Utah Gun Exchange Parkland Suvivors Protest
courtesy sltrib.com
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“We are not trying to intimidate anyone we have had a very peaceful dialogue. It’s important to provide an alternate message that’s sensible, that says, ‘let’s finds a way to keep our schools safe without violating our constitutional rights.’” – Utah Gun Exchange owner Sam Robinson in Local pro-gun group brings contrast to Parkland school shooting survivor’s Utah gun violence forum [courtesy fox13now.com]

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  1. Same with any dem/lib agenda…when you disagree you become either a racist or a bigot…agree with me or else…no middle ground, either

    • Don’t forget fascist. I’m a proud racist, fascist, bigot. Proud because if those names identify you as disagreeing with them they surely must be compliments.

      • I’m with you. I think we went from “insult” to “neutral” and are now hovering closer to “vaugely complimentary” as far as these epithets go.

        • Well, yes you would. Fascism is a form of Socialism, just as Communism is a form of socialism (Nazism was/is Fascism), the difference being almost entirely based in the economics of each. Dr. Thomas Sowell wrote a brilliant piece on this very topic.

          Do not be fooled by the antics of those gun-grabbing, antifa, doolally liberals. They could not define Fascism on a bet, and they ignorantly project the very thing they rail against.

        • If you supported their national socialist policies, you wouldn’t be a fascist. Ask Mussolini. He would disagree with you.

        • And yet the American left has so many commonalities with Hitler’s national socialists and their platf.

    • Leighton Cavendish,

      when you disagree you become either a racist or a bigot …

      Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro summarized this concept in an extremely simple, accurate, and power way. When you disagree with Progressives, they quickly declare that you are stupid, crazy, and or corrupt.

      Let that sink in. It is EXACTLY what Progressives do. You can set your watch by it.

      For example, when you stated that Progressives will label you a “racist or bigot”, those are examples of Progressives stating that you are corrupt.

      Progressives do this for two simple reasons:
      (1) They want people to immediately dismiss you without evaluating your message.
      (2) They are absolutely terrified of being “on the outside”, assume everyone else is equally terrified, and therefore attempt to make you feel you are “on the outside” hoping that you will abandon your opposition in order to get back “on the inside”.

      That’s right. Progressives’ STANDARD method of operation is to slander and manipulate/coerce anyone who disagrees with them.

  2. Then I’m a 101% bully. I live in the next town over and am sick of those little snot noses.
    If it wasn’t in the media’s bully interests they would have all faded away months ago.

  3. Parkland must have had a severe bullying culture — why else would a student come back AFTER graduation and shoot the place up ? Cruz was crazy but what drove him to that state ? It will probably come out during his trial.

    Of course the security system utterly failed too.

    • Socially awkward kid gets bullied by progressive assholes, drugged to the gills, and has his life ruined… Then he finally goes off, it’s obviously the gun’s fault… This is why feminists shouldn’t be allowed to teach kids.

    • I’ve been wondering this for quite awhile too.

      Was Cruz and the others born this way or were they driven to this by forces outside their control, or some other reason?

      Harassment, bullying, meds? I don’t know the answer but it needs to be explored.

      • ‘Was Cruz and the others born this way or were they driven to this by forces outside their control, or some other reason?”

        Both. Also “control” meaning “choices” happen at at least three levels: in the moment, where you choose to put yourself, and how you cultivate what you become. I like the triple: nature, nurture, choice(s).

        Many pathologies and bad behaviors are now seen a congenital weak spot, broken there by someone’s situation. Often several things in the situation line up to produce an unsuppportable stress. This is particularly true with psychological and mental problems. The single-cause stats don’t work for any of them, really.

        “Factor analysis” is a thing — don’t tell the screeching hordes. Unlike, say herpes, most things have multiple causes. Even many diseases with a single “cause” have several: same exposure, some people get the disease, some don’t, vaccinated or not.

        We saw this this last flu season with “partially effective” vaccines. Indeed the flu vaccines are always “partially effective”, this year just more “partial” than most. I got the shot. I also got the flu, twice, attributable to being pre-disastered by medical events over the prior year. 4 surgeries to start, plus the “interesting” parts. My flu was “less severe” than it might have been without the shot, and didn’t kill me, which sometimes happens with flu, even with people who are not pre-disastered and got vaccinated.

