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“(A)nyone can log on and download the plans to produce (3D) guns. We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period. The fact that the internet makes it easier to get these things makes it all the more necessary to have regulations in place.” – Demonstrator in Opponents of Del Mar Gun Show demand board prohibit 3D-printed guns [via]

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  1. I suppose we should regulate shoelaces as well. They pose a potential danger of tripping and falling! All laces shall become property of the state! Velcro for all!!

    • You think that you’re being soooo smart, but remember that shoelaces can be used to strangle kittens, and can turn a partially-semi-automatic assault weapon into a semi-fully-automatic assault weapon! Without a license! They can choke small children if swallowed accidentally, and are commonly used to commit suicide and murder minorities! Many an innocent has been cruelly slain by tripping over an untied shoelace!
      Oh, you can laugh NOW, but just WAIT until a shoelace comes for you, or someone that you love!

  2. “We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period.”

    Let’s start with 2 of the most dangerous thing of all –

    Knowledge, and ideas…

    • They are already trying to do that with the education system.
      Be a good little drone. The movie Disturbing Behaviour from 1998 kind of plays it out even though there is other mind control stuff going on in it as well. the difference between disturbing behaviour and the modern education system is that the modern education system is pure brainwashing and conditions people to be low wage drones rather than having a functioning and inquisitive mind.

  3. Why do the least informed people try to regulate what they do not understand. 3-D printed guns are not as great a threat as “Zip guns” which are made from common everyday items, and are durable enough to last for more than one (1) shot. Plastic guns can also be made without 3-D printer, you know.

    • Not only do they not understand the things they want to regulate, they insist on continuing in their willful ignorance. You’d think the prospect of making a better argument would generate enough curiosity to do some research, but they have no interest in that.

      • They don’t need anymore information because they already graduated. Their degree qualifies them to talk about anything and pass any law they feel is necessary. They are intelligent, caring and well educated, which is why they are the only ones that should be able to run the world.

    • No, they don’t know.

      They don’t know anything except what they’re told to say, because anybody who so much as seeks to understand guns (even for the purpose of banning them) is toying with forbidden knowledge, and they must be silenced less they spread the evil.

      Like the Canadians burning the whitehouse, the confederate states, and internment camps, all knowledge of guns must be erased, because everyone knows that those that controlling the narrative of history is key to a double plus good society.

      • Umm… Have you seen the result of the California exodus? They are taking over Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Las Vegas, Texas, Arizona… Texas and Arizona are still at the early stages.

        If you kick California out of the union they will have to survive all on their own and the U.S. can stop migration from that area legally. Illegal immigrants won’t be able to affect U.S. politics like they do now.

    • If California seceded from the union, how long would it be before Mexico annexed the state citing prior historical claims?

      California, be careful of what you want. The world is full of unintended consequences.

      • Every thing north of Sonoma CA was originally claimed by the Russians. Russia built Fort Ross to stop the Spanish/Mexico from coming further north and Mexico settled Sonoma to stop Russian expansion further south.

      • Hell they want to be with Mexico at this point with the amount of ass-kissing they do to illegals including giving full citizenship to those who are not even English speakers but illiterate in their own frickin’ language!!

  4. Maybe we should just regulate blind-ass ignorance…make it a felony to make any public statement with any factually incorrect or false information in it. Make it a felony to repeat any such statement made by anyone else. Make it a felony to report for public consumption any such statement in any news media.

    • This is actually a great idea. No 1A infringement. You can say and do those things all you like. There’s just consequences to your (highly detrimental) actions.

      The only problem would be the difficulty in rolling back “the truth is what we say it is.”

  5. I had one of these nuts come walking into my place of business holding a brick. Apparently the brick had fallen into a landscaping feature that is basically a giant pile of rocks. He brought the brick in because he worried somebody would use it as a weapon or throw it through a window.

    I asked if he was planning to gather up the rest of the rocks.


    The zombie hordes walk among us.

  6. The real danger in California is the Mexican Reconquista. The unarmed anglo-smurffs will be quickly dispatched by heavily armed Cartel Sicarios and National Guard units sympathetic to the return of California to Mexico. Non-welcome people will be herded out of the state with only the clothes on their back.
    Coming within a decade or two. Can’t wait to see it happen.

    • Indigenous people from Mexico are very dumb if they continue helping the Spanish speaking Europeans conquer the North American continent. Look what happened to them after they aided and abetted right after the Europeans landed on the continent. They still have that slave mindset, which is why they should remain in their ancestors homeland.

  7. Probably cheaper & easier at this point to put the disclaimer on only the things that *aren’t* dangerous/carcinogenic

    • About twenty years ago, I see a sticker on electronic equipment, something like “Warning, this product contains lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer in pregnant women (who eat radios)”.

      It was then that I realized the people of the state of California had collectively lost their minds, probably from eating too many lead-soldered electronic devices.

  8. Isn’t everything in California already regulated? I mean there are plenty of substances that are only known to cause cancer in California and pretty much nowhere else.

    • Warning, The State of California contains chemicals known to The State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

  9. Opponents of commercial gun sales stand up in opposition to homemade guns…

    So, you don’t want us to buy them, and you don’t want us to make them ourselves, you must not want us to HAVE them, eh? Good luck with that.

  10. “Those who would give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY, to purchase a LITTLE TEMPORARY Safety, DESERVE neither Liberty or Safety”

    “(IF) You make yourselves Sheep, the Wolves will Eat You”

  11. “We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period.”

    In modern history, nothing has proven more dangerous than speech.

  12. Banning stupidity would be cheaper and more efficient than anything else. I say test every one in California for IQ levels, and everyone under, let’s say 110, should be banned out of their misery.

  13. So says people who support a “nanny” state.. I submit that the only things which need to be banned are “law makers” at the state and federal level who push for which are in contradiction to the Constitution For the United States of America.

  14. We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period.

    Oh… Now I get why they “regulated” black people and indigenous people. I guess that explains why most of the people you see protesting against self preservation are older white women who are better off than most people in the world. Period.

  15. Looks like the next American Civil War is still on-course. A fight for our very Freedom’s and Liberty. To prevent communist mob rule and turncoat politicians–unmasked as closet Authoritarians! Coming in the future, to town/city/state near YOU!

  16. California is the short bus of the US. These people must all be retards. Maybe Trump needs to build as fence around it and be done with it. Give to Mexico.

  17. California, where everything not prohibited is mandatory…best selling bumper sticker in all surrounding states, “I don’t care HOW you did it back in California”. 30

  18. Devil take the anti this, that and the other thing crowd..Give their demonstrations all the attention they deserve, none this being something our elected servants or rulers must be made to understand.


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