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Cuomo Ups Anti In Taking Legal Fight To NRA

Governor Soprano goes to the mattresses . . .

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced Friday that the state will highlight the National Rifle Association’s pledge to spend $1 million to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court in papers related to the state’s motion to dismiss the NRA‘s lawsuit.

The move comes as Cuomo continues to up both its legal wrangling and rhetoric against the gun lobby group. In April, he instructed the state regulators to “urge insurance companies, New York State-chartered banks, and other financial services companies licensed in New York to review any relationships they may have with the NRA.

The NRA responded with a lawsuit against Cuomo and the state alleging that the action was a defacto blacklisting of the organization, and the state’s actions are a threat to “the NRA‘s corporate existence and its advocacy mission.”

3D Printed Gun
courtesy 3D Printing Nerd and

Library axes 3-D printers amid concerns over printing guns

Because ignorant anti-gun hysteria in Floriduh . . .

A Florida county is halting the use of 3-D printers at public libraries amid concerns they could be used to make guns or other dangerous weapons.

Broward County libraries made the decision Monday a week after a man was shot outside a downtown Fort Lauderdale library. The Sun Sentinel reports the printers have been in use at Broward libraries for about four years, but visitors could not use the printers on their own. They had to submit their request and the staff would do the actual printing.

Stacy Abrams Governor Democrat Candidate Georgia

Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Calls for Repeal of Campus Carry, Restrictions on Public Carry

Just like the scorpion with the frog…it’s who she is . . .

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) is calling for a repeal of campus carry and limits plus restrictions on public carry.

Abrams says campus carry needs to be repealed because “no parent should have to worry about guns in their child’s dorm room,” yet at the same time she says she stands for “responsible gun ownership.”

Nevermind that the people legally carrying firearms for self-defense on Georgia campuses are licensed concealed carry permit holders–and permit holders are among the most law-abiding of law-abiding citizens.  They are responsible to say the least. Yet Abrams wants them disarmed while on public campuses.

Vernon Hills Gun 80% Lower Ghost Gun FOID card

Vernon Hills case involving home-built firearms shines a light on ghost guns

The problem here wasn’t building the guns, it was doing it without an Illinois FOID card . . .

Jakub Zak, 19, pleaded guilty Aug. 6 to a reduced gun possession charge after police said the teen was in possession of home-built firearms known as ghost guns. In total, he was in possession of five guns in various stages of completion including some that could be fired, police said.

In a negotiated plea deal, Zak was sentenced to 18 months of probation. Under the terms of the agreement, Zak cannot possess weapons, weapon parts or ammunition. He is also barred from the use of drugs or alcohol and has to complete 100 public service hours.

The condition specifically prohibiting Zak from possessing firearm parts — which is similar to a condition of his bail that required him to relinquish various tools — was included because he built the guns that were seized from his home, according to Vernon Hills Police Chief Patrick Kreis.

Ninth Circuit Circus Gun Control Ruling Microstamping

Ninth Circuit Returns to Form, Upholds Bizarre California Gun Regulation

For the Ninth Circus, diminishing the right to keep and bear arms is a feature, not a bug . . .

Well, we all knew it wouldn’t last. Weeks after two different Ninth Circuit panels surprisingly upheld Second Amendment rights by blocking California’s confiscation of large-capacity magazines and Hawaii’s ban on open carry, the nation’s most progressive circuit returned to form. In a ruling earlier this month, it upheld one of the most bizarre and nonsensical gun regulations in the nation. It did so by essentially ignoring the plain language of Heller and approving a legal regime that will naturally and inevitably lead to diminishing options for citizens who seek to lawfully exercise their constitutional right to self-defense.

Here are the basic facts. California’s Unsafe Handgun Act requires new handguns sold in the state to have three key safety features. First, new guns must have an indicator that shows when a round is loaded in the weapon’s chamber. Second, new guns must have a magazine-detachment mechanism that prevents the gun from discharging when a magazine is not in it. Finally, the third provision “requires new handguns to stamp microscopically the handgun’s make, model, and serial number onto each fired shell casing.”

What’s wrong with this picture:


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  1. Wow. That last one is pretty extreme on the fake news scale. Even for one as fake as Vox. Not surprising though I suppose.

