weymouth police officer shot Michael Chesna
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Police officer, bystander shot, killed in Weymouth; suspect in custody

Suspect disarmed and murdered a police officer and an innocent woman . . .

Authorities say Weymouth police received a call around 7:30 a.m. about an erratic driver in the area of South Shore Hospital. The driver was involved in a single-car accident and was seen leaving the car on foot.

Officers began searching for the suspect when Officer Michael Chesna, 42, located the suspect, identified as Emanuel Lopes, 20, in the area of Burton Terrace vandalizing a home.

Authorities say Chesna got out of his cruiser, drew his firearm and told Lopes to stop when Lopes attacked Chesna with a large stone, striking him in the head. Chesna fell to the ground and Lopes took Chesna’s gun and opened fire, hitting Chesna several times in his head and chest.

Chesna was taken to South Shore Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.


Chicago protest Cops Police Shooting

Protest after Chicago cops fatally shoot armed man leads to 4 arrests, police say

It’s pretty much The Purge in Chicago every weekend these days . . .

Chicago police fatally shot an armed man Saturday evening, igniting a protest near the scene in the city’s South Shore neighborhood that led to four arrests, officials said.

Officers on foot tried to question the man when the confrontation developed and he was shot, Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

Police said the man had been “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person.”

They later determined that the man was carrying a semiautomatic weapon for which he did not have a concealed carry permit, and also possessed magazines of ammunition, Chicago Police Patrol Chief Fred Waller told reporters.

Wayne County Gun Buyback Art

Guns turned in at buy back become art

Apparently people are still doing this for some reason . . .

The sheriff’s office said 126 guns were turned compared to 498 guns turned last year.

Through the Caliber Collection and Foundation, portions of the weapons and case shelling collected from crime scenes are melted down and molded into jewelry and other forms of artwork. The buybacks are funded with proceeds from sales of the Caliber Collection, said founder Jessica Mindich.

“We started out as jewelry for a cause and it grew to a fight for progress and change,” said Mindich, former lawyer and jewelry designer. “Caliber began as an innovative line of jewelry made from guns taken off the streets of Newark and four years later, we’re focusing on America’s hardest hit cities.”

courtesy nj.com and youtube.com

Public university had no evidence to judge student guilty of gun possession, court rules

It’s good to know that due process applies to college students, too . . .

Due process in campus adjudications isn’t just important for sexual-misconduct cases. It also affects other disciplinary matters – and judges aren’t happy when they see it glaringly absent from proceedings.

A New York appeals court ordered the State University of New York-Buffalo to expunge “all references” to its proceeding against a student from his record, and blasted the school for its “cavalier attitude” toward his due process.

Zach Greenberg of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education summarizes and provides exhibits from the litigation in a blog post this week.

Police questioned undergraduate student Tyrone Hill about his involvement in an incident with a fellow football teammate, Zachary Lefebvre, who was driving both of them home. A police report said the driver got out of the truck and pointed a gun at a group of other football players who were taunting him.

Civil rights and the right to self-defense go hand-in-hand

Huh…we’ve been saying this for the last eight-plus years . . .

Few civil rights leaders confronted Jim Crow more effectively before the rise of Martin Luther King Jr. than T.R.M. Howard (1908-1976). His commanding presence and impressive achievements made him hard to ignore. A respected surgeon, Howard was one of the wealthiest African Americans in Mississippi and headed a successful mass movement for equality under the law.

From the beginning, armed self-defense was as an essential component of the struggle.

Guns were always a key feature of Howard’s life ever since his impoverished childhood in rural Kentucky. Every Sunday his mother gave him a quarter to buy four gun shells. Her instructions were to return with either two rabbits or two squirrels, or one of each, for the dinner table. But the Howard family understood that guns were not just for getting food. They would have agreed with anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells who, in the 1890s, after blacks in nearby Paducah used guns to drive off attackers, advised that “a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give.”

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    • Boo hoo. A armed enforcer of the state goes down. A member of the biggest gang around. The mafia in blue. Fuck him. He knew what he was getting into. No tears shed. Go worship authority elsewhere bootlicker.


      • If you hate the police so much, there are places you can live where they have very little influence. The inner cities of America’s democrat run large cities are these places. The police there are spread so thin, and so preoccupied, they have very little ability to really enforce the law. These places are the anarchist utopia you seek. I suggest you move there from your oppressive suburb, and live the rest of your life in the true freedom and utopia of Da Hood, and report back how amazing your life has become.

        • MDC… it’s the same argument we fight against, are there bad cops? Sure… are they a majority, more than likely no (my opinion there, not quoting any facts, just from personal life experience). So do we judge the majority by the minority?

          I’m grateful for police and if I ever need them, I’ll be even more grateful… But you do you.

