your money so I can get my “free” stuff. Parasites!

  20. They’re too young to remember and probably haven’t heard, but Smith befudded themselves once before. I doubt they will do it again.

      • Sad, your take on this article is all about which of these high school children is sleeping with each other. And your speculation is fueled by their race, very sad and is a clear indication of what you’re thinking. You’re no better than the immoral adulterer in the White House who speaks publicly of His lust for his own daughter.

  21. I’m still confused how research will change how a product is used but then again I do have at least 2 brain cells to rub together.

  22. Want funding for research? Reach up your ass and pull something out. Research the relationship between biden death-zones/gun-free zones & shooting deaths, you jamf punks.

  23. S&W follows all laws and regulations when selling their guns to FFL dealers who follow all laws and regulations. That’s all that is required.

  24. If S&W funds the research, do you suppose they’ll get to pick who conducts the research?
    Me neither.

    If S&W funds the research, do you think anyone on the political left will believe the results?
    Me neither.

    So what’s the point here?
    Yup…Shaming and Virtue Signaling. So easy a caveman can do it.

  25. Exactly what needs researching? If you aren’t a criminal you have an 80% less chance of being either a shooter or a victim.

    There, saved you the research money.

  26. Awwww……….that’s so adorable! Look at the cute little corporate shakedown artists. Today its marching and demanding pocket change. Tomorrow they’ll be suing and demanding billion dollar national settlements, PLCAA be damned. All they’ll need are like minded, wrong headed judges.

  27. I hope that medical personal and ambulances are close by. These snowflakes couldn’t walk 50 feet. UBERS get ready.

  28. First of all, I have my doubts that about half of those people photographed could walk 15 miles, much less 50.

    Second… fund it yourself. People have walks for cancer, ALS, all kinds of things. You can have one for ‘gun research.’ It won’t save any lives but maybe you can even get a ribbon for it.

  29. S&W has been making guns for decades. They are not in the social science business. If you Realy want research fund it yourself.

  30. Guns are not the problem! Liberals are the problem! Every school shooting has been a Liberal. All major gun crime cities are Liberal. Tightest gun laws in country. Chicago has no Gun Stores in city. Hardest gun laws. One worse gun crime cities. Worse gun carrier in United States is their Mayor. We have a congress set in against guns! 14 people was in the set in and 12 was conceild carry! We do not need gun control we need Liberal control!


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