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3D-printed guns are illegal in Mass., Healey says

The Massachusetts AG is making up her own gun control laws…again . . .

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and other top state law enforcement officials emphasized Thursday that 3D-printing of guns is illegal and poses a serious public safety risk.

The officials issued a public safety notice to remind residents that “the creation, transfer, or possession of a weapon made with a 3D printer can subject an individual to serious criminal or civil liability under Massachusetts law.”

The notice comes after Healey and other state attorneys general won a temporary injunction from a federal judge in Seattle last week blocking the Trump administration from allowing the plans for the 3D-printed weapons to be posted online starting Aug. 1.

‘Undetectable’ plastic 3-D printed guns have been detected by TSA airport screeners

Strange that all of this is coming out now that the useless restraining order against Defense Distributed is in place . . .

But TSA officials say 3-D-printed guns and firearm components have been in circulation for years and have been found on passengers trying to board commercial flights.

Since August 2016, the TSA has detected two 3-D-printed guns and two 3-D-printed firearm components, all of which were voluntarily abandoned by the passengers who were packing them in their carry-on bags, TSA spokesman Michael Bilello said.

The most recent component was discovered in January at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

“TSA officers are trained and on the lookout for 3-D guns,” he said. “We have proven detection capabilities and screening protocols in place.”

Moms Demand Action Gun Safety Political Office
courtesy and AP

Gun safety advocates set their sights on elected office

“Gun safety.” Yeah, that’s what they’re working for . . .

More than a thousand volunteer leaders from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America gathered Friday at an Atlanta hotel for a two-day conference called Gun Sense University. The kickoff event included big-name supporters, like actress Julianne Moore and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as survivors of gun violence.

A common refrain Friday was a push to run for office. A “Running for Office 101” training session on Friday drew nearly four dozen people.

AK-47 Assault Rifle Manufacturer Kalashnikov Has Made a Bike for Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Escort

Huh. No rifle scabbard . . .

The motorcycle, which is called Kortezh, gets a part retro, part modern look. The all-black body panels have a sleek and clean look to them. It’s the kind of bike one would imagine with Putin’s tough guy appeal. Interestingly, the bike will be branded by Izh, which is owned by Kalashnikov. Yes, the makers of the infamous AK-47 assault rifle.

Shively store owner robbed shot parking lot

Shively store owner shot in front of business, suspect at large

It should have been a defensive gun use . . .

Shively Police are investigating after a store owner was shot and robbed outside of her business.

It happened Thursday night just before 11 p.m. at Convenience Plus on Crums Lane. Police say an armed man approached the woman right after she locked up the store.

Surveillance video shows the suspect shooting the woman before getting away with her purse.

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  1. I normally hate motorcycles, but I’ll gladly make an exception for that Russian beauty! Now if only they made a matching car…

    • To me it has too much crap over the important bits. I like to see the engine and be able to work on it without having to remove panels. Hmmm that may explain my fascination with rat rods….

  2. Shively is a cesspool full of section 8 housing. If you come to Louisville, avoid that area and especially at night. In fact, avoid Louisville all together. Consider Bardstown if you like bourbon and small towns, Lexington if horses are your thing.

    My girlfriend gets to do just about all her clinicals in Shively as free medical care is about all they can afford and they don’t actively seek it out until there is a serious problem. She packs her piece and carpools at night.

    • Still in Louisville. I used to maintain and repair abandoned/foreclosed properties. Shively is not the worst area, but its sure not great.
      Mostly like any other place – dont gangbang and deal drugs, then youre fine. Basically, stay out of the west side.
      On another note; open carry in the city is one hell of an excercise in situational awareness.

      • I AM a bit surprised this story made TTAG. It is pretty much par for the course around here, at least for shady areas at night. SHBADGU.

  3. X-ray machines used at airports are actually more complex than what is shown on the pic above. The operator can change the display and different colors show whether an object is “organic” or not.

  4. It’s difficult to imagine most of those MDA gals being moms.
    The fathers must have been brown bagging it during conception, or cockeyed drunk.

    • feminist glass- check
      no bra- check
      “survivor” pin- check
      dumpy cardigan- check
      “all sex is rape” grimace- check

      The truth is that their “children” are either kids they’re indoctrinating at school, or a dozen cats.

  5. I was just going to keep hosting the files on my FTP site, but with Healey opening her stupid mouth again, now I think I’m going to make a dedicated page for it and get a printer.

  6. You can see nerf guns on an xray, so guess what other quasi-plastic firearms you can see? But lets say you can’t. Plastic ammunition ain’t a thing yet.

  7. Healey is not exactly telling the truth here. There is nothing against making your own firearm for your own personal use as long as you have a ltc in mass and it doesn’t run afoul of the Mass AWB. I suppose if its a handgun and it’s not on the approved roster then it would be illegal. Then you register it (if you want to). There’s nothing undetectable about 3d printed guns. Every so often this bitch opens her shithole to spew out some nonsense for the libs in Mass who keep voting for her. Mass is full of retards.

  8. I must apologize for the AG. of my state to all the free U.S. citizens that live in “Free-States” that have 2nd Amendment rights…Unlike folks here in this MassHole Police-State….This woman, and any top Law Enforcement agent should be in prison for constitutional infringements and attempting to criminalize M–Assachusetts Residents…This woman is a vile Authoritarian…Enabled by *(R)*=RINO, MassHole Governor. Charlie “The Barker ” Baker….Who is NO supporter of the 2nd Amendment–or any other part of the Bill of Rights…He was on FM 107.3 WAAF back in the spring….He was crowing about how “bump stocks” caused crime, and No resident should own one….And How good Massachusetts Draconian Gun Laws *(Police Privilege based permit system.)* are because NO resident/U.S. citizen can easily purchase one without going through large amount of ” arbitrary and capricious bureaucracy”…Just remember that Governor’s name….He was listed as top most popular governor….I beg to differ…Spread it around in other states…DON’T let this RINO or any of his other cohorts infect other “Free-States.”

  9. I can’t really see myself riding a bike like that personally, but it would definitely make for an extremely impressive motorcade escort.

  10. “TSA officers are trained and on the lookout for 3-D guns”

    Ummmm, all guns are 3D, except the ones you shoot in Contra. It seems that this is another firearms misnomer in the making; I’ve been seeing it more and more online. The word he’s looking for is “plastic” gun.

  11. Who wants to step up, 3D print and AR lower, and sue Maura Healey?
    We have organizations to back up. Just need someone in the local to sue her.
    Contact to get her. Forget NRA, they are not interested. No money in it for them.
    Donate to SAF and FCP who won us all these recent fights.

  12. Attorney general for the state of Massachusetts Maura Healey, a proud gay woman, is using the exact law that the libertarian William weld signed many years ago giving Massachusetts the only assault weapons ban at a state level in the country.

    The Libertarians are very quiet about this history. They only want to talk about Trumps anti gun statements from long ago.

    Not Reason magazine or any Libertarian news group has asked Weld or even Gary Johnson, about the current AG, using the Weld signed law.

    After the Pulse Nightclub Massacre Maura Healey traveled to Florida to attend a ceremony for the victims of the mass murder there. And she said as a proud gay woman that she would do something to prevent this from happening again. Well that seems to make sure that law-abiding gay people can’t have a gun to defend themselves. But she as attorney-general does have her own government security Force armed and paid for by the taxpayers.


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