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SIG P938 EDC everyday carry concealed 9mm

There’s a lot to be said for lightening your load in the dog days of summer. As I type this, the temperature here in Austin just slipped into the triple digits. Again. And it’s probably not much cooler up in Forney where DB lives. That’s why a small nine like the SIG P938, a slim slipjoint and a compact light make all kinds of sense on a day like today.

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  1. Hot weather, schmart weather. A Glock 19 in a IWB leather is fine with me. A Spyderco lady bug as a backup.

    • not cool enough for the hand sized photo

      neither were his keys, wallet, watch, glasses, holster etc etc…

      Just those corny fucken man child bracelets.

  2. It’t a Sig P229 in .40 jhp for me, hot or not. If it’s not a hammer fired DA/SA, I’m not carrying it. PERIOD!

    • I havn’t seen that gun mentioned on this site before. Used to have one, but mine was a “BKM” I had it until maybe 10 years ago, even had an extra mag for it. Really nice gun, wish I still had it

      • Yes Xtra mag, and changed to wood grips. Clipazine out, not shoot now shoots. Ink eraser polish feed the bullet, It good single stack single action 9mm.

  3. I carry the P938 extreme, as well, with a SpyderCo Endura 4 in solid stainless. Got an extra 6 rounds in my left pocket, in a SnagMag. Flashlights are always at hand, in the car, at home. Good choices, though, when going light.

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