Women Need Guns
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Women Need Guns

People need guns…FIFY . . .

Several weeks ago we learned the results of a new survey: The United States is apparently one of the ten most dangerous countries in the world for women. It’s not, actually, but that is the conclusion the Left has reached and is promoting based on inflated college-rape statistics and the fetishizing of victimhood. The survey results were compiled not from actual statistics, but instead from 550 interviews with so-called women’s experts around the world. From their answers, it’s clear that those in the intersectional American Left are walking around scared for their physical safety, or at least pretending to, even if that fear isn’t grounded in reality. …

The notion that women are so at risk in the U.S. becomes particularly interesting when one considers that the same liberal ideologues promoting it are also diametrically opposed to gun rights. The American Left simultaneously holds the views that life is more dangerous for women here than in most other places in the world and that the Second Amendment should be repealed or, at the very least, drastically curtailed.

Even under constant threat, women, if gun-rights opponents got their way, would not have the ability to protect themselves with the best defenses available. If women were really so threatened, so at risk of rape or assault at any given moment in the workplace and on the streets, what would we want them to have on their persons and in their homes to protect themselves? Would we want the strongest defense available to women to be pepper spray or a gun?

Chicago Gun Crime Violence Murders Segregation
courtesy axios.com

The deadliest city: Behind Chicago’s segregated shooting sprees

Between the lines: Where it hits hardest

  • There were 215 shootings in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago in the first 7 months of the year — almost 12% of the total number of shootings in the city during the same time period, according to datafrom the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and others.
  • Adam Alonso, the executive director of BUILD Chicago, told Axios that children in neighborhoods like Austin walk out of the house with the belief “they might not make it back home.”
  • The median income in the majority-African-American neighborhood is $20,000 less than the median income for Chicago, and almost a third of the neighborhood’s residents live below the poverty line, according to City-Data.com.

The gun violence problem will get solved once the economic and racial equality problems are solved, said Colleen Daley, executive director of the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence.

A North Dakota city wants to buy AR-15 rifles for its school resource officers

And this is a problem…why? . . .

Police in Bismarck, North Dakota, want to put AR-15 rifles in some schools so school resource officers can respond more quickly in the event of an active shooter.

Police asked for almost $26,000 in their 2019 budget request to buy the rifles, heavy body armor and bleeding control kits for the city’s nine high schools and middle schools, Bismarck Police Chief Dave Draovitch told CNN.

The money will also be used to buy a safe at each school to keep the equipment away from students, teachers and staff.

“The SROs (school resource officers) will be the only ones who have access to this equipment,” he said.

The cost would be split with the school system.

bullet proof walls

This 14-year-old inventor designed a bulletproof wall to protect students during school shootings

Pretty sure this isn’t a new concept . . .

Audrey Larson is a 14-year-old inventor.

For past competitions, she’s created glow-in-the-dark pajamas and a device to pet your dog. But this year, after hearing about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, she felt compelled to focus on a more serious issue.

“It’s really scary to just think about, and that’s kind of what sparked that idea,” Larson said. “Some of my friends were having anxiety about being at school and I don’t think that’s fair to any kid.”

Larson was looking for an idea to enter into competition, and discussions around school shootings among her peers led her to what she says is her own solution to the problem. She invented a foldable bulletproof wall model that can be used to protect students like her in the event of a school shooting.

Preventing Mass Shootings
courtesy washingtontimes.com

Preventing Mass Shootings

Well, yeah . . .

The point is that the “weapon” used to commit mass murder is not the issue. And the solution is not to deny access to rental vans, knives or guns. As four of my co-workers and I huddled on the rooftop after I was shot, we weren’t angrily calling for gun bans or changes in the law. We recognized our attacker was lost. It wasn’t the weapon he chose, it was his mental illness.

New laws like background checks, age restrictions, smaller magazine sizes and elimination of accessories will not prevent mass shootings. The Navy Yard shooter used a shotgun that held four spare shells with one in the chamber. Limiting that number would not have saved my co-workers’ lives, or the lives of those lost at the Gazette.

The most effective way to prevent future mass shootings is to identify the root cause. To arrest those responsible, to prosecute them, and to provide mental illness treatment.

This mass shooting survivor understands the cause was the not the weapon, or the capacity of the magazine, or the rented van. The cause was the mental instability of the shooter. Strengthening our mental health system, reviewing psychotropic drug use, and bolstering community-based support systems is a good start — along with encouraging faith-based initiatives bring spiritual wellness and healing.

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  1. Whoever has Lupe’s Pistol can sell it to the democrat party for $250,000. It’s probably sitting in a Dallas pawn shop.

