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“So, it’s not a party thing. It’s about an American thing. If we are going to believe in the values that were founded in this country. Now liberals will tell me, ‘Well Lawrence, it wasn’t founded for you! Like the Second Amendment is not for you!’ Well guess what? The Second Amendment is mine now, and I don’t intend on giving it back to you guys.” – Lawrence Jones in Lawrence Jones Sticks it to Gun Grabbers Who Say Constitution Wasn’t Written for Blacks: ‘The Second Amendment is Mine Now” [via]

See the full exchange here.

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  1. Sadly, it is viewed as “a party thing”. The Dems put in much more effort to restrict our rights than the Reps do. (Sometimes the Reps try to catch up, and then it’s not good for us.)

      • My Grandfather (RIP) often told stories of playing, as a child, on the White House lawn. And being brought inside for milk and cookies. His claim – he voted Republican his entire life because of milk and cookies….

        • So he’d be a Democrat today?

          I kmow it was wrong to make fun of your Granddad… but it was more if an allegory on modern Democrats than your Granddad…

      • He had whatever politics his parents have. Or whatever the media/entertainment industrial complex tells him he should have.

        • And you know with 100% certainty that both Parents were Democrats!/? Monkey SEE, Monkey DO! I suspect the Kid had a Modicum of Knowledge in basing his decision to Kneel and not too Stand…

        • UND, we could know the answer if we could discover whether he did it a second time. If his parents were conservatives, he probably wouldn’t be in school the rest of the week, and would not ever THINK of doing that again, no matter how much the teacher paid him.

  2. This narrative of “I don’t care who started it, it’s mine now” is the best damn thing ever. Seriously, it nullifies just about every nonsensical “muh old white people” bullshit line while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of these rights for everyone.

    It really is perfect. I love it. The more I hear it from different people the better. These are your rights. Grab hold and don’t let go because once they’re gone they’re gone. Don’t sell them out to Bloomberg, Watts, the NSA the TSA or anyone no matter what they promise in return because you have those rights now and their promises are just that and nothing more. Once somebody personally identifies with, takes ownership of, they are far less likely to support government meddling in.

  3. Tucka’ is da man! I’m not really sure if he has ANY firearms. Doesn’t matter. Not just for the melanin challenged…

    • “Tucka’ is da man!”

      You cannot ‘cuck’ the Tuck…

    • Yo right, Tucka is da man!
      I watch that man almost every night. He doesn’t let anybody put anything over on him.

    • He does own firearms and hunts and shoots regularly. He has stated on many occasions that he is an AR-15 owner.

    • Yep. No where in the constitution or the BOR does it say anything about these rights being only for christian white males.

      • This sentiment has not always been so. The Dred Scott case is an example – where the High Court said blacks aren’t ‘people’ because then they would have all the rights ordained in the BOR, such as the right to vote and the right to bear arms.

        And women were held in contempt as well for many years.

        Originally, it was only for male land owners. We have progressed far since those days, however.

        • I don’t like to think of it that way because it reflects a pessimist outlook. I’d instead like to think that “America is getting better all the time.” It’s all about making a “more perfect union”.

        • Which doesn’t change the simple fact that no where in those documents does it claim that the rights belong only to christian white males.

          We’re still debugging the system.

        • That’s easy. Dredd Scott was simply wrong. No more no less. It did not prove the constitution or the founders were racist. It was simply an incorrect decision counter to the constitution, in the same way the Obamacare ruling was. SCOTUS never has been meant to be the final word on constitutionality, even though that appears to be what it has become. No need for a living breathing document. Original interpretation actually works just fine if we leave it be.

        • Doh! I forgot my sarcasm tag on my, “America was never that great” comment.

          Have the United States ever been perfect? Of course not. I like this parallel to a famous Ben Franklin comment, “The United States of America is the worst country in all the world — except for all the others.” And the fact that just about everybody and their brother wants to come and live here testifies to that fact.