  2. Cuomo should be taken to the mattress with the Bill of Rights shoved up his —! He is the face of FACISM in NY and the Nation! This direct assault on the 2A to all law abiding citizens in this state should be met with immediate recall for actions against the citizens that will result in harm, injury or death. I call for partition for immediate recall of the Governor of NYS.

    • I absolutely second that. Remove him at once. Why should New Yorkers , the NRA , or anyone else have to suffer his Tyranical threats ??

    • Are they short of gas station roofs and meat hooks in NY?

      But I’m sure NY Communists are good friends of Cuomo so the Mussolini parallel may not work.

    • Voters, People of NY….Recall YOUR Governor !!! He is Infringing upon YOUR constitutional rights !!!! And Blantantly attack a Civil Rights Organization !!!!

    • Cuomo isn’t going anywhere, the people of New York love him. If they had an election today, he would easily get 60% of the vote.

      No, the people of NY are just like Cuomo. They hate freedom, they hate market competition. They relish in the fact that they can ban things like Uber and guns. These people are truly sick, they get off to wielding government power in an ever expanding effort to destroy that which they do not see as “right”.

      Frankly, no sane person should ever visit New York. Let all the progressives move there and hopefully they will leave the other states alone.

      • Just a quick correction, the people of NYC love him; the people of upstate hate him. Upstate’s 2 most populous counties, Erie County (containing Buffalo) and Monroe County (containing Rochester) have a combined population of about 1.6 million. The borough of Brooklyn on it’s own has a population of 2.6 million, and NYC has a population of 8.5 million. So we’re a little out manned to get this guy out of office here.

        • Same problem with California: Northern state is very pro-2A, major cities that outnumber the northern counties by population are communists and make all the decisions for everyone else. I completely understand the move towards separating the state. This is also occurring in southern states – progressives are moving to southern cities, increasing the population, and affecting the values of the state when it comes time to vote. The Ninth Curcuit only has power because the people have given those judges power.

      • Stop blaming all of NY. If you look at the past Presidential election map you will see that the majority of NY went for Trump. The problem is NYC and all the upstate college towns. Even Suffolk and Nassau counties went Trump.
        The real problem is NYC. They embrace illegals, give away free stuff and allow public urination to name some of the issues.
        Instead of attacking real problems like drugs and gangs, Cuomo is doing the easy thing, going after the NRA. He is on local TV every night attacking Trump. He is not only interested in getting re-elected this Nov. but he has presidential aspirations. God help us.

        • Same with Illinois where chicago’s population screws the normal people of the state by electing liberals non stop. PA is very conservative except philly and pittsburgh

        • Don’t forget Erie and the Johnstown/ Altoona areas…large union presence up there keep their brainwashed drones voting blue.

      • Unfortunately as they age out and retire they move to Florida. Give it a few years and we will be New York minus the snow. We already are seeing some of the effects of their slowly accumulating numbers.

        • That’s because liberals are the same type of cancer as muslims.

          They hate where they come from, so they relocate and then turn those places into the shitholes they left.

      • Seems like one candidate for GA governor thinks her voters are the same! “Please! The freedom is too intense! Take my freedom away, please!”. I wonder how that is going to work.

  3. So you need a FOID in Vernon Hills to roll yer own? Good to know😄Do ALL white(or white HISS-panic’s) look alike? Asking for a friend…

    • Good old Illinois. One needs a permit or license to do anything in this communist run hellhole. Shame really, if not for the governments it’s not a bad place. Just too many busybodys and tyrants.

    • If I had a son, he’d look like George…
      he does actually look like a couple of my cousins… but then again he looks nothing like many more of my cousins.
      take that however you want.

    • My concern with the VH case is this, reading the article, I’m at a loss for what the probable cause for a warrant is. Ties to a white supremacists group, although despicable, is not grounds for a search. Neither is having an interest in guns. If he said “I’m going to come to the school and do X” that would be one thing, but at least nothing of the sort is reported.

      I’d be very interested in seeing a copy of that warrant.

  4. If you feel all broken-up with the news of corrupt FBI Veteran Pete Strzok getting his sorry ass FIRED by the FBI, there’s a GoFundMe page set up to replace his lost salary.