        Any similarity to analyzing things like violence or gun ownership is … just they way things work in the world. Lots of “answers” that are simple, satisfying and wrong. One great attraction of rules, pronouncements and “programs” is actually to hide this complexity and uncertainty from people who can’t handle it. Like, “getting rid of guns won’t get rid of violence.” That’s uncomfortable, before you even get to: “How you gonna do that?”

        • One of the largest disservices done in the name of Health Care is the myth they’ve created around the Influenza Vaccination. The statements of “partially effective” or “partial immunity” are incorrect , and contradict everything science knows about the spread of disease and the Human Immune System and Response. The “Flu Shot” is a 50/50 guess at best. Immunologists look at the trends in Asia (where the first cases usually appear), and make an educated guess as to which virus(es) will be the ones to hit the US each year. Half of the time they’re correct and the other half they’re not. Say you’ve gotten Immunized for type “X” Influenza, but this year the type that shows up is type “Y.” Because of the way a viruses antigens work in our immune response, the type “X” immunization does nothing at all. Your immune response has been heightened and recognizes type “X,” but it has no response whatsoever to type “Y” because your system doesn’t recognize it or respond. Thus we get sick. The severity of the illness is individualized and has nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine, but is based upon your own immunity, not the vaccine for another virus type and the myth of “Partial Immunity.”

  4. Seems to me these kids and the left wing fascists controlling them are the real bullies, when you look at their actual behaviors on the ground.

  5. Whatever leftards. All you got is name calling. We have many millions of motivated voters. Yes the less famous buzzed haired hispanic girl bullied the hell out of Cruz. You’re 15 minutes is up!

  6. Parkland students should stay in Parkland and make sure their LEO and school administrators are held responsible for their part in the tragedy…

  7. Getting really tired of hearing about anything dealing with the attention hogg and his cohorts.

  8. Basically, I just point out the fact that an older crippled man like myself may not be able to defend himself from a man in his 20s or 30s that wants to hurt me/hurt my family or take from us.
    Why do you want to take away my last means of defense, especially since I have the legal right to have it all of my adult life and have never misused it.
    Are you saying that the upcoming generation doesn’t have the responsibility needed to own firearms when my generation(tail end of Viet Nam war babies) was so bad? So your generation is even less responsible? If that is true, maybe we should move the right to vote up to 21 or disable your generation’s right to vote altogether.

    • It used to be 21, it was lowered in 1971 because of the many anti war protests during the sixties.

    • Why do you want to take away my last means of defense,
      You think this has anything to do with you defending yourself? As a matter of fact the New World Order wants you broke and defenceless against their pampered thugs; that way you will cry for more government tyranny to fix ” the problem”. Unarmed populaces are controllable populaces. To what end do they pursue? Power. Power is an end to itself.

  9. This is, of course, exactly why the disarmament lobby is using these children. They can’t win the battle on intellectual grounds, so they have to silence their opposition (us). They choose a group historically viewed as being in need of protection by society, so that when we go after their argument, they can reframe the discussion to make us look like uncaring bullies.

    This is why they used “moms,” because mothers are traditionally viewed as being in need of protection by society. That failed, so now they’re trying “kids.” Perhaps next it will be puppies.

    The good news (for us) is that this strategy fails in the long run. Eventually the novelty wears off and the amount of sympathy they can generate by disingenuously reframing the argument decreases. This is why you rarely hear from the Demanding Moms anymore.

    Far from being bullies, our mission is to empower individuals to be able to protect themselves and those around them against the bullies and the violent. This is why we’re right, and this is why we’ve been so successful over the past 30 years.

  10. A strong confident male gun owner is very scary to a weak progressive socialist.

  11. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Andrew Pollack. Losing his daughter and keeping his composure while these trolls are out having a good time on an all expenses paid vacation.

    I’m sure that he is plenty disgusted with this whole sick scenario. He has one quality that Hogg boy and Butch will never have. Self Respect!