        • So the “majority” of cops not being bad is an indicator of things just being peachy-keen?
          You’re OK with 49% of cops being bad?
          That’s a pretty damn low bar.

        • The ‘hood is too civilized. He needs to go join a pirate band in the Horn of Africa where he can regale in the anarchy of an ungoverned area right up until the point where a Pirate King decides he doesn’t like the way MDC looked at his 12 year concubine.

        • Or maybe up until the moment the Pirate King prefers MDC to his 12 year old concubine….

        • D2

          That’s not what I meant, if 1% of cops were bad I would still want to work toward positive change to fix that. I was responding to the F em all attitude and judging the majority by the minority (and let’s be honest, it’s not 49.9 % bad). I think overall having police is a good thing, that doesn’t make me a bootlicker, and it doesn’t mean I’m blind to the bad parts. It does mean when one passes away in the line of duty I am respectful of that.

          I’m not sure if your straw man was genuine or just trollish… I have trouble reading nuances so I’ll assume you were genuine. And if you genuinely believe that if I respect the police that makes me a bootlicker… well, My mom says that means we can’t be friends 🙂

        • How is a democrat stronghold an anarchist utopia? You can’t even carry a gun without the police messing with you. Alaska is probably the state closest to an “anarchist utopia.”

        • Nah, he’d love being the Kings butt boy.

          CZ: if you can’t carry a gun in the ghetto how do all those homeboys get dead? The inner city is essentially an ungoverned area controlled by gangs. The veneer of government is just that. The gangs govern their domain not the “officials”

        • ‘liljoe, I don’t pretend to feel sad for a man I personally didn’t know that died doing a job he knew could get him killed one day. That’s life. His death doesn’t earn respect from me because I have no clue what kind of cop he was prior to his demise. However, the way he died will not be forgotten. If I see some Antifa member throwing huge rocks at people, I will remember Chesna.

          tdiinva, have you seen the stories of the Mexican areas that kicked out corrupt cops and brought in their community militia to replace them?

        • I’m telling you from experience, from having lived in Da Hood, and other “free states”, da hood is an anarchists wet dream. Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean “you can’t.” You can pretty much do whatever you want in those areas and it’s easy to get away with it, regardless of what the law says, because police don’t have he time or the resources to do anything other than respond to ongoing crimes. Now, that “freedom”, comes at a price. Because gangs and criminals fill in the vacuum left by the police. They keep carrying there guns, and pretty much are only subject to catch and release if they get caught. Now, if you anarchists want to put your money where your mouth is, and think that’s a fine and dandy way to live, then go “live that life.” But don’t be calling the police when someone’s holding a gun to your kids head as they ransack your house or place of buisness.

        • CZ: Yes, and did you see the follow up that many of those Militias end up just as corrupt as the cops.

          Arw you suggesting tge gangs are the good guys?

    • Kansas City, MO 7 15 18
      Hoodrat suspected of recent murder of student from India, shoots three officers. They are expected to survive. Other than that, their condition is unknown. Hoodrat shot and killed. At least there’s that.

    • Thug assassinates police officer – collective yawn by society. Police officer kills armed thug – the ‘community’ raises hell. Welcome to the new normal in America 2.0.

  1. Well they released a po-leece video of the dead thug in Chiraq today. In record time too. Clearly he had a gat he was “Mexican” carrying. I rarely give Chicago’s finest a pass but it’s there and easy to see. Dindu done…oh and I’ve been to 71st & Jeffrey. Could have died there…I’m all for black folks carrying.

    • And like the National Association For the Advancement of Crazy People it went quickly downhill and started doing the exact opposite of its mission.

      • You know, I’m starting to believe your an anti gun shill, designed to sow seeds of dissent within the gun rights movement, to undermine its most powerful asset. You don’t ever really comment, until someone says something positive about the NRA. Then you pop out of nowhere and hop on the bash train.

        • I would think that Nanashi, being Japanese and all, would support gun ownership – what with Koramatsu and such.

        • The thing is, he’s not really wrong. The NRA all too often behaves like any other greedy corporation. Worse, they prey on dumb luddites for membership fees and donations.

        • If Wayne LaPierre is the gun rights movement’s “most powerful asset” we are well and truely fucked.

        • A clever one though. Georgie likely pays by the post with a bonus for longevity and annoyance.

          Don’t judge the heritage by the nom de plume. Could be as Japanese as Shannon.

        • “NRA big evil greedy corporation”

          Spoken like a true Bernie bro. Guess I should stop eating at chick fil la too huh?

        • “NRA big evil greedy corporation”

          Spoken like a true Bernie bro. Guess I should stop eating at chick fil la too huh?