    Oh, fudge. I forgot the URL…

    *sobbing* 🙁

    (He’s halfway to his $150,000 ‘goal’)

      • It works in a double meaning kind of way. Although it looks like Brian managed to pester them into correcting it. Somehow I think the original spelling was more truthful. Interesting comment from the editor, though:

        I am the editor and I take full responsibility for the error. Just fixed it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

        So, my take away is: point out a spelling error, editor takes full responsibility. Point out an egregious error due to ideological norms, get nothing but crickets.

  5. Being interested in guns and wearing clothing that might suggest an association with a political group are not illegal. Those facts don’t suggest the right to get a search warrant.

    • Article is silly. Says a guy who has a felony record of assaults and is prohibited nonetheless carries a gun daily and threatens people with it. We know that is just not possible, right? sarc/

  6. Please stop calling us Floriduh. Back in the day we plowed the row for shall issue CCW. Before that I read a memo put out by FHP (the mid 80s) outlining legal carry of handguns in motor vehicles.It instructed the troopers that if there was any doubt as to the legality of the way the weapon was being carried it was to be resolved in favor of the motorist. We passed “Stand Your Ground” then ammend it to put the proof of burden on the prosecutor, not the citizen. All of this is now under attack. Mostly from non-native Floridians. Speaking as a 5th generation Florida Cracker (my family homesteaded here) I wish those damn yankees would go home and take Disney World with them. The only reason more of them aren’t bitten in the surf is that our sharks can’t stand the taste of a yankee. The only reason they bite the ones they do is because they’re pissed at them. If there were a bounty on yankees I would be a rich man by sundown tomorrow. Really, go home, please. And take your politics with you!

    • If i could afford it…I’d move down there and renounce my Yankee citizenship… To partake in my second amendment constitutional rights. Which I don’t have here up here in the north! If I had those kind of finances*( Like Strzok FBI salary GoFundMe page.)* I’d pledge myself to protecting the Second Amendment in that state that I reside in ! Keeping Free-States FREE !!! [P.S. : East Coast sharks are in New England for the Liberal Democrat buffet ! Only if we could get the DemoCommie Politcians to go swimming with a pork Chop around their neck !? 😔]

      • Get a Randall #1 (Florida made). Cut ’em up a little bit and throw them in the water. If they swim back to shore just push them back out again. The sharks will find them. Oh! A cooler with a few brews a a hot grill and a couple of ribeyes fills in the down time.

      • If everyone 2A used and donated to The Second Amendment Foundation like I do, I think it would help immensely.

    • Such a shame. Florida, a once great state as you described, will soon be overrun. The anti-gun wave is already moving in and with it will come the tax and spend progressives.

      I give Florida a decade before it is indistinguishable from Baltimore Maryland. Filled with illegals, of the human and gun variety, while good citizens are squashed under the regulations of big government.

      • Just goes to show, to all the “run and hide” gun owners who shrug off people who live in anti-gun states and say “just move”, moving is a temporary fix at best. And as we can see from Cuomo, they are getting good at spreading their anti-gun tentacles into pro-gun states now as well.

    • I blame Disney for the demise of Florida. Too many people discovered Florida. Prior to Disney old Florida was mostly retired folks living in St. Petersburg. There was no Orlando or Clearwater as we know them now.
      Miami was always a problem because of Cuba. Key West was actually affordable, now you need a million just buy a crappy house.
      A large portion of my family has been living in Florida since the fifties and I am lucky to also own a house in Central Florida. Unfortunately until I retire I am stuck in NY.
      Florida now has a population greater than NY. I’m afraid it will become the next California.

    • I have a lot of respect for FL back in the day. I was overseas when FL passed “shall issue” in ’87, and heard all about it, and about the screeching predictions of two-gun cowboy rigs, gunfights every day over parking spots or road rage, blood running in the streets. My kid brother lived in FL the whole time, knew nothing about it, I had to fill him in 20 years later. All the predictions failed to materialize, but have been repeated, *verbatim*, for every state considering CC since. But it was FL which led the way.

  7. One other thing. yankee is spelled with a lower case “y.” It is also considered proper form to spit, urinate, or deficate after uttering the noun. Excuse me. I need to visit the bathroom.