  12. Just a believer in the Constitution and Bill of Rights so that makes me a deplorable clinger,along with a laundry list of other ism’s,so what’s one more added to the list.

  13. What happened to all that “we’re coming for your guns” tough talk? Now they’re cowering and “intimidated”? Where’s all that empowerment we were hearing about?

  14. Yes yes we are all bullies, nazis and blah blah blah
    It’s like saying “your mother” anytime you run out of valid comebacks

  15. If little know nothing children want to violate our Constitution with their larping view of the world.. and take away people’s natural born rights then they have overstepped and should be told to shut the hell up and go back to their coloring books and puppies and let the adults handle it!!

    First thing…Firing that sheriff and put him in prison for those murders in that libtard town where they don’t arrest kids and over look felony violations in schools in order to fraudulently receive more FEDERAL FUNDING and not arrest the criminal young people and give them a criminal record! That Murdering NUTCASE was known to the FBI and Police with 40 police visits and they all should be punished for failing to do their duty!

    Calling for gun control is illegal…….that’s like taking my car cuz my neighbor ran over somebody!

    These libtards refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions!

    • That is the way I look at it that supposed Sheriff and his SRO at the school should be put in jail The sheriff himself should be there because he failed to take Cruz in more than once and part of the times family members called and said they were scared of him and he was not acting right and no matter what he says that is enough tohave him backer acted in that case they would have him sent to be examed for mental problems and then can be denied the right to own guns and this could of been done when he was 17 years old

  16. Never forget that if they get their way, they will send people *with guns* to force you to comply and kill you if you do not.

    Non-violent is not an accurate description.

  17. I don’t think a quote with a little bit of context counts as an “article”. One of the things I like about you guys is that you put up good materials. This feels like a phoned-in attempt to meet a deadline.

  18. Interestingly, Florida has responded to the Parkland school shooting by mandating armed persons in all schools.
    These can be police, private security, armed “guardians” or school staff who are not full time classroom teachers.
    I think that takes away a little of the anti gunners thunder if we are requiring armed protectors in the schools
    It’s the good guy with a gun narrative

  19. I was at the Sandy Utah event. The only intimidation tactics I was were the boo’s and shouting down of any views that contradicted the presentation (note, I didn’t actually see the vandalism). The other thing that stood out was the ovations that the presenters received, even when saying something that was factually wrong.

  20. Ya Ya Ya bullshit I have a permit to carry and I shot every weekend in competitions. You dont have to
    on one side or the other calling names, even a fool can see there is some thing very broken about the way
    we go from one tragedy to anther with out any thing even tried to stop this crazyness. There is nothing wrong with back ground checks and if you cant wait a few days for your new AR15 I say where the fire ! are you about to be over run and are black on ammo. Please tell me you can hit some thing with 30 rounds. What Iam saying is there is a difference want and need. We are not lossing our rights by checking on who where putting that much fire power in the hands of.

  21. Shit happens. In a country of 325+ million people with the wonderful freedoms we have there are bound to be a few “rotten apples” that would take advantage of our freedom to bear arms. But when put into a rational perspective the number of school shootings deaths are minimal to say the least. The number of good law abiding gun owners who save themselves and others every day in this country way out numbers the murders that are committed by the “rotten apples” every day. Yearly there are legitimately less than 10K gun deaths a year if you subtract the suicide, lawful police shootings, lawful self defense, and accidental shootings etc. And of the remaining 10K shooting deaths 8000+ of them ate committed by gang on gang crime. And does anyone really care about the gangs basically doing us all a favor? That leaves about 2000 gun deaths, school shooting murders included. Pretty reasonable considering that’s out of a population of 325,000,000+. And that 2000 legitimate murders is far out numbered by fists and probably knifes. So stop your whining and be thankful that there are people armed in this society. We could always go back to the law of the fittest where the biggest strongest person on your block would be capable of taking everything you own. GUNS ARE THE GREAT EQUALIZER. The Gun in hand makes an 80 pound 60 year old woman equally as powerful as a 280 pound 20 year old crackhead.

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