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Most of us who work in an office, warehouse or factory can’t carry while on the job. Employer policy, dontcha know. Tyler D is one of those, but when he’s off work he packs a Springfield XD(m) 3.8. Does your employer allow you to carry on the job?

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  1. Yes my boss allows me to carry and I do every day. Presently a PPQ-SC
    Not to protect his cash register or any of the employees from a robbery. They know better to give up the money. I wouldn’t do much unless there was a high probability of injury or I had a perfect shot and they all know that.
    Its to protect me.
    Being handicapped I cant fight my way physically out of a paper bag.
    But I know how and when to shoot and know it well.

    • I only carry when I have pants on. And I get to wear my pants to work soooo….yes I carry at work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      95% of the time I only have a little pocket pistol though. I guess Iโ€™m just barely armed….

      • Even a mouse gun would at least give you a much better chance than trying to fight with a fire extinguisher or a pencil! You watch some of those active shooter awareness videos it is crazy.

        • “…than trying to fight with a fire extinguisher or a pencil!”

          John Wick can teach classes on defensive pencil use.

          (Whatever you do, do *not* kill his dog…)

    • With the threat of active shooter and other dangerous lunatics I don’t know how folks feel comfortable and safe going to work unarmed, and even worse when nobody else is armed. If I was in this situation I would conceal carry something small and not tell anyone about it, and if the day comes I would need to use it you can fire me on the spot I would not give a **** at least I would be alive.

    • I thought you were a municipal waste security assessor. Although I may have mistaken you for another handsome fellow who is always testing the lid on my garbage can…

  2. My employer’s at office policy is no weapons. I henceforth put in for the Work At Home program. I now carry my 3.8 XDm on me as I listen to black metal, in jeans and a tee-shirt, and internally chuckle over the stiffs at the office while I work.

    • That’s the way to do it! I’m jealous.

      95% of my work could be done literally anywhere, but there’s no such thing as working at home — let alone being armed at work — when you’re in the higher-ed sector. I do get to listen to death metal in the office, though, so at least I’ve got one of those things going for me.

  3. Hearing about stuff like this always reminds me how grateful I am to work in construction in a small town. Typically weโ€™re never more than 100 feet from our vehicles and several of us have personal firearms in them.

    And to the best of my knowledge none of the companies Iโ€™ve worked for prohibit carrying, although Iโ€™m not sure how one would. Pocket or ankle, thereโ€™s no good way to waistband carry under a set of tool bags (though I did just that for a few months, with my foreman having full knowledge of it, when someone was threatening me)

  4. Well, I am co-owner of the practice therefore I do carry at the office ๐Ÿ˜‰
    No one else at my practice currently carries but for a while we did have a receptionist who carried a G42.

  5. Ahhh hahaha, employer, allowing ARMED employees!? Ahhha Hahaha!!! In my Liberal DemoCRAPic controlled Anti-2nd Amendment $#!thole state !!? Ahahaha!!! That’s just too funny…In my workplace, you so much as use a very small pocket knife ๐Ÿ”ช, or a leatherman pocket tool…An a supervisor, or manager sees it ๐Ÿ‘€…THEY automatically scream YOU have an “illegal assault weapon” on company property! Surrender it to management, or go home–and be FIRED….I Love the overzealous, histrionic, Nazis like power grabs in the workplace….But, I’ve watched a employer provided Active Shooter/Workplace violence video and program…And THEIR like “You have the right to defend YOURSELF! With….F***King YOUR hands, or Environmental weapons like a stapler, pencil, pen, scissors โœ‚, Flip-Flops, etc…I almost cried watching this nonsense…Video was problably filmed by some liberal dip$#!t personnel from the account department, giving silly Lib TARD self-defense tips AGAINST some person with a 9mm or a shotgun! Just plain silly…Since THEIR the one’s promoting Civilian/Employee Disarmament !!! I’m just going to be the one running out the fire door first…Hope you can keep up with me and DON’T let any lead hit you in the @$$ on the way out !!!

  6. Yeah, but can you really ever truly be considered “armed” with an XD…?

    I mean, can you really?

  7. Always don’t ask & don’t tell. I rather be judge by twelve (12) than carry by six (6). I going home every day/ night.

  8. I work in ag. here in wyo. My biggest threat is a 6yr old bull moose. (I watched him grow up.) A loud noise is all ,moosetly speaking, that is needed. He is very much used to my ATV and dogs and likes to play chase the ATV. I hope he never catches me. I don’t think my NAA mini mag would be much more than a noise maker. It Will put down a badger though (my other main threat).

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