Civil Disobedience by Gun Owners in the 21st Century?

With the coming anticipated federal bump stock ban and various state level infringements that are on the drawing board or currently in effect, I ask this simple question: Will American gun owners protest through civil disobedience? We’ve already seen it in New York and Connecticut. When those states mandated that gun owners register their firearms, many […]

Why We’re Losing The War on Guns

Face it: the squeaky wheels of gun control –the whining teens, their socialist instructors, their mainstream media cheerleaders and their deep-pocketed enablers — are getting all the grease. That’s how post-Parkland hysteria led to the degradation of gun rights in Florida and elsewhere: they drowned out gun rights supporters’ silent majority . . . Yes, […]

Stand Your Ground Stands Its Ground

The people crusading against Florida’s Stand Your Ground (SYG) law readily admit that SYG had nothing to do with the Zimmerman or Michael Dunn cases – and then blame SYG for Trayvon Martin’s and Jordan Davis’ death. Commentator Dennis Trainor Jr. [in the video above] does the SYG two-step with the best of them: “They’re also […]