        • Nah, if I pay them to do their job, get me food, they get me food (Hell, last time I didn’t even have to pay because I spent a minute making a cheap “cow” costume and qualified for a free entree.). If I pay the NRA to protect my rights, they do the exact opposite.

        • The NRA doesn’t represent me. Therefore I don’t represent them. When they fix their org I will reconsider.

      • You really don’t like the NRA, so you should start your own gun rights group. Or maybe push GOA harder on these pages, but perhaps you don’t like them either? You seem to have a near obsession with the NRA, who ultimately represent a very small portion of gun owners (respectively) and have no real power other than being to tell their members how to vote.

    • And now is sucking up all the pro-gun donations without helping those organizations who are doing the actual filing lawsuits to protect our 2nd amendment rights! Gun Owners of America, Firearm Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of California. California is the worst offender, with one infringement after another, without NRA money, how can we fight their immense advantage of unlimited tax dollars to support their gun control agenda?

      • As soon as the NRA is able to magically produce several million pro-gun voters out of thin air and is able to magically remove the current judges on the 9th circuit and replace them with conservatives, their money would be going to waste.

        I understand people are upset, but the NRA isn’t a panacea for the creeping darkness of socialism and totalitarianism spreading over California.

        • How do you imagine circuit court appointments work? You do realize that’s not something we get to vote on, right?

          The NRA helped get Trump elected, which means that federal judges at all levels are being appointed who are much more gun-friendly than would have been appointed otherwise. However, absent impeachment, retirement, or death, those currently on the federal bench are there to stay.

  2. Last month it was Sean Gannon here in Yarmouth MA, where I live. Today another career criminal murders another officer in Weymouth, just south of Boston. The judicial system certainly deserves the lions share of the blame, but at the end of the there just aren’t enough prisons.

    • There are enough bullets though. These Muts comprise less than 20% of the population and do more than 80% of the crime. When are we going to wake up and acknowledge that simple truth?

      • Acknowledgement would mean that something would need to be done, that something would offend certain people and a political party.

  3. Protest after Chicago cops fatally shoot armed man leads to 4 arrests, police say.
    Geee….at first I thought the picture was taken in Africa.
    Chicongo is already pretty third world.

    • there you go. worst reward possible. some would say just desserts but there will always be butt hurt leo haters. i’ll stick my neck out and speculate that the individuals here with popo issues have regretful pasts. any penalties i received for my transgressions were deserved. too bad some have an aversion to being kept in line. you won’t go far, “it will follow you.” (eno).
      utilize restraint and de- escalate with the increased risk of being snuffed. that’s modern policing. what’s tougher than dealing with violent liars?

      always so many variables and layers. i’d sooner armchair quarterback female motivation.

  4. I will now be using Officer Chesna’s horrific death as a data point against those worthless terrorist apologists who say “they only had rocks, it doesn’t justify responding with tanks and snipers!”

    An aggressor with a rock has an incredibly effective lethal weapon and warrants a lethal response.

    • Depends on circumstance.

      Some dude throwing huge rocks at a cop’s unprotected head? Shooting is a possibility.

      Some kids throwing small rocks at a tank with soldiers inside? That’s very rhetorical.

      By the way, the rock didn’t kill him the gun did.

      • The rock allowed him to stun the officer long enough to get the gun. A heavy wooden stick would do the same thing.

        Tanks always have soldiers on foot patrol around them. A rock can easily kill or cripple them.

    • I had to explain to the jr enlisted in the guard towers that when children throw rocks at you just duck. Throwing rocks back at them may seem like a proportional force, but the perceptions among the locals of a US soldier hurting a kid are not worth it. Now if an adult (or kid big enough to be an adult) comes at you with a large rock, all bets are off.

  5. As a very successful business man T.R.M. Howard could afford to buy a Thompson Sub Machine Gun. But most people can’t afford to do that. So the Bump Stock was invented for those with less money. But the “gun community” has never supported this less expensive alternative, for poor people.

    I wonder if the continued success of the Bump Stock would have eventually forced the value of real machine guns to fall. Gun owners with a real machine gun would not be happy.

    Over a century ago the state of Tennessee past laws making guns more expensive to prevent blacks from being able to buy a gun.

    Keepng firearms as expensive as possible has always been a form of gun control. Gun owners with lots of money will never buy a HI Point. But its budget guns that the ordinary citizen purchased, that has kept them safe and free.

  6. Police said the man had been exhibiting characteristics of an armed person.

    Um, as much as I’d love to jump on the bandwagon and say that all those rioters should be rounded up and sent to prison, they do have a point. I mean, they hijacked the protest to cause mayhem and destruction, but at the heart of it, why should someone being armed illicit a violent response from police? From what I gathered, he wasn’t doing anything. Seriously, he was just walking along, probably guilty of printing. I’m guilty of printing whenever I carry as well. Granted, I could care less about some thug getting blown away and a few more getting tossed in prison, but it’s the reasoning behind it that I object to.