    • How in the hell do you lose a Beretta 92? I could see if you parked it in a lot full of other 92s, it might be hard to figure out which one is yours, but under normal circumstances you should be able to spot it if it’s within a 2 block radius.

      • Seriously people. She hasn’t “lost” it. She kept it. Then she was called out on it and lied about it, now the lie is backfiring. (They always do eventually..)

        That gun will turn up in a matter of days with a new lie attatched to it…

        • That’s kinda what I’m starting to think. If it made the rounds through a pawn shop, the last known owner was the one who put it there.

      • We know it is not in Illinois because of all the signs here saying it is not welcome. Anyone see if it’s a live in gf for Gary the Glock?

    • “It’s probably sitting in a Dallas pawn shop.”

      If it is, the Dallas cops have only themselves to blame.

      Pawn tickets are picked up regularly by local law enforcement and firearm serial numbers are run through a national database, to hopefully catch the ones reported stolen.

      And it happens. I’ve seen it happen a few times at pawn shops I was at the time…

  2. Kevlar faced drywall has been made and used for years. Not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. Furred over a block-filled CMU wall would be more than sufficient.

  3. Those silly women will just have their guns taken away from them by their rapist. Better just to submit. What we really need to do is put estrogen in the drinking water and the Mountain Dew.

        • “…and make the shrimp suicidal.”

          Not the shrimp that stay in shape by using tiny shrimp treadmills…

        • They don’t put the chemicals in their water that are ‘TURNING THE FREAKING FROGS GAY!!!’

    • Anti gun women totally want to be forced to wear a burqa, regularly raped, told they can’t hang out with men unless they have a chaperon, not allowed to be highly educated, banned from driving, unable to vote, be treated like a piece of property and forced to be an at home mother for the rest of her life. It’s very empowering being completely at the whim of men and the patriarchy. What woman needs a gun when they have a man and the patriarchy? It’s all for the children anyway.

    • Wimmens just can’t hold onto guns.
      Even highly trained wimmen sheriffs lose guns every day…so how can normal wimmen ever stand a chance?

  4. My daughter just graduated last December, none of the young women she knew at school was ever raped; therefore I have a contrictutory study that says the United States is the safest place in the world, and because she has a carry license it is because of guns.

    My study is as valid as theirs!

      • Yeah, I should know better than to post while my wife is talking to me!

        Edit… did it again, dang it!

    • You have one anecdote. that’s not evidence.
      even many anecdotes are not evidence.
      unless they support an anti-gun agenda, then even one instance is all the evidence anybody needs, right?

      • Even more so than suicide rates , which are profoundly affected by misclassification as accident, rape and sexual assault rates are profoundly affected by social stigma. Sweden has a much higher reported rate of sexual assault than any country in the world. But we known a lot (most) of that is due to ease of reporting and breadth of what is considered sexual assault. The US also in relative terms compared to other developed countries encourages and facilitates reporting .

        In terms of other violent crime against women we know the risk factor, and it is not guns in the hands of their assailants — the risk for women being subject to knife, gun, beating violence is dating or being in a relationship wit a partner who has a criminal history. This is also why the entire US elevation of violence against women (and US homicide in general) occurs in minority racial/ethnic cohorts.

  5. NOTHING will change in Chiraq…I sold insurance and burgler/security alarms in some of Chicago’s worst hood’s(Altgeld Gardens,Pullman and Douglas Park)in the 90’s. Ghetto mama’s,gang warfare and welfare is the way of life for generations and I see no change for the better-only worse. Voting D and expecting stuff(like $100 bills from Willie Wilson)only prolongs the pathetic city of Chicago’s violence…

  6. ‘The most effective way to prevent future mass shootings is to…’

    Shoot back.

  7. Perhaps a repeat of October 1871 might clean help to clean up some of Chicago’s problems. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

  8. Say, it looks like black people have been doing most of the shooting in Rahmville.

    C’mon, you lazy white people. What’s wrong with you? You’re making black people look bad. That’s racist!

    You need to get your numbers up! Go out there and gun down somebody already!

    Just one drive-by a week. That’s all I ask.

    • Don’t jump to conclusions, Ralph. Sure, most of the victims in Chicago are black, but we don’t actually know who’s shooting them, because the Chicago PD hasn’t solved a murder case in years.

      • Chicago clears about 75% of homicide cases. it is about 30:1 committed by black males compared to all other cohorts on a per capita basis. The Chicago issue is plea bargaining and light sentencing of criminals committing violent crimes that typically precede most murder perpetration. There are guys who have committed gun crimes including armed assaults who serve under a year and then go onto kill someone.