      • Refer to earlier post. Besides, I thought “damn” and “yankee” was understood. Where did you grow up anyway?

        • “I thought “damn” and “yankee” was understood.”

          It’s a bit more nuanced –

          A ‘Yankee’ is any northerner that lives and stays up north.

          A “Damn Yankee” is any northerner visiting or living ‘down south’.

          How much a Yankee is depends entirely an how physically far away from the south they are from the proper southerners (God’ own chosen people)…

  8. I will not Enter Lyman’s Sweepstakes because they use Fartbook!!
    When will people & companies stop using these UN-American companies……..

    • Sadly, I must agree. . . As no alternative to FaceBook or Twitter is offered, or so I read it, I’ll pass.

      No firearms or firearms-related company should insist that people wishing to do business with them, including to the extent of entering a sweepstakes in exchange for signing up for a newsletter, lower themselves by agreeing to use FaceBook or Twitter.

      We don’t WANT to provide aid and comfort to The Enemy. Why do you?

      Those entities are not merely saying to people like us, ‘We hate you, and you SUCK!’, it’s more like ‘We hate you and everything you stand for, and we want you DEAD!’

      No thanks, Lyman. No thanks, Savage. If you want to talk to me, try setting up a simple webpage, with no FaceBook or Twitter strings attached, and I’ll think about it.

  9. I will say it because nobody else will. Stacey Abrams is a traitor. She continues in the foot steps of other black “leaders” in the 1960s who eschewed black gun ownership to get the white Liberal $$$ money donations. She will make sure law abiding blacks are disarmed because its easier to disarm them first. And that is the goal of the white Liberals and the Left.

    If anyone has any questions I suggest they read Nicholas Johnson’s book Negroes and the gun the black tradition of arms. Or you can read Deacons for Defense and Justice armed resistance and the Civil Rights Movement by Lance Hill. Both books will teach you things that the white liberals left out of the history books you read in high school.

  10. Voted out? Should never have been voted in. Visited N.Y. several times. Upstate and NYC. Upstate is beautiful. Shot a really nice whitetail up there. Mostly good people. Farmers. Problem is NYC dictates politics for the state. Just like Chicago does to Illinois. When I referred to yankees earlier I didn’t mean the country folks. Not to stereotype, but you guys from NYC, Boston, ANY city in NJ (sorry, but you’re the worst), Baltimore, D.C. (there should be a high fence around that place.) Keep the asswipes out and the politicians in. Wait! Maybe they’re the same guys! Anyway, please, please, please do not move to Florida. Natives don’t want you and we don’t like you and, no matter how long you live here, you’ll never be one of us.

  11. Technically, California’s microstamping law applies only to semiautomatic pistols, not revolvers. We are moving backwards on the weapons tech scale; when the pistols are gone we will only have revolvers and rifles. When the black rifles are gone and ammo is scarce, we will have to fall back on cap and ball. Swords are still legal (except in LA where you cannot carry a straight blade knife although it is legal under state law) and bows and arrows are still legal. If Gavin has his way, that is all there will be to buy.

  12. I think it was self defense, look at the sizes, the Hulk vs Ant man, when Hulk hit Ant man he flew at least five feet, banged his head and saw the Hulk advancing!
    We do not know what was said between the woman illegal parking driver and Ant Man, what ever she says now will be in protection of main squeeze reputation since he has expired and parking justification!
    Non Handicap people parking in a Handicap parking spot is a sore spot with me also!

    • AntMan should claim brain damage from the fall caused him to pull the trigger.
      Or a muscle spasm in his trigger finger.
      The Hulk shouldn’t have blindsided the Ant, that’s cheating.

    • The fact that there were several available spaces strongly suggests that parking in handicapped spaces is so habitual that the driver didn’t even notice that there were available non-restricted spaces.

  13. “…the National Rifle Association’s pledge to spend $1 million to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court…”

    Every comment by the NRA or “pro” gun folks about this needs to include the spending by Bloomie, that other billionaire, and a calculation of the value of activism by govt agencies and functionaries calculated as in-kind contributions.

    I noted some weeks ago that the NRA was behaving cluefully off-type. They’ve since reverted to form. Sigh.


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