          Even with its glaring faults, the United States of America is the greatest country in the world and I am extremely privileged to live here.

        • 300blackoutfan
          White women owned property, their black slaves, but could not vote. They bought and sold slaves as well.

          White women started businesses and owned businesses, without a man, but could not vote.

          White women could come and go as they pleased, but could not vote.

          White women were voting in the United States, up to 1810, I believe, while blacks could not.

          A white women could buy guns, but could not vote. Blacks could neither vote nor buy guns.

          The white feminists have made sure there are plenty of stories about successful white women in history books, all the while, they could not vote.

          Women were going on safari hunts, alone with no male escort, but could not vote.

          Women in general did a great deal in America, but could not vote.

        • “I hold that the Federal Government was never, in its essence, anything but an anti-slavery government. Abolish slavery tomorrow, and not a sentence or syllable of the Constitution need be altered.”

          – Fredrick Douglass, 1864

          Me and Fred both disagree with you blackoutfan

    • Once the words: “. . . that all men are created equal . . . ” were out of Jefferson’s quill they were mighty hard to get back inside the inkwell. That’s just kind like the way things are with good ideas; and, bad for that matter. Tyranny is by no means dead; we must always remain on our guard.

      The meaning of those words were not liquidated immediately when the ink was dry. They aren’t fully liquidated today; probably they never will be. Nevertheless, they point the way. Let’s never forget that; never give up the struggle to make their meaning flow like the blood in our veins.

  4. Anytime anyone tries to impose their will on another individual, they are *wrong*. Period.

    Our rights are specifically there to prevent this. It’s a shame more people don’t see that, but it warms my heart to see a growing number of people who do.

  5. “It’s mine, now.” – It always was yours. Natural right. Some people didn’t get that; some people try to stop it, most places and times.

    The U S mission is to do better than that, best we can. When you say this is for you, it helps all of us. So, welcome to your rights, and the mission. Thank you.

    Now, I don’t want to go all philosophical, here, BUT…

    “We hold these truths to be self evident” and “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms” wrote the notion into the mission statement, and operating charter for the nascent US. It’s been playing out ever since. Pretty much the first time an actual nation started with a charter like that: people making space for their lives as its reason for being, and “How we gonna work together to do that for us all?”

    So, yes, it’s yours. What just happened is the point. The right always was yours. The charter that calls this out is an invitation, and a covenant. Come and join us, this way on these terms, and you are one of us. Thank you. Be welcome.

    In the US, a bit at a time we work past the silly people and the boneheads, to whittle closer to these ideas that are both right, and work well. From time to time we have to unwind something they slipped in that pushed us backwards. Segregating the federal service, when things are already drifting the other way … let’s undo that, n maybe not elect eugenicists presidents. Just sayin.

    A bit at a time we work out what that mission statement n charter mean as they play out in the real world. Maybe adjust them, as we learn we need to say some bit better. Part of the discussion on the Bill Of Rights was: “We don’t need to say this; everybody knows.” It turns out it did need saying. After the war of “Seriously, you don’t get it?” came the equal protection amendments. “People. Hands off all of this, for people — no qualifiers, ‘people.'”

    BTW, the libertarians argue that simply declining to enforce slavery under the law, it collapses under its own weight. They point to Brazil as an example. I don’t know enough to know if that works. I know I like the idea of an operating charter that calls out: “Same rules for everyone.” Several times in the US constitution.

    I do know that hijacking the covenant that lets us live together is something else. Natural rights, property rights, governments instituted among men to secure these blessings, in a republic by the citizens, for ourselves — this is what we’re about in our janitorial club for keeping the place clean together, so we can go do our own things separately.

    A gang to exploit n extort *those people* so we can split the spoils is something else. If people can be armed, it’s harder to make them marks, serfs, or chattle. So put that in the operating agreement. Also, taking away their ability to protect themselves is just plain wrong — natural rights.