  9. “She invented a foldable bulletproof wall model that can be used to protect students like her in the event of a school shooting.”

    Now if only someone would invent something you could use to stop a homicidal attacker while taking cover behind the foldable wall…

    • @ JW
      A semi-intermittent projectile firing-auto loading mass shooting arresting device.
      HMMMM I think you’re on to something JW.

  10. A woman’s purse, bad place to keep a gun! Unless you have a wide strap running all the way around your body, keeping the purse tightly against your chest.
    Purses get “laid down”, in the rest room, on the jewelry counter, at the check out stand, and other places. Even if you have it strapped over your shoulder, a thief can grab it and run, or cut the strap with a knife, and away he goes. with YOUR gun!
    There are plenty of good options out there, for concealed carry holsters, look for them.

    • Good luck with your campaign to convince women to stop purse carrying. Once you’ve accomplished that, I’d urge you to tackle world peace or perhaps you could cure cancer. Keep up the good work!

    • Since so many women wear form fitting clothes, an acceptable concealable holster is a hard thing to find unless you carry a mouse gun. (Quite a few carry mousse guns, but that is a different question.) Purses are ubiquitous and complete cover. A purse designed for concealed carry, such as the one I sent my daughter, has a built in holster and a cable sewn into the strap to prevent cutting and to make it nearly impossible to snatch the purse if it is worn cross-body. And according to her, it is stylish as well.

      • There are advantages to purse carry. For one, a woman can carry a mid or full sized pistol that she wouldn’t be able to conceal even if she dressed like she was a founding member of 4 Non Blondes. Second, she can walk out into the dark parking lot with her hand on the pistol without causing a scene. If she’s grabbed from behind it could be difficult getting a hand on a holstered pistol.

        Either way though, no amount of reason and logic will ever convince women to change their wardrobe and ditch the purse carry. Sometimes you just need to accept things that you’re powerless to change.

  11. Chiraq is a Commiecrat success story,as they have had control of their utopia as in forever,just think what the could do for the nation.

  12. “The gun violence problem will get solved once the economic and racial equality problems are solved, said Colleen Daley…”

    And you ‘solve’ racial inequality exactly how?

    • @ Geoff
      Kill all us evil honkeys, if it wern’t for us the world in John Lennon’s song imagine would be a reality. (Sarc)

  13. A late ‘Digest’ update.

    The Florida parking lot shooting tale continues to get stranger.

    Someone set up a ‘GoFundMe’ for Michael Drejka, charged in the shooting.

    GoFundMe *removed* the page and posted this charming statement :

    ” Hello,

    Thank you for your patience.

    Your campaign is in violation of this line from our Terms & Conditions:

    “campaigns deemed by GoFundMe, in its sole discretion, to be in support of, or for the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases;”

    You may use another crowdfunding site for this cause, but it cannot be on GoFundMe.

    We have removed your account. Any donations made to your campaign that have not already been withdrawn have been refunded and will be returned to your donors within 3-7 business days.



    Community Management Team”

    GoFundMe has tried and convicted Michael Drejka of manslaughter in the court of public opinion.

    Drejka cannot afford a legal defense. GoFundMe is denying him a defense.

    An unbelievably despicable act on GoFundMe’s part, as far as I’m concerned…


  14. Best argument ever for carry insurance
    I’m with USCCA
    Pays up front for bail, lawyers’ retainer and expert witnesses if needed
    There are others
    It’s cheap enough that anyone could afford it

    • Sadly not available in NY and since I’m not a full time resident (even though I own a house there) not available to me in Florida either.

  15. They replaced flouride with estrogen in the west coast states a decade or so ago. Many judges are drinking the same brew across the country.

  16. You forgot the place more women put their purses down than any other: the shopping cart.
    I have demonstrated to many women just how easy it is to take a purse while they are looking at something else. Yet, they all say, “Oh, I keep my eye on it.” Even as I was holding the purse, they still said they were watching it.

    • I’ve rarely seen anyone with a purse in a shopping cart where I live. If you are going to carry in your purse or backpack the question is do you already have a habit of putting it down outside of your immediate control. if so than it is a bad idea to carry in it. If not, you have a increased time to deploy the firearm, so in some situations it is less effective, but carrying in a purse or backpack may still be your best option especially in a jurisdiction where printing is an issue (and in some jurisdictions it matters little and in some it matters a lot).

      The intelligent answer is weigh the risks and upside and own side of any carry method. and depending on the person, their habits, the climate, the gun culture in the jurisdiction, etc., and also consider established habits, you will come up with different answers to carry type.

      • My wife straps her purse in the child restraint of the cart, which I have to watch when she is looking at something. No gun in purse just wallet.

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