    • /agree

      He does move his hand towards the gun as he’s starting to dash away, which may have been to cover it, may have been to draw…who knows?

      But none of it needed to happen if all the report was “he appears to have a gun.” That is not in and of itself illegal. If there were other variables present, perhaps stopping was prudent. But not as currently presented.

      • I heard something about him selling individual cigarettes and strange bulge that appeared to be a weapon. They walked up to him once they had enough cops and tried to frisk him.

        I don’t know what the truth is. The protesters are making up all kind of things. Cops are liars too.

    • Being armed did not elicit a violent response. Fleeing while appearing to draw said concealed weapon did. No, we will never know his intended action. Was he attempting to cover his weapon with his shirt? Doesn’t matter, since the officer will be judged based on what was objectively reasonable at the time.

      Sad to see another officer killed. Looks like the Furgeson Effect to me. Officer spends a precious moment wondering ‘Will I be fired for shooting this man?’

  7. “Authorities say Chesna got out of his cruiser, drew his firearm and told Lopes to stop when Lopes attacked Chesna with a large stone, striking him in the head. Chesna fell to the ground and Lopes took Chesna’s gun and opened fire, hitting Chesna several times in his head and chest…”

    – if someone advanced on you while you are holding them at gunpoint, you better figure out what you’re going to do… quick. If someone is advancing with a rock or other weapon in their hand it should be a real easy choice. That said, it doesn’t mean the race-baiting media and a politically-inclined DA (like F’in Jeanine Pirro in her day as a DA) won’t decide that the suspect had a right to beat your brains in because reasons.

    Also of note is that after he murdered the officer someone managed to shoot him in the leg. Problem solved, right? No, he RAN through the neighborhood shooting wildly and that’s how he killed the bystander. Think the media will pick up on that being why you don’t ‘shoot him in the leg’? Nah.

    • “Attacked” doesn’t tell us much. Did he use the rock as a bludgeon? Throw it? Did the officer maybe shoot and miss? Maybe the officer shot the guy in the leg to no effect?

  8. “They would have agreed with anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells who, in the 1890s, after blacks in nearby Paducah used guns to drive off attackers, advised that “a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give.””

    When can we get Ms. Wells on the currency? I was promised a colt-packing Harriot Tubman on the 20 by the end of the decade.

  9. I heard the Chicago guy who was carrying concealed did have a permit to carry. The cops stopped and frisked him (one of Trump’s favorite tactics). Then it all went down hill.

    • there’s a video. he fought against 2 or 3 cops trying to frisk him, then ran behind a car while obviously trying to draw his gun from his holster. he got jammed up trying to break open the retention.

      The average person doesn’t fight multiple cops and then try to draw a gun on them. something was going on.

        • You think Hillary would have been there?
          I think maybe you haven’t studied your history very well.
          Some cities (mostly, they were governed by Democrats) had (indeed, some still have) a policy of “stop and frisk.” You may have heard about this in NYC.
          Trump had nothing to do with these policies.

  10. I’m not sure the police are telling the whole truth about the “buyback” in Detroit. I was there. It was very slow. And some of us did rescue a few decent guns from destruction. We passed on a few beat up old shotguns held together with tape, though. Also. at least a few of the guns turned in for destruction were our own old junkers our side had ruled not-worth-repairing. And an old pellet rifle.
    As for the 498 last year? That event at this location was cancelled at the last minute. Unless they had a couple during the year, and I’m forgetting all except the one that was cancelled.

  11. Jessica Mindich and the whole CALIBER COLLECTION reek of influence and corruption.

    Corey Booker is heavily involved and there was a lawsuit that she settled over her stealing the ideas for the whole concept.

  12. Sorry , These people in Chicago once again reacted without knowing the whole truth in that situation . Do the Police who PROTECT and SERVE everyone get an apology from the crowd when they saw the evidence that the THUG had an illegal gun drawn on the Police Officer who feared not only for his life and the others around the area ?

  13. While terrible at the loss of life of the Weymouth Mass police officer. Unfortunately, There are indeed some closet statists and LEO hero worshippers here on TTAG. Especially those that didn’t read the full story. That an Innocent Elderly resident also lost her life as this MS13 gang member/illegal alien/Latino gang member continued to return fire with the P/O’s pistol at other police. With multiple shots passing into this woman’s home killing her in her living room!
    So let’s not forget the innocent civilian victim…In a state that most often denies, obstructs, interferes, restricts, infringes, etc…A MA residents lawful 2nd amendment constitutional rights through draconian control by its local/city/state police…

  14. I wish I could bring myself to care about Chicago’s crime ridden city, other than the pity I feel for the family of the deceased LEO.


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