    The right to be armed yourself, was always yours. It takes us a while to work through how that works in laws, n practices n conventions.

    On “rights mean rights”, later, we kept whittling. “Now you’re trying this no voting; no commerce; whatever else nonsense in local laws.? Still? You still don’t get it even after the War of Knock That Off?? OK, Boss Hogg, meet the national guard.”

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance … because the “just a little scooch” people are relentless, because they have nothing better to do.

    And we keep whittling. Yeah locked into school systems that don’t work, free-fire neighborhoods where the gangs have arms n the people don’t … who’s rights are respected there? Who’s interests? How about we whittle down that expropriation by skin tone, under color of law and skewed enforcement. And for gods sake let’s quit helping people to death — maybe don’t take that guy’s gun away unless you’re gonna stand next to him with yours, 24×7.

    So, Mr. Tucker’s Guest, yes, please do arm yourself if you want to. And thank you for being part of our great whittling toward people living their lives n rights as they please.

    I was born into the great experiment in governing that way. I was born into that mission and charter: let’s make space where people can do their thing. I got lucky. I’m lucky that you are stepping in to nudge that a bit further along. It is only good for me when good people live their lives, and, yes, grasp their right to protect themselves. Thank you.

      • Thank you for the kind words. Steal from the best they say. Sometimes I manage to steal well enough that it comes out OK.

        The thing is — and Mr. Tucker Guest seems to be following the breadcrumbs — we have a coherent argument; the anti’s do not. Actually, we have several coherent arguments. And several more pitches persuasive morally, emotionally, or both.

        Pardon me descending into messaging here for a moment, BUT…

        We have to make our case. As Lady Thatcher said (from memory): “First you win the argument, then you win the election.” We mainly have to make our case so plainly the anti’s are stuck showing their hand if they want to argue against. Sometimes, we get so tangled up unwinding their nonsense we forget to make the positive case we have ourselves. That’s a tactic they use, actually. That’s no accident: the clever minds behind programming the useful idiots know exactly what they are doing, I’m sure. Their propaganda techniques are way to consistent and precise to be anything less. Plato distinguished between wisdom and sophistry. We are engaged with expert sophists. Making our case plainly, tangles them up.

        Another challenge is to get to the ground truth behind the common arguments and terms. “Right to self-defense.”, yes, but why? (Natural, human right. Eroding this puts people at risk. Creating protectors and protected makes one human dependent on another for survival: client and patron; chattel and liege.)

        “It’s in the 2A, in the freaking constitution.” Yes, but why does the constitution matter? (Because the US constitution is an operating agreement, for diverse people trying to live together. The constitution spells out what we have to do the same, together, so we are free to do the rest differently, on our own. The *value* is in the second part. Barney Frank’s famous quote or the other one definitely not co-developed & orchestrated by Elisabeth Warrent and President Obama *tip their hand that they don’t see what we do together this way.* They indict themselves.)

        — “People choosing to live their own lives, their own way is the thing.” Really, now anti-gun, meaning anti-person has to argue “No, it’s not.” Indeed, that’s what they think but because we don’t make our case plainly, they don’t have to admit it.

        — “Governments are instituted among people to secure the space to do as they each want, independently.” Really, now anti-person has to argue “No, it’s not.” Indeed, that’s what they think, also, but we don’t make them say it. Mostly for them it’s “Governments are instituted to order the world to my will; especially those pesky humans.” Because we don’t say it, they don’t have to say it.

        — “A republic serves everybody in it, or it’s something else. A ‘republic’ instituted to serve one group by extracting from another is gang, really. The fact that it’s voluntary-ish, or they decide together makes it a coop, but doesn’t change the gang-ness.” Every time some anti- wants to make a special “guns for some, but not for you” they’re gunning for not a republic. But we don’t make them say it.

