New From TechSmith MFG: Brace Adapter for the Auto Ordnance Thompson Pistol

TechSmith MFG. is really on a roll. They’re releasing new brace adapters for pistols faster than some obscure and amusing analogy I can’t come up with right now. Our resident analogist, Foghorn, is as missing as .308 is from Jeremy’s ammo stash, so click here if you still love .308.

Anyway, TechSmith’s newest creation is a brace adapter for the 10.5-inch barreled Auto Ordnance Thompson pistol and allows you to add a Tailhook MOD1 pistol brace. The new adapter is shipping now and will cost $125.

As you might be able to tell form the image above, the adapter is 3D-printed. Some of you may be turned off by 3D-printed parts, but I’ve used a variety of them and not one of them has ever failed me, even in well beyond normal use.

No word on the adaptor’s weight yet, but does it really matter? Tommy guns weigh almost as much as the pressure put on me to come up with pithy analogies, so the TechSmith adapter will be an afterthought.

Mounting the adapter requires drilling and tapping the receiver. That could turn off some potential buyers, but that’s a lot easier (and faster) than dealing with a Form 1.

I’m sure there are purists out there who would never brace a Tommy gun. I’m not one of them. If they’re such sticklers, they won’t buy a Thompson pistol in the first place. I like the idea and would brace a Tommy pistol without so much as a second thought.

I have a TechSmith MFG adapter on my B&T TP9 and like it so much it’s the reason I’ve kept the gun. I was looking at a Thompson rifle the other day thought that it’s just too big and heavy. A Thompson pistol, though, with a brace would be hard to resist.

Check it out here. Order before the end of the month and TechSmith will ship it for free.


  1. avatar JR Pollock says:

    Didn’t the original Tommy Gun come with a detachable stock?

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Don’t know about the original, but my replica sure did. I’m not sure all models had/have that feature, though.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        The M1928 did, and the M1921 may have had a detachable stock. The M1928A1 did away with it. The original post-WWI version had no buttstock at all.

    2. avatar Rocketman says:

      Your correct Mr. Pollock. It did.

      1. avatar JR Pollock says:

        Thanks for the information. When I said “original” I guess I meant to say, pre-National Firearms Act.

        A follow up, did the original Auto Ordnance Corp. even make a 16′ barrel version?

        1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

          No, that only showed up when they started making them again. 16 inch .45 ACP is almost as dumb as the NFA itself!

    3. avatar Mike says:

      Thompson’s pistol version has no place for the stock. It is not an option.

  2. avatar Biff says:

    When I first saw the Thompson pistols I could not believe they were not set up to take the detachable stock. The only reason to get one of these is to either make a SBR or add a brace.

    Auto Ordinance would be smart to come up with a brown colored brace that has a similar profile to the wood stock. If it mounted up like the original detachable stock it would be a neat gun.

  3. avatar barnbwt says:

    My concern would not be the weight of the adapter so much as the weight of the Thompson & it’s recoil on something plastic, and 3D printed at that.

    1. avatar New Continental Army says:

      Not sure about these, but having shot a real Thompson, it has literally zero recoil. I could put the stock on my nuts and unload a full drum… if I felt such a desire to do that..

      1. avatar Dave in PTC says:

        Is that a kind of fetish?

        Women sitting on clothes washers and men riding a gun stock. What a world we live in! /jk

  4. avatar tinhats says:

    does the tap come with the adapter or do you need to source one on your own?

    1. avatar Mike says:

      You need to source your own.

  5. avatar ORCON says:

    But does it come in the Creedmor?

  6. avatar Chadwick says:

    Looks actually pretty cool. In an odd way… An odd, we are so far down the newspeak rabbit hole way. No idea why we have to tip toe around “shall not be infringed”, but oh well.

    Oh and I still like 308. Why? Because subs! I’m not sure I could make a decent 208gr sub in 6.5cr. A bolt gun with a suppressor and some subs can be a wonderful little plinker.

  7. avatar Docduracoat says:

    it Is not easier to drill and tap a replica Tommy gun gun than to fill out a form 1
    The form itself is simple and there is plenty of internet help to show correctly filled ones.
    The only problem with a form 1 is the length of time they take to get approved.
    Six to eight months now in 2018
    I believe Auto Ordnance sells factory sbr guns, so no barrel cutting required.
    This brace looks ugly!
    A standard (sbr length) Tommy Gun is a thing of beauty.

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      “The only problem with a form 1 is…” you can’t conceal your SBR (what used to be a pistol) and you can’t travel across state lines. NFA/ATF sux. FIFY

    2. avatar Mike says:

      The Thompson is a thing of beauty, along with a 1911, Webley, Peacemaker, Broomhandle Mauser. However they are all old, heavy and expensive.

  8. avatar Baldwin says:

    Is it just me? Am I the only one that thinks it is a CRIME AGAINST NATURE to have to use a fugly brace that mars the classic lines of Thompson’s, MP5’s, and various AR’s just to get a shorter barrel on a shoulder fired firearm? I love my braces for what they enable me to do, but …

  9. avatar Jeremy S. says:

    PS I have tons of .308 in my stash and more guns to shoot it through than I do 6.5 CM 😛

    But 6.5 CM will still blow the velcro clean off a .308 shooter’s shoes from 1,300 yards.

    1. avatar Creedless no Moor says:

      Since when do .308 shooters wear shoes?

    2. avatar Buckshot says:

      I see what you did there…

      I’m not even 35 but I prefer shoes with the elastic speed laces-its the new Velcro for all you old guys

  10. avatar Susan Smith says:

    I love my braces for what they enable me to do, but …

  11. avatar John says:

    Make a wood brace! Lol

  12. avatar David Beauxis says:

    Does the brace make the Thompson pistol an SBR?

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