NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino: Gun Buybacks Are Feelgood Security Theater

I get the feeling that the general public is beginning to see that government-sponsored “gun buybacks” are a sham. For one thing, there is no demonstrable, appreciable link between paying taxpayer (or donated) money for crappy-ass guns and a reduction in “gun violence.” No wonder New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino is feeling the heat. […]

It’s Time for the Madness to End. The Gun Buy-Back Madness

There is no conclusive evidence that gun buy-back programs do ANYTHING to reduce violent crime. As TTAG has pointed out on many occasions—and will continue to to do so (for example, here)—these programs simply increases the existing market for improperly registered firearms. I don’t know how much an illegal gun costs in Jackson, Mississippi, but Councilman Stokes […]

South Carolina Church Sponsors Gun Buy-Back

Is it me or does this seem like a really bad idea? I mean, sure, removing illegal or broken ass guns from a community is a good thing. But if you reward people for turning them in—as opposed to punishing them or offering them amnesty—common sense suggests you’re going to INCREASE the number of illegal […]