        — “Sacrificing some people, on their own streets, in their own schools, in their own homes, is fine for the greater good.” is the fundamental “Guns for us, but no guns for you!” claim. You are expendable, to make their better world. But, we don’t make them say it, because we don’t make our case, fundamentally, clearly.

        Thanks again for the kind words.

    • A lot of good stuff there, but what do you mean by “segregating the federal service,” and which president was a eugenicist?

      • Wilson.

        Post civil war, the US had increased creeping integration here and there, including in parts of the federal apparatus. Wilson, the eugenicist (it was all the rage among the smart set around then: read some of the Utopian fiction writers, even) mandated segregating the civil service. Apparently, in an independent, professional administrative class that knows better — another Wilsonian notion — you can only have the best people. Meanwhile, the charter under which people signed up — or later landed in by fortune — to govern themselves is really better interpreted to mean what those betters need it to mean to do what they’ve decided needs doing.

        As entry points see articles in The Atlantic, and the NYT on Wilson and segregation, and the NYT (same article) and the Washington Post on eugenics. (With those sources clearly right-wind hatchet jobs. /sarc.) Or use “Wilson segregation” and “Wilson eugenics” as search terms.

        President Wilson is the namesake of both a school of public policy at Princeton, and a federally-funded “center” for public policy. Many people seem to look to him and his legacy for how to order society for the better. Or so it seems.

  6. Silly people. All good Leftists know that 2A is a government collective right which only allows the government to have guns. Of course, the entire Bill of Rights is collective too so only the government can enjoy the rights therein.
    I mean only the government can choose religion for the people and can only speak for the people. Only the government is secure in its possessions and papers. And so on…
    As Josef Stalin said, ” I have a dream…”.

  7. In reality there is only One Right that cannot be taken away – although you can surrender it. That being the “Right to Try”. To Try to remain free. To Try to remain alive. To Try to keep your guns. To Try to (fill in the blank).

    There are no guarantees you will succeed at any of them.

  8. There are bad people in America. But the worst of them is the white socialist progressive Liberal democrat. They are the devil. They totally support racist gun control.

    • Shannon Watts being a good example.
      ANTIFA might fit in this group.
      All Leftists are bad news.
      I personally always thought the International Bolshevik Jews like George Soros and Bloomberg were the pits.
      Catholic Liberation Theology is loads of laughs too as shown by the current Pope. I love Ocasio Cortez. She is a total gas.
      BLM is pretty radical. Lois Farrakhan is a classic and is in a league all of his own.
      Muslim Brotherhood is a hoot.
      But there are so many other Marxist and Muslim groups feeding at the pig trough.

      • Quote: “Muslim Brotherhood is a hoot.”

        I’m not sure they belong in the same list.

        The others are all a danger to our freedoms and hope to overthrow the Constitution but the Muslim Brotherhood has an ongoing, worldwide program to kill infidels (their definition) of any age, any time and any place. The twin towers have been their most successful violent attack in America to date; they will strike again. In the mean time individuals are conducting smaller scale attacks across the country.

        A hint at their mindset comes from the Islamist compound in New Mexico where they were training their children to shoot teachers and students in their schools.

        And, by the way, they also plan to overthrow the Constitution.

        The Marxists and so called socialists of the left have joined forces with Islamists to destroy America and kill off all who oppose them, (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) all the while, both are planning to be in charge.

        Both may be considered a clear and president danger, Islam is farther down the road to killing. AntiFa may yet get there.

        You may think that ISIS, Hamas and such like are the real dangers. They are all offshoots of and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. Kind of like United Way for Islamists. Make one donation and they will get it to the right people.

  9. Tried to follow the link and got this…

    Enjoy reading The Daily Caller?
    Creating original news is expensive.

    I wonder if reporting the actual news would be a little cheaper. You know, they wouldn’t have to hire all those fiction writers. /s

  10. hopefully he will realize that is the ones telling him this that are the TRUE racists. probably not.

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